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Chapter 391

Universe 7, Demon Realm .

In a place gloomier than the Demon King’s Palace, there was dark and chaotic energy everywhere, as well as disorderly meteorite drifting in the sky . The gravity here was very strange; it did not just press downward but in all directions .

There were times the pressure was exerted downward, and there were times when the pressure would be exerted upwards the moment one takes a step forward . Naturally, there was also a possibility of gravity pushing one front or backward . Without a strong physique, one could not survive in such a place .

This happened because space-time in this area was distorted . Like a smooth ribbon with countless knots, space and time were intertwined .

At the border of the chaotic space-time, a cyan-colored demon palace, which was floating at the periphery of the chaotic space, was riddled with blood-colored cracks .

This area was space-time’s weak node .

“Tap! Tap! Tap!”

The sounds of footsteps came from far away . Towa, who had on a red skin-tight bodysuit and high heel shoes, was walking over . Her skirt cascaded down her waist, like a vampire’s bat wings, reaching the ground .

With a pointy magic wand in hand, Towa walked into a wide space corridor . A charming smile was etched on her soft, jade-like face . Suddenly, she stopped .

She turned her head to look at a shadow in the darkness and said, “How did it go?”

The shadow gradually became clear . It was a man that had bluish-grey skin, and he had on a red dress similar to Towa’s . His white hair was in disarray, sticking up .

“It’s done, here . These are fifteen space-time crystals!” The demonic man said, raising his palm, and fifteen blood-red, jewel-like crystals appeared out of thin air .

“Ah, what a beautiful color; just like blood . ” Towa smiled with infatuation at the blood-red space-time crystals floating in midair .

“Mira, you did very well this time!” Gently stroking Mira’s broad chest, Towa smiled evilly as she walked closer to him .

Mira snorted coldly and distanced himself from her . “I heard that you went to see that Time Enforcer?”

“You were made by me; don’t be so shy!” Towa smiled in a charming manner as she nodded . “Yes, that Saiyan called Xiaya is quite the mysterious guy . The version of ‘me’ in the parallel universe didn’t find any traces of him over there in her universe . It is as though he only exists in our space-time . ”

Mira coldly said, “You be careful . You may not be that Saiyan’s match, and if you get caught, then our previous plans will be for naught . ”

Towa licked her purple lips . “You are looking down on me . Although that Time Enforcer is powerful, he will be powerless in front of my magic . But, there is something very strange!”


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“His space-time ability is different from ours, as the other ‘me’ didn’t find him in other space-time . Moreover…he seems capable of traveling to other multiverse worlds . ” As Towa spoke, her expression became graver, and her voice grew lower .

“How is it possible to travel to other multiverse worlds?” Mira’s asked, looking astonished .

Mira and Towa were both unable to enter other multiverses, as whenever a new multiverse was born, other versions of themselves would be born in it . The rules and regulations of the place make Mira and Towa unable to stay there .

If they wanted something done, they could only summon the other world’s ‘Oneself’ . Hence, except for their own multiverse, they could not directly interfere with other multiverses . This was the same for Supreme Kai, but Supreme Kai could briefly observe a parallel universe with the Time Ring .

Thus, their range of activity was limited to their own multiverse and the fragmented worlds associated to it .

So, when Towa discovered that Xiaya seemed capable of traveling to other multiverses, she was really surprised .

Towa nodded solemnly . “According to a message from the ‘me’ of another space-time, the Saiyan called Xiaya had once stayed in another multiverse for a long time . According to this version of me, quite a few Super Saiyans had appeared in this multiverse’s group of Saiyans, and each one of them was a huge disaster!”

“Super Saiyan, those guys that appeared in ancient times?”

“Umm . It’s unfortunate that the lackey of Supreme Kai of Time is also a Super Saiyan . Moreover, the Angel of the Universe 7 is also paying close attention to him . ”

Mira furrowed her brows . A person that is paid close attention to by an Angel was not easy to kill .

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“What are you planning to do?”

Towa smiled and pointed at the blood-red space-time crystals . “It was not simple . After a few space-time’s versions of me cooperated, we were finally able to create this space-time crystal . Although countless living creatures will have to be sacrificed when it is used, it is worth it . ”

Mira lifted his head, and his gaze seemed to contain understanding . “You plan to use these crystals to make a large fragmented world?”

“That’s right . The strong experts in ordinary fragmented worlds can’t deal with a Super Saiyan, but I heard about a particular legend . ” Towa opened her star-like eyes and said, “When Planet Vegeta was destroyed, a very special Saiyan once appeared…”

“Well, I understand what you mean . ”

“So, I will bother you to arrange this matter . ” Towa twirled the magic wand in her grasp and sent the fifteen space-time crystals back to Mira’s hand .

“Leave it to me!” Mila said solemnly, and his whole body turned into afterimages, after which he disappeared, along with the fifteen beautiful, blood-red crystals .

Seeing Mira off with her eyes, Towa’s lips curled into a crazy smile .

“It’s really strange . Back when I changed the timeline to create a parallel universe, it was always quickly affected by a mysterious force, and the new world quickly collapsed under this force . But, what happened in these recent decades? Two multiverses were born in succession?”

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Come to speak of it, Towa had also obtained the space-time ability by chance, so it was impossible to accurately lock on to a timeline like a time machine; furthermore, the created world would be annihilated in a very short time .

Therefore, a Multiverse that truly came into being with Towa’s hand did not yet exist . However, there already were thousands of fragmented worlds of various sizes .

“Towa!” A calm and profound voice suddenly resounded in the winding corridor .

The entire space-time courtyard suddenly became cold and still .

“Your Majesty Demigra!” Towa fell to one knee in reverence .

“Hurry up and resurrect more versions of me . I need even more nourishment!” Demigra said in a faint voice . Currently, he was sealed by Supreme Kai of Time, at the end of the space-time . Only a single strand of his consciousness could penetrate the space and reach Universe 7’s Demon Realm .

Towa said devoutly, “Great Demon God, I am working hard with Mira to resurrect more versions of you!”

“Umm, speed it up . You can go see other universe’s space-time controllers out for cooperation . This demon god needs to merge…”

Demigra’s voice got lower and lower, gradually dissipating .

“Right, we really should speed up!” Towa stood up, her purple eyes flickering with a strange light .

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