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Chapter 297: 297
“Humph, Launch is my good sister!” Xiling walked forward and shamelessly hugged Launch as though Launch’s hard work was her hard work .

Xiaya waved his hand, too lazy to pay attention to her . He picked up a hardcover book that had just been unsealed from the side and began reading .

“Hey, Xiaya, is this Tights’ newly-published book?” Myers skipped over and asked while supporting her chin in her hands .

Xiaya nodded . The novel in his hand was indeed Tights’ newly-published book . The book was very thick, about 400 pages and a lot of the information in it was based on the real distribution of Forces in the North Area; it was a fairly realistic work .

“Tights spent almost three years writing this book, and it went through numerous revisions before its completion . She wants me to have a look at it and then publish it throughout the East Area via universal channels!” Xiaya smiled .

“Hehe, she is actually so ambitious!” Myers smiled and said while clicking her tongue, and after that, she took out a dark-orange five-star dragon ball from her bosom and fiddled with it, while saying, “Although these dragon balls are not as powerful as crystal dragon balls, the dark-orange ones look pretty good . ”

“You said that Kakarrot will come over to look for it?” Myers asked .

This five-star dragon ball was discovered in a deep mountain forest after Myers came to Earth . According to the storyline, it should have been discovered shortly after Bulma embarked on her journey, but at this time, it was in Myers’ hands .

Bulma’s journey to find the dragon balls had actually become slightly more difficult!

“She will definitely come . Look at the dragon ball radar; it is indicating that two bright dots are headed towards us . ” Xiling moved closer and pointed at the dragon ball radar .

“Hee Hee . According to Xiaya’s experience in the other parallel world, Bardock’s son, Kakarrot, can become a Super Saiyan in the future!” Myers laughed . Kakarrot was just a Low-level Warrior, but after thinking of it, it’s incredible that he would become a Super Saiyan in the future .

However, Xiaya’s experience in different space-time continuums and Bardock’s prophecy all clearly indicate that this will happen, and Myers also fully believes this .

“Kakarrot is just a Low-level Warrior . He is currently weak, so don’t mess with him too much . If Kakarrot is not able to become a Super Saiyan because of your meddling, then Bardock will fight it out with you!” Xiling smiled and warned her .

Myers rolled her bright and beautiful eyes which were full of charm and said, “I know, I know . I heard that Bardock has also become Super Saiyan . He is now the fourth Super Saiyan on Planet Hongshan, so I will definitely give him face . ”

Bardock only recently broke through . Because of his many years of accumulation added with painstaking efforts, Bardock finally broke the boundary of Super Saiyan . In accordance with the original work, Bardock’s time in breaking through to Super Saiyan had already been “delayed” by countless years; after all, he was the first Super Saiyan of Dragon Ball World, and now he had finally broken through .

Of course, it wasn’t only Bardock who had made gains in these few years; Xiaya had also gotten remarkable accomplishments in his Super Saiyan transformation . For example, he could now maintain the Full Power Super Saiyan transformation, and could fully amplify his strength by 100 times, which was already equivalent to the strength amplification of Super Saiyan 2 .

Similarly, Xiling and Myers’ strength had also improved, especially Myers, whose talent had been quite good since her childhood, is catching up to Xiling . After Fusion, their strength was almost at the level of Full Power Super Saiyan .


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Meanwhile, Bulma and Goku were getting closer to the east coast . One night, Bulma moved out a mobile building from a Hoi-Poi Capsule . Then, she filled a bathtub with warm water, preparing to soak in the hot bath .

These days, because Goku was there to protect her, she hadn’t encountered any danger . At this time, Bulma was happily musing as she soaked in the warm water, perfectly contented . ‘Hee hee, it was definitely the right choice to pester Goku to travel together!’

‘But who on earth is Goku, this child? He is astonishingly strong, and he has a tail behind him . He is actually quite similar to the Saiyans written in sister’s novel . Sigh, but one is a novel, and the other a reality . How can there be such a coincidence?’ Bulma sighed as she mused .

After bathing, Bulma put on a bath towel and walked out with a bottle of milk in her hand . A warm breeze was gently blowing outside, but Bulma raised her long legs and sat down on the balcony without a second thought . They were in a deep mountain forest, without the trace of any human . There was no one else outside except Goku, so Bulma wasn’t worried that someone would see such an unruly side of her .

On the open space outside, Goku was holding his breath in concentration as he practiced the martial arts that his grandfather taught him .

He could be seen lifting his hands up and slowly moving them to the waist, as he made the standard action of the technique — “Kamehameha” . With a light shout, a thigh-thick dark-blue energy wave shot out from Goku’s palm . It was like a rocket hurtling past, which suddenly struck a small stone pillar that was tens of meters away, forming a big hole .

Bulma stared blankly, and even when the milk in her hand fell to the ground, there was no reaction from her .

Bulma pointed at the charred hole in the distance with a stunned expression, and exclaimed in disbelief, “What did you just shoot out?”

“Kamehameha!” Goku replied as if it was something everyone should know about .

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“It’s an energy wave that my grandfather taught me . It took me a long time to learn . ” Goku explained . The Grandpa Gohan in this world died much later, so he had already taught a lot of things to Goku .

At this time, Goku suddenly pointed at Bulma’s body and said, “Hey, Bulma, your bath towel has fallen, and why didn’t you wear clothes after taking a bath? You look very ugly naked . ”

A blush suddenly crept up on Bulma’s little face as she discovered that her towel had unknowingly fallen to the ground . So I am naked right now?

“Ah” The little girl screamed and sharply reacted . She ran inside and slammed the door shut, put on her underwear and ran out again; she stormed over and angrily pulled on Goku’s cheek .

“Tell me, what did you see? And how dare you say that my body is ugly!” Bulma cursed at him, but she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her earlier utterance and said, “No, you have to forget what you just saw; do you understand?”

“Hmm . ” Goku nodded seriously . “Grandpa said that a girl’s body can’t be seen casually . ”

“That’s right!”
After returning to the room, Bulma sat on the bed and asked Goku, “Hey, Goku, how old are you now, and how can you be so powerful?”

“I am only twelve years old this year . I have been learning martial arts with my grandfather since I was a child . Grandpa Master Roshi, the one I am looking for, was my Grandpa’s master . When my grandfather died, he told me to go look for him . ”

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Goku raised his innocent eyes .

“Your grandfather’s master has been alive for so many years,” Bulma quietly muttered, and recalled that Goku was only twelve years old this year, meaning that he was four years younger than her . ‘He is neither too young nor too old, but I have suffered losses as he has seen my naked body . ’

“Hm? Why is it so smelly? Goku, how long has it been since you had a bath? Quickly, go and take a bath . ”

“Oh,” Goku responded and proceeded to the bathroom .

Next day, Goku met a turtle that had almost died from thirst, similar to as in the original work . Then, ignoring the objections from Bulma, he wanted to send the turtle back to the sea . In the end, powerless to do anything, Bulma could only follow him .

“This troublesome guy, I also need your protection!” Bulma grumbled .

“Bulma, are you scared to be by yourself?” Hearing Goku’s mutterings, Bulma looked back and roared in anger, “No!” .

Just like in the original work, Goku destroyed the Bear Thief and arrived beside the sea with the turtle on his back . Then the turtle said that it would repay Goku and Bulma and told them to wait for a while on the shore . Not long after, the turtle swam over from the other side of the sea while carrying a stooped old man on its back .

This old man was the martial arts teacher that Goku was in search of — Master Roshi .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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