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In another place of the universe, West Area, King Davidow's Planet.

It was a cold world where the temperature was minus ten degrees throughout the year. Compared to the bone-piercing cold winds outside, the inside of King Davidow's ice and snow palace was even more severely cold and terrifying.

"Crash!" The sound of the wine glass falling on the ground resounded in the palace. King Davidow's face was cold, and his whole body emitted a dark and icy aura. "Damn Planet Hongshan. To think that this king's son would die there! Luther, how strong were they to have killed you!" King Davidow said angrily.

"Your Majesty, besides the news regarding Sir Luther, this subordinate here also has some news regarding the North Area," Seeing that King Davidow was angry, an alien with a fin-head said in fear and trepidation.

"Speak!" King Davidow glanced over. It was as if he was cherishing his words like they were gold.

"According to the latest information received from the people in the North Area, after Cooler, Frieza and King Cold were also attacked by a mysterious expert, and have been killed."

"What!" King Davidow's countenance changed. He abruptly stood up, and said with his mood fluctuating, "Even Frieza and King Cold are dead?"

"Yes! These news has come from the front!"

"So to say… In the whole universe, the Frost Demon race has only this king left." King Davidow's voice rose a lot, then he walked back and forth in the icy palace.

This was not a good news for him. If it was in the past, he would still have been happy about King Cold's death, but the premise was for King Cold to die by his hands. However now, Luther's death has caused his mood to change, and suddenly hearing that King Cold was dead, made him have a feeling of 'death of a rabbit is also the sorrow of the fox'*. He faintly feels as if a Force was eliminating the Frost Demon race.

[TL: Feeling sympathy for the like-minded person in distress. ]

This was making him uneasy. It'd be a wonder if he could be fine.

"But who is it?" King Davidow thought carefully.

In the universe, the people who wanted them to die the most were the four Kai's who administer the galaxies and the Galactic Patrol Organization. Unfortunately, they didn't have that kind of strength. In fact, whether it was the Kai's or the Galactic Patrol, King Davidow doesn't put them in his eyes.

The ones capable of confronting them were only some of the high-level Forces in the Universe Commerce Alliance, but he was also a member of the Commerce Alliance. Although internally, the Commerce Alliance was chaotic and complicated, and there was no lack of people who had conflicts with him, at least on the surface, they still maintained peace. Even after thinking it over, he couldn't think of anyone who was targeting the Frost Demon race.

Was it all a coincidence that Luther, King Cold, and the others died one after another?

But it was too much of a coincidence.

However, the mysteries of the world were just like this. Furthermore, no matter how hard King Davidow tried to ponder, he wouldn't have thought that it was only a coincidence that Luther and the others died at the same time. It was just that they all fought a Super Saiyan.

"Arvid, send some people to the East Area, and finish off that guy named Karuk," King Davidow calmed down and said to his subordinate on the side.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

A figure suddenly appeared in the corner of the icy palace and answered, before again quickly disappearing.

"Damn it! If it wasn't because of that Karuk, Luther wouldn't have gone to Planet Hongshan, and he wouldn't have died there. That Karuk must die!" King Davidow indifferently thought.

Luther's death had a great impact on his plan to dominate the universe. Losing such a capable person, especially a very obedient son, had made the difficulty of implementing his plan rise a lot.

After a moment of silence, King Davidow said again, "Ned, go and prepare a fleet, this king wants to personally make a trip to Planet Hongshan!"

"How long will it take to get to Planet Hongshan if we go at full speed?"

The alien named Ned considered for a moment and said, "West Area is extremely far from the East Area. If we directly pass through from the center of the universe, it may take up to five months for our most advanced spaceship to arrive."

"Then, we will go directly to the center of the universe."

"But, your majesty, it is the territory of the Galactic Patrol!" Ned reminded.

"Snort, those trash! If they don't know what is good for them, then just finish them off!" King Davidow's voice was indifferent and full of killing intent.

Seeing that King Davidow had already decided, Ned nodded and said, "Then, I will immediately go and prepare!"

"Planet Hongshan ah, Planet Hongshan…"

Sitting on an ice-cold throne, King Davidow looked at his subordinates withdrawing one by one, and his purple eyes flickered. He raised his head and closed his eyes, muttering to himself.

Frieza's third administrative planet.

After receiving news, Frieza's subordinates scattered here and there in the North Area returned in twos and threes. Although the number of people who came back only accounted for less than one percent of the original numbers, the number of people were still too much, and soon the third administrative planet was crowded.

Looking at the dense crowd below, Frieza stood on a high platform with his hands behind his back and sinisterly smiled.

"Ho ho ho ho, quite a lot of people have come back. Abo, Kado, from today on, they are your subordinates. Lead them properly!" Frieza turned towards Abo and Kado and said politely.

The skin color of the Abo and Kado brothers were blue and red respectively, and they were a little fat, with fleshy tentacles on their heads. They didn't look like they were powerful, but they must not be underestimated because of their appearance. In the original work, they would become as strong as Frieza in future. (TL: Presumably referring to Frieza's First Form)

They once fought alongside the Ginyu Force, and after Frieza died, they intended to replace Frieza's position, attacking and occupying planets everywhere; then later, with Sorbet, Frieza's subordinate, they divided the territories and ruled over them.

They were incredible experts.

"Mr. Dodoria, Mr. Balfe, you will assist Abo and Kado from now on!" Frieza strictly instructed.

"Yes, King Frieza."


Dodoria and Balfe nodded, then looked at the Abo and Kado brothers. The two brothers were wearing the traditional Battle Armor of the Frieza Corps. Their fat bodies were trembling from excitement.

Dodoria's eyes were filled with envy.

Who would have thought that King Frieza who was at the peak of his power will choose to go and live in seclusion at this time!

The meat pie that had suddenly dropped down the sky had made the two brothers a little confused and disoriented, and their hearts were full of happiness. Without informing them, they were suddenly pushed to the front of the platform by Frieza, attracting the firepower of other forces. However, even if they were informed, they would be happy to accept such an arrangement.

At this time, a person's eyes who was within the crowd shone; he was looking at Frieza in the distance with a grave expression. "Sure enough, Frieza didn't die!"

"But why is Frieza doing this?" Nappa asked, puzzled. One was not a good ruler if he gave away his territories. This was something only a fool would do.

"Who knows!" Vegeta coldly snorted.

Nappa laughed with embarrassment and looked at Raditz. Raditz repeatedly waved his hand. "I also don't know!"

Nappa said, "I know that you are useless. Forget it, forget it."

The 13-14-year-old Raditz pursed his lips, feeling wronged. When he was with Vegeta and Nappa, he seemed to be just a punching bag. Every time Nappa was not in a good mood, he would vent his anger at him.

Who told him to be a Low-level Warrior! Raditz sighed deeply, he was very dissatisfied with his latent talent.

Chapter 247 Frieza hiding behind the scenes

Frieza's seclusion was a big matter for the current turbulent North Area, as there were no strong people to step forth and swiftly unify them. Only, with each of these Corps' capability in fighting, it was just like getting caught up in the conflict of subordinates.

It is foreseeable that for a long period of time in the future, North Area will be busy with the change of authority and reconstruction of forces.

Although Frieza nominally handed over the ruling authority to the two brothers, Abo and Kado, he did not directly order the other Corps to obey the brothers, Abo and Kado. This vagueness in treatment could be faintly seen from Frieza where he had not used his name to recall his subordinates, instead, used Abo and Kado's name.

He did not personally "pass his position", instead, he only stood with the brothers on the platform. Every corp had similar people who could not accept the two brothers, Abo and Kado. Only Frieza himself could suppress these people. So, at this moment, the seeds of dispute had already been buried; which may take a long time to restore the calm.

However, this was probably what Frieza wanted to see. With the Abo and Kado brothers capabilities, it was no problem to control the main territory under Frieza, but since the surrounding vassals were eyeing them menacingly, they could only continue to rely on the secluded Frieza.

Of course, all these have nothing to do with Vegeta and the others. Vegeta had no interest in the new leaders, the Abo and Kado brothers, after confirming that Frieza had not died.

Coldly glancing at Frieza on the tall platform, Vegeta said, "Nappa, let's go."

"Hey, aren't we going to wait for the new leaders to finish their speech?" Nappa asked in surprise.

Vegeta sneered. "Since Frieza is not dead, what is the importance of this so-called new leaders? They are nothing but puppets placed as a front. If you have to time to stay and watch, then it is better to use it to increase your strength.

Regarding the brothers, Abo and Kado, Vegeta did not think much of them. How can a prideful prince place his sights on the so-called "puppets"? What he was more interested in was the reason why Frieza wanted to hide behind the scenes. Was it really like what is said in the rumors, that it is because of the threat of a powerful enemy?

"No matter what Frieza is plotting, whether he is scared or escaping, the only person who can defeat Frieza in the future will be me."

Vegeta vowed in his heart.

When, in the past, all the members of the Saiyan race served King Frieza, even his father, King Vegeta, had no choice but to obey Frieza's arrangement on the surface, but he did not get much in return. Saying it in pleasant words, they were Frieza's subordinates and saying it in unpleasant words, they were just slaves; which is unacceptable to Vegeta who is prideful by nature.

Vegeta want to prove with his strength that the Saiyan is the best race in the universe and not subordinates of some race.

"OK." Nappa nodded as he stroked his smooth head. Although he didn't quite understand what Vegeta meant, since Prince Vegeta was saying so, then he will do as instructed.

"Raditz, quickly go and accept an appropriate mission," Napps commanded Raditz.

Trifling matters like choosing missions was usually done by Raditz, who had the worst strength.


Raditz also nodded his head, not the slightest bit resentful, and soon ran to pick up a mission. Afterwards, the three of them left Frieza's third administrative planet on a spaceship, travelling like mercenaries in the universe.

East Area, Planet Hongshan.

The dawn's sunlight crept up through the horizon, and sunlight gradually shone upon the dark mountain-tops. The sunlight drove the thin mist away, and a new day once again arrived.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!"

Early in the morning, the door of Xiaya's house was knocked on.

Xiaya's house was located in the middle of the villas at the center of the city, and of course, it had the best modern facilities and environment. As it was the place where their leader lives, generally no one would knock on the door rudely like this.

"Who is it?" Myers ran out in slippers.

She opened the door and saw a girl with blonde curly hair wearing green halter top standing at the doorway. The girl's eyebrows were slightly raised, and it looked like she was waiting impatiently.

"Launch, why have you come over?" Myers asked, surprised.

Normally, Launch stays on the floating island, and seldom comes to Planet Hongshan. On one hand, because of the strong gravity on the planet, she always had to wear the customized gravity control device; on the other hand, she doesn't want to be beaten up at all as the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan were too strong.

So, she rarely comes to Planet Hongshan.

"Hey, is Xiaya here? I have had enough, I want to go back to Earth!"

Blonde-haired Launch rushed in and directly sat down on a sofa in the living room without the slightest bit of unfamiliarity.

It made sense that she, an earthling, couldn't bear to stay on Planet Hongshan for such a long time as everyone here was stronger than her, and she was just like a little sheep among a pride of lions. Although there is no danger here, such a situation was too depressing, and there was no sense of accomplishment.

"What was the blue-haired Launch thinking? She actually came to such a place!" Blonde-haired Launch grumbled.

"Do you want to go back to Earth?" At this time, Xiaya walked over to Blonde-haired Launch's side.

He noticed that Blonde-haired Launch was wearing the clothes that she bought for herself when he first met her. On her upper body was a green halter top, and below was a skintight cowboy shorts; her golden beautiful hair was strapped with a red headscarf. It was the usual dress of the blue-haired Launch. The two slender white thighs were exposed to the air, brimming with a girly aura.

Because, when he bought her clothes at that time, he had fully combed through a shop, and bought a lot of different styles and of all sizes, enough for Launch to wear for a few years.

"Mhm, I'm bored to death staying on Planet Hongshan. Employees also have holidays. You have to let me go back to earth to have fun!" Blonde-haired Launch raised a teacup, took a drink and said.

"Hmm, what you said is true."

Xiaya agreed with Blonde-haired Launch's words. Having Launch stay on Planet Hongshan all the time, and not giving her personal time was really a problem. Even if Blue-haired Launch would not have any complaint, it was hard to say about Blonde-haired Launch. Looking at her, you could tell that she was already very dissatisfied.

"Right, right, employees always require holidays." Blonde-haired Launch, with her eyes shining, leaned closer to his face without realizing how tempting her action was.

Smelling the fragrance that she was exuding, Xiaya lightly coughed twice, nodded and agreed. "You want to go back to earth to have fun, it is not impossible, but the prerequisite is to complete the task of watering the Senzu Beans."

Hearing him, she happily patted her chest. "Hahaha, I am already done with it. Next, as long as Aunt Gine and the others continue to look after them, it will be fine until the Senzu Beans harvest.

Blonde-haired Launch took away the Blue-haired one's credits into her own hands.

She predicts the Senzu Beans' first year's harvest to be better than expected. In the past on earth, during Korin's harvest of one year, when it was high it may be more than one hundred, and when it was low, the crop was likely to be a complete failure; but the floating island was created based on the growing environment for Senzu Beans, so the yield would be better. This year, they could harvest about 500 Senzu Beans.

This quantity was naturally not much, just like collecting drops of water in a bowl, but after accumulating over a long period of time, the amount would only become more and more.

"Such being the case, then after you finish your work every year, I'll allow you to go back to Earth on holidays for the remaining time!" Xiaya laughed.

"Hee hee, that settles it then!"

Blonde-haired Launch was overjoyed, fearing that Xiaya would renege on his words, she kept talking.

"Hehe, I can finally go back to Earth. The Saiyans on Planet Hongshan are all too powerful. I have only been bullied here. After I return to Earth, I will be free. When the sky is high, the bird will fly. I can do whatever I want!" Blonde-haired Launch delightedly thought.

So under Blonde-haired Launch's suggestion, Xiaya put his hand on her shoulder and launched Instant Transmission.

When she returned to Earth and smelled the familiar smell in the air, the blonde-haired Launch suddenly felt tearful, as if she had just escaped from the abyss.

Boo hoo, I've finally returned to Earth.

"Launch, you can do whatever you want until you intend to return, then I'll come to pick you up," Xiaya said, letting go of Launch's shoulder.

"Well, I know, then I will go first." Blonde-haired Launch impatiently waved her hand, then soared directly high into the sky, her reply came from the direction where she had flown off to.

Looking at the frightened blonde-haired Launch's receding figure, Xiaya shook his head helplessly, "This little girl, she must have been holding back on Planet Hongshan with all her might, but this is going to be a disaster for the people on earth."

He was not at all worried about Launch's safety, instead, he felt that the earthlings were going to suffer. Blonde-haired Launch's current Battle Power was 180, and seriously, there weren't many people on earth that could defeat her. It was equivalent to Tien Shinhan's Battle Power when he participated in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.

And maybe only Mercenary Tao could fight with Launch, but only with great difficulty; Master Roshi and Master Shen were still a little worse.

"I didn't expect that I would meddle like this, making Launch the most powerful earthling." Xiaya shook his head and smiled, but after thinking about it, this Launch was after all trained by Korin himself; it was impossible not to become strong.

Xiaya stopped thinking and prepared to return, but since he had come to earth, he should go back to the peninsula city to look at his other home on earth. Therefore, Xiaya launched Instant Transmission and arrived at the peninsula city by the seaside.

This place was not far from the Kame House where Master Roshi lived, and it would only take over an hour to get there with a speedboat.

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