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Chapter 246

“Bastards!” Frieza’s whole body emitted a chilly aura, causing the surrounding temperature to suddenly decrease .

Just as Dodoria and Balfe felt that Frieza was going to vent his anger, Frieza suddenly laughed coldly, and the coldness disappeared . He waved his hand and said, “Forget it, it is useless to keep these traitors, so eradicate them as soon as possible . ”

“Your Majesty, now the entire North Area can be said to have no leader, do we…” Dodoria stretched out his head and carefully suggested .

Frieza shook his head . “No, the time is still not ripe . Although that ancient warrior is hateful, he is indeed strong . He made this king realize the fact that strength is the most important in the universe . This king is still not strong enough compared to that ancient warrior!”

“So, this king intends to properly concentrate on training for a period of time . Hehe, this king never trained properly before because this king was too powerful . As long as I am willing to work hard, that ancient warrior and what not would be nothing . ”

“But, right now, His Majesty’s Forces are in a state of panic; if you don’t appear personally…” Balfe suddenly opened his mouth and said .

Frieza shook his head and calmly said, “The chaos among the Forces is only temporary . Even if my territories reduce, they can similarly again be taken back in the future . Right now, it is not suitable to appear . ”

“Oh, by the way, who is in charge of the Frieza’s First Corp and the Second Corp?”

“It seems to be the Abo and Kado brothers!”

“Then let them temporarily take over this king’s Forces . Umm, the territories to be maintained should be around one-tenth of the original . ” After this battle, Frieza also learned his father’s trick of concealing one’s strength and biding one’s time; he will temporarily go and live in seclusion while handing over his Forces to the two people in charge of the Corps .

Of course, in order to prevent the situation of the subordinates getting too powerful from happening, Frieza reduced his Forces by 90% .

“Yes, King Frieza!” Seeing that Frieza’s decision had been made, Balfe answered in a loud voice .

Dodoria was naturally unwilling . Frieza going and living in seclusion meant that his influence would reduce, but seeing that Frieza had already decided, he could only nod in agreement .

As for the two brothers, Abo and Kado selected by Frieza, Dodoria had also somewhat heard of them . It is said that these two brothers came from a strange High-level planet, and they were extremely powerful . Maybe even Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force was not necessarily the match of these two brothers . He had heard that these two still had a fusion technique; once they fuse, they would become extremely strong .

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have become the leader of the First and Second Corp .

In the later period of the original work, the Abo and Kado brothers were also very powerful . They had also come to earth because they were chasing Vegeta’s younger brother, Tarble, but they were defeated by Gotenks, fusion of Goten and Trunks .

“Oh, and send a universe broadcast to everyone . Tell them to rush back to the headquarters as soon as possible, and anyone who has not returned, write their names down . This king will look for them later to settle accounts! From today on, the leader of the Frieza Forces will be the Abo and Kado brothers, Understand?”

Frieza narrowed his eyes and said .


Dodoria and Balfe glanced at each other and knew that King Frieza was going to push the Abo and Kado brothers to the front .

At this time .

On a certain planet in the North Area, in a damp rainforest…

Beside a huge collapsed tree, a burning bonfire was exuding light and heat, and together with the dense smoke, dispersed the surrounding water vapor . Next to the campfire, a already cooked huge mammoth was supported above the bonfire .

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“Hey, Vegeta, what’s in your hand?” The tall and sturdy Nappa tore off a piece of barbecue and stuffed it into his mouth . He saw Vegeta looking at a photo in his hand and asked .

“Mind your business, and finish off your food . ”

Shooting him a glance, Vegeta coldly answered, and then stood up expressionlessly . He stuffed the photo into his chest area and picked up a piece of fat meat from beside the bonfire .

After being reprimanded, Napa resentfully laughed, feeling snubbed . Although Prince Vegeta was young, his 6200 Battle Power had already left him far behind . Regardless of his identity and strength, Vegeta was above him; thus, Nappa could only obey him .

Two years had quickly passed ever since their last mission had failed . He could vaguely feel that Vegeta seemed to have changed a lot, but his nature of trampling on the weak had not changed at all .

Turning to look towards Raditz next to him, Nappa smiled and said, “Boy, you need to work harder . You are the weakest among us . If you don’t quickly get stronger, we wouldn’t be able to take you when we go to carry out missions in the future . ”

“M-hm!” Hearing him, Raditz subserviently nodded his head; his aura not very strong .

Born as a Low-level Warrior, he didn’t know why he was placed in Prince Vegeta’s squad . Because, whether it was Vegeta and Nappa in the squad, both were born as High-level Warriors, and he, whose strength was weak, seemed to be more like an obstruction to them .

“Prince Vegeta already has 6,200 Battle Power at such a young age, and Nappa too has 1800 Battle Power, and yet, my Battle Power is not even 600 . ”

Raditz clenched his fists and thought with dissatisfaction . It was really useless to compare himself with his two teammates .

“Trash . ” Vegeta snorted as he disdainfully glanced at Raditz .

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This insignificant Low-level Warrior didn’t have much future . Raditz didn’t even have a little bit of ambition to become stronger . This was something that Vegeta despised the most . But after thinking about how he was one of the few rare surviving Saiyans, even if it was to continue the Saiyan’s bloodline, he couldn’t let Raditz die too early .

Just then, the glass monocle type detector at Nappa’s ear rang, “Beep! Beep! Beep!” .

“Hey, its a message sent from Frieza’s headquarters . Have they arranged another mission?” Nappa spat out, his eyebrows wrinkling .

“These annoying guys,” Vegeta ate the barbecue and said .

Nappa smiled and didn’t pay any attention to Vegeta’s reaction . In fact, every time they received a message from Frieza’s headquarters, Vegeta would grumble coldly . Pressing down the button on the detector, a series of instructions soon appeared on the glass monocle .

“Hmm?” Nappa shouted out in surprise as if he had seen something astonishing .

“What happened?”

“Vegeta, something big has happened! Frieza’s headquarters has fallen . According to the news from the headquarters, the leader of the Frieza Force has changed . They are the First and the Second Corp’s, the Abo and Kado brothers . They have told us to return to the headquarters, and it seems they plan to give up a lot of territories . ”

Nappa looked shocked .

“Frieza is dead?” Astonished, Vegeta put down the barbecue .

“It has not been mentioned . ” Nappa shook his head .

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“Humph, it definitely smells fishy . Frieza is not so easy to defeat . ” Vegeta’s eyes flashed with cold light .

Nappa asked, “So, are we going back?”

If, Frieza Force’s leader had changed as the message said, then now was the best chance to leave Frieza Force . They had never liked Frieza from the beginning, but in order to improve their Battle Power, they could only carry out missions under Frieza .

“Why wouldn’t we go back!” Vegeta stood up and snorted coldly . “It’s best if Frieza is dead, and if he is not, it will have no effect on us . Besides, I think it’s all a self-orchestrated trick of Frieza . ”

“What benefits does it have for him? He has lost such a big part of his territories at once . ” Nappa was stunned for a moment .

“Who knows?”

Vegeta sneered, not answering him . He released an energy wave to increase the intensity of the flame . “Hurry up and eat; after eating, deal with the planet, and then we will rush over to the planet mentioned in the message . ”

Whatever the situation, it had nothing to do with them . As long Saiyans could get to fight, then they wouldn’t care whether their ruler was Frieza or anyone else! Of course, in his heart, Vegeta did not want Frieza to have met with a mishap, because the person to defeat Frieza in the future could only be him .


“Yes . ”

Both Nappa and Raditz nodded in agreement and quickly finished the whole mammoth . Then completing the job on the planet, three spherical spaceships flew towards outer space .

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