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Chapter 338
Xiaya couldn’t figure out what was so worth it for Whis to come over by himself .

‘Is it because of we, Super Saiyans? But… Whis has lived for countless years, so he must have seen a lot of Super Saiyans; plus, if it is to just save the neighboring planet, then people will find that hard to believe . After all, are the number of planets destroyed in the hands of the God of Destruction, Beerus, few?’ Xiaya doubted that Whis even took a little bit pity on them .

At their level of existence, everyone was beneath them . Towards the existence of living creatures, they had a higher degree of understanding . Could humans and plants be considered equal? In the eyes of humans, they deem themselves noble, but in the eyes of Whis and other powerful beings, there was no distinction between noble and lowly; they considered all as living creatures, nothing more .

All could be equally destroyed .

Taking all living things as straw dogs, this was the truth!

In front of a character like Whis, even if Xiaya reached the Super Saiyan 2 realm, it didn’t amount much to anything . Fortunately, Whis wasn’t a temperamental person like Beeru; plus, he was still very principled in doing things .

This made Xiaya feel a little at ease .

At this time, Meiling’s hand tugged Xiaya, and she asked in a low voice, “Xiaya, who is this person? He seems very powerful?”

Xiaya glanced at Meiling but did not answer, instead, he voluntarily withdrew from the Super Saiyan mode .

“Ho ho ho, little girl, don’t be afraid; I am not a bad person . ” Whis clenched the scepter and took two steps forward, his maroon divine robe lightly swaying with the wind .

Arriving before Xiaya, Whis bent down and seriously took a few glances at him and said, “It’s beyond my expectations that a person like you can appear amongst Saiyans . Vados has already told me about the matter of you going to Universe 6 . Originally, I thought that you had only grasped the space-time ability, but who would have thought that you would quickly become a Space-time controller . ”

Whis said lightly, somewhat happy .

“Space-time controller?” Xiaya was in a daze as he kept repeating this term .

Whis politely said, “If it was only grasping time or space ability, although there are not many people in Universe 7 with this ability, there are still a number of people that have accomplished this feat; however, a space-time controller rarely appears . ”

“Although I don’t know why your ability has evolved, a controller has appeared, which is the luck of our Universe 7 . Um, in fact, the person who really wants to find you is not me, but someone else . I think she should be coming soon! But before that, I have to get rid of the many watchful eyes…”

After saying that, Whis’s violet eyes suddenly glanced at the deep starry sky . The countless eyes in the far away East Kai’s Planet and Grand Kai’s Planet suddenly felt stabbing pains, and they were no longer able to observe the mortal world .

“What’s going on? Who is that person?” East Kai felt her whole body shudder, not because of fear, but because of a natural dimensional suppression .

On Grand Kai’s Planet…

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Grand Kai also thought about it over and over but he still felt puzzled, ’What is the identity of that person wearing a blue divine ring, and how can he cut off our observation with just one glance . ’

“Could it be there are other powerful gods in the universe besides the Great Supreme Kai? Could he be the God of Destruction that North Kai once mentioned?”

“Forget it, forget it… the dimension between us is too much . ”

Grand Kai shook his head helplessly .

The level disparity between gods was referred to as “dimension” . A difference of one rank was referred to as one dimension . Between the Kami and King of Hell, Kai and Grand Kai, the disparity was one dimension . The discrepancy between one dimension was a completely different lifeform, with a natural level suppression . There was at least a three or four-fold dimension between Grand Kai and Whis .

“There is someone coming… someone looking for me?” Xiaya was puzzled, but obviously, Whis didn’t wish to answer; he also wouldn’t ask again and make a fool of himself, so he waited with Meiling .

After a while, Whis suddenly felt something and said as he smiled, “She is here . ”

His voice had just fallen when colorful rays of light suddenly shone not far away in front of them . Countless light rays gathered into a ball, and then the light dispersed . Then, they saw an orange-haired little girl holding a maroon colored book suddenly appear . She looked roughly seven or eight-year-old and had a purple divine gown carelessly draped over her shoulder, revealing the shoulders white skin, with golden earrings hung on her ears .

Whis stepped forward, bowed to the little girl and said, “The great Supreme Kai of Time, thank you for coming . ”

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“Umm, Mr Whis, I haven’t seen you in a long time!” Supreme Kai of Time revealed a delighted smile and jumped to the front of Xiaya, sizing him up .

“Hee hee, so this is the new space-time controller, not bad, not bad!” Supreme Kai of Time remarked, her cute appearance was just like a next door little girl who had seen a toy .

But Xiaya didn’t think for even a little bit that she was an ordinary little girl . ‘Did Whis call her the Supreme Kai of Time? Moreover, is there a character like her among Supreme Kais?’ Xiaya wasn’t sure .

While the Supreme Kai of Time was checking Xiaya out, Xiaya was also checking her out, but even after looking at her for a long time, he couldn’t see what was so special about the little girl .

“May I ask who you are?”

Supreme Kai of Time was holding a maroon colored book as she proudly said, “I am the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, living at the end of space-time . As long as a space-time controller appears in the world, I can sense them . ”

“Hey, are you interested in becoming a ‘Time Enforcer’ who protects space-time?” Chronoa suddenly said and blinked at Xiaya .

Another unfamiliar name, Xiaya was startled . He suddenly discovered that he knew less and less about this Dragon Ball World .
Seeing that Xiaya didn’t understand, Whis—on the side—explained, “A Time Enforcer is a divine officer who is responsible for protecting the balance of space-time . Only people who have made great contributions are qualified to shoulder this responsibility . Of course, the premise is that the person can control space-time . Their status is equivalent to the God of Destruction in our universe!”

Whis continued, “To be precise, a Time Enforcer is a Divine officer whose role is the combination of God of Destruction and Angel . ”

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Suddenly, a bright idea hit Xiaya . He thought of Time Ring’s matter and said, “Don’t the Supreme Kais in every different space-time control a Time Ring? Moreover, every space-time has experts like God of Destruction and Supreme Kai, so why do you still need Time Enforcers?”

The Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, shook her head and said, “You are talking about the entire multiverse . The entire multiverse is controlled by Sir Zeno and the Great Priest . Of course, no problem can arise, but what about those fragmented worlds… ”

The Supreme Kai of Time explained slowly, and Xiaya gradually got some understanding .

If someone changes the timeline at the time level, then the world would create a new multiverse space based on the changes in the timeline . There were twelve universes, as well as Great Priest, God of Destruction, etc, forming a complete system; such a multiverse was stable . The multiverse’s space department was moderated by Zeno and Great Priest, and the universe also had other existences such as God of Destruction, Supreme Kai, and Angels; so, such a system was stable and lasting .

However, the Time department’s operations had an extremely large complexity . Even if it was operated properly, it could still produce incomplete space-time fragments . For example, after stealing a certain area of

Universe 7 from the endless time river and gradually changing it for a certain period of time, such a universe would be incomplete; moreover, There will be no God of Destruction in it .

“… The Demon Realm has a person named Towa who also has the space-time ability, but she constantly creates fragments of space-time in order to resurrect a demon that is sealed at the end of time!”

“In the whole multiverse, because of Sir Zeno’s control, it would be of no use even if the demon is resurrected, but in the fragmented world, Towa can resurrect that demon one after another by taking advantage of the characteristics of the fragmented world . Many little drops can make an ocean . Once she endlessly merges these individual demons into a single one, sooner or later, it will cause a great disaster . At that time, perhaps, even Sir Zeno would not be able to deal with them . ”

The Supreme Kai of Time continued to explain, “It seems he hates the person named Towa… ”

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