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Chapter 375: 375
Xiaya’s home .

The night wind was conveying a deep chill to the people .

As he ate the dinner prepared by Launch, Xiaya pondered about his plans . He knew that the Super Saiyan 2 state’s strength belonged to the category of ‘legend-like’ strength among the majority of living creatures in the universe . However, Xiaya was not satisfied because just in Universe 7, there were many people stronger than him, not to mention that Universe 7 was just one of the twelve universes in the entire multiverse .

Moreover, now that a large number of fragmented universes had appeared, the number of strong experts was even more difficult to estimate .

Although the number of strong experts in most fragmented worlds was not much, as long as the basic number was sufficient, the number of strong experts will become much higher with time .

“Demon Realm’s Towa is not a peaceful person, and she seems to have already set her eyes on me . ”

Xiaya was holding his head, somewhat worried . Towa’s power was mysterious, much stranger than her brother, Dabura . Xiaya felt uncomfortable having such a person fix her attention on him .

At this time, Xiling and Myers descended from the sky and came to Xiaya’s side . They sat down casually, picked up the food on the table and started eating .

“How was Piccolo?” Xiaya asked .

Putting down the food in her hand, Xiling said, “Passable… Although he is weak, he didn’t escape in fear without seeing us . ”

“How were the things over there? Why did you come back so soon?” Myers asked in surprise as Xiaya had only been gone for a few hours .

“I was in another world for a few days . Hmm, could it be that the time flow in the fragmented world was different?” Xiaya muttered . Then, he said to Xiling, “The matter over there is settled, but I feel that I have stirred up trouble . ”

Then he told them about his encounter with Towa in the fragmented world .

Xiling was dumbfounded for a while, and then she looked at Xiaya oddly and asked, “How did Towa know that you had entered that world?”

“Maybe she had been observing it all along and then showed herself after seeing me,” Xiaya shared his guess with them . ’The fragmented world was the first world to be created using the space-time crystal . If I was in her shoes, I would also personally observe it . ’

“That person is really strange . Since she showed herself and didn’t fight you, why then did she appear?” Myers smacked her lips and asked .

Xiaya looked at her in amusement and said, “Do you think everyone is like you—a war addict? Maybe Towa’s Battle Power is not very strong . ”

The frightening aspect of Towa was her mysterious magic, and her real Battle Power was not known . She was just like the evil wizard, Babidi, who resurrected Majin Buu, both experts in magic .

“Since she has already set her sights on you, then you’ve to be careful from now on and not get in trouble . ” After calmly giving her opinion, Xiling lowered her head and continued eating .

When facing a delicious meal, Xiling and Myers couldn’t resist .

As he stared at the extremely “uninhibited” appearance of Xiling and Myers while they devoured their meal, Xiaya smiled . He guessed that the small amount of food on the table would not be enough for them, so he had Launch go to the kitchen to prepare more .

At the same time, in Korin Tower…

Satan and Yajirobe finally climbed up the Korin Tower and were currently receiving pointers from Korin .

“Why are you so stupid? How many times have you been taught? Be calm and come again . ”

Korin furiously yelled at Satan; he had never seen such an idiot .

A wooden stick leading a water pitcher changed its trajectory in the air, and Satan threw himself into the sky and fell face up on the ground . He smacked his lips and covered his head as he rolled on the ground .

“It hurts, it hurts!” Satan wailed mournfully while rolling on the ground .

Korin looked on helplessly and muttered, “What are these people? Among the people who climbed the Korin Tower in the past, at least some of them had martial arts skills; however, this Satan only has brute force . ”

Korin then looked at Yajirobe who was sleeping deeply while hugging a katana and sighed . He mused, ’These two guys… one is lazy while the other one is stupid . I thought that I had met a genius . It seems I will be busy for a while . ’

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Time flowed on .

In a blink of an eye, Satan and Yajirobe had been living in Korin Tower for a year .

Because of Xiaya’s prior warning, Korin realized the importance of Senzu Beans very early on, so the matter of Yajirobe eating Senzu Beans as fried beans did not happen . However, due to the low output and long-term consumption of Senzu Beans, only 400 Senzu Beans were remaining .

At least, it was much better than the original work .

Thinking about it, in the original work, Goku and others had to divide a Senzu Bean to give it to several people to eat . However, in this world, Goku and others might not have to be so hard-pressed in the future .
At present, Satan was still training under the guidance of Korin . Concerning Satan’s talents, it was not that good . Besides bragging, he didn’t have any real skills .

After learning for more than a year, Satan had only learned a little bit of superficial knowledge .

“Forget it! Satan, I think you should go back . I really can’t teach you . ” After persisting with Satan for one year, Korin finally gave up on him .

Hearing this, Satan’s tears and snot flowed down as he pleaded, “Don’t! Master, I think I’m making progress… look!”

Satan brandished dozens of punches in the air, and then he picked up the sandbags that were used for carrying heavy loads . After that, Satan chopped down with his palm using ample strength, and the sandbags went flat but did not break open .

Upon seeing this scene, Korin sucked in a cold breath as if he just witnessed an inconceivable thing, and coughed .

With great difficulty, he calmed down, and with trembling hands, he lifted his cane and hit Satan . “Good-for-nothing, ah! I taught you for a year, but you can’t even break a sandbag… What humiliation! I’m ashamed of the title of immortal…”

At this time, Yajirobe walked over while holding the katana and looked at Satan in disdain; he said with twitching lips, “You are really useless . ”

“Heh heh!” Satan gave a hollow laugh . However, he thought that he was much more powerful than before . ’Immortal Korin, he really lives up to his reputation!’

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“Yajirobe, you have passed the test . Next is this…” An object flew over as Korin spoke .

Yajirobe took it with conditional reflex and saw that it was a small bell . “Why are you giving me this little bell?”

Korin stopped walking and said, “This is a token to gained entry into the Lookout . You passed my test and have gained the qualification to train at the Lookout above Korin Tower . ”

“Lookout?” Yajirobe muttered and put away the little bell . “Is there an even more powerful person there?”

“Of course! The Lookout is where Kami lives . If you go up there, it will be Kami’s responsibility to give you pointers in your training . ”

“Does this world really have a god?”

“Hehe, of course, there is a god,” Korin stroked his beard and said .

’This Yajirobe, although he is a little lazy, his talent is quite good . Previously, he lived alone yet he could train to become this powerful by blindly pondering . If he was serious, no one knows what accomplishments he will obtain in the future . ’

“What about me?” Satan stuck out his chest and asked proudly .

“…” Korin rolled his eyes speechlessly . He had never seen such a shameless person before .


Mount Paozu .

Bulma was bustling around in the kitchen, and several small robots coordinated with her, flying around in the air as they placed bowls and dishes on the dining table .

Bulma tasted the soup and found it somewhat mild, so she added some condiments to the pot and turned off the flame above the stove . She narrowed her eyes and prepared food and drinks .

“Uncle Bardock, Goku, come over and eat,” Bulma walked out while holding a ladle and shouted at the duo who were training in the courtyard .

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“Oh, we can finally eat . ” Goku wiped the sweat on his forehead and ran into the room .

Compared to the previous year, Goku had grown taller once again; he was now taller than Bulma by a head .

Bardock smiled and also walked over . While he ate, he informed Goku that he was leaving . “You have improved a lot this year, but there are people more talented than you in the wider world . Your 1600 Battle Power is still very low, so don’t slack off in training . ”

“Master, you are leaving?” Goku was a little reluctant to part with him .

Bardock smiled and said, “Yeah, I have been out for a long time, but I’ll come to see you again in a few years . At that time, I will let you see what I look like under the mask . ”

“Umm, fine . At that time, I will become even more powerful,” Goku said earnestly, his eyes shining with a determined luster .

“Umm, there are a few more days till the start of the World Martial Arts Tournament . You must perform well . ”

“This time, I will definitely obtain the championship,” Goku said with confidence .

Bardock nodded with satisfaction and said to Bulma, “Kakarrot is a simple guy, so you will have to work hard in the future . ”

Bulma seemed to think of something, causing her face to suddenly turn red . Then, she replied in a low voice, “hmm…”

Bulma knew of Bardock’s identity . Goku’s father had said it himself . Bulma felt like an ugly daughter-in-law meeting with her parents-in-law, causing her face to be burning hot .

“Bulma, what’s wrong with your face, are you sick?” Goku placed his hand on Bulma’s forehead and tapped it a few times . It was a little hot .

Bulma slapped his hand away and shouted shyly, “You are the one who is sick!”

“Ha ha ha!” Bardock looked at the young couple and could not help but laugh heartily while also missing his wife and daughter on Planet Hongshan .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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