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Luther looked at Meiling's appearance and opened his mouth as an unbelievable speculation flashed in his heart. "Golden light? Why does her appearance look similar with the legend that has been passed down by the ancestors? Is this woman about to transform into a Super Saiyan?"

"Damn it! I can't let her transform!"

Luther exploded into a loud shout. His grim face looked sinister as his palms drew an arc in the void, and immediately, densely packed crimson energies shot out from different directions towards Meiling.


The densely packed spheres of light converged in the sky, and the frightening energies slowly formed a thick and impenetrable huge net, before erupting out into a huge explosion that was enough to destroy the world.

However, these energies seemed to have no effect as there was a protective layer of a virtual substance around Meiling that was protecting her. The frightening energy raised a storm, but they couldn't hurt Meiling at all.

At this time, within Meiling's body, whose hair was alternating between black and gold great changes were happening, and her aura was unceasingly rising.

This change put enormous pressure on Luther.

Suddenly, the light golden aura gradually began to burn like a raging inferno, and as time went by, the blazing aura was getting stronger and stronger; the color was also getting deeper and deeper. The color of the aura gradually changed from light-gold to gold, and finally settled on a bright golden-yellow.


The blazing golden aura shot up into the sky, and a majestic and vast aura shrouded the entire planet.


Meiling's blazing aura pressed and rubbed against the surrounding air, causing a "zi zi" sound. Suddenly, her jet-black and soft beautiful hair exuded a golden glow before they turned sparkling golden. Except for the long hair at the back of her head, the golden bangs above her forehead were fluttering towards both of her temples.

In an instant, her long hair and eyebrows exuded a golden luster, and even her tightly closed eyes turned green.

Super Saiyan!

Meiling opened her eyes; her green pupils were piercingly cold and without any trace of emotion.

Amidst the golden blazing aura, the girl's graceful figure was fully revealed. Her eyes were clear and full of dignity.

"Finally, I broke through into Super Saiyan!" Meiling muttered to herself before she looked at Luther in midair. Her bright and charming eyes emitted an icy killing intent.

The corners of her mouth slightly curled upward, revealing a beautiful arc. Meiling stepped into the void, and suddenly the sole of her feet generated a cyclone. The ground sunk down by several meters as an afterimage flashed, and she arrived at Luther's side, both facing each other from a distance.

Before she had transformed into a Super Saiyan, Meiling was far from Luther's match; just like a meteor's light to a rising sun. There was no comparison at all. However, after breaking through into Super Saiyan, their positions have changed. She could now look down on him. The tables had turned and their positions had quickly changed.

Luther's face was gloomy, and he was faintly feeling flustered.

Suddenly, they both moved at the same time. Two bright light rays traversed through the sky. Their movements were extremely fast, and during the brief contact, they immediately broke out in a fierce battle.


The reddish-black surface of Planet Hongshan trembled, and a cloud of dust like a black curtain quickly shrouded the sky, blocking the sunlight; the dim color was as if a bottle of ink was upended and sprinkled all over the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the sky, two figures were moving as quick as lightning. From time to time, they collided with each other before quickly separating, and then started fighting again. They were one man and one woman.

The man was an alien covered in white skin, short and thin stature, and had devil-like purple pupils; the woman was blonde-haired, the hair in front of her forehead rising into the sky, and her whole body was burning with a golden blaze.

Wasn't this the scene that Bardock foresaw on Planet Bahert?

The immense pressure transmitted through space, and the gravity endured by Adri and others body in the distance seemed to rise by several times, causing them to fall down from the sky due to the pressure. Looking up at the sky, Adri and others were excited. Their complexion flushed red as if they had drunk liquor.

"Meiling has transformed into a Super Saiyan!" Adri shouted in excitement, such that even his body was trembling.


"Golden hair, so it turns out to be Super Saiyan. It's really shocking." A lot of Saiyans, who had never before seen the appearance of a Super Saiyan, muttered.

"So powerful! Even my heart seems to stop beating in front of the Super Saiyan."

Everyone was talking, their blood boiling.

Finally, a second Super Saiyan have appeared on Planet Hongshan; moreover, she broke through in from of them. It was like when someone had nowhere to go, and then a safe path was suddenly presented in front of them. Such a pleasant surprise gave them great encouragement.

Moreover, Meiling was a fusion of Xiling and Myers. Her successful breakthrough meant that Xiling and Myers were not far from the boundary of a Super Saiyan.

"Meiling finally broke through into Super Saiyan. I didn't guard them for such a long time in vain." A calm voice was heard, and then a figure appeared in the sky.

"Sir Xiaya!"

"Little Ya, you are finally back."

"In fact, I had returned a long time ago. However, I didn't show myself after seeing that Meiling and that Frost Demon were fighting. Sure enough, it was a correct decision. Otherwise, Meiling wouldn't have been able to break through into Super Saiyan!"

Adri, Bardock, and the others reacted. Adri suddenly realized. "You were hiding so that Meiling will make a breakthrough under pressure!"

"Yes!" Xiaya nodded, his handsome face revealing a faint smile.

In fact, shortly after Meiling and Luther started fighting, Xiaya had used Instant Transmission to return to Planet Hongshan, but he didn't show himself immediately. He chose to instead hide for a while because he had immediately realized that Meiling was only a step away from the breakthrough. Therefore, he let Meiling use Luther as a stepping stone to break through the Super Saiyan threshold.

Just now when Meiling had broken through, it was Xiaya on the side that had blocked Luther's attack.

"What you did was really right." Adri smiled happily.

"Right, when will the fight between Meiling and the Frost Demon end?" Rebecca stepped forward and asked.

A Super Saiyan's aura exceeded theirs by too much, and even with their senses, they weren't able to tell the final outcome. Of course, after observing Xiaya's calm appearance which didn't show any worry, they guessed that Meiling had great hope of winning.

Xiaya smiled and said, "Before Meiling had transformed, her Battle Power was 6 million. After transforming into Super Saiyan, her Battle Power increased to 300 million. As for that Frost Demon, his Battle Power is about 150 million!"

"Then, it means Meiling is winning," Alice said happily.

Nearly double the gap, this was not the same as the fight between Xiaya and King Cold. The gap was too big, and any extra measure wouldn't able to make up for it.

"There's no doubt that the winner will definitely be Meiling, but now we have to instead worry about whether Planet Hongshan can endure such a fight," Xiaya said.

After listening to him, Adri, Bardock, and the others pondered and nodded. Just like if Frieza in his Normal State—where his Battle Power was 530,000—moved his fingers, he could easily destroy Planet Vegeta, and right now, Meiling and the Frost Demon both who have Battle Power in hundreds of millions, were fighting. It could be said that they were fighting on a time bomb. No one knew when the planet would explode.

Just like the battle between Xiaya and King Cold that caused King Cold's headquarters planet to be destroyed.

"Planet Hongshan is too fragile!"

Just as Xiaya and the others were talking and laughing, the situation on the battlefield had rapidly changed.

Being suppressed by Meiling who had already transformed into Super Saiyan, Luther finally understood how formidable the legendary Super Saiyans were. No wonder ancestor Chilled would pass down such words. Super Saiyans are really too formidable.

"Why did this woman have to become so powerful after transforming into a Super Saiyan! Perhaps only father could deal with her."

Luther looked bitter and wanted to slap himself a few times. He felt that coming to Planet Hongshan was the most foolish decision he had ever made. No, not killing all these Saiyans when he had the opportunity was the biggest mistake he had ever committed.

"What a joke, I, Luther can't die on this little planet!" In that instant, in Luther's heart flashed numerous thoughts, and then he decisively made a choice.

Escape! This thought very naturally flashed in his mind.

Escaping was not disgraceful. If one realized their mistake and felt shame about it, he was brave enough. Luther knew that he was no match for her, so he had to find a way out to retreat. The solution was to decisively escape.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

A series of energy waves were tossed out from his hands and densely covered the whole sky, like numerous round artillery shells forming a huge network in the sky. Then, these "artillery shells" erupted in a deafening explosion, and the whole sky was enveloped in a bright white color. Taking advantage of Meiling's sight being obstructed by the explosion, the corners of Luther's mouth crooked, and then he immediately turned around and speedily fled away, turning into a beam of light and rushing towards the outer space.

"Since you have come to Planet Hongshan, do you think I would let you leave so easily? Stay behind, wicked Frost Demon!" Meiling's icy and clear voice suddenly sounded behind his ear.

Golden light brushed past him, and Meiling's beautiful figure appeared in front of him.

Luther's heart furiously trembled as he saw the ghost-like enemy. His face alternatively turned dark and white for a while, and after a painful struggle, he roared angrily and rushed towards Meiling, clearly desperate.

"The fight is soon coming to an end."

Lifting his head, Xiaya said indifferently.

Immediately his body flashed, leaving behind only a faint afterimage in the air. Xiaya appeared next to Meiling and Luther. The more critical the moment, the more likely it was that a crisis will break out amidst the struggle and resistance in the desperate situation. He wanted to extinguish any crisis before it could sprout.

"Xiaya, what are you doing here?" Meiling saw that a person had appeared next to her and cried out in astonishment, a hint of surprise flashed by her green pupils.

Xiaya nodded at her and smiled. "You continue fighting, I will keep watch on the side!"

After that, the corner of his eyes trembled, and his black hair turned into a golden color. His calm green eyes quietly glanced at Luther, and suddenly erupted out with an imposing aura that was a lot stronger than Meiling's.

"Mhm!" Meiling nodded, her eyes slightly narrowing, and then, her icy green eyes flashed with mischievousness.

Luther's mood was gloomy. His whole body turned sluggish and he shouted crazily. "What's going on? To think that there are more than one Super Saiyan!"

At this time, Luther was dumbfounded. If the woman broke through before because of his carelessness, then what about the man in front of him? This kind of strength, he knew just by looking at the burning golden rays that it was much stronger than that of the woman. Perhaps even his father, King Davidow, would not be the opponent of this man in front of him!

"Frost Demon race can't defeat the Super Saiyans!"

Such a feeling suddenly flashed in Luther's heart that even he himself felt it was inconceivable. Saiyan, this race was really too frightening.

As some people liked to put themselves in desperate situations while fighting, one would sometimes need an indomitable and imposing manner in order to survive such situations. It was hard to say that it was a good habit, but the vigorous and imposing momentum was also essential in a battle in order to control the fighting rhythm. The so-called "gain the upper hand" by a show of strength.

Facing two Super Saiyans, Luther began to turn timid and obviously lost his superiority in imposing manner.

And just like what Xiaya had expected, Luther was not Meiling's opponent who had transformed into Super Saiyan. The strength of both sides was not on a level line. In just a while, Luther's body was covered in cuts and bruises, just like a stray dog, and had completely lost the valiant and heroic bearing that he had when he just arrived on Planet Hongshan.

In order to prevent him from doing something extreme due to being driven into a corner like a cornered beast, Xiaya looked at him with vigilance.


A sparkling and translucent brilliance suddenly shone in the midst of the battlefield, and an energy blade shining with bright and beautiful radiance was just like a thin silk ribbon, as it smoothly and gracefully traversed through the sky, chopping everything along the way; it made all defenses futile.


With a stunned expression and a stiff smile on his face, Luther never thought that he would lose his life on this remote planet, but the energy blade that was countless times thinner than paper penetrated through his chest.

"How could it be…" Luther's expression was gloomy.

"Vainly invading Planet Hongshan, you have only yourself to blame for all these. You are the first Frost Demon to die by my hands!"

Meiling said without any expression, her ice-cold eyes pricking Luther's nerves.

"Damn Saiyan, I must kill you!" Not knowing where he got strength from, Luther, whose body was cleaved in half, flew up and stretched out his sharp claws toward Meiling, trying to take her down with him to death.

Courting death!

Standing on the side, Xiaya's expression turned cold, and he decisively chose to attack. He was fast and violent. In a flash, his huge steel-like hand grabbed Luther's head and then he violently exerted strength.


Surprised, Meiling looked as Luther's eyes turned white; his hard head suddenly cracked open, and red-white liquid splattered out and dropped down from the sky.

"Dead?" Meiling cried out in surprise.

"Naturally, he is dead." Xiaya nodded his head and produced a fireball in his palm, cleaning up the stains of blood on his hands.

"Oh!" Meiling smiled happily, spun around in the sky, and then tightly hugged Xiaya's arm.

"This time, I protected Planet Hongshan. Shouldn't you give me some reward?"

"What do you want?" Xiaya smiled.

Meiling thought for a moment but she wasn't able to think about anything, "Hee hee, anyway just note it down for the time being. Oh, the fusion time is soon going to end."

Suddenly, Meiling smiled and rushed over before kissing him on his face. Then, under Xiaya's astonished expression, a golden light flashed, and she again split into Xiling and Myers. It seemed that they had exhausted too much energy when they had fused, so after splitting back into Xiling and Myers, they simultaneously lost their ability to fly and fell from midair.

"This girl…come here. It seems that although Xiling and Myers had fused, her personality apparently inherited more of Xiling's emotions…"

Shaking his head, Xiaya moved and held tight the two girls one on the left and the other on the right. At this time, Adri and the others also flew over.

Putting the two girls into Rebecca and Lise' hands, Xiaya looked at Planet Hongshan that had changed beyond recognition because of the fight and sighed. "Let's go back first. Those houses and buildings that have collapsed can be handled by the Feidaya people, but the mainland's tectonic plate may need a long time  to recover by just solely relying on the restoration power of the planet itself."

"Yeah, who could have thought that one day, even a planet would become so fragile!" After seeing the battle of a Super Saiyan, Adri expressed his thoughts.

The situation changes so fast that sometimes people aren't able to react.

In the past, during Planet Vegeta's time, even if they used their full strength, it would not necessarily be able to destroy the mainland's tectonic plate. Who would have thought that, in just a few years, even an entire planet could not withstand the strong Battle Power of Saiyans. The gravity of Planet Hongshan was much higher than Planet Vegeta's, which meant that Planet Hongshan was actually much durable than Planet Vegeta.

"Maybe I should use the dragon balls to strengthen the planet; otherwise, there would be too many limitations," Xiaya said.

Just like this battle, if it had happened on a place like the Sacred World of the Kai, and even if it is not the Sacred World of the Kai, he wouldn't have to worry about Planet Hongshan collapsing as long as it was a planet which is more durable than Planet Hongshan.

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