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Chapter 396

The battle below grew more fierce, and the area of destruction grew wider .

Planet Hongshan’s star core was operating crazily—like a water pump operating at full capacity—constantly transferring golden energy to support the strength of the planet’s crust .


Three dazzling flashes pierced the deep blue sky, and they intersected with each other, time after time, and erupted violently . Xiu! A ray of light suddenly streaked across the sea’s surface, creating a huge chasm that was 100 meters wide . The blue sea water rose to incredible heights, and a few Ki pillars surged into the sky . They then turned into spraying water and descended as a flurry of pattering rain .

Xiaya was breathing heavily, and blood could be seen dripping down the corners of his mouth . Fighting such an intense battle for a long time had made his manner of breathing messy .

This was where the Super Saiyan transformation was not good . The higher the intensity of transformation, the stronger the burden on the body . Although Xiaya had already adapted to the Super Saiyan 2 state using his own method, he was helpless against Broly’s extremely frenzied attacks .

“Bardock, how long can you hold on?”

Bardock shook his head sideways, smiling bitterly . “Not much time is left of Saiyan God transformation . ”

“Hold off your strength, and kill him in one shot!” Xiaya said, mentally prepared to fight and stake it all in one attack .


They communicated briefly and attacked Broly separately . For a moment, lightning and flames covered the blue sky . Their field of view was covered with bright lights that sparkled like stars . The pressure was earth-shattering, making it seem as though the sky was going to collapse . The feeling was immensely oppressive .

Xiaya stepped on the air and arched his body, instantly arriving beside Broly . He turned his fist into a palm and pressed it against Broly’s chest . The other hand grabbed his arm and pulled it hard . Broly’s roared angrily, and his strong, muscular body was thrown Bardock’s way by Xiaya . At that moment, Bardock was ready with a fist, which he smashed into the incoming Broly .

Bang! With a violent tremble, the overbearing fist force turned into transparent shock waves that spread out in circular wave-like cyclones, along the surface level .


A huge crater appeared on the ground, and huge cracks spread from it for several kilometers .

“Huu Huu Huu!”

The ground suddenly blew open, and Broly soared up from it . His body exuded a light-green flame aura . He looked at Xiaya, with a cold glint flickering in his eyes, and gave a muffled roar .

“Roarrrr! Kill, kill… Kakarrot…”

Suddenly, Broly turned crazy again, repeatedly muttering “Kakarrot” . The light-green flame aura emanating from his body expanded, and suddenly, the sky was filled with clouds; it was as though the end of the world had arrived . .

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

It was getting stronger and stronger .

Planet Hongshan was unable to bear it and shook violently . The rampaging energy caused stones to float, as they had broken away from the force of gravity . Mountains and rivers collapsed with loud bangs, the oceans seethed violently, and billowing waves battered the shore .

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Not far away, the dozen or so Saiyan Gods, who had on fiery expressions, could only stare wide-eyed .

They already realized that if they were to enter the high-intensity energy field caused by Xiaya and Broly’s battle, Saiyan Gods like them, who had only Super Saiyan level strength, would not even have a little impact; instead, they may end up getting crushed by the tyrannical and merciless energy .

“Really! In such an intense battle, we have no chance to intervene!” Sadie, who had turned into Saiyan God, swallowed bitterly as his throat was a little dry .

Muying sighed . “I can’t even see their movements clearly!”

The Saiyan Gods looked unwilling . They had thought their Saiyan God transformations would grant them the strength to protect Planet Hongshan, but every time they countered a strong enemy, they would still need Sir Xiaya to take action, as they could only hide far away . To Saiyans, who considered fighting as honor, this was humiliating .

It is reasonable to say that Muying and the other Saiyan Gods were strong enough . In ordinary times, guarding Planet Hongshan was not a problem, at all, but presently, it was Broly—whose strength surpassed the norm—that was attacking Planet Hongshan . In front of Broly, even Super Saiyan 2 was useless .


“Haha, destroy… destroy!”

Broly looked crazy . As he laughed maniacally, his body soared through the air, and his chaotic aura was wrapped around him like a piece of armor . With a speed as fast as lightening’s, he flew towards Bardock .

Broly’s fist flashed, and lightning that crackled above it was strong enough to destroy the world .

One hit weighed eighteen thousand kilograms .

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Broly’s strength had already exceeded that of an ordinary Super Saiyan 2 . It was close to that of Super Saiyan 3—no, he was already Super Saiyan 3! !

Xiaya’s eyes widened . He hadn’t expected Broly to be so powerful; even Majin Buu, who would have just woken up, would be only this strong . Gritting his teeth, Xiaya instantly teleported, appearing between Broly and Bardock, after which he opened his palms and roared angrily:

“Spacetime Freeze!”

In an instant, the sky, ground, and even the chaotic Ki flows became a glittering, translucent ice-blue color . In the area of Spacetime Freeze, Broly, who had already his fist, was frozen in midair, and the lightning around his fist had turned solid .

“Broly, disappear from the universe!!”

With a loud roar, and cold light flickering in his eyes, Xiaya coldly snorted and thrust his palms towards Broly . A majestic and boundless power surged from his palm, and the ice-blue space-time began to distort under its influence, turning into crystal drops .

Gaining the upper hand for a moment had allowed Xiaya taka a dominant position .



Broly’s fist collided with Xiaya’s palm, and waves of violently energy exploded . It was at this moment that the majestic power displayed its effect . Kacha! Broly’s expression of fury finally changed . The fist that collided with Xiaya’s palm got deformed, and its five fingers sank inward .

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“Ahhhh!!” Broly let out a painful roar as his body shot backwards .

“Finally know pain?” Xiaya coldly snorted . He knew that this blow had dealt much more than a small injury to Broly!

At the same time, the power in Broly’s attack passed through Xiaya’s body and flowed downward . Although it had weakened and divided into two unequal parts as it pressed downward—because of Xiaya’s existence in the middle—its destructive power could still not be underestimated .

The imposing aura surged downward and struck the bottom of the sea . Rumble! A loud sound bang resounded, and the entire sea surface collapsed downward, revealing a huge depression with a diameter of tens of kilometers below .

Gigantic waves surged out in every direction…

Bardock had been lucky enough to avoid a calamity because Xiaya’s sudden intervention . Thus, he did not hesitate, unwilling to waste the opportunity .

Right when his Saiyan God state was about to fade, Bardock roared and stirred all the power in his body, causing it to erupt . For a moment, only a vast expanse of crimson light rising into the sky could be seen in the horizon, like a Roc bathed in flames . In the sky, a wave of energy that was filled with a frightening amount of power streaked towards Broly .

Rumble! The mountains and rivers collapsed with a loud bang, and the ground suddenly sank, causing layers to soil to erupt outward .

Time seemed to have become still, and then, a huge, dazzling rays of light tore through the clouds, instantly illuminating the entire planet . The dazzling light and the energy waves covered the entire planet . The strong vibrations actually caused the planet to stop revolving for a moment .

The turmoil stopped, and the sand and smoke dispersed .

The ground seems to have undergone a great change . The mountains and rivers that were originally integrated as a whole had collapsed, and the green forest covering the entire mainland had disappeared . The scenery reflected in the eyes has become a vast yellow desert .

Although Bardock was panting, he still hovered in an upright position . His face was covered with sweat and dust .

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