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Chapter 398

Demon Realm, space-time courtyard .

Towa was in a garden’s courtyard, sitting with both legs on one side of her magic staff . Her bat wing-like skirt freely hung down as she leisurely stared at the scenes in the void in front of her .
It was precisely the scenes of Xiaya and Broly battling on Planet Hongshan .

Towa charmingly smiled, and a pondering look appeared on her face . “Tsk, this Super Saiyan turned out to be so powerful . I didn’t expect that! However, Broly is also not bad; It was worthwhile spending so much effort to send him . The Saiyan race is really wonderful . Well, it seems that my plan can commence now . ”


At this time, as Towa noticed Whis on Planet Hongshan, her countenance abruptly changed .

“What a surprise! Universe 7’s angel is on Planet Hongshan . He is actually paying so much attention to that Super Saiyan!”

Towa’s expression turned solemn . She thought for a moment and then waved her hand, dispersing the scenes in the void .

She had already formulated a plan in her heart; thus, she just needed to continue resurrecting the demon god, Demigra .  ‘It’ll be best to avoid contact with the angel of Universe 7…’

On Planet Hongshan, Whis glanced at the void in surprise and nodded thoughtfully before turning back to look at Xiaya’s side .

Xiaya’s Super Saiyan 2 was different from the usual one . He had the support of the space-time ability, together with his transformation which was half a level higher than the usual Super Saiyan transformation . At this time, the strength he displayed was equivalent to that of a Super Saiyan 3; it was almost on-par with Majin Buu’s strength after his seal was removed .

Despite that, when facing the manic Broly, Xiaya still felt great pressure .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiaya and Broly’s figures kept flashing in the sky . Every time they made an appearance, it will be accompanied by deafening explosions . The invisible shock waves surged up and turned into an earth-shattering might .


Xiaya punched and hit Broly’s body . Although Broly’s eyes didn’t have pupils, it didn’t affect his vision . The expanded muscles all over Broly’s body quivered . He roared and exerted force under his feet, launching himself towards Xiaya by relying on brute force only .

Then, after several successive punches, Xiaya’s movements were interrupted halfway by Broly, following which the rhythm of the battle was lost .

It was almost fatal for the rhythm to be lost in a high-intensity battle . Fortunately, Xiaya used the space-time ability to protect his body in time and was able to withstand most of Broly’s crazy attacks . However, he was still seriously injured in many places, spurting a lot of blood from his mouth in the process . Hideous depressions appeared in some areas of his body, and the bones beneath were severely deformed .

Xiaya’s face was cold as he endured the tremendous pain and teleported into the distance, separating from Broly by a few kilometres, and then he quickly swallowed a Senzu Bean, temporarily replenishing his vitality .

Amidst the battlefield, Broly looked a little dazed, having suddenly lost his target .
At this time, Broly roared and the muscles all over his body quivered . It was quite frightening at first glance .

Broly flew into a rage after losing his target . Suddenly, he caught sight of an ice-coloured round surface hanging in the azure sky, and as if he found an opportunity to vent his anger on, his palms exerted some force and threw out a strong energy ball . As a result, violent fluctuations suddenly penetrated through Planet Hongshan’s atmosphere and rushed towards the depths of the universe .

Xiaya felt puzzled for a bit, wondering what Broly was doing . Suddenly, his countenance changed drastically . “That direction, could it be…"

Sure enough, Xiaya’s fears came true in the form of a resounding explosion .


The thunderous explosion resounded through the sky, accompanied by a dazzling light .

Everything returned to primal chaos, and a vacuum suddenly appeared in the sky .

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A gentle breeze brushed by, and the clouds in a small area lay still in the sky .

In the distant sky, Xiaya horrifyingly discovered that Planet Meishan, which was previously drifting in the same orbit as Planet Hongshan, had disappeared . In its place were debris and broken stones which were left under the sunlight, twinkling like stars .

Planet Hongshan, which lost its companion star, was affected by the gravitational field and gradually deviated from its orbit .

Xiaya’s face was covered with dark clouds . He roared angrily and immediately appeared behind Broly . Then, he gathered Ki and released a big move .


With a low roar, his whole body’s Ki was condensed in his hand and then released in the form of Tri-Beam .

Tri-Beam was not the most powerful technique among all his moves, but it had the most penetrating and explosive power . Of course, to demonstrate its power, it also consumed too much Ki when released . Just now, it consumed all of Xiaya’s remaining Ki .

The next moment, a pillar-shaped energy wave emerged .

The energy wave was shining with bright white light, containing most of the Ki in Xiaya’s body . It was extremely frightening . It was like a water jet, exerting a lot of pressure . Wherever it passed, everything was crushed into a fine powder without any exception . Even Broly, who had lost his rationality, could subconsciously feel the danger .

However, Tri-Beam was too fast, and it was already too late to dodge by the time Broly discovered it . Broly instinctively put both hands before his chest in an attempt to release energy to withstand it .

Rumble! Rumble!

The bright light blotting out the sky and the sun stung the eyes, and unending fierce winds blew on the planet’s surface . Planet Hongshan’s core crazily operated, continuously supporting the planet’s stability .

With a loud rumbling sound, the dispersed smoke and dust gradually subsided .

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“Did it work?”

Xiaya squatted down and gasped heavily .

Suddenly, a sense of danger flashed in Xiaya’s heart; following this sense of danger was a sharp pain, as an immense force—which was like a train—bumped into Xiaya, causing him to fly out .
In an instant, he turned into a straight light ray!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several mountains were smashed in a row with the dust forming a tall sand wall of thousands of meters, leaving behind a deep and terrifying impacted area on the ground .

“Cough, cough, cough!" Xiaya coughed as he lay paralyzed on his back amidst the sand and stones with a few drops of blood flowing out of the corners of his mouth . A heart-rending pain came from everywhere on his body .

“Not good, I can’t continue fighting with this kind of injuries!”

Xiaya bitterly smiled and climbed up . After making just a little movement, a sharp heart-rending pain overwhelmed him . With casual sensing, Xiaya knew that his injuries were extremely serious .
The golden light on his head flickered a few times, barely maintaining the Super Saiyan state .

However, his body flopped to the ground once again .

He didn’t expect that even the energy wave containing all of his Ki wasn’t enough to defeat Broly .

‘Is the Legendary Super Saiyan so strong?’

Xiaya raised his head and saw Broly appear in the air . Currently, Broly’s condition was also extremely miserable . Broly’s whole body was burnt into deformation by the high temperature and high heat energy . His whole body, from top to bottom, was covered with scars; half of his skin was as black as coal, and the other half was torn to shreds, dripping with blood—he looked very miserable .

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Xiaya opened his eyes with difficulty and found that Broly didn’t have much Ki left .

‘This is good news . ’

“Damn it, damn it . Roarrrr!!” Broly raised his head and roared, and then, he crazily ascended high into the sky by 10,000 meters .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He began to condense his aura and cupped his hands as a shining energy ball formed . A frightening and ominous aura began to gather .

Xiaya’s eyes were half-opened as he lay on the ground, staring at the thickly dotted energy balls high in the sky . He couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of chilly air . Normally, Xiaya naturally wouldn’t care about these energy balls, but he was currently completely exhausted and couldn’t even muster a little strength .

“Broly this madman… is there really no way to defeat him?” Xiaya smiled bitterly .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, at this moment, Muying and other dozens of Saiyan Gods all gathered .

“Sir Xiaya, leave the rest to us!”

“That’s right!”

“We will defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan!”

With fervent cries, a dozen or more red-haired Saiyan Gods gathered round in a circle . They were surging with passion as they requested to fight . Planet Hongshan was also their home, and they didn’t want to rely only on Xiaya to protect it; thus, they also wanted to play a role in the battle .

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