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Chapter 399

Xiaya was startled . When he saw the expressions of determination on the faces of Muying and the other Saiyans, he smiled in satisfaction before nodding solemnly . “I’ll leave Broly to you all!”



The dozen Saiyan Gods joined hands, and the crimson energy of the group gradually became larger, burning like a huge sun above their heads . The huge fiery sun soared to confront the energy balls around Broly .

“If you want to destroy Saiyans, we will destroy you first . Broly, perish under the power of Saiyan God!!”

The red energy ball soared into the sky . The energy ball, which contained the power of over a dozen Saiyan Gods, grew in size, after which it shot upwards like a huge phoenix that had just spread its wings . With a distinct cry, it streaked towards Broly .

Broly’s eyes opened wide, blankly watching the incoming energy ball . His crazy and cruel smile froze moments before he was swallowed whole by the energy ball .


Everyone held their breath!

The whole world was still . Suddenly, a dazzling luminance lit up the surrounding, and the weather grew unstable, giving rise to a loud noise .

The first shock wave spread out and quickly covered the entire planet . It was as though a huge palm had suddenly descended to the ground . The trees bent, a depression was formed on the blue sea . The excess sea water struck the continental shelf, causing a huge tsunami .

In the sky above, the huge energy balls from the two groups of people were still in a deadlock . Muying and others did not expect to fail to suppress the injured Broly, despite more than a dozen Saiyan Gods cooperating!

“Oh no!” They screamed at the same time as their hearts thumped .

Suddenly, a golden arrow streaked over from below . They shifted their gazes to this golden arrow, which turned out to be Bardock!

Flying alongside Bardock was orange curly-haired Zangya .

Bardock recovered after using Senzu Beans and Tree of Might’s fruits, and he had transformed into a golden Super Saiyan . Upon arrival, Bardock gasped for breath from exhaustion . After he released his full power, a huge crater was formed around him…

He then joined forces with Zangya . He raised his arms, and a golden arrow tore through the sky, heading towards the energy balls that were in a deadlock . With a last-ditch effort, the arrow headed straight for Broly, who was trying to fend off Muying and the others .

“No!” Broly, who subconsciously felt danger, shouted as his eyes went wide in disbelief .
The violent changes in the atmosphere made Xiaya giddy, and the pain he felt suddenly multiplied .

Xiaya canceled the Super Saiyan state and teleported to the opposite side of the planet . He lay down on a small slab and had a coughing fit . “Cough, cough . Broly’s Ki has disappeared . Finally, he has been finished off . ”

Lying with face up on the slab, Xiaya took out a Senzu Bean to eat . As the cool and refreshing energy surged into his body, Xiaya felt like his dried body was being washed by the spring rain . His injuries healed . Afterward, he ate a Tree of Might’s fruit, and a different kind of power assailed his heart .

After he calmly recovered in a few breaths, Xiaya returned to the battlefield and praised Muying and others as they also played a role at the most crucial time .

“This time you all played a big role!” Xiaya glanced at them with admiration .

Muying and the others had yet to come to terms with what they had seen . They dared not take credit for themselves but were deeply moved as they said, “If Sir Xiaya and Sir Bardock hadn’t exhausted Broly’s power, we wouldn’t have had the chance to get near . Moreover, we all have Sir Bardock’s fatal blow at the end to thank . ”

They know that timely support was the only role they played in dealing with Broly . Broly had already been pushed Sir Xiaya to the point of exhaustion; otherwise, even if they were 10,000 in number, they wouldn’t have been able to hurt Broly even a little bit .

“Nevertheless, you all have made a great contribution . ”

Xiaya faintly smiled, after which he nodded slightly at Bardock and Zangya .

When his gaze shifted to the damaged surface of Planet Hongshan, he frowned . Although the battle this time had not harmed the planet’s foundation, it had completely damaged the continent’s tectonic plate of Planet Hongshan . Above all, even Planet Meishan in the space had been destroyed .

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Planet Hongshan and Planet Meishan are a pair of binary stars; if either one got damaged, the trajectory of the other planet would be greatly affected .

“I should first fix the damage caused by the battle!” Xiaya thought .

Suddenly, Whis leisurely floated over from distance, with a smile on his face, and said with admiration, “Hahaha . Congratulations on annihilating your enemy and saving your planet . ”

“Whis, why are you here?”

Xiaya looked surprised to see Whis show up . Had he not said that he would not get involved in the matters of mortal world? Why did he come to Planet Hongshan, then?

Whis put his hand on his lips like a sissy and smiled . “Hohoho . Although I don’t intervene in the matters of the mortal world, it doesn’t prevent me from coming over to watch . Originally, I thought you will not be able to defeat Broly, but your performance has made me look at you in a new light . ”

“Of course!”

Xiaya nodded proudly, after which he had the Saiyans on floating return .

After a while, the floating island descended from the higher dimension, and more than 30,000 Saiyans poured out from it . Innumerable tiny black dots appeared in the sky . From afar, they resembled a swarm of wasps .

After a glance at the destroyed land, Xiaya was a little distressed . Although Planet Hongshan will gradually recover even if he leave it be, it would not be perfect without Planet Meishan . However, if it got restored with crystal dragon balls, then the existence of dragon balls would be revealed .

“Forget it; let it be revealed then . I can’t always hide it . ”

Xiaya stopped worrying because he was strong enough not to worry .

Although the battle with Broly did not enable him to break through to Super Saiyan 3, his body’s potential was further released . Now, his full-strength transformation, although still Super Saiyan 2, was no longer any worse than Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 . Moreover, with the assistance of his space-time ability, even if he was fighting Majin Buu, he could last for a long time .

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At his current level of strength, only a few people in the universe could defeat him, so there was no need to be overcautious .

Thus, he said to the blue-haired Launch, who was in charge of the floating island, “Launch, go and bring the seven dragon balls that I placed next to the divine spring . ”

“Okay!” Launch nodded in a cute manner and flew to the floating island with the Flying Nimbus .
Soon, she flew over with seven transparent crystal-like dragon balls in her hands .

“These… Are they dragon balls?”

Whis bent over and stared at the seven crystal dragon balls . Compared to the Planet Namek’s dragon balls, Xiaya’s crystal dragon ball were unique .

As an angel of Universe 7, Whis obviously knew of the existence of dragon balls .

Xiaya smiled and said, “That’s right . These are the dragon balls I made by wishing to the Super Dragon Balls . Although they cannot be compared with Dragon God Zalama’s Super Dragon Balls, they are much more powerful than Planet Namek’s dragon balls . ”

“Umm!” Whis nodded slightly . As someone with as high a level as he had, the so-called great waves didn’t surprise him . There were very few things that could move him, except for food, of course .

Xiaya told everyone to disperse . After smiling faintly, he told Myers to shout in Chinese at the crystal dragon balls .

“Come out, Shenron!”

As Myers’ voice rang out, the seven crystal dragon balls violently flickered all at once . A golden glow appeared from who knows where . Soon, the whole planet was shrouded with golden magical clouds .

Other than a few people present, all the Saiyans were seeing this for the first time . They were stunned by the strange changes in the sky .

When Shenron’s massive head poked out of the outer space, everyone was astonished .

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Its figure blotted out the sky and sun, completely filling up their field of view .

“Oh my god, what is this?”

Raditz trembled, and his legs became unstable . Elise and Laret had heard of Shenron, but this was their first time seeing it .

The magnificent scene made a great impact on their hearts, and they were left speechless for a while .

Only Whis remained as calm as ever .

For a person like him, even if he saw the Super Shenron, he could still keep his calm . So, how can he be scared by Golden-flame Shenron?

Whis smiled faintly whilst clutching his scepter and calmly said, “Hehe, so this is Shenron? Its size is about the size of a planet . Well, it is indeed much more powerful than Planet Namek’s Shenron . ”

“Shenron, please restore all the damages caused by Broly!” Myers, who was following Xiaya’s instructions, made a wish . In response, Golden-flame Shenron used his divine powers and quickly restored Planet Meishan and Planet Hongshan to their original states . Even the dead Saiyans were resurrected .

Afterward, Shenron turned into emerald stones, and Xiaya handed the stones back to Launch to keep safe on his behalf .

“Everyone, keep this to yourselves . Do not tell outsiders about everything that happened today," Xiaya ordered .

“Yes Sir!” Everyone shouted loudly .

After witnessing Shenron’s ability to create miracles, Whis exclaimed in admiration . He then told Xiaya to do things like this—things that violated the rules of the universe—less . Xiaya at once agreed . Whis faintly smiled and returned to God of Destruction’s Planet .

Xiaya watched as Whis left, after which he dismissed everyone . He decided to summarize the shortcomings that befell him when he fought with Broly and how they could be improved .

Because at his current level, this kind of high-intensity battles are less and less . Although the risk of each battle is great, it is an extremely precious experience . He believes that he will make further breakthroughs after he summarization .

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