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Chapter 384
Four months later, Elise asked Xiaya to send her back to Planet Hongshan because she was tired of playing on Earth . However, it was unknown if she was really tired of staying on Earth, or if she was missing someone on Planet Hongshan . Xiling was in charge of sending her back .

When XIaya came back to Goku’s home in West City, Goku had run off to Mount Paozu to train again, leaving only Bulma in the villa .

Fortunately, Bulma had always been very supportive regarding Goku’s training . She—who loved adventuring since her childhood—was also not an idle person; after learning about some of the events that occurred outside Earth from Tights, there had always been a little worry in Bulma’s heart . Thus, she was very supportive of her husband’s training .

Here, her attitude was exactly the opposite of Chi-Chi’s in the main storyline world .

This was probably because Bulma’s family was the richest family on Earth; her family’s money was practically inexhaustible . Moreover, as childhood sweethearts, Bulma knew Goku’s nature very well, so both sides complement each other very well . Also, with Bardock’s high standing on Planet Hongshan, Goku’s family had no pressure regarding money at all, so there was also an open-minded motivation to become stronger; thus, Goku could commit to his training wholeheartedly .

In Bulma’s words, “As long as Goku becomes stronger, our family will be even safer…”

When Xiaya and others came back, Bulma was leaning over in front of a pile of experimental equipment, carefully studying the structure inside . She was wiping off sweat while holding a screwdriver in hand when she discovered Xiaya .

“Oh, why are you here?” With her Light-purple hair sticking to her face, Bulma glowed as she gave a happy smile .

Seeing Bulma’s slightly bulging belly, Xiaya couldn’t help but inwardly lament, ’Ah! Bulma is already pregnant . Goku is so fast!’

‘However, I’m not sure if their child will be named Gohan or not! The name, Gohan, is used to commemorate Goku’s grandfather, so it will likely not be changed . However, Bulma’s family’s genes are really powerful, so this child’s hair colour might also be light-purple like Bulma’s . ’

It was also interesting to note that Dr . Brief and his wife’s hair colour was light-purple and golden respectively, and Bulma and Tights’ hair colour was also light-purple and golden respectively . Moreover, future Trunks and Bulla’s hair was also light-purple .

Their family’s genes were really strong, and they also had a young appearance that seems to withstand the passage of time, which was not much inferior to Saiyans .

“Goku has gone to train again?”

“Yeah, he called Krillin and others to train together . ” Bulma made a cup of hot tea and sat down .

Xiling touched Bulma’s belly before looking at her flat belly as she mused, ’Myers and I didn’t do that thing any less with Xiaya, so why haven’t our belly reacted even a little? Could it be because we drank the Fountain of Youth, or because of our training to attain a higher dimension?’

Xiling stopped thinking and said somewhat enviously, “Bulma you are already pregnant, so need someone to take care of you; also, you can put some work aside . ”

Bulma gently smiled and said with happiness written on her face, “I am only three or four months pregnant . However, my sister, Tights, usually comes over . You see those little robots, some heavy work is done by them . ” The little robots had a spherical head which was suitable for carrying heavy objects .

“You should be careful,” Myers said .

“Umm . ”

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Recently, Bulma had been studying the spaceship of the Feidaya people . It was exhausting, but as a genius scientist, she was similar to Dr . Brief; thus, she couldn’t help but want to study it after seeing the advanced technology .

A few hours later, Goku returned home with damaged clothes .

When he saw Xiaya and his wives, Goku greeted enthusiastically, “Xiaya, I have become much more powerful in this period, so when will you call back Tien Shinhan to compete with me?”

Ever since he learnt that Xiaya took Tien Shinhan to Planet Metamor for training, Goku had been looking forward to battling him again .

Xiaya smiled and said, “Your current Battle Power is inferior to Tien Shinhan’s Battle Power, so you still need more training . However, you can see that Bulma is pregnant, but you are still running all over like this; it’s not good, right?”

Goku blushed and scratched his head, saying with guilt, “Yeah, you are right . I was only thinking about my matters . ”

“Don’t listen to Xiaya! You can go train if you want so that you can better protect me,” Bulma said . She was good at understanding others .

“You two, ah!”

Xiaya shook his head . He left a bag of Senzu Beans with them before departing with Xiling and Myers .

On the way back, Xiling said to Xiaya in a soft voice, “Kakarrot and Bulma are quite suitable for each other; their natures complement each other . ”

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“Well, after all, they were childhood sweethearts, and their understanding of each other is quite deep…” As he thought of the world of the main storyline and the Golden Flame World’s Bulma and Goku, Xiaya sighed with emotion .

Fortunately, this world’s Goku and Bulma finally became husband and wife .


“Xiling, Myers, Bulma is already pregnant, so you both have to work hard!”

Xiling’s face turned red . However, they had been married for years after all, and not bearing children after so long was a problem . “This is not entirely our fault . Xiaya, you are also not working hard enough . ”

Xiaya grinned and looked at the two women playfully . “How about we go back and work harder, living an indulgent life . ”
“Bring it on!” Myers scoffed and fiercely glared . For a girl who dared to climb Xiaya’s bed at the age of fourteen, Myers was more daring than Xiling .


While the Xiaya’s family was busy with “baby-making”…

North Area, on a wandering planet hidden in the darkness away from the illumination of the stars…

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The frozen star was an extremely cold and icy planet . It was considered as a lifeless planet . The cold weather and frozen ground made it unsuitable for living beings to survive on it . The temperature was below two hundred degree Celsius . Here, oxygen was also in a blue liquid form .

“Ho ho ho, this king has finally made a breakthrough after such a long time!” Frieza, whose whole body was emitting a silvery lustre, exclaimed as he opened his blood-red eyes . The killing intent coming from purgatory made the whole planet tremble .

Compared to the bright-white colour from three years ago, the current silvery-white colour— which was like a metallic-lustre—was even more dazzling .

Frieza had been training on this frozen star for ten years . In these ten years, by relying on his formidable talent and the strong desire for power, his strength advanced by leaps and bounds . Currently, his Battle Power was 18 billion . This was a value which could leave people reeling in despair!

As he felt the formidable power flowing within his body, Frieza smiled with satisfaction, and a desire to control the whole universe arose in his heart .

Frieza narrowed his eyes in intoxication, but when he stopped training, the formidable power in his body began to rush around violently . It was very uncomfortable .

“Hehehe, this king’s strength has increased so much, so It’s not easy to control . However, it doesn’t matter; after all, It’s more than enough to deal with that little ancient warrior . It is time to take back the Forces of this king . The entire Galaxy will serve under Frieza’s feet!”

Clenching his fists, Frieza fantasized about the thrill of ruling the universe .

Then, his body greatly shrunk, slowly changing from his silvery-white Final Form to the white-coloured sandstone Normal State .

Although Frieza’s strength had begun to reduce, his current Battle Power in Normal State was not like the previous 530,000; instead, it was a frightening 80 million . It had increased by a full 150 times .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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