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"Xiaya, what are you doing?" Xiling sensed the energy rising behind her and asked, her expression changing drastically.

Xiaya calmly said, "Instant Transmission cannot be used now, so I will try to push you both out before the star explodes."

If a shock wave could not be reflected, it would be difficult to push anything; this means that, in the universe, it is very difficult to simply rely on an energy wave to push something in reverse. Even if he aimed the energy wave at a planet, it would cause the planet to explode, and the pushing force that would be generated from it would not allow them to escape from the black hole's range!

"No, you can't do this!" Xiling shouted with a heart-rending cry, her eyes turning red.

"There is no other way," Xiaya said with resolution. Not waiting for their response, majestic energy gushed out from his hand, submerging Xiling and Myers.


They got farther and farther away, and then they turned into a beam of light that disappeared to the other side of the starry sky.

Xiaya's energy control was very precise; not one fraction more, and not one fraction less. It would not injure Xiling and Myers, and could also guarantee that they would be sent far away. After roughly calculating the time, with another sudden eruption, the Energy wave in his hand became thicker one more time. After that, Xiaya gasped for breath and turned around to look towards the direction of the central star that was flickering with dazzling rays of light.

"Next, it's time to face the black hole."

Xiaya looked into the distance as a cold light flashed.

At this moment, the sight of Delan galaxy's center was transmitted over, and the enormous star, whose ends couldn't be seen, entered his eyes. Soon after that, it suddenly collapsed inwards, and a pitch-black unknown object remained at the center of the star. The Delan star had disappeared. It was swallowed by the black hole at the center almost instantly.

The pitch-black disc at the center had a powerful gravitational force emitting from it which caused light to bend, forming a distorted ring. The lensing effect blurred the surrounding starlight. Those enormous planets and yellow dwarf stars were pulled in by the black hole, and they rolled, one by one, towards the center of the galaxy.

That pitch-black unknown tiny ball seemed to have turned into a gluttonous behemoth, opening its bloody mouth and burped as enormous planets were being swallowed up.

When Xiaya saw this, he broke out into a cold sweat. He raised his spirits and suddenly shouted loudly, and shot a blast wave towards the center of the galaxy, trying to break away from the range of the black hole's gravitational force by relying on the blast wave's recoil from a yellow dwarf star. However, he had underestimated the energy of the black hole. The endless space was like a boat sailing against the current, and although he was actually moving outward, he was gradually being pulled towards the black hole as space was collapsing inwards.

"It's no good, the gravitational force of the black hole is too strong."

Forget about leaving, now even the whole space dimension was falling towards the center.

Seeing that he was going to be swallowed, Xiaya clenched his teeth and kept trying everything that he could do. He didn't care about any ability backlash and began to exert his full-strength to use space-time ability.

Immediately, a sparkling and translucent radiance suddenly rose, but it was suddenly bent by the strong gravitational pull. A strange line shape appeared in the space, and then, it began to shatter, deep and frightening blood-red space cracks appearing. In the dark starry sky, these blood-colored cracks were like small earthworms, squirming and crawling.

Using space-time ability near the black hole was something that no one had ever thought of.


Surrounded by oppressive crimson colors, a burning hot energy struck his body. The pain was so severe that he felt like dying.


The silvery white space-time energy was struggling, and Xiaya was moving little by little, but he was still unable to resist the gravitational force exerted by the super black hole.


While Xiaya was desperately using space-time power to resist against the entanglement of the black hole, a much bigger hole was suddenly torn open along the crack in the space, sounding like a cloth being shred.

The vast stretch of space had shattered.

An earth-shattering and frightening energy storm, from where the space fragments were falling, swept out in all directions.


The glittering, translucent and dark starry sky suddenly cracked as if it were a smooth mirror, and following that, the cracks became bigger and bigger, before spreading in all directions; soon they turned into pieces of fluorescent crystals, like multi-colored and beautiful tiny fragments, slowly withering away before disappearing.

"Space-time crack?" Looking at the blood-red domain which had suddenly appeared, Xiaya looked startled, but then, he turned ecstatic immediately after.

"I have to take the risk!"

Xiaya spat out blood from his mouth, a determined look in his eyes, and then, he clenched his teeth and drilled straight into the piece of shattered space not far away from him.

Instead of being swallowed up by the black hole, it much was better to go into the space-time crack to seek an opportunity to live. Anyway, just like last time when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, hadn't he also entered a space-time crack? With the space-time energy in his body, he actually had a way to survive. Just after entering, Xiaya found that he underestimated the strength of the space-time crack.

Surging and endless waves struck him, causing him to stagger, and then, Xiaya was immediately drowned in the boundless space-time energy…..

At this moment, if someone was looking far away from the black hole, they would find that an afterimage was permanently left behind in the path of the swallowing black hole. This was because the time passing around the black hole had become extremely slow; even though Xiaya had entered the space-time crack in that instant, the people outside would always see his shadow passing through the crack.

Outside the range of the gravitational field of the Delan galaxy, two girls looked on with grief and anger as Delan galaxy slowly disappeared; their expressions were sorrowful.

"Waaa, Xiaya is dead!" Myers sobbed and began to cry loudly, her bean-size tears dripping down along her little face.

Xiling also looked sad, her skinny white fist trembling. As she was applying too much force, the skin was a little pale, and without her notice, her nails stabbed into her flesh.

"I want to use dragon balls to resurrect Xiaya," Xiling said coldly.

Myers stopped crying, and said tearfully, "But if Xiaya is dead, the crystal dragon balls are useless!"

"There is also Planet Namek's dragon balls. If they don't work, we will have to search for Super Dragon Balls. Anyway, I will resurrect Xiaya by all possible means!" Xiling resolutely said.

"I will go with you!" Myers said.

"But before that, I have another thing to do." Xiling's voice suddenly became cold and frightening, her expression ferocious, "King Davidow's Forces are in the West Area, right? I want to destroy them all!"

Xiling said coldly, her words full of killing intent.

"Count me in!"

Myers's icy pupils suddenly erupted with a cold light. All the Forces involved in killing Xiaya must be annihilated!

Hence, the far-away west area received two angry blood demons.

They specially chose to start with the former King Davidow's Forces, and the first to bear the brunt was King Davidow's headquarters. As an enormous energy ball ripped through the sky, the snow and ice-covered planet trembled and, without any suspense, it turned into dust in the universe. The living beings on the planet were all buried together with the planet.

West Area quickly fell into a reign of terror. With the gradual collapse of King Davidow's forces, West Area faced a reshuffle. At that time, the Galactic Patrol organization saw the opportunity and sent a large number of mercenaries into the West Area.

North Area, Planet Namek.

A pitch-black curtain of night shrouded the sky, yet it was not night right now.

On a level ground not far from the residence of Planet Namek's Great Elder, the green Divine Dragon, Porunga, was suspended straight with head held high about a few hundred meters in the sky.

Below, a blonde-haired and green-eyed girl in Super Saiyan mode was standing not far away.

She was astonishingly the fusion of Xiling and Myers—Meiling!

At this time, Nail, the guardian of Planet Namek's Great Elder, was making a wish using the Planet Namek's language. Although he was very reluctant, the mysterious woman in front of him was threatening him with the safety of Planet Namek. Her cold and ruthless appearance was causing him to tremble.

He did not expect that in just a few years time, a powerful person would again come to Planet Namek.

"Great Divine Dragon Porunga, please resurrect Mr. Xiaya, the leader of Planet Hongshan!" Nail made a wish using the Planet Namek's language.

Porunga was silent for a while before he lowered his head and said, "Sorry, thy wish cannot be fulfilled!"

"Why?" Nail asked in surprise.

"Because that person is still not dead as Underworld does not have his soul!"

As long as a person dies, no matter how he or she died, their soul would reach Underworld, and then be judged by the King of Hell. Xiaya's soul was not in Underworld, so he was not dead.

Nail conveyed Porunga's words to Meiling. After listening to him, she looked happy and hurriedly said, "Then, hurry up and let the Divine Dragon bring Xiaya over."

Nail nodded and made a wish again according to Meiling's request.

"Sorry, I don't know the location of that person and cannot bring him back." Porunga once again shook his head. Even with a Divine Dragon's ability being almost omniscient, it still didn't know Xiaya's location.

There were a total of twelve universes in the multiverse. Porunga may not have known about them before, but when it used its power to search for Xiaya's whereabouts, these didn't remain a secret anymore.

However, Porunga was still unable to find Xiaya's location.

Chapter 259 His soul is not in Underworld

This was a declining city. The destruction, desolation and collapsed buildings show a difficult to explain decline. The gloomy sky seemed ready to collapse, and the icy winds continuously brushed past the bare land.

The city had been abandoned for a long time. From the ruins of the towering buildings, one could tell that the city had been a flourishing one in the past. What a pity that the flourishing city no longer exists! As far as the eyes could see, collapsed buildings, enormous craters from artillery shells, and dilapidated walls were all that remained.

What could have happened here? Was it the end of the world? Or had a war occurred?

In fact, these kinds of sights could be seen not just here, it was the same in every slightly bigger city in the whole world. Even if it was a village, as long as a crowd had gathered and it was a little bit bustling, it would be met with brutal destruction.

Over time, humans did not dare to gather together and live. They had to spread out and live in the corners of the world in groups of three and four. They usually relied on radio stations to communicate with each other.

As for when it all began, it started 13 years ago.

Thirteen years ago, two dreadful demons appeared. Since then, the peace on earth had been gone forever, and peaceful bonds had broken apart. Later on, it was endless massacre and resistance of earth's coalition army.

Du du du!

Intense gunfire sounded with occasional fire snakes, mixed with occasional bombardment from artillery shells. In a corner of the city, wisps of black smoke were rising.

"Ha ha ha, useless humans, why do you still want to resist!" Speaking was a black-haired youth wearing a scarf on his neck. With a haughty look, he was teasingly looking at the humans' coalition army who were hiding behind a bunker, looking for an opportunity to shoot at him. He extended out his fingers, and white light rays were produced from his fingertips.

"You people are really a bunch of useless guys, why don't you just die!" The black-haired youth disdainfully curled his mouth, and he turned over his hand. A huge white beam of light pierced through the air and shot out straight with a whistle, suddenly blasting open a deep crater not far away in front of him.

"Ahhhh, it's those two demons again; quickly notify the front line command post. Androids have started attacking once again."

"Bastards, why do they always enjoy hunting humans?"

Seeing the humans' coalition army on the frontline retreat again and again in defeat, some of the rescued humans gave a despairing cry, everyone panicking. Over the past dozen or so years, Androids tyranny had been deeply rooted in the people's hearts. They knew that once they were eyed by them, their deaths would be very miserable! This was not a rumor, but a true depiction of the accumulated facts!

In that case, escape was the only option, so everyone escaped far away. They clearly understood that the ground had a wide field of view and they would have a low probability of surviving, so they ran towards the bunkers below the ground.

"Hahaha! Run! Run! I will give you people ten seconds to escape, after that, I will attack."

Watching the crowd as they scattered from the back of a dilapidated building, the black-haired youth's eyes slightly narrowed, and then, a cruel smile appeared on his face. This game of reaping the lives of weaklings was really interesting.

On the side, a blonde girl sitting on a broken wall saw this and disdainfully laughed, but did not stop the black-haired youth. The girl had a beautiful golden hair, and lovely dimples which were as white as snow, delicate and beautiful; furthermore, she had sparkling eyes which were also charming and very moving, but the expression in them was exactly the same as the young man next to her — indifferent and ruthless, viewing living beings as trash.

"17, you are playing this boring games again. They are just a group of earthlings, so just kill them if you want; why bother so much?" The blonde girl wrinkled her eyebrows and asked disdainfully. She was sitting cross-legged, propping her chin with her hands as watched her brother play the killing game again. At this time, a gust of wind blew, and her golden hair slowly fluttered in the wind.

17 laughed. He looked at his sister and said with a grin, "18, you don't understand. Living beings shine most beautifully only when they are in their greatest despair. Look at these humans trying their best to escape; don't you think it's fun?"

18 listened to him and licked her bright red lips as a bizarre glow flashed in her blue pupils. But, she immediately shook her head and said, "It is interesting, but right now, I think you're wasting your time. Look, those people have disappeared." Saying this, she extended her sparkling-like-snow jade finger and pointed at the empty street.

"Hehe, they ran away quite fast!" No.17 chuckled, and his expression immediately turned cold.

He stretched out his palm, his five fingers sweeping in mid-air, like a bamboo pole paddling across the surface of the water, and immediately, a large mass of energy, which was endlessly emitting bright light, scattered out. The sparkling mass of energy rose to a height of tens of meters from the ground, and shortly after, it exploded and turned into numerous blurry light dots which fell from the sky like a drizzle. In an instant, numerous and densely packed holes appeared within a few kilometers on the ground.

These light dots bored straight into the ground for hundreds of meters, killing all the living beings hidden underneath.

"Look, aren't they all dead?" No.17 looked back and smiled at No.18, but then he immediately sighed, "These earthlings are so weak that I am losing interest in toying with them."

No.18 nodded understandingly, "That's true! Ordinary humans can basically forget about resistance. Although soldiers could put up some resistance, it is not worth mentioning. Son Goku's colleagues were a little bit powerful, but what a pity that they were long ago killed by you."

More than a decade ago, 17 and 18 were awakened, after which they followed Dr. Gero's orders to go and kill Son Goku, but when they arrived at Son Goku's residence, they found that Son Goku had already passed away as early as half a year ago. The reason was actually the so-called heart disease!

Coming up empty-handed, they furiously began to look for Son Goku's close friends to vent their anger, and due to this, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the other dragon ball warriors died tragically by their hands one after the other.

After that, there were was no one left on the planet who could fight against them.

"Hey, those people were killed by you, okay? Why are you putting all the blame on me?" 17 reacted and looked at his sister who had pushed the blame on him and retorted loudly.

18 waved her hand and jumped down from the half-ruined wall. "Right, doesn't Son Goku have a son? I haven't seen him for a long time. Say, will he appear this time?" Suddenly 18 thought of Son Gohan. If that kid comes over, it might be somewhat fun.

There are still some martial artists left on the earth who would be more interesting than these ordinary people.

"Who knows, every one of these guys can hide their auras, so we can't find them at all. And that Son Gohan, even if I fight him with just one of my hand, he is not my opponent!" 17 shrugged his shoulders without any care, his words full of contempt. Of course, he was very upset about the martial artists' ability to hide their aura.

Dragon ball warriors had passed down the "qi" method because of which Android 17 and 18 couldn't touch their minds, and naturally, they could not find Son Gohan and the others' whereabouts. In the past few years, they had been wreaking havoc and slaughtering everywhere, it was also to force them out.

"Look, a fish has slipped through the net." 18 suddenly revealed a slight smile and pointed her fingers toward a wall not far from them.

Just now, she saw a miniature periscope poking out, which proved that someone was watching their movements! Unexpectedly, an earthling was hiding behind the wall not far from them. As they say, it's safest where it's most dangerous, and just so. This earthling was smart, knowing that the most dangerous place was also the safest place, but this time he may have been too smart for his own good. How can the sharp observational powers of Androids be judged by the common sense of ordinary earthlings?

I'm dead! I've been discovered!

Realizing that he had been discovered, the earthling hiding behind the wall was shocked, his whole body sweating. "No, I have to move to a safer place!" This idea had just appeared, and without any hesitation, he quickly grabbed the periscope, preparing to move. But in front of the Androids, where was there a safe place on the entire planet?


A beam of bright white light pierced through the air, and directly entered the wall and into the earthling's back. It then pierced through his chest and penetrated directly through the body.

It was 18 that had attacked!

"18, you stole my prey again!" 17 shouted resentfully, but he was also helpless regarding his sister who always liked to do whatever she wanted.

18 clapped her hands, walked over and patted 17's shoulder. She smiled and said, "I was the one who discovered this earthling."

At this time, located on the other side of the city.

In a bunker, hundreds of meters below the ground, the soldiers of the Earth Defence Force were protecting the few remaining earthlings with indignation. Since the Androids appeared 13 years ago, wars, fighting with Androids, infighting among people, and endless sufferings and sorrows kept happening all the time here.

"Bastard! Another city has been destroyed by those two demons." The table suddenly trembled as a big-bearded sergeant powerlessly lay down both of his hands on them.

Every time they saw Earthlings die by the hands of Androids, they felt helpless. These soldiers who were determined to protect their fellow humans felt a stabbing pain in their hearts.

If it weren't because these two Androids wanted to play around, then the Earthlings would already have become extinct a few years ago.

Perhaps 17 and 18 knew that once the earthlings became extinct, the whole earth would become a desolate and barbaric planet without any civilization. This was unacceptable to them who couldn't leave earth, so when they chose to destroy, they would also leave behind a small number of humans; they would wait for humans to develop again, and then they would once again destroy them just like cutting garlic chives.

"Oh, by the way, have you contacted Ms. Bulma?" The sergeant asked the soldier next to him.

The soldier shook his head and said, "Still not, communication has been completely interrupted."

West City was the first city to be destroyed. Although it had undergone several rounds of reconstruction over the past 13 years, they had not been able to keep up with the Androids' speed of destruction.

Chapter 260 A miserable world

"Where is Master Roshi?"

"There is no news from Master Roshi, and we also don't know when those martial artists, who we have sent over, would return!"

One bad news after another came. The big-bearded sergeant waved his hand powerlessly. If they could not get any supplies from the outside world, they would run out of ammunition and provisions.

Right now, there were only two possible ways to defeat the Androids. One was to use technology to develop more powerful weapons, the other was to find out the weaknesses of the Androids. In this regard, the scientists led by the head of the Hoi-Poi Capsule Cooperation were already carrying it out. However, with the emergence of Androids, a large number of scientists had died. Therefore, relying on the abilities of the remaining scientists, the progress of the research was very slow. The hope of success was very slim.

In addition to technological means, another method was to groom outstanding martial artists. Legend had it that, there was a group of very powerful dragon ball warriors 13 years ago; they protected the peace of earth and vigorously fought against Androids. Unfortunately, in the end, they still failed.

Compared to the first method, the second was more likely to succeed.

"Since the warriors who can fight against Androids could emerge once on earth, then it is definitely possible now too!"

The big-beard sergeant was expectant in his heart. Although he had not seen those heroes of more than a decade ago with his own eyes, he was fortunate to see the descendant of those heroes… Mr.Gohan, he was indeed a warrior who could fight against the Androids.

"Master Roshi used to be called the God of Martial Arts, and he will surely be able to train martial artists."

They could only hope for this. Whether it was to deceive themselves or leave behind a good memory, the people of earth could never lose hope, because when they really lost hope, it meant that they had accepted extermination.

At the same time, on the other side of the earth.

On an island surrounded by the sea.

The island was not big, and it was surrounded by an ocean with surging waves, ten kilometers high. The water splashed, raising huge waves that surged forward with great momentum. In this small place, the last hope of mankind was being nurtured.

"Practice carefully, the training of the martial arts depends on constantly putting effort in improving oneself."

"You, and you, your movements are too stiff, so you need to increase your attack speed by a little bit. Wrong! Don't use up all your strength when you punch!"

"The training of Ki is a long-term process, don't be too hasty."

There were only a few small single-story houses on the flat island. There was a narrow space for practicing martial arts in the middle. More than a hundred young boys, with bare upper bodies, were sweating profusely like rain as they waved their fists. Under the burning hot sun, these people's faces were full of sweat, but they didn't have any complaint as they meticulously trained.

Not far away, there was also a group of arduously training young girls who were waving their hands and feet, and under the guidance of an instructor, they were punching and kicking each other.

These boys and girls, who were divided into two groups for training, were martial arts practitioners that had been selected from all over the world. They were not too old, and they had the best potential.

"Instructor Videl, when can we defeat those Androids?" When they were resting, a short-haired girl with good looks went to the instructor and asked.

Videl gave a bitter smile and shook her head. "The Androids' strength is beyond our imagination, and you are still far from strong. "

"Train seriously, and you will definitely succeed one day."

Videl encouraged the girls.

At this time, Videl's thoughts couldn't help but drift back to more than ten years ago. Androids still hadn't appeared then, and Earth was still a scene of prosperity and peace. However, with the emergence of Androids, all the beautiful places on earth became purgatory. Most of the girls on the training ground were underage; they had never experienced that kind of peaceful life, and they also don't know if they could see it or not in this life.

Heaving a sigh, Videl withdrew from reminiscing and quietly looked at the people who were intensely training on the training ground.

"Aunt Chi-chi, where is Gohan?" Videl asked as she headed towards a middle-aged woman.

This middle-aged woman was Goku's wife, Chichi, and also Gohan's mother, who was her savior. If it weren't for Gohan, she might have died very early during the riots.

After being in contact with each other for several years, she knew that Aunt Chi-chi was originally also an outstanding martial artist, but being a housewife for many years, she had neglected her training, until her husband, Goku, passed away and the Androids appeared. Only then did she started her training afresh. Now, she was the chief instructor of the girls' group in the training camp.

Chi-chi sighed and looked at Videl, who was in her youth, saying, "Gohan is training at Bulma's place, and I don't know when he will come back."

Currently, Chi-chi and Videl were one of the few martial artists left on earth, but whether it was Videl or Chi-chi, they clearly understand in their hearts that the only person on the planet who could really deal with Androids was——Gohan. Of course, perhaps the underage Trunks could also be included, because they both had half of a Saiyan's bloodline, and their growth potential was much higher than that of earthlings.

Compared to Saiyans, earthlings were really not worth mentioning.

"OK." Videl sighed faintly; she felt that the number of times she had sighed during this time had increased significantly.

"I and Aunt Chi-chi's Battle Power is less than 500; which in front of the Androids, isn't even enough for us to fight back. All she can do now is to properly train these kids with Master Roshi and Immortal Korin. Maybe experts like Senior Krillin and Senior Tien Shinhan can appear amongst them."

Earth was currently facing an unprecedented crisis, just like how King Piccolo had wreaked havoc hundreds of years ago, but only more dangerous. After all, King Piccolo had wanted to rule over humans. There were a lot of people who had survived, but now, the Androids exist only for killing.

Because of the continuous killing by the Androids, the number of people on Earth had dropped to less than 10 million.

Decreasing from a few billion to less than 10 million. The tragedy could well be imagined, but what was especially hateful was that most of these survivors, who were on the verge of death, and had gone through challenging experiences, but they were still not of one mind. Amongst them, there was no shortage of vicious and evil people.

Videl, who knew the inside story very well, understood that if it was not properly handled, the people of Earth might become extinct in a few years.

"Chi-chi, let everyone rest for a while." An old voice came, and a weary Master Roshi, who had a face full of grey beard, walked over.

"Okay, Master Roshi," Chi-chi responded.

She had always opposed Gohan in walking on the path of a martial artist. She hoped that he could become a scholar, but when the end of the world really arrived, she found that those scholars were of no use. Scholars didn't have any use during the end of the world. Now, the Earth was not lacking scholars but powerful warriors.

"Master Roshi,

are there any good seedlings in these people that can become strong?" Videl asked.

Master Roshi lightly shook his head. "If it was before, they would already be quite good, but our opponent is the Androids… They are still too weak compared to Goku and Krillin."

That was to say, there were no seedlings that could be expected to become useful? There was a disappointment in Videl's eyes.

He had lived for hundreds of years, and naturally, he wouldn't hesitate to die. If it wasn't because there were no martial artists on earth, he would have already rushed to fight it out with the Androids. How could have still lived on with the humiliation until now?

"Unfortunately, Piccolo is also dead, or else, we could have used dragon balls to save everyone," Oolong, on the side, said dejectedly.

"Well, don't be disheartened. Not long ago, I heard from Gohan that Bulma's research had made some new progress. Maybe, she can create more powerful weapons!" Blonde-haired Launch said with a submachine gun in her hand.

After leaving Kame House more than 20 years ago, blonde-haired Launch followed Tien Shinhan, but Tien Shinhan wholeheartedly devoted himself to martial arts and never responded to her feelings until the Androids appeared 13 years ago. She then again reunited with Oolong and the others.

"Don't show off; ordinary weapons are useless against Androids," Oolong said.

"What did you say? Do you think I wouldn't make a roast pig out of you?" When the blonde-haired Launch heard this, she immediately took out a machine gun and threatened him.

Looking at the scene of blonde-haired Launch and Oolong quarreling, Master Roshi couldn't help but recall the scenes in Kame House decades ago. Unfortunately, time rolls on, and the years have passed. Now, the people and things from that year had changed……

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