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Chapter 419


When Shenron fulfilled his wish, old Kami asked Shenron to add this short phrase . As it did not consume any of his power, Shenron did as instructed .

After experiencing this disaster, the old Kami deeply felt helplessness at the lack of personnel . In high-end fighting force aspect Goku, Chichi, and the others were no longer weak, and with Tien Shinhan—who has just returned from the universe—there are already quite a lot with first-rate strength, but it was hard for two fists to fight against four hands . Just like this time, there were more low-level enemies . Goku and the others had no time to deal with them .

It was not possible to always use dragon balls to resurrect the humans that died in the battle, after every war .

Old Kami knew that Shenron’s power was limited, and he could only resurrect the same person once, so it was extremely urgent that more martial artists be developed .

Fortunately, the coalition government’s viewpoint was exactly in line with his thoughts . After a large scale live broadcasts were transmitted simultaneously, all the earthlings saw the terror of aliens . Although it had caused a worldwide uproar, and some places even fell into chaos, it was not a bad thing, in the long run, as the people of the earth now knew of their precarious situation .

After Shenron disappeared, everyone dispersed . Goku invited Tien Shinhan to his house . “If you don’t have a place to go, why not come to my place?”

Mount Paozu has different training equipment . Goku realized that his strength was still not enough, and he hoped that Tien Shinhan could come over to train with him . One could only become stronger by fighting with experts .

Tien Shinhan thought for a bit . He and Chiaotzu really didn’t have anywhere to go, so he nodded in agreement .

The equipment there was designed by the Feidaya people of Planet Hongshan . Tien Shinhan, who knew this, felt that there was no place on Earth more suitable for training than Mount Paozu .

“Great; let’s go together!” Seeing Tien Shinhan agree, Goku shouted eagerly .

Krillin leaned closer and said, “If you are going to train, bring me along too!”

“And me; I will also go with you all . ”

When Yamcha realized that everyone was going to Mount Paozu, he wished to go with them . Many strong people gathering to exchange pointers with each other, was much faster than trying to learn by oneself .

When everyone looked at Yajirobe, whose hair swayed in the wind, they saw him wave and shout, “I’m not going . My training method is different from yours . ”

“True!” Everyone thought . Yajirobe is a swordsman; it was not really suitable for him to train with them .

So, after a discussion, Goku and the others jumped down from Lookout and flew towards Mount Paozu . Yajirobe straightened his belly, walked to the edge of Lookout, and jumped down, as well .

Goku and Bulma’s home was on the outskirts of West City . There is a luxurious villa belonging to them . At the same time, Mount Paozu was their personal territory . It had verdant hills and clear water, and its facilities were ready . Goku often trained there . Over time, Bulma began to take Gohan there often for vacation .

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It was known that Bulma had loved adventuring since she was a child . As a scientist who liked adventuring, it was not suitable for Bulma to live in a big city . Furthermore, Mount Paozu had superior geographical conditions and pleasant air quality, and it was also the place where she had met Goku for the first time . Bulma liked living there .

Lookout, the sky was vast .

After Goku and others left, the place once again became deserted . Old Kami said to Chichi, “Chichi, move Lookout above Mount Five Element . The senior in Mount Five Element knows many powerful gods, especially in Underworld; her words are very useful . Go and look for her, and ask her to arrange the God Trial . ”

God’s training was different from that of ordinary humans . It was a completely different training system . It was such that, in the universe, every god has a skill of their own, such as God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction”, Supreme Kai’s “Creation”, and even the “life energy” of trainee Supreme Kai . They were all high-level skills related to the laws of the universe .

Naturally, such skills were something only the highest gods can reach . Gods like Earth’s Kami could only be counted as lower gods, but they also had magic that belonged to them .

Old Kami asked Chichi to look for “Annin” of Mount Five Element, as she is the highest Highest-level god on earth . Besides guarding the passage between earth and underworld, she was in charge of promoting the gods of earth to a higher level . Old Kami hoped that Chichi could be approved by Annin and be promoted to a higher god .

And, moving Lookout came under the authority of current Kami .

“Um . ” Chichi nodded, pressing her hand on the Lookout’s square . Suddenly, the majestic Lookout trembled and began to move, leaving its position that had not changed for a long time . It moved quickly towards the direction of Mount Five Element .

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Everything that happened on Earth was a trivial matter for the Milky Way Galaxy and the universe .

Outside earth, the blue-skinned Cui was happily traveling back and forth between galaxies . In just a few months, he had conquered two nearby planets and drew two strokes on the contribution book, which would be offered to King Frieza .

“Hehe; there are still nine planets here . Even if they are low-level planets, such contribution can still cause King Frieza to regard me highly . ” Cui thought in elation, fantasizing about the day when he would occupy a leading position in the Frieza Corp .

At that time, that rude monkey, Vegeta, would have to control his behavior .

Every time he imagined Vegeta bowing to him, Cui felt his anger calm down . Of course, these were built on the premise of his impressive achievements .

So, Cui piloted the spaceship to head to the next target . Umm, it’s a place called Venus, and it’s also a low-level planet …

Meanwhile, Universe 6 .

Milky Way System .

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In the vast universe, the distance between galaxies was infinitely far, but under the scale of the huge universe, they were close to each other . The technology of that Dragon Ball World was greatly developed, and a spaceship only needed a little time to cross a distance of several dozen light-years .

But, such technology was not available on Universe 6’s Earth .

The earth here was now in chaos . A long time ago, because of the lack of Kami’s guidance and teachings, the martial arts on this planet had embarked on a path of ambition and aggressiveness . Every school acted as rivals, and no martial artists had self-restraint .

A few years ago, the conflicting views of several large schools were finally unable to be suppressed, and a fierce conflict broke out between them . The powerful martial artists fought each other . In the end, even the secular countries joined in, and the chaos gradually evolved into a disaster that swept across the planet .

The earth was only a fragile, low-level planet . A group of martial artists with six or seven hundred Battle Power recklessly fought . Their destructive force was not inferior to a high-intensity nuclear warhead .

A huge mushroom cloud rose up from the ground; rivers and lakes path completely diverted; unending mountains ranges were cut off from the middle; glaciers became desert, and forests became deserts …

Thus, Earth deteriorated and became a planet unsuitable for human habitation .

So, when Xiaya once again came to Earth, he was stunned . Is this still the beautiful planet he once visited?

On the dried up land, everywhere was pervaded with sand and dust .

The high temperature of the scorching sun penetrated through the thin atmosphere and shone down . If one was under it, their skin would burn . Due to the lack of moisture, sand and dust were everywhere, unable to disperse for a long time, thus forming a thick haze .

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