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Chapter 373
Xiaya stood quietly on the Lookout for a long while as the gentle wind brushed past him, bringing about a slight chill .

After the demise of Garlic Jr . , the matter here was finally settled . Xiaya jumped down from the Lookout and contacted the Supreme Kai of Time while falling . “Chronoa, check and see if there are any other abnormalities in this world . ”

The other side of the ring was silent for a while . After a few minutes passed, the joyous voice of the Supreme Kai of Time could be heard as she said, “Mhm, there is nothing unusual . I have registered this fragmented world in the records, forming a book in the library floating at the extremity of the universe . No trouble should occur for now . ”

The Space-Time Library was the Supreme Kai of Time’s home and workplace . Seeing that there was nothing to do here, Xiaya was ready to return to the original world .

Suddenly, Chronoa’s scream could be heard from the ring .

“What happened?” Xiaya hurriedly asked .

Chronoa shouted anxiously, “Not good, there is a powerful aura approaching the fragmented world you are in… This aura belongs to the Demon Realm’s Towa . ”

Xiaya was dumbfounded as he said, “Who is Towa? You need to explain to me in detail . ”

He had heard the name, Towa, quite a few times from the mouth of Whis and Chronoa, but he had no impression of this person .

Chronoa explained, “Towa is one of the two space-time controllers asides you in Universe 7 . She is the younger sister of Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm . She is known as the magician of the Demon Realm who—together with another controller, Mira—vainly tried to resurrect the ancient demon, Demigra…”

After pausing for a moment, Chronoa continued, “The ancient demon, Demigra, is extremely powerful . Although his strength could not be compared to that of your universe’s God of Destruction, Beerus, his forte lay in his ability to continuously fuse with parallel universes . When the number of fusions reaches a certain extent, even Sir Zeno may not be able to eliminate him . ”

Xiaya understood that although Demigra’s power was lower than that of Beerus, it was not much worse, especially his frightening assimilation ability .

The Demon Realm’s space-time controllers, Towa and Mira, continuously made fragmented worlds to resurrect Demigra .

“Dabura’s sister… I didn’t expect the king of the Demon Realm to be a female demon . How is Towa’s strength?” Xiaya smacked his lips and asked .

Chronoa replied in a frustrated voice, “I don’t know . I have never seen her take action before . She has always been hiding behind the scenes . It is usually Mira who takes action . ”

Xiaya pondered over the Supreme Kai of Time’s words, ’That is to say, Dabrura’s sister, Towa, might not be an easy person to deal with . The information is too little, and even her basic Battle Power is unknown…’

“Where is Towa now?”

“I don’t know!”

Xiaya couldn’t help but roll his eye as he mused, ’Chronoa really doesn’t know anything!’ Soon afterward, Xiaya cut off Chronoa’s call . Since Towa had come to this world, then Xiaya could always try sensing her Ki .

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The fragmented world was only the size of a solar system, and also, sensing Ki was Xiaya’s forte .

After that, Xiaya held his breath and concentrated, carefully probing . Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and with a thunderous noise, he threw a Spatial blade towards a distant place . Suddenly, as if a strip of cloth had been torn apart, a wave-like ripple appeared in the tranquil space . Then, a white light flashed a few times, and a space crack of more than 100m in length suddenly appeared .

At the periphery of the crimson winding space crack, a tall woman calmly walked out .

The woman had a long and exquisite silver-grey hair hanging behind her back, an attractive figure, and a beautiful and charming face that was smooth and delicate . The strands of hair in front of her forehead flowed down to her chest, and the crimson skin-tight clothes she wore accentuated her extremely attractive figure . Her arms and calves were covered with a black cloth, and the edge of the dress naturally hung down her waist like a cloak .

She had a large and slender pointed stick in her hand, like a magic wand in the hands of a magician .

This woman was Towa, the sister of Dabura—the King of the Demon Realm .

’She looks very beautiful but full of devilishness!’

Besides feeling stunned at the start, Xiaya felt a chill down his spine . He felt this way not because of Towa’s strength but because of the contempt in her purple eyes . In her eyes, there was nothing that couldn’t be killed . To her, all were lowly ants .

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“This woman is Towa? Such a powerful queen’s aura,” Xiaya muttered; he did not dare to take her lightly .

An icy voice came from Towa’s delicate mouth, “So, you are the helper that the Supreme Kai of Time found? Hehe, she is lucky to find another space-time controller . The godly aura on you makes me feel nauseous . I really want to kill you right away . ”

“Hehe, but today, I am just going to say hello . I wonder if you can stop me . Hahaha…”

Towa gave a charming smile, and then her body turned into an afterimage which gradually faded until it disappeared completely .

This was not like the space-time ability, nor a secret technique like Instant Transmission; instead, it was an even more magical skill which was formless and without any traces, just like ink permeating into the water, dissipating little by little .

As he at the spot where Towa vanished, Xiaya frowned . He did not see how Towa disappeared .

Xiaya was sure that it was Towa’s real body that appeared before him and not something like a magic clone .

Xiaya suddenly felt a slight headache . It made him uneasy that there was such an enemy that he couldn’t figure out .
“How is it… Have you seen anything?” Supreme Kai of Time asked .

Xiaya clicked his tongue, shook his head and said . “I’m not sure… I couldn’t see anything . Towa’s strength is completely hidden . Her strength seems to be much weaker than mine, but her ability is too mysterious . ”

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“Yeah, Towa is known as an ‘extraordinary magician’ in the Demon Realm . Strange and varying magic is her forte . Moreover, legend has it that the other space-time controller of the Demon Realm is an Android that she created using magic . ”

Chronoa told him an earth-shattering secret .

Xiaya’s mind shook and he hurriedly asked, “Can she still create space-time controllers?”

“I’m not sure . It may have been a coincidence . Since the birth of Mira, Towa didn’t continue to manufacture more space-time controllers… There should be a lot of restrictions . ” Chronoa’s voice was like that of a child, and it couldn’t be discerned at all that she had already lived for 75 million years .

“This time, Towa succeeded in using the red crystal to create a fragmented world . Although it is small, it is not a good start!”

A fragmented world that could be created using space-time crystals was not good news for Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time .

In the past, the creation of a fragmented world required the careful operations of Towa or Mira . However, with the red crystals, it was no longer difficult to create a world . Even a character like Garlic Jr . could use it to create a world as large as a solar system .

This meant that as long as Towa was willing, she could create even more fragmented worlds at any time . Moreover, even if many of these worlds were only used to confuse people, as long as there is a world to resurrect Demigra, it would be a huge catastrophe for the whole universe .

“There is a long way to go!” Chronoa said with distress .

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