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Chapter 383

“Good, good! You are getting married today… Not bad, not bad!”

Bardock looked at the bride and bridegroom, Bulma and Goku, and smiled . Then, he introduced his wife and daughter to Goku and Bulma . “Kakarrot, this is your mother, Gine, and the child next to her is your sister, Elise!”

“Mother, sister?” Goku looked at Gine and Elise, and for a moment, he didn’t know how to express his feelings .

At this time, Gine was looking at her son who resembled her husband . She excitedly came over, hugged him and said, “Kakarrot, you have grown so big! You look exactly like your father…”

Compared to the tall and straight Goku, Gine was very petite .

Elise looked left and right and cutely called out, “Brother!”

Next, the bustling wedding ceremony began . Bulma put on a white wedding dress and walked to Goku’s side accompanied by Launch and Hasky . After Chi-Chi gave her blessings in the name of ‘God’, Goku and Bulma officially became husband and wife .

“Chi-Chi is looking more and more like a goddess!” Yamcha commented in a low voice .

“Master Yamcha, Chi-Chi has been a goddess from the very beginning,” Yamcha’s little companion, Puar, said .

At this time, Chi-Chi looked towards them with what seemed like a smile yet not a smile; her fingers slightly bent, and a mystical magical power immediately caused Yamcha to close his mouth .

Afterwards, there was a lively banquet . In the banquet, Chi-Chi, Krillin and Yamcha took out the dragon balls they had collected and handed them to the couple . In addition to the four dragon balls that were already in Goku and Bulma’s hands, all seven dragon balls were gathered . As a gift for Goku getting married, there was nothing more suitable than dragon balls .

As the incarnation rang out, the green Shenron appeared in the sky on the outskirts of West City .

“People who have gathered the seven dragon balls, please say thy wish!”

Goku took Bulma’s hand and shouted, “Please, let us forever be healthy and happy together . ”

Earth Shenron’s crimson dragon eyes opened, and a booming voice resounded between heaven and earth . “Thy wish is very easy!” Then, the mysterious power of Shenron acted on their bodies . Goku and Bulma faintly smiled as they felt a refreshing feeling, and their spirit became relaxed .

“Well, thy wish has been fulfilled . ”

After Shenron finished speaking, he immediately turned into seven rays of light and scattered all over the world . Goku did not pick up the four-star dragon ball; he let it fly in the unknown direction .


Everyone gave their blessings .

“I didn’t expect that the first one to wed among us would be Goku!” Yamcha said enviously . He mused, ‘Should I also find a girlfriend?’

Next day, the guests dispersed one by one .

Bardock also returned to Planet Hongshan, but Goku’s sister, Elise—having felt the novel experience of being on foreign land—pleaded with her parents to stay on Earth .

Later, Goku and his wife went to Mount Paozu again . Planet Hongshan’s side had already prepared a full set of large-scale training facilities on Mount Paozu . Lush and green mountains surrounded Mount Paozu, and there was only one path leading outside . Surrounded by mountains, the Feidaya people replicated Planet Hongshan’s training area and built a complete set of training facilities .

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There were all kinds of facilities here, and each training area was connected and orderly distributed around Mount Paozu .

The structural design which was a combination of modern technology and classical aesthetics did not destroy the original scenery of Mount Paozu; instead, it added a unique beauty .

“Xiaya, thank you very much . These pieces of equipment wouldn’t be less than a few billion on the market!” Bulma was knowledgeable about these pieces of equipment . Each piece of equipment would be priceless if brought to the market . The value of the technology was too high . As one of the successors of the Capsule Corporation, Bulma understood the concept of money very well .

Of course, Bulma was the rich missus of a wealthy family . Thus, although several billion was a lot of money, it wasn’t enough to faze her too much .

“The Feidaya people’s technology has always been their pride,” Xiaya laughed and said .

Bulma nodded . Now, an area of 500km the entirety of Mount Paozu had been bought by the Capsule Corporation . To put it simply, Mount Paozu was already a private property of Goku’s family .

Of course, it was not difficult to privately occupy a piece of land . With the “green light” from Central City, the procedures were easy to handle . After all, Goku was now a well-known martial arts master, and his fame was bigger than Master Roshi’s .

While pointing to a hemispherical building in the distance which was more than a hundred meters tall, Xiaya gave an introduction, “That is a High-level Gravity Machine which can be adjusted to a maximum of 300 times the standard gravity . If you train in it, you can get twice the result with half the effort, but it is best not to start with very high gravity . Moreover, the entire Mount Paozu has been modified with special materials such that it can withstand powerful attacks . ”

After listening to Xiaya, Goku was itching to give it a try . After smiling at Bulma, he immediately ran into the Gravity Machine, and before Xiaya could stop him, he had already turned gravity to 10 times!

“He rashly adjusted the gravity too high… Kakarrot is going to suffer bitterly!” Myers covered her mouth and chuckled .

Bulma didn’t react for a moment . “What?”

In the Gravity Machine, Goku was pressed to the ground by the suddenly appearing gravity . His arms and legs moved and he stood up with difficulty . “Wow, 10-times the standard gravity is so powerful . Fortunately, I didn’t suddenly turn it to an even value . ” As an observant martial artist, Goku quickly discovered the helpful effects of the Gravity Machine during training .

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Goku mused, ’It is somewhat similar to my previous training with the turtle shell on my back at Master Roshi’s place, but it is not completely the same . ’

“Brother, let’s train!” Elise hopped over in skintight clothes; the dark-red, skintight Battle Armor outlined her graceful curves .


Goku readily agreed . At first, Goku was a little uncomfortable with this sister of his who was two years younger than him, but after Elise revealed her formidable strength, he—a martial arts maniac—quickly hit it off with her .

However, one shouldn’t scoff at Elise’s strength because of her young age; having lived on Planet Hongshan since her childhood, Elise’s Battle Power had already surpassed Goku’s 1620 and reached an astonishing 4,800 . This number was pretty good amongst her peers on Planet Hongshan’s . Elise grew up listening to Goku’s stories and was curious about her brother whom she had never met .

After that, on a specially reinforced training ground, Goku and Elise fought against each other . However, before long, Goku was defeated and left gasping for breath .

“I can’t do it… Elise, you are too powerful; I can’t defeat you . ” Goku bitterly laughed and shook his head . Then, he looked at the wonderful facilities, and his eyes shot out a strong desire to train .

“Hehe, Elise is way more powerful than Kakarrot . I should find an evenly matched opponent for Kakarrot!” Xiaya chuckled and said .

Xiling’s jade-like face broke into a smile, and she instantly disappeared . After a while, she reappeared, but there was one more person in her hand .

It was surprisingly Piccolo who had left after the martial arts tournament .

“Hey, woman… Why did you capture me!?” Piccolo’s heart trembled as he stared at the woman who had captured him in fear .  ‘Could it be that she wants to deal with me?’ However, Piccolo was dumbfounded as he discovered that he had arrived at Mount Paozu which was thousands of miles away from Yunzabit Heights . He was in disbelief .

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Piccolo was no stranger to Mount Paozu . After all, it was necessary to understand everything about one’s enemy!

However, the problem remained—how did he suddenly arrive here?

‘What move is this? Traversing thousands of miles instantly…’ Piccolo thought, his heart trembling .

“Be quiet, you’ll live on Mount Paozu from today onwards . There are plenty of training facilities here to make you stronger!”


Piccolo was a little absent-minded . Then, he saw Goku and others on the side, and his countenance suddenly turned ugly . He said resentfully, “Goku, did you tell them to catch me?”

Goku repeatedly shook his head and said, “It was not me . ”

“Piccolo, if you want to surpass Kakarrot, there’s only hope if you train on Mount Paozu! Otherwise, you will only fall further and further behind Kakarrot if the disparity in training conditions is very huge . ”

“Yeah, Piccolo, stay and train with me!” Goku loudly said .

Piccolo was silent for a moment . Knowing that he didn’t have the power to refuse, he made the difficult decision which was against his will . “OK, I stay on Mount Paozu . One day, I will defeat you with my own hands, don’t regret it then!”

However, not long afterwards, Piccolo will find out how correct his decision was .

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