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Chapter 335
Xiaya watched Bojack turn his attention to the Senzu Bean in his hands . The greed in his eyes, as if he was looking at a delicious meal, made Xiaya’s heart palpitate . But then Xiaya sneered as he mused, ‘If this Bojack really has the courage to integrate with Senzu Beans, then I wonder if he will be killed by poison from the medicinal effects of the Ultra Divine Water!’

So, Xiaya immediately took out a fried bean that greatly resembled a Senzu Bean from the dimensional space and threw it into the sky .

Sure enough, Bojack—just like a shark smelling blood—opened his mouth and pounced at it .

He was like a snake that was trying to swallow an elephant, greedy and insatiable; he wasn’t afraid of choking to death .

Xiaya sneered . When Bojack pounced towards the bean, he teleported and appeared in front of Bojack . The corners of his mouth slightly moved, and immediately, a space force full of toughness appeared on Bojack’s body—as if there were countless iron chains—and shackled him .

“Hm? What’s going on?” Bojack struggled but couldn’t break free for a while .

Xiaya grinned, put his hand on his chest, bent his body, and with a “snapping” sound, his body stretched! Brilliance blossomed between both of his hands, and golden ripples spread out and solid energy continuously pounded on Bojack’s body . Bojack’s body fiercely trembled, and the tremendous force sent his body flying out for a few meters .

“Not bad!!” Instead of getting angry, Bojack enjoyed it and laughed loudly .

Without stopping for hardly any rest, he violently ground over like a tank .

Seeing this, Xiaya suddenly poked into the sky; his arms opened wide, and space became very viscous . Bojack’s speed suddenly slowed down a lot, and then, deep and frightening blood-colored serpentine cracks appeared; like a crocodile, the cracks opened its huge mouth and chomped down .


At the crucial moment, Bojack’s body trembled, and he spurred his frightening strength to break free from the shackles of space . Xiaya’s lips twitched as traces of blood spilled out .

“What a pity . ”

Seeing that Bojack had broken free unscathed, Xiaya faintly sighed .

By contrast, on Bojack’s side, he looked at Xiaya’s rugged face with lingering fears, revealing traces of coldness, and then glanced at Meiling in the distance, seemingly thinking of something . His eyes narrowed, and suddenly, his eyes—like a sharp blade—flashed with a cold light as he licked his lower lip with a bloodthirsty expression .

“Not good!” Xiaya’s heart trembled as he thought, ‘Bojack has set his sights on Meiling . ’


Xiaya courageously rushed and tried to be the first one to attack . He put both of his hands together and suddenly burst into brilliance, causing an energy wave with threatening might to streak through the sky, and like ten thousand stampeding horses, the attack charged towards Bojack with a loud rumble .

“Insignificant skill… you want to hurt me with this? You are really an eyesore, so I can’t allow you to leave!”

Bojack said this, but his expression was a little grave . After saying this, he crossed his hands, and under Xiaya’s astonished look, he swiftly swung it out with force .


An azure shock wave immediately shot out at ninety degrees, flew in another direction, and quickly rushed out of the atmosphere, shooting towards the depths of the universe .

At the same time, Bojack suddenly disappeared from his spot and appeared next to Xiaya .

“Not good!” The bones in Xiaya’s arms broke and the surging force suddenly erupted out . Xiaya could feel that his body was in disorder, and his throat felt sweet as a mouthful of blood sprayed out .

At this time, Meiling’s preparations were completed . Seeing that Xiaya was struck flying, she didn’t hesitate anymore; she took aim at Bojack and loudly shouted, “Whole Sky Star Map Myth!”

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An Innumerable number of crescent moon-shaped energy blades rose, the dazzling brilliance sparkled like a star . After that, these crescent moon energies arranged into a row, forming a super huge spherical network, before she threw it lightly .

Endless tornados swept towards Bojack!


Cold flashes whistled over . Bojack’s countenance drastically changed, and he rushed to prepare an attack to fight back, but it was already too late . Bojack bent his body and was ready to meet the attack . The surface of his bluish-white skin suddenly emitted sparkling rays of light .

It seemed like the sky was on the verge of collapse .

The air pressure began to fall, and a harsh Ki—as if doomsday had arrived—knocked down on the soul; the residual might brushed past the ground . Winding cracks like a spider web spread out in all directions on the ground, and then, the ground and stones split and evaporated…

Upon seeing this, how could Xiaya and Meiling let go of such a good opportunity? They rapidly summoned the energy and rained down attack after attack . They exerted their full strength in all the attacks .

“Space-time Breaking Punch!”

“Stars Rampage!”

A bunch of powerful attacks gathered together and rushed towards the huge energy network that had expanded to hundreds of kilometers in diameter .


The energy wave rushed into the chaotic center, instantly disturbing the internal balance, and then, soon after a strange color appeared, energy suddenly erupted out .

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Boom! Boom!


Frightening light rays instantly splashed out, shrouding the entire planet . At this time, how could Xiaya and Meiling still worry about the living beings on the planet? They had to make the correct decision between the two—either they die or these living creatures die; this is a very simple arithmetic problem .

All kinds of chaotic whirlwinds and surging hurricanes kept wreaking havoc .

The heaven and the earth trembled, uttering sad laments . The energy that could not be released went deep into the ground, causing it to tremble . Scorching hot air continued to reap the life of the living beings on the planet, and the soil on the surface of the planet was scraped away by a layer .

When the smoke gradually dissipated, the whole green color had already turned into greyish yellow, the blue sky was covered with greyish yellow sand and dust, the oceans dried up, the tectonic plates deformed, and the whole planet became a dead star .

Under the catastrophe, not a single living being from the thousands survived .

At the center of the big explosion, Bojack’s condition was the most miserable . He suffered a series of attacks from Xiaya and Meiling . Even with his powerful metallic physique, small cracks couldn’t help but appear on his body . His body, which was on the verge of collapse, floated in mid-air .

“Ah, these weaklings can actually wound me, hehe… You are pleased with yourself, huh? It’s time for you to experience my true strength . ”

Bojack suddenly smiled and laughed as his icy and malicious eyes glanced at the two Super Saiyans in front of him .

Immediately, a bloodthirsty and evil aura rushed out of his body .

The light blue energy waves whistled out in a straight line . Meiling carefully flashed to Xiaya’s side, and the two of them continued to launch powerful attacks towards Bojack .

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A series of big explosions resounded throughout the world . Xiaya and Meiling’s complexions were a little pale, and the Ki in their body rapidly depleted .

Bojack roared and extended his right hand . Suddenly, a blood-colored burning Ki enveloped his right hand . As he punched, the air suddenly seemed to freeze . Meiling’s eyes flashed and she aggressively rushed forward but was ruthlessly beaten back .

“Foolish little girl!”


The air exploded, and a beam of light flashed .

“Not good!”

Seeing that Meiling was struck flying, Xiaya was furious, and panic flashed on his pale cheeks . Not caring about the injuries on his body, he immediately used Time Suspension towards Bojack . A blue spherical-shaped space-time seal covered Bojack, and then Xiaya flew towards the place where Meiling was falling, angrily sighing in his heart .

He stopped Meiling’s body with one hand and discovered that she had already withdrawn from the Super Saiyan state because she could not bear the pain .

By now, Xiaya knew that Meiling could no longer continue fighting . Even if she temporarily recovered her strength using a Senzu Bean, the time limit for her Fusion was fast approaching .

However, while Xiaya was still ascertaining the situation…


The blue scene suddenly shook, and he saw Bojack normally extend out his palm; the spherical ‘space-time’ sealed area shattered with a loud sound . Xiaya’s body trembled, and he spurted blood from his mouth in pain .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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