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Chapter 240

At this time, the atmosphere above Planet Hongshan could only be described as being heavy . The light rustling sound of the wind and the heavy pressure was like a cauldron weighing down on everyone’s chest, causing people to have difficulty breathing .

Luther’s strength was far beyond everyone’s expectations . In Luther’s hands, whether it was Meiling or Adri, they seemed like babies who had just learned to walk unsteadily; the enormous disparity was like a deep chasm, causing all efforts to become futile .

Bang! A muffled sound .

Luther was laughing crazily . His purple pupils gleamed like those of a ravenous wolf staring at its prey .


Luther leisurely took a step forward . At this moment, the distance in the space seemed to have become non-existent, as he once again appeared close to within an inch of Meiling .

Fast! His face suddenly enlarged in her eyes, startling Meiling into sweating cold bullets .

Immediately, her complexion turned white, and a severe pain came from her stomach . “Waaa”, blood spurted out from her mouth . The violent force from Luther’s strong punch was like a train rumbling over, crushing her . Meiling’s body shot out uncontrollably .

Luther sneered, and a cyclone suddenly rose from under his feet . The cyclone formed a huge ring-shaped shock wave that extended from the sky to the ground and cracked open the ground .


Luther flew closer to Meiling, then raised both of his arms and forcefully smashed it down .


The air trembled .

A huge force passed from his arms, and pierced through the girl’s slender body, forming big and small blasts of air below . Huala, Meiling’s body was like a broken kite as she began to fall uncontrollably . A loud rumbling sound appeared, and as if a comet had fallen down, a huge crack appeared on the ground .

The hazy yellow sand obscured the whole sky, and everything was a picture of vast desolation .

The sky in the distance was particularly gloomy, and the heavy atmosphere was like a substance pressing down on everyone’s hearts .

Right now, the verdant Kayme Forest was destroyed in an instant amidst the fierce battle . Looking at the huge trees that were severed from the middle and some of those that were even uprooted, everyone’s faces were gloomy . However, the Saiyan warriors knew that it was very important to defeat the enemy, so they exerted their full strength and wiped out all the aliens who had come together with Luther .

These people were originally not a match for the Saiyans and were all annihilated without much effort .

After killing the underlings, they began to gather together, forming a dense crowd floating in the sky . However, they didn’t get close to Meiling and Luther’s battlefield, not because they were afraid, but because they knew they wouldn’t be of any help; instead, they will distract Madam Meiling .

So they could only look on from far away, clenching their hands, and praying in their hearts so that Madam Meiling could obtain victory .

It was just that level of these Saiyans was too low compared to Meiling and Luther . Meiling and Luther were fighting at a very fast speed and the situation could be said to be changing very rapidly . They widened their eyes, but could only see the continuously appearing flashes in the sky and the sudden explosions erupting out; the specific details couldn’t be seen at all .

They were only able to see a little bit of what was happening when Meiling and Luther paused occasionally for a brief period .

As Meiling was smashed down to the ground by Luther, all the Saiyans watching the fight had their hearts jump into their mouth . They nervously swallowed, however, they found that their mouths had long ago dried up .

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“Madam Meiling!”

“Damn it, Frost Demon!”

All the Saiyan people were filled with indignation, and they really wanted to immediately rush over and fight it out with him at all costs . Even if they die fighting, they wouldn’t leave behind any regrets as Saiyans weren’t afraid to sacrifice their lives .

“Your strength is not enough to intervene in such a battle, get back!” Adri sternly chided .

As a father, Adri was also very deeply worried about Meiling’s situation, but as a administrator, he could not ignore his people and have them become meaningless sacrifices .

“Sir Adri, we…” Whether it was a Guardian Corp warrior or an ordinary Saiyan warrior, they were all very agitated at this moment, but they became silent when they thought of their “weak” strength .

On the floating island in another dimension above the sky…

Gine was standing at the edge of the floating island with several thousand young Saiyans, nervously watching the fight below . Blonde-haired Launch on the side was also watching, but she couldn’t see anything with her eyesight .

“Hey, hey, what’s going on down there?” Blonde-haired Launch yelled .

Ever since she came to Planet Hongshan, Blonde-haired Launch had been living on the floating island because the gravity on Planet Hongshan was several times higher than that of Earth . Usually, the blue-haired one would tend to the Senzu Beans plantation, and cleaning along with a few female Saiyans; and the blonde-haired one would train martial arts with some Saiyans .

However, with her little bit of strength, even an ordinary Saiyan warrior could oppress her with one hand behind their back . Blonde-haired Launch felt very embarrassed . Except for those Ordinary Warriors, she could normally only fight with three or four-year-old Saiyan youngsters, but even then, she would lose more and win few; which made her very depressed . What if she was considered a great “martial artist” on Earth? Why did she become so weak after arriving at Planet Hongshan? Even a child could bully her .

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“Sure enough, Planet Hongshan is not suitable for me . I really want to go back to Earth!” Blond-haired launch sighed in her heart .

It must be said that the growth of Blonde-haired Launch had been great this year . Her Battle Power of 180 was equivalent to Tien Shinhan’s strength when he participated in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament .

Only, staying among a group of elephants, even if one is as strong as a wolf, it wouldn’t be the slightest advantageous .

“I can’t see it clearly, but the other intruders seem to have been disposed of . There is only one remaining . ” Gine shook her head and described the battle below . The level of combat below exceeded her level by too much . That’s why she also couldn’t clearly make it out .

“Then, haven’t they almost been defeated!” Blonde-haired Launch laughed loudly .

“It’s not that simple . Can’t you feel the Ki below? That Frost Demon’s Ki is very formidable . I am afraid that only Sir Xiaya can defeat him,” Gine patted her chest and said anxiously .

Hearing what she said, Blonde-haired Launch said gloomily, “You know that I am not very proficient in Ki! ” Then her eyeballs rolled, “You mean that he can only be defeated If Xiaya comes back?”

“M-hm, the Frost Demon is too strong,” Gine said .


“Damn it!”

With her silvery voice full of anger, Meiling angrily drilled out of the ground . Compared to the fight between Xiaya and King Cold, Meiling’s was a lot more dangerous .

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“Eh? You still haven’t died after receiving my attack . The vitality of Saiyans is really tenacious,” Luther glanced at her and disdainfully said .

Suddenly, Luther’s eyes congealed, and he noticed that the woman opposite him seemed to be a little different .

“What’s going on?”

When Luther looked at Meiling again, he found that the beautiful woman’s surroundings were beginning to suffuse with clouds and mist, and within one-kilometer range of her, countless golden lightning struck down from the clouds . It was a scene of heaven and earth joining .

“That is…” In the distance, Adri and Bardock also noticed the strange scene on Meiling’s side .

“This scene, and golden lightning, could it be that Madam Meiling is going to break through?”

Bardock suddenly got excited .

No one clearly knew more about the vision of Super Saiyan transformation than him . When he was on Planet Kanassa, the vision he saw of Kakarrot transforming was similar to this . Hence, Bardock calmed down .

At this time, Meiling’s face was full of resentment . Her cold face was permeated with killing intent as a golden light flickered around her body .

The golden burning aura around Meiling continued to become dense, suddenly appearing and disappearing, but it was not stable enough .

Chapter 240 Super Saiyan Meiling

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