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Chapter 260

This was a declining city . The destruction, desolation and collapsed buildings show a difficult to explain decline . The gloomy sky seemed ready to collapse, and the icy winds continuously brushed past the bare land .

The city had been abandoned for a long time . From the ruins of the towering buildings, one could tell that the city had been a flourishing one in the past . What a pity that the flourishing city no longer exists! As far as the eyes could see, collapsed buildings, enormous craters from artillery shells, and dilapidated walls were all that remained .

What could have happened here? Was it the end of the world? Or had a war occurred?

In fact, these kinds of sights could be seen not just here, it was the same in every slightly bigger city in the whole world . Even if it was a village, as long as a crowd had gathered and it was a little bit bustling, it would be met with brutal destruction .

Over time, humans did not dare to gather together and live . They had to spread out and live in the corners of the world in groups of three and four . They usually relied on radio stations to communicate with each other .

As for when it all began, it started 13 years ago .

Thirteen years ago, two dreadful demons appeared . Since then, the peace on earth had been gone forever, and peaceful bonds had broken apart . Later on, it was endless massacre and resistance of earth’s coalition army .

Du du du!

Intense gunfire sounded with occasional fire snakes, mixed with occasional bombardment from artillery shells . In a corner of the city, wisps of black smoke were rising .

“Ha ha ha, useless humans, why do you still want to resist!” Speaking was a black-haired youth wearing a scarf on his neck . With a haughty look, he was teasingly looking at the humans’ coalition army who were hiding behind a bunker, looking for an opportunity to shoot at him . He extended out his fingers, and white light rays were produced from his fingertips .

“You people are really a bunch of useless guys, why don’t you just die!” The black-haired youth disdainfully curled his mouth, and he turned over his hand . A huge white beam of light pierced through the air and shot out straight with a whistle, suddenly blasting open a deep crater not far away in front of him .

“Ahhhh, it’s those two demons again; quickly notify the front line command post . Androids have started attacking once again . ”

“Bastards, why do they always enjoy hunting humans?”

Seeing the humans’ coalition army on the frontline retreat again and again in defeat, some of the rescued humans gave a despairing cry, everyone panicking . Over the past dozen or so years, Androids tyranny had been deeply rooted in the people’s hearts . They knew that once they were eyed by them, their deaths would be very miserable! This was not a rumor, but a true depiction of the accumulated facts!

In that case, escape was the only option, so everyone escaped far away . They clearly understood that the ground had a wide field of view and they would have a low probability of surviving, so they ran towards the bunkers below the ground .

“Hahaha! Run! Run! I will give you people ten seconds to escape, after that, I will attack . ”

Watching the crowd as they scattered from the back of a dilapidated building, the black-haired youth’s eyes slightly narrowed, and then, a cruel smile appeared on his face . This game of reaping the lives of weaklings was really interesting .

On the side, a blonde girl sitting on a broken wall saw this and disdainfully laughed, but did not stop the black-haired youth . The girl had a beautiful golden hair, and lovely dimples which were as white as snow, delicate and beautiful; furthermore, she had sparkling eyes which were also charming and very moving, but the expression in them was exactly the same as the young man next to her — indifferent and ruthless, viewing living beings as trash .

“17, you are playing this boring games again . They are just a group of earthlings, so just kill them if you want; why bother so much?” The blonde girl wrinkled her eyebrows and asked disdainfully . She was sitting cross-legged, propping her chin with her hands as watched her brother play the killing game again . At this time, a gust of wind blew, and her golden hair slowly fluttered in the wind .

17 laughed . He looked at his sister and said with a grin, “18, you don’t understand . Living beings shine most beautifully only when they are in their greatest despair . Look at these humans trying their best to escape; don’t you think it’s fun?”

18 listened to him and licked her bright red lips as a bizarre glow flashed in her blue pupils . But, she immediately shook her head and said, “It is interesting, but right now, I think you’re wasting your time . Look, those people have disappeared . ” Saying this, she extended her sparkling-like-snow jade finger and pointed at the empty street .

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“Hehe, they ran away quite fast!” No . 17 chuckled, and his expression immediately turned cold .

He stretched out his palm, his five fingers sweeping in mid-air, like a bamboo pole paddling across the surface of the water, and immediately, a large mass of energy, which was endlessly emitting bright light, scattered out . The sparkling mass of energy rose to a height of tens of meters from the ground, and shortly after, it exploded and turned into numerous blurry light dots which fell from the sky like a drizzle . In an instant, numerous and densely packed holes appeared within a few kilometers on the ground .

These light dots bored straight into the ground for hundreds of meters, killing all the living beings hidden underneath .

“Look, aren’t they all dead?” No . 17 looked back and smiled at No . 18, but then he immediately sighed, “These earthlings are so weak that I am losing interest in toying with them . ”

No . 18 nodded understandingly, “That’s true! Ordinary humans can basically forget about resistance . Although soldiers could put up some resistance, it is not worth mentioning . Son Goku’s colleagues were a little bit powerful, but what a pity that they were long ago killed by you . ”

More than a decade ago, 17 and 18 were awakened, after which they followed Dr . Gero’s orders to go and kill Son Goku, but when they arrived at Son Goku’s residence, they found that Son Goku had already passed away as early as half a year ago . The reason was actually the so-called heart disease!

Coming up empty-handed, they furiously began to look for Son Goku’s close friends to vent their anger, and due to this, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the other dragon ball warriors died tragically by their hands one after the other .

After that, there were was no one left on the planet who could fight against them .

“Hey, those people were killed by you, okay? Why are you putting all the blame on me?” 17 reacted and looked at his sister who had pushed the blame on him and retorted loudly .

18 waved her hand and jumped down from the half-ruined wall . “Right, doesn’t Son Goku have a son? I haven’t seen him for a long time . Say, will he appear this time?” Suddenly 18 thought of Son Gohan .  If that kid comes over, it might be somewhat fun .

There are still some martial artists left on the earth who would be more interesting than these ordinary people .

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“Who knows, every one of these guys can hide their auras, so we can’t find them at all . And that Son Gohan, even if I fight him with just one of my hand, he is not my opponent!” 17 shrugged his shoulders without any care, his words full of contempt . Of course, he was very upset about the martial artists’ ability to hide their aura .

Dragon ball warriors had passed down the “qi” method because of which Android 17 and 18 couldn’t touch their minds, and naturally, they could not find Son Gohan and the others’ whereabouts . In the past few years, they had been wreaking havoc and slaughtering everywhere, it was also to force them out .

“Look, a fish has slipped through the net . ” 18 suddenly revealed a slight smile and pointed her fingers toward a wall not far from them .

Just now, she saw a miniature periscope poking out, which proved that someone was watching their movements! Unexpectedly, an earthling was hiding behind the wall not far from them . As they say, it’s safest where it’s most dangerous, and just so . This earthling was smart, knowing that the most dangerous place was also the safest place, but this time he may have been too smart for his own good . How can the sharp observational powers of Androids be judged by the common sense of ordinary earthlings?

I’m dead! I’ve been discovered!

Realizing that he had been discovered, the earthling hiding behind the wall was shocked, his whole body sweating . “No, I have to move to a safer place!” This idea had just appeared, and without any hesitation, he quickly grabbed the periscope, preparing to move . But in front of the Androids, where was there a safe place on the entire planet?


A beam of bright white light pierced through the air, and directly entered the wall and into the earthling’s back . It then pierced through his chest and penetrated directly through the body .

It was 18 that had attacked!

“18, you stole my prey again!” 17 shouted resentfully, but he was also helpless regarding his sister who always liked to do whatever she wanted .

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18 clapped her hands, walked over and patted 17’s shoulder . She smiled and said, “I was the one who discovered this earthling . ”

At this time, located on the other side of the city .

In a bunker, hundreds of meters below the ground, the soldiers of the Earth Defence Force were protecting the few remaining earthlings with indignation . Since the Androids appeared 13 years ago, wars, fighting with Androids, infighting among people, and endless sufferings and sorrows kept happening all the time here .

“Bastard! Another city has been destroyed by those two demons . ” The table suddenly trembled as a big-bearded sergeant powerlessly lay down both of his hands on them .

Every time they saw Earthlings die by the hands of Androids, they felt helpless . These soldiers who were determined to protect their fellow humans felt a stabbing pain in their hearts .

If it weren’t because these two Androids wanted to play around, then the Earthlings would already have become extinct a few years ago .

Perhaps 17 and 18 knew that once the earthlings became extinct, the whole earth would become a desolate and barbaric planet without any civilization . This was unacceptable to them who couldn’t leave earth, so when they chose to destroy, they would also leave behind a small number of humans; they would wait for humans to develop again, and then they would once again destroy them just like cutting garlic chives .

“Oh, by the way, have you contacted Ms . Bulma?” The sergeant asked the soldier next to him .

The soldier shook his head and said, “Still not, communication has been completely interrupted . ”

West City was the first city to be destroyed . Although it had undergone several rounds of reconstruction over the past 13 years, they had not been able to keep up with the Androids’ speed of destruction .

Chapter 260 A miserable world

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