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Chapter 302
Fire Mountain was blistering-hot like a frying pan, and as Bulma and Goku approached it, the ample water source in the surroundings gradually disappeared; the environment became harsher, and the temperature rose .

Yellow sand and raging heat filled the sky above the desert .

There were no tree and vegetation around, only hollow stalagmite pillars in the middle . Such a strange environment could be seen everywhere in the Dragon Ball World . Although this type of stalagmite pillars and protruding barren-hills were rare on Earth, they could still be found everywhere .

Here, Goku met the desert robber, Yamcha, but Yamcha was nowhere near Goku’s opponent with Goku’s current strength; thus, Yamcha was defeated in a few seconds, and because the strength revealed by Goku overshadowed Yamcha’s limelight, Bulma didn’t have a good impression of Yamcha .

“Master Yamcha, are you okay?” After Goku and others left, Puar flew over and tried to help Yamcha up .

Cough! Cough!

“I… I am fine . I didn’t think that brat would be so powerful . I was really careless!” Yamcha coughed and exclaimed .

“What do we do next? Give up that target?” Puar asked worriedly .

Yamcha carried a big sword on his shoulder as he said ruthlessly, “I am the desert bandit Yamcha . How can I easily give up! Puar, we must follow them closely and rob their money and Hoi-Poi Capsules . ”

“OK!” Puar nodded, and then the master and servant duo began to follow them .

Next, Bulma and others arrived at the Fire Mountain very smoothly, with Yamcha following closely behind . When they saw Fire Mountain which was surrounded by raging flames, both Goku and Bulma were shocked .

As the Ox King of the Fire Mountain saw the Flying Nimbus, he arranged a marriage match with Goku . Soon, he also learned that Goku was the grandson of his senior brother, Gohan .

“If I have the Bansho Fan of the Martial Arts Master, I will definitely be able to extinguish the large fire . ” Dressed in mainstream clothes, he said in reverence . Although Ox King looked fierce and intimidating, he was not an evil person . He also admired Master Roshi very much . At this time, he was like an NPC that advanced the development of the storyline .

“Would it be fine as long as the large fire is extinguished?” Goku asked .

“Yes,” The Ox king affirmed .

“Leave it to me!” Goku said as he jumped down from the Flying Nimbus, patted his chest, and then began to condense Ki while facing the burning castle .

Seeing Goku’s movements, Oolong asked in surprise, “What is Goku doing? Could it be he wants to extinguish the large fire by himself?”

Bulma slapped Oolong’s head and scolded, “Why are you speaking so much? Just watch carefully . ” After that, she seriously stared at Goku .

Unlike the original work, although Goku was still just a little brother in Bulma’s eyes, she obviously had much more trust in him .

Goku calmly stood at the foot of the Fire Mountain . He held his breath and concentrated with an extremely serious expression . At this time, the imposing aura around his body became powerful and dominating . He slowly lifted his hands apart to the top of his head, opened his fingers, and then he slowly began to close them, assuming the starting gesture of the Kamehameha .



Goku closed his palms and moved them to his waist, and as a cyclone began to circulate, a strong aura gathered between his palms, and it started exuding heat!


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As more energy gathered between his palms, the faster its quantity changed to quality, as it shone with a dazzling light-blue luster . At the same time, a majestic feeling arose, giving people a dreamy feeling .

At this time, Ox King suddenly exclaimed, “Ha ha ha, this is the Martial Arts Master’s unique skill—Kamehameha! He is really worthy of being senior brother Gohan’s grandson; he has unexpectedly already learned Kamehameha…”

“Wukong’s energy wave is very powerful . ” Bulma felt honored, looking proud .

This scene also happened to be seen by the desert bandit Yamcha and his little companion, Puar, were hiding behind a broken wall . Their eyes opened wide as an unprecedented pressure rose in their hearts .

“So that is the legendary Kamehameha? Damn it! This little brat has such a legendary move… It will be even more difficult to defeat him . ” Yamcha tightly clenched his fists, and gritted his teeth in unwillingness .


The more energy gathered in Goku’s hands, the more the radiant ball of light gleamed like the sun . Because the Fire Mountain was enormous beyond imagination, in order to extinguish the whole burning mountain, Goku would’ve to use his entire strength, so he built up this “Kamehameha” for a particularly long time .

“Ha!!” As the last character was uttered, it seemed as if all the energy had suddenly gathered together and started to operate .

Goku pushed the palms, placed at his waist, forward .

Suddenly, a radiant and gleaming energy wave broke through the sky, like a giant pillar standing between heaven and earth . A powerful energy wave—shining with a bright blue light—swiftly shot out, and then accompanied by a ring-like cyclone surrounding it, the seething energy immediately swept through everything around it like a tornado .

Everyone present felt pain in their eyes because of the gorgeous blue light, forcing them to shut their eyes . Then, the wind whistled and the ground trembled . , and as a huge fireball rose above the Fire Mountain, their line of sight became blurry .
When the chaos settled, the dense smoke and energy airflow dissipated, and Bulma and Yamcha opened their eyes and were shocked to discover an unbelievable sight before them .

In their blurred vision, the large fire had already been extinguished, and the whole Fire Mountain had disappeared…

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“The whole mountain has been… destroyed!” Bulma stared with a dumbstruck look . At this moment, Goku’s mighty and brave image began to take root in her heart, which was impossible to get rid off . Great waves couldn’t help but appear in her small heart .

Yamcha, who was hiding in the corner was badly frightened . His clenched fists trembled as he said with a stammer, “Monster… this monster has… has destroyed the whole Fire Mountain…”

Yamcha bit his teeth as his face revealed a fierce look . Suddenly, as if facing a majestic mountain, he found him to unreachable .

“Damn it, I won’t lose to him . ”


After that, Goku and Bulma achieved what they wanted and found a seven-star dragon ball amongst the ruins of Ox King’s collapsed castle . Now, only the last dragon ball was left on their quest .

After bidding farewell to the Ox King, Bulma and Goku continued on their journey, while Yamcha could only give up following Goku and others with extreme unwillingness and resentment because he knew that with his current strength, there was no possibility of defeating the other side . He still needed to continue training, and maybe one day, he would defeat Goku with his own hands .

“Wait for me, Goku . I will definitely defeat you by my own hands!” Yamcha vowed in his heart .

However, the trajectory of the storyline had deviated here .

In the original work, Goku would promise to marry Chi-Chi in the future on the Fire Mountain and lay a foreshadowing for his future marriage, but at this time, because the Ox King’s daughter, Chi-Chi, was still hurrying on her way to Kame House, she missed the occasion to meet with Goku .

So, the marriage between Goku and Chi-Chi could not be discussed .

If Xiaya was here, he would definitely sigh . The storyline had already deviated! Initially, he especially hid a dragon ball in the Ox King’s castle in order to not break the marriage between Goku and Chichi; however God’s plans supersede our own, and now it seems to be impossible .

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However, considering it from another angle, this was not necessarily a bad thing for Chi-Chi .

Both youngsters, Goku and Chi-Chi, in the original work carelessly agreed to marry in their ignorant state . At first, Chi-Chi’s fancy for Goku may be a kind of admiration for a strong person, and as time elapsed, it slowly became love . Such a choice may seem very romantic, but the price was also very huge . It almost exhausted Chi-Chi’s youth in the latter half of life to maintain this difficult life .

Goku was a person who was not able to support the family . He had his mind set on training, and all the trivial matters in life were pushed on Chi-Chi alone . Moreover, not even a few years had passed after marriage, that Goku died due to Saiyans arrival . After returning from Planet Namek, not even three years had passed and he again died when the Androids incident occurred .

In just a few years, during the Majin Buu Saga, Chi-Chi seemed to have suddenly aged a lot and could not compare with Bulma of the same age .

It could be said that after marrying Goku, Chi-chi did not even have a few years of a happy life…

If there is no fate, it is not necessarily a bad thing!

However, if one was not a fish, how could they know the joys of a fish . Maybe Chi-Chi in the original work liked this kind of dull and ‘being busy for the family’ life . As the storyline deviated, the future path seemed to have a different development .


Returning to our story, after obtaining the sixth dragon ball, Bulma and Goku met the Rabbit Gang and defeated them . Goku also met the first boss in the Dragonball storyline — Emperor Pilaf .

Of course, the so-called “boss” was only when concerning the original storyline, and as for the current Goku, Pilaf was only a minor character; Goku dispatched him in two or three seconds, and there was no later scene of transforming into a Great Ape in the prison cell .

“Bulma, you can summon Shenron now!” Goku giggled as he gave his four-star dragon ball to Bulma .

Finally, all the seven dragon balls were gathered in Bulma’s hands .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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