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Chapter 418


With the addition of Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, the entire battle situation immediately changed earth-shakingly . Under their absolute strength, the Ayer Star Pirates were quickly annihilated . It didn’t take long for all the lizardmen who invaded Earth to turn into dead bodies .

Krillin, Yamcha, and the others gathered, their faces still had joy and astonishment written on it .

“Hey, who are these two?” Yajirobe, who had a katana on his shoulder, rushed over while covered in dust after taking care of invaders . Sensing the unfathomable aura, which was as boundless as the sea, from Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, had asked in surprise .

Krillin turned to look at him and introduced, “That’s Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, who have been missing for many years . I didn’t expect them to have actually become so strong when they came back . ”

“Tien Shinhan?”

Yajirobe mulled over this name, finding it somewhat familiar . He suddenly remembered something . Isn’t he the champion of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament? Goku was runner-up that year .

No wonder he is so powerful! Yajirobe mused .

“Tien Shinhan, if you hadn’t appeared in time, the earth would have really been finished . ” Goku stepped forward and said ruefully .

After annihilating the powerful enemy, the few people who had not seen each other for many years began to make small talk . Tien Shinhan seized them up and found, to his surprise, that it was not only Goku’s Battle Power that had improved; even the strength of that baldy named Krillin, and the guy named Yamcha, had changed drastically .

Moreover, a Namekian has appeared on earth . What has happened on earth in these few years?

But, Tien Shinhan immediately put away his doubts and said, “You are also not bad . Battle Power is more than 9,000 . If it wasn’t because I had left earth and gotten into a few lucky encounters, maybe I’d still be weaker than you all . ”

These words of Tien Shinhan were from the bottom of his heart . If he was not fortunate enough to leave Earth and receive help from Planet Namek’s Great Elder, he would definitely not be as good as Goku .

Thinking of his past experiences, Tien Shinhan’s face was filled with emotions, and at the same time, he strengthened his determination to seek the path of the strong . Only when one leaves earth will they will know that the outside world is vast . Earth is just like a remote corner in the universe, with few experts, low levels; very insignificant .

Thinking back on his past conceited behavior where he thought that there were very few opponents who could defeat him in the world, Tien Shinhan couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed . He was too ignorant at that time!

As the saying goes, only when you climb to the top, you will feel that everything is small . What you see is what height you are at . The current him is no longer limited to a small earth .

“By the way, Chiaotzu and I have just returned . Can you tell me what happened in the past few years, why have your strength improved so much?” Tien Shinhan asked sincerely .


Goku readily agreed .

At this time, Chichi glanced at the surroundings, which was filled with black smoke . The East City had become barren as if it had gone experienced doomsday disaster . Afterward, he said, “Let’s leave here first . We’ll talk after returning to Lookout . ”


“It’s the palace floating above Korin Tower, Chichi is now the Kami of Lookout,” Krillin explained .

Tien Shinhan nodded . He had heard Korin and Teacher Xiaya mention it before, but he had never been there .

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“Sure, let’s go together!” With the destruction of the Ayer Star Pirates, the crisis facing the earth was eliminated . The haze enveloping everyone’s hearts was washed away like the fine rain, dispelling everything . Everyone talked and laughed .

They will go to Lookout and have a little get together, talking about their experiences in the past few years .

“Humph, I’m not going to Lookout . ” But Piccolo shook his head indifferently and soared into the sky, leaving .

“This guy! Alright; everyone let’s go . ” Goku smiled and shook his head . He was not surprised by Piccolo’s departure as, with Piccolo’s temperament, it would be strange if he went to Lookout with them!

Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu have no opinions . They haven’t been to Lookout before . They were very interested in this sacred land which guards earth . So, these few flew together, as agreed, quickly becoming black dots in the sky, after which they disappeared .

Soon after Goku and others left, aircrafts landed, and reporters from all over the world, who often travel to dangerous places while carrying cameras to capture news material, arrived . Everyone was stunned when they saw the hundreds of kilometers of dilapidated wasteland pervaded with a frightening aura .

Compared to seeing it on TV, it was more shocking when being personally present on the scene .

After it was confirmed that the crisis had passed, the world seethed with excitement, just like when King Piccolo was defeated . It’s just that this time, the enemy was stronger and more dangerous, but fortunately, the martial artists of the earth once again won .

…… .

Lookout .

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Everyone gathered .

With the influx of many people in the vast and spacious sky, the lonely Lookout suddenly gained popularity . Tien Shinhan was slightly surprised when he looked at the magnificent golden palace in front of him which was exuding a sacred aura .

At this time, Kami and Mr . Popo greeted them .

“Goku, Chichi, and Tien Shinhan, it is thanks to you that we were able to defend Earth . ” Old Kami’s face was full of smiles, delight written on his aging wrinkled face .

Goku laughed and waved his hand . “Hahaha, I only wanted to fight against a strong opponent . ”

Chichi, who had changed back to Kami’s attire, gave him a glance, and said seriously, “Protecting earth is my responsibility . ” At this time, Chichi, whose waterfall-like black hair was draped over her shoulders, revealed a faintly discernible aura, looking unparalleled . In the original work, Chichi was busy working hard, and dressed up rustically, looking prematurely old . In fact, if she dressed up seriously, she would have been very beautiful .

Tien Shinhan looked around and realized that even though Lookout was splendid, it was a bit too solemn, lacking the natural beauty of Planet Hongshan’s floating island .

Of course, this is related to the dimensions of the two . The floating island is like a medium-sized town . Compared to that, Lookout is lacking a little bit of human feel, but to the martial artists who challenged Korin Tower, the solemnity of Lookout is impressive and sacred . It depends on from which perspective it is being seen .

“Mr . Popo, take out the dragon balls . ”

Old Kami said, and then have Chichi make the wish .

Mr . Popo nodded and put the seven dragon balls on a tray . The seven orange-red colored dragon balls when together emitted flickering golden rays .

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“So earth’s dragon balls look like this!”

Tien Shinhan thought to himself, then Chichi faced the dragon balls and summoned Shenron . Immediately the whole world fell into darkness, and the earthlings, who had still not calmed down, panicked again, anxiously praying to God .

But this time the darkness was gone as soon as it appeared . Piccolo, who was on his way to Mount Paozu, glanced at the sky which had turned dark, and then expressionlessly continued to press on with his journey .

In the dark environment, the reporters who were far above the ruins of the East City were shocked to discover that the ruins that were barren like a desert emitted golden light, recovering little by little, and at the same time, the dead people climbed up again .

“Ah, wasn’t I dead?”

The resurrected people looked around blankly, surprised to see that the time seem to be flowing in reverse around them as collapsed buildings in the ruins were slowly restored .

At the same time, a green figure appeared over the East City . It was a divine dragon with red eyes .

“Humans of earth, the disaster that came from outside Earth has ended with the great efforts of the earth’s martial artists . Kami also resurrected everyone with the power of the dragon balls, but the dangers from the universe outside are not over . There are many, many strong experts in the universe, the disaster this time was not an accident … ”

“God helps those who help themselves! So martial artists of Earth, in order to overcome the next challenge, continue to work hard!”

After speaking these words, Shenron’s figure disappeared from the sky, and then the darkness gradually dispersed, but the impact of these words was fierce . Only at this moment did the earthlings understand how insignificant they are in the universe . After their horizons broadened, the direction in which they should put effort has also changed .

People, who had been quietly enjoying their lives in the high-tech atmosphere, had suddenly become interested in martial arts . The videos of all the past martial arts tournament circulated . Only after seeing this, they found the area that has been ignored by everyone . Everyone was shocked by the strength of martial artists .

So the whole disaster was passed around bizarrely like a fairy tale, people discussing it enthusiastically .

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