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Chapter 334: 334
While East Kai and Grand Kai were conversing, Xiaya was battling MetBojack . They dropped down and fought fiercely on the surface of the planet . Xiaya and Meiling took the lead in attacking Bojack as light beams shot down from the sky, creating a spectacular scene .

“So weak!!” MetBojack snorted, feeling bored .

With a wave of his hand, a huge energy wave was sent out, smashing towards Xiaya’s attack . The energy of both sides collided in the middle, and the surrounding lofty mountain range was immediately drowned amidst the chaos; they did not last long before collapsing with a loud sound, with the living creatures on them all dead .

Xiaya sensed the towering mountain collapse, but he didn’t care much about it . His countenance was grave and he told Meiling to not go too far apart from him .

From the clash just now, he roughly gauged how frightening MetBojack had become . As expected, Bojack was worthy to be called an existence which had passed through the metal transformation . Cooler could be transformed from Final State’s 470 million into a frightening existence of nearly 1 billion Battle Power, which was approximately double the increase .

Moreover, Bojack’s strength previously was no less than Cell Perfect Form, and now, he had broken through again to become much stronger than Super Perfect Cell .

It must be known that the disparity between Cell Perfect Form and Super Perfect Cell was actually the disparity between Full-Power Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2; the power deviation between the two wasn’t too much . Although it was said that the strength of Super Saiyan 2 was approximately twice as much as Super Saiyan 1, that was only valid when Super Saiyan 2 was compared to an ordinary Super Saiyan . However, the high strength transformation like the Full Power Super Saiyan, in fact, had a strength that was very close to Super Saiyan 2 .

MetBojack’s strength was equal to doubling of strength on the premise of Full Power Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2; Meiling, who had just recently broken through, was definitely not his match .

In the face of such an enemy, Xiaya couldn’t have any more reservations .

Meiling was very strong in her Super Saiyan 2 form, but when she faced MetBojack’s counterattack, she clearly felt the pressure . Bojack was like a huge mountain lying in front of her, steady as a boulder, making her inwardly shocked . The Super Saiyan 2 state very easily consumed energy, so If she attacks him for a long time without any success, she will only get defeated .

Also, after using the Big Gete Star’s MetSaibamen technology, MetBojack was much more powerful than MetCooler .

As Xiaya pondered, his attacks did not stop . He and Meiling coordinated with each other and continued to attack MetBojack .

“Haha, interesting . It seems now that you aren’t anything amazing . Hehe, weren’t you very mighty before? I remember you, loathsome woman… you chased me until I was almost burnt to death by the high temperature of the star!” Faced with the attacks of Xiaya and Meiling, Bojack handled them with ease, and he even laughed and joked .

“Your movements are too slow, and there is no strength in your attacks . It cannot even scratch an itch for me, huh?!!”

Suddenly, Bojack threw out two punches .

Bang! Bang!

Xiaya and Meiling were sent flying .

Bojack’s movements were not necessarily more agile than Xiaya and Meiling’s, but he could always block Xiaya and Meiling’s attacks and occasionally burst out with several attacks which were powerful and quick .


Bojack punched again and Xiaya was once again sent flying .

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The colossal force was transmitted to his internal organs through the flesh, and just like a stream of air violently dashing throughout the body, Xiaya’s throat moved and a mouthful of blood was spurted out .

Bojack sneered . The metallic color of his skin exuded a sparkling green light, and then, a light flashed, connecting several afterimages into a straight path of light; suddenly, Bojack appeared by Xiaya’s side within a millisecond, and then he lifted his arm and powerfully smashed down .

However, he saw the corner of Xiaya’s mouth curve, and with a low roar, a sparkling and translucent protective film covered the surface of his skin .

Suddenly, the sound of collisions could be heard and Bojack brazenly bombarded punches on Xiaya’s body, and like a straight line suddenly breaking, Xiaya fell down along the direction of the release of the fist energy .

Immediately, a heat wave spread out, deep ravines appeared on the hills surrounded by forests, and a natural moat appeared lying horizontally between the mountains .

Affected by this impact, a reaction immediately occurred everywhere on the planet; the mountains and rivers sank, the planet’s crust shifted, monstrous waves billowed, and the planet’s trajectory was disrupted .

However, Bojack didn’t feel happy after hitting his target . Instead, he touched his wrist as his fist kept trembling .

“Bastard, why is this guy’s body so hard? My hands are feeling numb . ”

On the other side, Meiling could only hover nearby anxiously . Originally, according to their plan, Xiaya would use space-time ability to block Bojack, and as long as he revealed an opening, she will have an opportunity to pounce on him .

The idea was good, but the problem was that MetBojack was so powerful that he could resist Xiaya’s space-time ability . His fight with Xiaya looked very relaxed, so there was no opening for Meiling to exploit .

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Seeing that Xiaya was gradually falling to a disadvantage and was shot down, Meiling looked anxious, and her pretty face became flushed with anger . Not caring about the consumption of energy, she directly rushed up to attack .

“Stars Rampage!”

“Whole Sky Star Map Cannon!”

Meiling fully displayed her Super Saiyan 2’s power and directly fired two mighty and powerful attacks .
“Hmph, this move again . ” Bojack stopped in mid-air and shook his head with slight regret . He had once been subjected to such a move, but now he was different from the past; now, he was far beyond his prior imagination .

After a short time, he lost patience .

“Destroy!” Bojack softly snorted, and he suddenly bent his arm and punched .


Meiling screamed, and as flesh and blood flew in all directions, she was sent flying towards the horizon . Her arm appeared to be strangely bent as sparkling blood splashed out into the sky .

“Meiling!!” Upon seeing this, Xiaya cried out in shock, his eyes bulging out .

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He teleported and caught Meiling, and then, he pulled out a Senzu Bean and fed it to her . Meiling quickly recovered and patted her chest, her heart still fluttering with fear .

“What did you feed her?”

Bojack’s unmoving blue eyeballs shrunk, but his gaze was locked onto the strange beans .

Staring at the magical Senzu Beans, he felt desire as he mused, ‘If I can fuse that bean with my body, will I become even more invincible?’

Bojack’s craving for power had now reached the extreme, and he desired to obtain anything that could increase his strength . In his words, he was “afraid” . He was thirsty for even more strength after experiencing his previous life and death struggle .

“MetBojack’s strength is beyond our imagination . ”

“Meiling, you prepare your big move, while I’ll use space-time ability to block him for a while,” Xiaya explained his plan to her .

“Be careful,” Meiling’s pretty little face was somewhat pale as she muttered .

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