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Chapter 425 - Kui Song, Tang Yun

"Young master, Mo Yun Empire's Meng Zhen really did come."

The person who spoke was a tall and thin Black Costume Old Man. His hair was white, his face was thin, and his eyes looked a little sinister, "Moreover, he's the same as us, also living in the Four Seas Academy."

"How can he not come with such a good opportunity to make a name for himself?"

On the other side of Black Costume Old Man, a short statured and rather handsome young man could not help but laugh, "Since he is here, he will definitely perform well at the 'Dao Test Monument'. Uncle Huang, when the time comes, you should also go over to take a look and see what his results are."

Hearing that, the Black Costume Old Man who was called Uncle Huang could not help but laugh: "Young Noble had activated twenty-one red lines on the 'Dao Test Tablet', similar to Wu Yixian. Meng Zhen will definitely be inferior to Young Noble."

"That's true."

The short man laughed, "However, although that Meng Zhen seems to be in his forties or fifties, he is still a bit skilled. The 21 red lines are quite difficult, 18 lines shouldn't be too much of a problem. That's right. Uncle Huang, where's that Tang Huan?

"Young Master, he still remains in Divine Weapon Pavilion and has not come out." Uncle Huang said in a deep voice.


The short guy frowned and mumbled in confusion, "It has been seven or eight days, right? What exactly is Tang Huan doing inside, for even Great Clan Elder Shen Guan to personally give the order for no one to enter the Wonder Artifact Hall to disturb him? "

"Oh, it's extremely likely that he's trying to increase his forging skills. From this, it can be seen that he shouldn't be the Weapon Refining Master yet, otherwise, there's no need for him to do this in front of the 'Weapon Refining Sacred Assembly'."

Without waiting for Uncle Huang's response, the short man continued, "But no matter what, this time's' Weapon Refining Sacred Assembly ', this Tang Huan is still my Kui Song's greatest opponent."

At the end, Kui Ge's handsome face was filled with a grave expression.

… ….

"Princess Your Highness, we have investigated thoroughly."

In the east side of Heavenly Forging City, in an exquisite pavilion, a graceful middle-aged woman hurriedly entered, bowing to the figure before the window.

"Oh? Tell me quickly! "

The figure quickly turned around. It was a slim and graceful girl in a white dress.

She looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old, her delicate body was concave and charming, and her curves were beautiful, especially her soft breasts. She was about to be sixteen or seventeen years old, and her delicate body was concave and beautiful, and her curves were beautiful, especially her soft breasts.

However, what was rather strange was that this girl in a white dress with a well-developed figure actually had an exceptionally delicate and beautiful baby face. Her cherry lips were small, her nose was delicate, and under her crescent-shaped eyebrows were a pair of large eyes as black as the stars in the night. Her skin was as smooth and tender as a newborn baby's, and the redness in her white skin was like a ripe peach; it made one want to take a bite.

With a mature figure and a tender face, this young girl's body was constantly emitting a fatal enticement.

She was the Little Princess of Great Tang Empire, Tang Yun.

"Princess Your Highness, that Tang Huan …" The middle-aged woman was slightly hesitant.

"Why aren't you saying anymore?" Tang Yun asked doubtfully.

"That Tang Huan's strength is a little beyond my imagination …" The middle-aged woman was still very hesitant.

"Unimaginable?" Tang Yun curiously blinked his clear and big eyes, and laughed: "He couldn't be Stage Nine Martial Saint, right?"

"That might not be the case, but I'm afraid that his cultivation is not far from Stage Nine Martial Saint, and as for his Tools Method Attainments, it is very likely that he is already at Weapon Refining Master." The middle-aged woman smiled bitterly.

"What?" Weapon Refining Master? "

Tang Yun was instantly dumbstruck and the smile on his face completely froze. After a long while, he asked in disbelief, "Aunt Lan, is your information accurate?"

"This news was revealed by Divine Weapon Pavilion's Pang Bo. It should be true." The middle-aged woman said helplessly.

"I thought that even if I couldn't defeat him this time, I would still be able to tie with him. But now, it seems that there's no hope at all." Tang Yun drooped her head, she looked bitter and small, and mumbled gloomily, but immediately after, she waved her fists crazily, pouting her cheeks, and said angrily, "Tang Huan is too hateful, can't you let me do it more than once? Even if it's more than a day. "


Seeing Tang Yun's angry look, the middle aged woman did not know whether to laugh or cry, but she felt helpless.

In the past two years, in order for Tang Yun to be on top of the "Weapon Refining Sacred Assembly", the moment the "Weapon Refining Competition" of that year had returned to Fallen God City, Tang Yun had stayed at the place where the Old Ancestor of the Tang Kingdom, Tang Moyang, trained.

It was only a dozen or so days ago that Tang Yun finally came out of there, and hurried towards the Heavenly Forging City without stopping.

Tang Huan had actually long since become a Stage Seven Martial Master and a high ranking Weapon Refiner more than a year ago. Furthermore, the high grade weapons he had forged were actually comparable to Heavenly Grade Armament s.

After arriving at the Heavenly Forging City, Tang Yun had finally recovered from the shock. He did not expect the latest news he received would give her another huge blow.

"Your Highness doesn't need to be discouraged."

The middle-aged woman could not help but advise, "Tang Huan is a complete freak, there is no need for us to compare ourselves with him. Given that Princess Your Highness's Tools Method Attainments is not inferior to Wu Yixian, Meng Zhen, and Kui Ge's, Princess Your Highness will definitely be able to enter the top three this time around. "

Seeing that Tang Huan was still dejected, the middle aged woman continued, "Even if we are going to compete, we do not have to compete with Tools Method Attainments, we can still compete with other things."

"Compared to other things …" Tang Huan's eyes lit up, and his eyes started to spin.


The closer they got to the "Weapon Refining Sacred Assembly," the more lively it became.

At practically all of the time, a large number of Martial Warriors s or Weapon Refiner s had rushed into the large city, yet within the Divine Weapon Pavilion s, Tang Huan was not affected in the slightest by the clamor of the outside world.

At this moment, the amount of precious stones and ores on the ground in front of him had already decreased by more than half.

On the table, weapons of all shapes and sizes were arranged in a row. Their lengths were all different, and their thickness varied, but on each of the weapons, there was an incomparably brilliant light shining out, interweaving horizontally, making the entire area look as if it were a dream.

With a single glance, one could tell that the weapon contained an incomparable amount of power. It was as if, once activated, it would erupt forth like a volcano, revealing its overflowing might.

They were all Heavenly Grade Armament s that Tang Huan had forged these past few days!

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