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Chapter 397

iaya knew that Bardock’s Super Saiyan God state had reached its limit and could no longer be used in the battle, so he waved and said to Bardock with a serious tone, “You leave first; I got this!”

“Okay, you must be careful, Sir Xiaya!”

Although somewhat regretful, Bardock knew that he would not have any impact there even if he stayed, so he nodded and left, albeit unwillingly .

After sending Bardock off the battlefield with his eyes, Xiaya took a deep breath, and his gaze became sharper .

Now, he would have to fight with Broly on his own!

Broly suddenly jumped out from the ruins, raised his head, and roared, “Ahhhh!” The light green blazing aura turned chaotic . Thump . Thump . Thump . it was like the sound of a beating heart . The muscles on Broly’s body expanded once again, and his body became even taller .

Xiaya’s eyebrows creased, and he was shocked in his heart . “Where the hell is the limit of a Legendary Super Saiyan . Why does he keep getting stronger?”

Even now, Xiaya had yet to understand the kind of existence that a Legendary Super Sayan was .
He was a Super Saiyan, too, but Bardock was obviously the world’s first Super Saiyan—a traditional Super Saiyan like Xiaya . However, Broly’s form was clearly different from the traditional Super Saiyan form!

The Legendary Super Saiyan was an unconventional transformation that appeared in the anime movies . Why would its fighting capabilities be superior to that of the Super Saiyan? It was simply a killing machine .

In the time that Xiaya spent pondering, Broly had completed his enhancement . The wild aura caused the air to tremble and become very unstable .

“Not good!” Xiaya reacted subconsciously .

He speedily deployed force in his legs and used the Time and Space ability, at the same time . In a flash, he had arrived in front of Broly, and a blue light flashed . Xiaya used his power excessively, but seeing a large number of energy waves surge with the flame aura scattering out, he yelled . As though they were dragons emerging out of the abyss, they violently whistled towards Broly, with powerful bearings .


The endless energy waves smashed Broly from one area of the sky to another . Broly seemed unable to react, becoming a punching bag for others to train with . He let the attacks hit him without reacting .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Combo hits . Xiaya did not let go of the chance, attacking with his punches and kicks . Attacks descended from various angles… Broly’s neck was twisted from the attacks, and it seemed he would be actually be defeated .

Things looked good, but Xiaya knew that he had to keep his guard up!



Broly, who was hovering in midair, suddenly curled his body, then he arched his waist and began to roar bitterly .

His muscles trembled as he roared . With every howl, the waves of aura emanating from his body became majestic, making others dare not look straight at him!

Although one arm had been twisted in the previous attacks, faint arcs of electricity surged on his body; this was a distinctive feature of the Super Saiyan 2 transformation . Moreover, under Super Broly’s crazy energy control, it exhibited a power that was no lesser than that of Super Saiyan 3 .
Broly bared his teeth and looked at Xiaya, after which he began to laugh maniacally . He had already lost his rationality and continued to roar, akin to a beast that only fought .

As for the attack that Xiaya’s recent bombardment, they seemed to have had some effect, but the effect was not too great!

Broly had completely disregarded it!

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“Damn it!”

Xiaya’s face turned pale . Fighting such a high-intensity battle for a long time has made his muscles ache, and his aura had turned chaotic .

The sky was overcast, and a huge amount of pressure had encased Planet Hongshan .
Even Xiling and the others, who were on the floating island in the higher dimension, could sense the heavy pressure below .

“How did become like this? Is Broly this powerful?” Myers’s pretty face was filled with concern .
Xiling was silent . Her hands had been clenched into fists, which were trembling . However, their current physical condition could not allow them to intervene .

On the other side, Raditz was already scared stiff . He was lifelessly leaning on the edge of the island, looking down below with spiritless eyes . He has just grasped the basic use of Ki, but even so, he could feel that he was much more powerful than before . It was though his formidable aura could rip the sky apart instantly .

“So frightening; where the hell has this monster came from!” Raditz muttered with a shudder .

What Vegeta? What Frieza? They had already been thrown to the back of his mind . Compared to Xiaya and Broly, who were fighting below, what did they even count as?


A loud rumble rang out in the sky . It was as though a thunderstorm had arrived, and countless arcs of purple lightning tore through the sky and struck the ground below .

Broly was completely immersed in the Insane Super Saiyan state . His strength was many times stronger than in the original work . Facing such an extremely formidable opponent, Xiaya did not dare to be even a little careless . He could only concentrate on fighting .

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Against such opponents, just a moment of complacency could bring about irreparable consequences .

Xiaya could not afford to gamble; he could only do his best in every attack .


“Oh my . This battle has created quite a big activity; it is really intense . ”

Whis appeared in an inconspicuous place . He stood in midair with a scepter in his hand, and his maroon divine robe fluttered in the strong wind, making whooshing sounds . Whis’ blue eyes narrowed, and he smiled lightly . The fight in the distance did not cause him to feel any urgency, at all .

In fact, the battle between Xiaya and Broly was already at the level of Super Saiyan 3, but this meager strength was nothing in front of Whis . It must be known that God of Destruction Beerus could knock out a peak-state Super Saiyan 3 Goku with one karate chop . Not to mention that

Whis is who knows how many times stronger than Beerus .

In Whis’ eyes, this battle, which others would consider extremely fierce, was nothing more than a child’s play .

It was unable to arouse his interest .

“Tsk tsk . This Legendary Super Saiyan is just one step further from ‘Demon’, and compared to Xiaya’s ‘God’, this Broly is much closer to that step,” Whis exclaimed in admiration . However, he shook his head sideways . ”But, what a pity, this state in which one loses their rationality is not desirable!”

Whis felt pity .

If Broly could control his emotions, then the “Demon” state would be closer to Xiaya’s “God” state . By then, changing from “Demon” to “God” would not necessarily be slow and far away .

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In fact, he had already discerned that the so-called “Legendary Super Saiyan” was actually demon transforming into a lower version of “Super Saiyan God” . However, it had many more advantages than the orthodox Super Saiyan .

On the other side, the battle between Xiaya and Broly had already reached a climax .

When Broly, whose consciousness had been overcome by madness, approached Xiaya, he was instantly attracted to Xiaya’s aura, which he hated . This caused him to recklessly rush over .
Xiaya cursed . Facing Broly, he didn’t dare tread lightly . His body flickered, and he waved his arms, causing a half-moon shaped energy wave filled with frightening power to appear . He knew that he could not injure Broly by solely relying on these energy waves . So when the energy waves approached Broly, he had already carried out further attacks .

When the gap in strength reached a certain level, skills lose their effects . No matter what abilities you have, I will break them with my fists . This meant ignoring skills and press on with just physical strength . It was the so-called physical strength breaking through everything . This was the case in the later stages of the Dragon Ball world .

But, it was unfortunate that, this time, the gap between Xiaya and the crazy Broly was not very big, and Broly even had a slight advantage . In such a situation, the role of skills had become apparent .

Xiaya fiercely rushed over, instantly closing the distance between him and Broly . And successfully landing a move, he quickly rushed away . The surrounding energy waves that struck Broly not only created a great momentum, but also served as good cover .

Broly was furious, and his berserk energy’s surged through the sky . However, after his muscles expanded, Broly fell into a vicious cycle of muscles transforming . Although his strength had obviously improved, his speed was adversely affected .

Although Broly was not afraid of pain, the little injuries he sustained soon began to superimpose onto each other, and there inevitably was a limit where he would collapse .

Whis looked on calmly, following the battle with his eyes whilst muttering, “Um . Time was suspended for 0 . 1 seconds just now . This is how the time ability is utilized . It really has unexpected effects when using in fights, but the method by which it was controlled is still too rough…”

The world in Whis’ eyes again shook a little, and an ice blue light ray flashed by .

“No, this time it was used too early . If it was used a little later, then power exhibited would have been greater . ”

In controlling time power, Whis was a master . In his eyes, Xiaya’s technique of applying the Time power in battle was still very immature .

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