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Li Jianyi was clearly at the end of his strength. Although he was still moving horizontally in the air, his speed and power were no longer as terrifying as before.

The spiritual energy around him condensed into a long chain of mountains, and when it appeared, it was as if they were going to collapse.

Although Wei Suo and the others were only ordinary flying magic treasures of their respective Imperial Censors, they were still able to keep up with Li Jiuyi. Although Wei Suo and the others were only flying normal escape magic treasures of their Imperial Censors, they were still able to keep up with Li Jiuyi.

Li Wen Yi seemed to be aimlessly heading in a random direction.

A moment later, Li Hanyi fell into a rocky mountain forest below. However, after half an incense stick of time, he once again flew up into the air.

In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Li Jianyi descended once again. After pausing for a moment, he once again flew up into the air, just like before, and continued to cross.

Wei Suo, there are so many Aurous Core stage cultivators in the Mysterious Wind Sect, even if Lin Taixu personally intervened, it would not be able to trap him. Furthermore, there might even be people from the Mysterious Wind Sect chasing him. After seeing Li Jianyi's two steps, Han Weiwei couldn't help but look at Wei Suo worriedly.

"This person's top grade heaven-step attack technique is lacking Xuan Yue. Its power is extremely terrifying. If he can obtain this, then even if he were to face Xu Qiuhuan now, he would have a high chance of winning." However, Wei Suo immediately shook his head. "He should not be able to last much longer. For the sake of this Tao technique, it's worth taking a risk."

"Yin Hua, how about we part ways here. It shouldn't be too unexpected for you to enter the world." Immediately, Wei Suo, who was still in hot pursuit, said to Yin Lihua.

"Even if I had to leave, I would only leave after I've refined this Seven Blades Daoist Master's core embryo into the Dan Fiend Sword." Yin Hua looked at Li Hanwen and said calmly.

Wei Suo glanced at Lihua and saw the look in her eyes. He didn't say anything and only nodded at her. At the same time, he seemed to have thought of something. He stretched out his hand and took out the corpse of Daoist Seven Leaf that he had just collected. At the same time, he also took out the Blood Devouring Saber.

With a "Chi" sound, Wei Suo directed his Blood Devouring Saber to the sky behind him and shot a beam of red light into the clouds at the side. After which, Wei Suo reached out with his hand, stabbing the Blood Devouring Saber into Adept Seven Leaf's chest.

The reason for this was because the Blood Devouring Saber originally extracted Adept Golden Sparrow's vital energy and blood, while Adept Seven Leaf was at the second level of the Jindan Stage. Compared to Adept Golden Sparrow, her cultivation was one level higher, and if she absorbed Adept Seven Blades' vital energy and blood, the power of the Blood Devouring Saber would become far more tyrannical than before.

When Li Jianyi suddenly appeared, Wei Suo and the green-robed old man were so shocked that they forgot about this. Now, while conversing with Yin Lihua, Wei Suo was able to react to this point.

"Wei Suo, he stopped." However, at this moment, Jia suddenly let out a soft scream.

In the distance, Li Jianyi suddenly stopped. He looked towards the corpses of Wei Suo and Adept Seven Leaf.

'Could the power of the Blood Devouring Saber have angered him.' Han Weiwei said nervously.

Looking from afar, one could still not see Li Jianyi's face clearly. They could only vaguely see that the clothes on Li Jianyi's body seemed to be extremely tattered, full of holes, tattered, and bloodstained.

However, in just a few breaths of time, Li Jianyi had turned his head around once again. After traversing a few steps through the void, he once again descended towards a desolate mountain range.

After landing, this grand cultivator, who had clearly gone completely crazy, did not quickly fly up like the previous two times. After the time it took for two incense sticks to burn, he did not rush out.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, a rising sun gushed out from the eastern horizon, scattering out tens of thousands of rays of light.

"I'll go take a look. This guy is too dangerous. You guys stay here and don't follow me." Seeing that Li Jianyi was still not coming out, Wei Suo couldn't help but ask Ji Ya, Shui Ling'er, and the others beside him.

"Wei Suo, you have to be careful." Hearing Wei Suo's words, Ji Ya, Han Weiwei and the rest all had worried looks on their faces.

"I'll return the Demonic Fire Peacock Mirror to you first. If I were to make a move, I should be able to offset a lot of the power of this person's technique." However, Yin Lihua reached out her hand and pressed the Fiery Blazing Demon Mirror into Wei Suo's hand.

Wei Suo nodded his head. Without saying anything else, he directly grabbed the Demonic Fire Peacock Mirror in his hand and used his other hand to grab the Blood Devouring Saber as well. He then flew towards the direction where Li Wen Yi had landed.

The mountain range that Li Jun had come down from was extremely desolate. It was filled with small trees that were as tall as one or two people. The ground was littered with dead branches and fallen leaves.

When he arrived at the top of the mountain range, it only took him a single glance to make Wei Suo freeze in shock.

Li Jianyi was leaning against a big rock in the mountains, facing the rising sun.

At that moment, Li Jianyi had white hair. Even his brows became snow-white and there were many wrinkles on his face. He looked like an extremely old man.

The vestment on his body had already been torn into pieces. On his chest, there was actually a clear wound on his back, and one could vaguely see the internal organs within it. There were two wounds on his left rib that looked as if they had been cut by sharp weapons. Even the bones inside seemed to have been cut apart.

When Wei Suo saw him, he was looking at the rising sun in the distance. He was mumbling something, and two streams of tears could be seen in his murky eyes. He looked pitiful and seriously injured.

Suddenly seeing Wei Suo flying in the air, the crazy cultivator that was curled up against the boulder was shocked, but when he saw Wei Suo's appearance, he didn't get up. He only looked at Wei Suo and muttered, "Good person …" He then looked at the Blood Devouring Saber in Wei Suo's left hand and muttered, "Bad guy …"

Wei Suo was stunned for a moment. He couldn't help but look at the Blood Devouring Saber in his hand.

"Bad guy …" When Li Zhi Yi saw Wei Suo's gaze turn towards the black Blood Devouring Saber in his hand, he immediately nodded his head with even more certainty.

"Bad person? You mean that cultivator I killed? " Wei Suo's eyes flickered as he probed this completely crazy cultivator with his gaze.

"Bad guy …" His hair was already snow-white, and he looked very miserable. Li Hanwen even nodded once again. His fingers had even removed the piece of clothes on his arm. Beneath the clothes, there was a burn mark that looked like it had been burned.

"Was this the one that hurt you?" Wei Suo's heart was moved once again.

"Bad guy... You can't beat me, I'm hiding, and the bad guys are still chasing me … " Li Wen Yi nodded again. As if he was afraid of pain, he covered the torn corner of his clothes.

"You were chased here by him? Are there any other bad guys chasing you? "

"Did you chase after a cultivator carrying a magic treasure from a grand hall in the sky?"

It turned out that Seven Blades Daoist Master must have found Li Jianyi's trail somewhere and chased him all the way here. Furthermore, Li Jiuyi seemed to have run out of oil, and was not a match for Seven Blades Daoist Master, so they must have fought before. Li Jiuyi must have escaped, but Seven Blades Daoist Master had just happened to meet them in this region, and he wanted to seize this opportunity to kill them and seize their goods, but he ended up running into an iron board instead.


At this moment, Li Wen Yi was so crazy that he didn't even recognize Wei Suo. Furthermore, he probably saw that when Wei Suo used the Blood Devouring Saber to stab into the body of Daoist Master Seven Leaf's corpse, Li Wen Yi did not seem to have any hostility towards him. However, Wei Suo continued to ask questions, but this completely crazy cultivator did not answer.

A moment later, this crazy cultivator crouched down and pulled some grass to his side and stuffed it into his mouth. His two hands were still curled up on his chest, making him look very strange.

Wei Suo really couldn't understand what this crazy cultivator meant. After looking at him for a while, he couldn't help but fall downwards. He wanted to land near Li Jiuyi so that he could talk to him again.

However, when he saw that Wei Suo had landed, this extremely tattered and insane cultivator immediately revealed an extremely cautious expression. His eyes also immediately revealed an ominous glint, as if he was about to attack if Wei Suo got any closer.

Seeing this, Wei Suo could only stop moving and not dare to go closer. He could only look at this crazy cultivator in shock.

The crazy cultivator suddenly took a step forward, pulled out a few more blades of grass, and stuffed them into his mouth. His hands were still curled up in front of his chest.

"What does that mean?" Wei Suo really wanted to understand the meaning behind this crazy cultivator's actions, so he too couldn't help but follow this crazy cultivator's example by squatting down, pulling two blades of grass from the side and putting them into his mouth.

Seeing Wei Suo's actions, this crazy cultivator was slightly surprised. He suspiciously looked at Wei Suo and stuffed another blade of grass into his mouth.

Weasel followed his example and stuck a blade of grass in his mouth.

"Could it be... You … Are you a rabbit too? " When Li Jianyi, this crazy great cultivator, saw Wei Suo's actions, he finally could not help but ask hesitantly.

"…!" Wei Suo almost fell down face first.

So it turns out that this crazy great cultivator was actually this eccentric. His mind had already been muddled to a certain degree and he already felt like a rabbit! At this moment, he also treated Wei Suo like a rabbit.

"Yes, why, don't you see that I'm a rabbit?" Wei Suo resisted the urge to vomit blood as he looked at the crazy cultivator and said that.

"I didn't see it, but now I see it. No wonder you helped me kill that bad guy." The cautious look in Li Jianyi's eyes immediately disappeared. He happily said this sentence and stood up. Instead, he walked towards Wei Suo.

Can a rabbit walk like this?

Wei Suo was once again speechless, but he remained silent as he looked at Li Hanwen who walked in. He asked, "I see that you are quite heavily injured. How are you feeling?"

"I was hurt too badly. I didn't have any strength left, so I might as well die. But before I die, I even met a rabbit. It's great." The Crazy Lord looked at Wei Suo and said.

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