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Chapter 392

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, several months had passed .

As time strode by, Xiling’s and Myers’ bellies slowly grew bigger, and each of them had a weak lifeform grow in their bodies . Xiaya was delighted to see their bulging bellies . Xiaya accompanied them almost all the time, except for the usual few hours of training he did in the Gravity Machine .

Because this was their first pregnancy, Xiling and Myers were a little nervous, and they were very careful when they touched their bellies .

“Xiaya, what should we name our children?” Xiling leaned against a soft cushion, surrounded by specialists that were taking care of her .

With a smile, Xiaya replied, “If it is a boy, he will be called Xiang; if it is a girl, she will be called Meifei… Well, Xili is also not bad . ” Saiyan names only contained first names; no surname . Just like Goku, he gave his son the surname Son, which was quite rare .

However, Xiaya had all memories of his past life, so he chose to give his child a surname, according to the custom of his past life .

“Xiang, Meifei!” Xiling softly muttered these two names . Although she found their pronunciations slightly strange, the names were still quite pleasant to hear .

Myers moved closer and asked in surprise, “The pronunciation of these names is like our names . ”

“Isn’t it better for our children’s name to be pronounced like ours?” Xiaya asked, smiling .

Myers nodded and did not bother with the issue anymore . She became concerned about Xiaya’s training situation . Although Xiaya seemed to train for only 4 or 5 hours every day, only with the right method could he obtain the best returns . If he desperately trained without knowing how to refine, he would, instead, be doing twice the work for half the result . This method was not worth the losses it incurred .

Xiaya spent two hours every morning and afternoon in training, and the rest of the time was used to do a little tempering . When combined with the method Whis taught him, the rate at which Xiaya’s Battle Power grew was not slower than before . As he was also cultivating his mind, his spiritual level has achieved a better breakthrough .

“It’s a pity that we will be unable to train for one year . We will be left behind by you even more,” Myers lamented, albeit with a smile .

For female Saiyans, once they are pregnant, their Battle Power would inevitably stagnate for a period . This was what happened when Rebecca gave birth to Laret .

Xiaya ruffled Myer’s hair lightly and kissed both girls on their foreheads . “When you give birth to our children, I will take you both out for a stroll . ”

“Hehe, then it’s a promise . ”

“Mhm!” Xiaya promised his wives .

Just then, the communicator beeped, and Xiaya picked it up . It was a message from Charlene . For this period of time, he only wanted to accompany Xiling and Myers at home . If there were no important matters, Charlene wouldn’t send a message to him .

“Charlene, what is it?” Xiaya asked Charlene, who was at the other end of the communicator .

Charlene’s voice came through; she seemed to be really anxious . “Sir Xiaya, Patrolman Jaco has come, and he brought with him information about an important mission . He insists on talking to you personally . ”

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“Let Jaco wait for a moment; I will soon be there . ” Xiaya’s furrowed his eyebrows slightly . He ended the conversation and turned to Xiling, “Jaco has come . It could be a matter from Galactic Patrol . I’ll go and have a look . ”

“Go; don’t let him wait for long,” Xiling said as she put clothes on Xiaya .

Xiaya nodded and headed to the Guardian Corps observation center . Soon, he spotted Jaco’s spaceship parked on the empty and spacious square . Jaco was seated on the wing of the spaceship, looking around .

When he saw Xiaya walking over, Jaco hurriedly jumped down . “Xiaya, come with me now to Master Zuno’s place . It’s very important . ”

“Hold on; what happened, and who is Zuno?” Shaking off Jaco’s hand, Xiaya, who was frowning, asked . He didn’t want to leave Planet Hongshan at this time .

Jaco paused and explained, “It’s like this . Our patrolman’s agent discovered a warped wormhole in a galaxy not far from Planet Hongshan . All the life in that Galaxy has disappeared . As a responsible elite, I am in charge of investigating this matter . ”

Xiaya raised his eyebrows, feeling impatient at Jaco’s long-winded character . “Tell me the important points!”

“The Galaxy has disappeared, and an ice cube flew out of the wormhole . Look!” Jaco, who instantly got straight to the main point, took out a photo .

Looking at the photo, Xiaya discovered a black shadow at the center of the ice cube, and his expression turned serious . “Is there a person in the ice cube?”

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Jaco nodded as his orange eyes lit up . “Yes, this ice cube is heading in the direction of Planet Hongshan . Moreover, the ice cube is melting little by little . Well, when it arrives at Planet Hongshan, it should have almost melted . ”

“So, this may be rushing towards Planet Hongshan?”

Xiaya’s countenance sank . It had become very clear . Whether intentionally or not, someone sought to target Planet Hongshan—something Xiaya could not tolerate .

Xiaya could remember that a few months ago, Bardock predicted that something huge would happen near Planet Hongshan . That was most likely referring to this matter .

“Do you know who’s in the ice?”

Jaco shook his head sideways . “I don’t know . That’s why we must go to Master Zuno’s place to understand the situation . He is an omniscient and mysterious person . He knows about everything in the world and can surely clear out doubts . ”

Galactic Patrol Organization has been closely paying attention to Planet Hongshan . At the slightest sign of trouble, it had sent Jaco to understand the situation . It was deeply afraid of the huge impact it will bring on the universe . This was because Planet Hongshan was so powerful, the Galactic Patrol organization had to serve them .

“Master Zuno?” Xiaya was startled .

Suddenly, he remembered that Zuno—who received rewards to resolve people’s doubts—lived on a mysterious planet . His ability was a bit similar to Fortune teller Baba’s on earth, but it was many times stronger than hers . He could find out about everything in the universe . Xiaya could remember that in the original work, Bulma went to Zuno’s Planet with Jaco just to find the locations of the Super Dragon Balls .

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“Don’t delay any longer . Tell me the name of Zuno’s planet; I’ll directly teleport to it . ”

Compared to the speed of Jaco’s spaceship, Xiaya’s Instant Transmission was much more reliable . There was a star chart of the entire Universe 7 in his mind, but the name needed to be looked up one by one .

“Oh, sure! This is the name of Master Zuno’s planet…” Jaco immediately told him the name of the planet .

Xiaya looked it up by name and quickly found it—the location of the planet Zuno was on . “We are going!” Instantly, Xiaya disappeared with Jaco through Instant Transmission .

Distant Zuno’s Planet .

This was a planet full of Japanese style . Because of Zuno’s magical ability, people from places far away had come bearing gifts as they sought his advice, but Zuno’s requests are very weird; not everyone could fulfill his wishes .

With a bright flash, Xiaya brought Jaco to the hall that Zuno worked in . When they entered, the first thing that caught Xiaya’s eye was a tall and big person, who closely resembled a Japanese samurai, sitting on a bowl-like flying vehicle .

This appearance…was somewhat funny .

“Ah, Time Enforcer!” Zuno yelled after seeing Xiaya, and immediately drove out all the people around him .

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