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Chapter 214

“Good, good!”

Mr . Rade shouted loudly . The magical and wide-ranging martial arts of Earth has opened his eyes . Who would have thought there were martial arts like these in the world . These martial arts had origin opposite to that of Planet Metamor’s, and that was a huge temptation for someone like him who was addicted to researching martial arts .

“Mr . Rade, I hope to exchange martial arts with you,” Xiaya voiced his idea, with a slight smile on his face .

Mr . Rade’s eyes gleamed, and he nodded repeatedly . “Very well, there are several empty rooms in the martial arts hall . I request you three to stay here . We can have a good exchange . ”

“But in a few days, there is a public lesson in the martial arts hall . I ask you three to wait a few more days!” said Mr . Rade .

“Of course!” Xiaya laughed .

At that moment, the disciple who had been guarding the gate and several of his fellow apprentices ran over: “Teacher, a few unfamiliar experts appeared just now . Maybe they came to attack the hall… Ah, you are here!” The gate-guarding disciple exclaimed as soon as he saw Xiaya and the girls .

“Quiet, these are teacher’s friends . Go and arrange rooms . They will live in the martial arts hall for a while,” Mr . Rade chided .

“Yes, teacher!”

The group of disciples looked at each other and swiftly nodded in acknowledgment . Their gazes now held respect for Xiaya and the girls . Being able to become friends of the Master Martial Immortal means they must be famous martial arts masters . These people look so young, but they had already reached such a level .

“It’s no wonder that I didn’t even know how these people disappeared; it turns out that they were great experts!” The gate-guarding disciple thought quietly .


For the next few days, Xiaya and Xiling lived in Mr . Rade’s martial arts hall . Every day, they had discussion with Mr . Rade regarding the profundity of martial arts . The meeting of different martial arts systems benefited both parties .

If the attack power exerted during a fight primarily originates from strength, then the profundity of the martial arts is the key that prompts the user on how to use that strength .

It was like painting a picture . When it comes to painting techniques, there are some people who favor thick scribbles, while some others prefer to draw lines . These two had some differences in the process of creation, but finally, they could both paint their desired work .

The same was true for Earth’s martial arts and Planet Metamor’s martial arts . The spirit of operating both martial arts varied, but in the end, both returned to the same line .  How to fight? They both would reach the same goal via different routes .

Soon, the day of the martial arts hall’s public lesson arrived . On that day, many aliens and Metamorans gathered in the martial arts hall . They had been attracted over by its reputation . At that time, Xiaya realized how famous the Nine Martial Immortal’s name was .

In order to get pointers from Mr . Rade, many people stood in a long queue outside the hall . The line had begun to form a few days before .

Naturally, due to a large number of people, the pointers from Martial Immortal could not be very detailed, but Mr . Rade’s casual pointers benefited everyone who arrived, and they all left perfectly satisfied .

Sometimes, martial arts are just like this . If one’s eyes were obscured by a single, thin leaf, and afterward, the leaf is pierced through — the scenery he would see would be completely different from the scenery that he would see if the leaf was removed completely . Mr . Rade clarified everyone’s doubts with his excellent accomplishment in martial arts . Wasn’t this solidifying martial arts!

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“Xiaya, do we really have to learn such ugly actions?” Myers looked at the training method described in the picture book unhappily .

It was the day after the public lesson . Xiaya used the essence of Earth’s martial arts as an exchange for a few of Metamoran’s profound unique skills . Currently, Xiling and Myers were practicing the Metamoran’s most famous “Fusion Technique” .

Planet Metamor’s martial arts were very close to magic, and this was a skill developed from Metamoran’s unique training system .

“Fusion Technique”, such a formidable secret skill was considered the best among many secret skills . It could greatly enhance a fighter’s Battle Power .

In the original work, Goten and Trunks of Super Saiyan 1 level fused together and reached the level of Super Saiyan 3 . Their strength had wholly improved by 8 times on the basis of Super Saiyan 1!

However, as a secret skill, the training requirements for the Fusion Technique were very harsh; not only were the two people training in this required to have a similar aura, but the set of weird actions required for Fusion Dance would also cause rejection between them .

Myers was struggling with the dance pose and wasn’t willing to learn Fusion Technique .

“Just think about it — once you succeed in Fusion, your Battle Power will skyrocket by several times . When that happens, don’t you think it would become easier to understand the secret of Super Saiyan?” Xiaya cooked up a random excuse .

However, this was not without a basis . The current Battle Power of both Xiling and Myers is 780,000 and 550,000 respectively . If Xiling lowered her energy, keeping it similar to Myers, and used Fusion Technique to fuse, their combined Battle Power may suddenly increase to about 4 . 5 million . When that happens, the distance to transforming into Super Saiyan would go one step further .

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Myers’ expression was still somewhat twisted, but Xiling’s was completely carefree: “Anyway, later, I don’t want to be seen by anyone when transforming . ”

After thinking about it, Myers believed that what he said had some truth to it; thus, she decided to steel her heart and work hard when practicing Fusion Technique with Xiling . However, if they sought to adjust their auras until it was the same, it would not be done in a short while .

Watching the women’s lousy dance steps, Xiaya wanted to laugh very much, but in order not to hurt their self-confidence, he walked out of the room and examined another secret skill in his hand .

This was another important secret skill that he had gotten from Mr . Rade via exchange . Compared to Fusion Technique, Xiaya considered it much more important .

Its name was “Vacuum Technique”!

As the name implied it was a secret skill that allowed people to survive in space . This was of great significance to Saiyans who could not survive in space .

After the Vacuum Technique was used, as long as energy in the body was not exhausted, the user could stay in outer space for a long time . Instead of air, energy was used to fill cells . An experiment was carried out on an ordinary Saiyan’s physique, and the Saiyan was able to stay in the space for maximum seven days .

Although it was impossible to stay for a long time, this was already very valuable for Saiyans .

“If the Vacuum Technique gets widely spread on Planet Hongshan, at least, there would be no need to worry about the problem of fighting in space . ” Thinking of this, Xiaya’s eyes sparkled .

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A Saiyan, who had a certain degree of strength, could rely on the energy within their body to envelope themselves so that they could stay in space for a short time; however, this would greatly affect their fighting effectiveness . With this Vacuum Technique, this problem is solved .

And even in the event of an enemy destroying the planet, as long they survived in the vacuum environment, Saiyans could take out a spaceship from the Hoi-Poi Capsule and withdraw .

“It seems that when the Vacuum Technique has been widely spread, I will have to hurry the people of Feidaya to provide every Saiyan with a small spacecraft,” Xiaya quietly thought . He could feel that in future Saiyans would no longer be limited to fighting on planets .


A few days later, the mountains far away from habitation had their tops covered with white snow, and the north wind whistled, bringing icy water vapor along with it .

On an open ground, a big girl and a small girl danced with comical steps . Two fingers touched each other, and a brilliant light flashed . Soon, the thick smoke dispersed, and a tall girl was left in the place that both girls had been .

After several failures, they had finally succeeded in training the Fusion Technique .

The tall girl’s face was beautiful and charming, and her long hair fluttered in the breeze . She wore a small Metamoran’s lined jacket, and there was a red ribbon on her white trousers . She looked like a 20-year-old that had the charms of both Xiling and Myers .

Their jacket was different from Gotenks’ lined jacket, perhaps because they were girls . After fusing, Xiling and Myers weren’t bare-chested; there was a blue cloth wrapped around her chest . The black lined jacket was small in size, exposing a large bare area of the white underbelly .

The fused girl is called “Meiling”!

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