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Chapter 337: 337
“MetBojack, with your skills, you are sufficiently qualified to experience my current strength,” Xiaya said . He sounded ordinary as if he was casually chatting, but his calm words contained a deep killing intent that no one could ignore .

Bojack was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood; however, the activity caused by Xiaya’s transformation was so vast and earth-shattering that it even affected the whole universe . Thus, Bojack didn’t dare to act rashly especially when he felt the oppression from the transformation which almost caused the surrounding space to freeze; suddenly, a feeling of powerlessness emerged in his heart, and he panicked .

This made him annoyed .

Above the broken stones, Bojack was frowning severely, and suddenly, his pupil shrunk and his heart palpitated .

Xiaya’s imposing aura was too strong . His energy breached through space and time, seemingly as vast as a star; It seemed like a stalwart figure standing tall and upright at the end of time . The heavier Bojack’s heart got, the more uncertain he became .

Xiaya’s eyes were deep green .

His blond hair was as bright as a star…

The sounds of electric arcs “crackling” were incessant .

‘Unfathomable! Undefeatable!’ Bojack was solemn as he evaluated in his heart .

This feeling was like the first time he faced Meiling in her Super Saiyan 2 form a few months ago . Soon, thoughts of retreat rose in Bojack’s heart .

Bojack was extremely realistic; after discerning that he wasn’t Xiaya’s opponent, Bojack sort for an escape route .

Then, Bojack’s big hand pierced through the air, and a large amount of sparkling energy scattered out; as a result, the dense airflows formed a barrier which obscured Xiaya’s line of sight . Bojack, on the other hand, flew in the opposite direction as soon as he made the move .

However, Xiaya still intended to use Bojack to test his strength, so how would he let him escape?


Stamping his feet, the sky shook and the ground trembled . Xiaya expressionlessly raised the corners of his mouth, and a murderous aura erupted out . Suddenly, it was as if countless freezers were turned on at ample horsepower to continue to gush out cold air; as a result of the murderous aura, the entire planet sunk into an ice age .

Clatter! Clatter!

Xiaya leisurely walked over on it . The planet’s surface produced rhythmic tapping sounds, and immediately, countless golden and shiny figures appeared in front of Bojack, who couldn’t distinguish which was real with his eyes .

Bojack swung his fist, but it ended up hitting the void, causing his back to be dripped with cold sweat .

The afterimages were fake, but unfortunately for Bojack, they surrounded him; as a result, he was unable to break free .

However, who said that the afterimages had no attacking capabilities? The afterimage near Bojack, out of the blue, adjusted its direction and launched rapid and violent attacks towards him .

“Go to hell!” The air suddenly stirred, and a shrill sound of air breaking could be heard . Bojack fixed his eyes towards it and saw a raging golden Ki pillar before an iron fist, pressing down towards him . The front part of the Ki pillar was even flashing with sparkling light rays!


Bojack was sent flying backward .

Two deep ditches were drawn along the ground . Bojack crossed his hands in front of his chest and found to his shock that the afterimage, without any idea when, had appeared in front of him . Two green eyes firmly locked onto him . Bojack felt a chill in his heart, and his aura suddenly became disorderly .

‘No!‘ His heart trembled; he turned around and stared at his surroundings . He saw a Saiyan with blond hair on his left, one on his right, and another behind him . They all were blonde Saiyans, staring at him coldly and pressing towards him .

Planet Metamor’s “Real and Illusory” transformation played a huge role in this situation .

“Bastard! Death Nether Wave!!” Bojack panicked and attacked . A huge, black energy ball began to expand with him ask the center .

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“Space Shackle!” Following an indifferent voice, space instantly froze, and it immediately blocked Bojack’s tyrannical Energy Wave .


Not only Bojack but even Meiling, who was watching from the sidelines, was shocked . She mused in shock . ‘Such a plain and indifferent shout… blocked Bojack’s powerful attack?’

Even she in her Super Saiyan 2 state couldn’t turn a blind eye to Bojack’s Death Nether Wave .

‘It seems Xiaya’s strength has really increased a lot!’ Meiling mused in delight .

Bojack found it unbelievable . Seeing that his unique skill didn’t have any effect, he was terrified and obviously couldn’t accept this fact .

At this time, Xiaya moved, and the innumerable afterimages cooperated with him . Now, Bojack did not have his earlier kingly arrogance . He was beaten back and forth like a sandbag, and after several rounds, his whole body was bruised and mangled!

Laboriously gasping for breath, Bojack escaped the game of being trampled in panic . He took a few steps back and pondered with his head lowered . Saliva and blood dripped from the corners of his mouth, and he cut a very sorry figure; however, he was completely oblivious to this .
After a long time, Bojack suddenly raised his head and roared with a sinister look, “How can I be defeated by a Super Saiyan… Die for me!”

Bojack went crazy .

His hands pierced through the void as he shouted angrily with clenched fists . Soon, a pitch-black and tyrannical energy ball which was emitting an evil aura converged . Its appearance was almost similar to the Death Nether Wave, but the energy scale was not the same . Almost all the energy in his body was gathered in it, and once it burst out, even he might blow up .

Bojack, full of destructive emotions, didn’t care about anything anymore . He now only intended to destroy Xiaya and everything in the universe .

The air trembled, and oppressive waves were transmitted out in the shape of ripples . The whole planet quivered and frightening icy energy permeated everywhere .

Bojack’s bloodshot blue eyes ruthlessly swept over, and an icy and desolate aura, such as the sudden emergence of a caged beast, instantly sealed the space; the heavens and the earth became grey as if they had lost their color . At this moment, the void, in a distance of thousands of meters, concentrated into a single point, and space and time seemed to have lost their significance .

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He ruthlessly spat out a few words .

Immediately, a huge thunderbolt, as frightening as when the universe was created, exploded in the unchanging starry sky .


A dazzling and gorgeous radiance appeared everywhere on the planet, and the situation of each major tectonic plate suddenly changed, causing hurricanes and tsunamis to surge . Amidst the lightning flashes and rolling thunder, the tectonic plates were torn apart by a huge force, almost breaking into several pieces .

At this time–

Xiaya looked up and said, “Freeze!”

As if the laws in the universe had been reversed, the energy from the explosion, as if the scenes were playing in a videotape, slowed down halfway . A phenomenon which defied common sense appeared, making people feel incredulous . Under Xiaya’s meticulous control, the only thing that froze was the energy that gushed out from Bojack’s self-detonation, and everything else was as usual .

This was an extremely meticulous control .

Xiaya waved his hand towards these frozen ice-blue energies, and a blood-red and sinister space crack suddenly appeared; like a meandering snake, the blood-red crack became bigger and bigger, and gradually covered the entire space . Then, the space crack devoured the ice-blue energies .

Soon, the energies that were capable of destroying the entire Galaxy entered the space-time crack, without creating any great waves .

After dispelling the frozen Spacetime, Xiaya closed his eyes and experienced the surging power within his body as a smiled of satisfaction was etched on his face .

“Xiaya, you are so awesome!” Shouting in a delicate and lovely voice, Meiling pounced on him .

Xiaya embraced the Meiling’s slender waist and said with emotion, “It was really too dangerous . If I hadn’t broken through to Super Saiyan 2 at the critical juncture, Bojack may have really killed us . ”

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“Wasn’t he defeated by you in the end?” Meiling’s intimately buried her face in Xiaya’s chest and greedily rubbed against it .

Xiaya smiled and whispered, “It was just luck . ”

Thinking of the fight, Xiaya was still a little fearful . This kind of terrifying scene where life and death occurred in an instant was too hard to accept . However, as the saying goes—”on the boundaries of life and death, there is great danger, good fortune, and at the same time, there’s also an opportunity . ” Fortunately, he grabbed the good fortune, and not the danger .

At this time–

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of applause rang out . Xiaya raised his head and saw that a figure dressed in maroon colored clothes had, with no idea when, appeared a hundred meters high in the sky .

The man had a scepter in his hand and was wearing a maroon divine robe . His skin color was blue, and his silver-grey hair was raised high; there was a blue halo around his neck .


Xiaya looked astonished . He was very surprised to see Whis here .

Whis, one who was worthy of the title of number one expert in Universe 7, and also the younger brother of Angel Vados that Xiaya once met in Universe 6, even Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, was taught by him . Although Whis was the God of Destruction’s attendant in name, his true identity was the son of the Grand Minister . The significance of his existence was to supervise the God of Destruction in performing the work of destruction .

In a certain sense, he also kept the God of Destruction in check, so even if the entire universe was destroyed, he could still survive .

Whis had a big background .

“My! You are really amazing, kid . Originally, I was planning to take action, but I didn’t expect that you would easily deal with the trouble . Well, well, you are really worthy of being the controller of the space-time ability,” Whis said lightly as he slowly descended to the front of Xiaya .

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