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Chapter 374
Xiaya knew that Chronoa was worried, but he wasn’t able to help however much he wanted . Of course, Xiaya would spare no effort in taking action, but his current strength was not at a level where he could ignore all rules and regulations; protecting his close ones was his baseline .

Xiaya looked back at the small world, and then he clapped his hands . A glittering and translucent space-time ability surged out of his hand and brought him away from this world into a colorful passage . Xiaya found his world according to the direction pointed out by the Time Ring, and once again, he returned to the spot where he had disappeared from previously .

“It’s the same place, Earth’s Demon Realm . ”

Xiaya looked around calmly and fiercely roared .

A vast and mighty aura immediately reverberated throughout Earth’s Demon Realm . Following the roar, impure Ki was dispelled from his body, and his heart became comfortable; however, it caused a disaster for the entire Demon Realm .

Even after many years, many demons would still recall the disaster . It was a dark day when suddenly, a powerful aura fell from the sky . The frightening aura which was akin to a god’s divine light suddenly shrouded Earth’s Demon Realm . This ‘disaster’ occurred abruptly, like a bone-chilling wind that seeped into the heart . The Demon Realm’s populace hid in their dens, trembling; they didn’t dare to step outside .


As he observed the cloudy, ghastly and decaying scenery around him, Xiaya frowned slightly and muttered, “Let’s leave Demon Realm first . ”

Then a beam of light streaked across the dark sky of the Demon Realm like a lightning bolt . Xiaya soon arrived in front of the stone door at the entrance of the Demon Realm .

As he stepped out of the stone door, the warm sunlight shone on Xiaya’s body and instantly purified the dark water vapor on his body . Compared to the Demon Realm, Earth’s scenery was like a paradise, causing Xiaya’s mood to become cheerful .

Xiaya rose several hundreds of meters into the sky and then flew towards his home at the beach .

Somewhere in the southwest were towering mountains and precipitous ridges .

Xiling and Myers were fighting in the sky while moving towards the remote ‘Yunzabit Heights’ .


Their attacks caused numerous, sparkling energy beams to burst out .

“Okay, okay, that King Piccolo is already nearby . Can we draw him out like this? Don’t scare him away,” Myers curled her mouth and said without halting her movements at all .

Xiling faintly returned a smile and said, “Don’t worry, we’ve got our measures in place . If this little bit of power scares him away, then he is not worthy of Xiaya’s attention . It will be better to annihilate him as early as possible if that’s the case . ”

Myers narrowed her eyes and nodded in agreement with Xiling’s view .

After that, the two of them continued to do battle above the Yunzabit Heights .

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Xiling and Myers controlled their strength precisely as they battled . Although the disturbances caused by each of their attacks were very huge, it did not damage the internal structure of the earth .


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Not far away from the scene of the battle, there was a large canyon thousands of kilometers long in the middle of Yunzabit Heights . Overlooking from high in the sky, it was like a long line cutting off the mainland .

In a deep canyon…

The newborn Piccolo, wearing a white cloak with a hat on his head, was quietly sitting amidst the cracks in the narrow canyon . The whistling wind flowed through the canyon’s cliffs and condensed into a strong superstorm .

The cold wind blew on Piccolo’s face, like a blade slashing at it .

Piccolo was still when he suddenly opened his eyes, and a glimmer of light flashed in his black pupils . An astonishing aura shot out from his eyes and hit the cliff not far away . With a rumbling sound, the fragmented stones fell .

“Goku, I will surpass you soon . You will definitely participate in the martial arts tournament next year . I will defeat you then under the audience of everyone and announce my return to the world!”

Piccolo’s face was gloomy as he ferociously stamped his foot on the stone beneath his feet, breaking it into pieces .

Yunzabit Heights was where the Namekian lived when he landed on Earth . Piccolo came to Yunzabit Heights following the memory from his bloodline and trained here . Presently, his strength had surpassed that of the old King Piccolo, but Piccolo knew that he was still not strong enough . He needed to grow more powerful and trample everyone under his feet .

At this moment, Piccolo felt tremors from the ground without any clue why .

“What’s going on?” Piccolo was puzzled, and then he felt two frightening auras approaching him . In front of both auras, he felt insignificant and too ashamed to show his face .

This feeling made him frown; he became extremely upset .

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‘Damn it, how can there be such a strong Ki? Apart from Goku, why is there such an expert on Earth?!’ Piccolo inwardly roared in anger .

Then, Piccolo soared into the sky . He had to ascertain the identity of the owners of both auras .
Somewhere in Yunzabit Heights, Xiling and Myers were still pretending to fight . The energy which scattered in all directions was wrapped in a strong whirlwind that disturbed the entire Yunzabit Heights .

Fortunately, there was no one present . The temperature there was low and cold, such that there weren’t even any living creatures present .

“Look, that King Piccolo is approaching . ” As she sensed an aura approaching them, Xiling’s bright eyes flashed and a smile appeared on her face .

Myers grinned, and they continued their charade, attacking each other back and forth .

While fighting, they slowly moved towards Piccolo’s position . Their silhouettes moved quickly, sometimes they clashed fiercely, and sometimes they quickly separated . After separating for a few seconds, they would resume their fight again .


Spiderweb-like cracks appeared on the solid ground of the plateau during the battle between the two .

In the eyes of others, the battle between the two was like a life-and-death battle between old enemies . At least, it was like that in Piccolo’s eyes . He couldn’t tell that the two combatants in the sky were merely pretending .

Although he was somewhat far away, Piccolo had been completely shaken by the dazzling battle in front of him .

“Damn it!” Piccolo was indignant, his two pointed demonic teeth grinding against each other .

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Putting himself in their shoes, Piccolo discovered that if he entered the battle between the two, forget about fighting back, just the remnant energy waves they casually produced was enough to leave him unconsciousness .

“How could there be such experts on Earth?” Piccolo’s eyes flashed with a complicated look as he muttered to himself, “I want to rule the world, but I don’t know how long I would’ve to wait…”

The sounds of the fight gradually faded into the distance, and soon, Xiling and Myers left Yunzabit Heights; however, the impact they left on Piccolo was deep and distant .

“Yii, what is this?” Piccolo suddenly found a brown bag at the scene of the battle .

When he picked up the bag and opened it, Piccolo discovered that the bag contained a strange red fruit and dozens of green beans which were dry and small .

The red fruit had an unspeakable allure .

“What the hell is this?”

Piccolo took a bite out of the red fruit in his hand and suddenly discovered that a shocking Ki energy had appeared in his body .

“This aura… it’s so strong…” Piccolo’s eyes opened wide as he discovered, to his surprise, that his strength had increased by several times in an instant, and as he was wild with joy, Piccolo quickly swallowed the whole fruit in two or three bites .

“Such a powerful strength… What was that thing? Goku, I’m sure that I can defeat you now!”

Piccolo shouted excitedly, and then he looked at the other things in the bag with shining eyes as he mused, ‘The red fruit is already so amazing, then what about these dozens of beans?’Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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