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The martial arts hall of the Martial Immortal, Rade, was very large. The wooden building was partitioned into more than a dozen outdoor training platforms. Furthermore, there were also seven to eight indoor training areas. Currently, there were hundreds of apprentices strengthening their foundation within the martial arts hall.

Xiaya saw that the Battle Power of these apprentices was mostly around five or six hundred. If they were placed on earth, they would be rare martial artists, but in the Martial Immortal Rade's martial arts hall, they could only be apprentices.

"Planet Metamor's martial arts system is quite unique." Xiaya slightly narrowed his eyes. After learning earth's martial arts, he could tell, at a glance, the differences between Planet Metamor's and Earth's martial arts.

If Earth's martial arts focused on internal training, consolidating the human body into an independent system, and then harmonizing the relationship between man and nature — then Planet Metamor's martial arts strove for another way to communicate outside the human body from the very beginning, comparing the human body to a magnet, pulling the forces of nature and universe.

It was no wonder Metamorans could develop martial arts like the Fusion Technique; their concept of martial arts has been different from the start.

"Who are you looking for?" The disciple guarding the martial arts hall noticed the strangers coming into the martial arts hall and asked.

"We are here to look for Mr. Rade. May I ask where he is?" Xiaya smiled and asked in a mild tone.

Although the disciple guarding the gate was not strong, as the saying goes: "the seven officials in front of prime minister's gate*". The disciple represents the prestige of the Martial Immortal's training hall, so Xiaya was as polite as possible.

[TN: the person guarding the gate of prime minister's office has status equivalent to royal court's seven officials. If one wants to have an audience with the prime minister, they must pass through the gatekeeper. So, their authority wasn't small. ]

The disciple shook his head when he heard their request, "There are still a few days before the teacher is to teach martial arts. If you have any questions to ask, please come back after a few days."

"Heh, we will see Rade now!" Myers jumped out and said.

"You people, Teacher Rade is currently researching martial arts; he can't see guests, so please come back later!" the disciple frowned, feeling displeased.

As one of Planet Metamor's Nine Martial Immortal, what kind of noble status does Teacher Rade have… Did they think that they could see him just because they say so? Teacher was taking out time to teach martial arts to the outside world. This was already a great kindness. Are these people still not satisfied?

"Who told you to shoot off your mouth!" Xiaya kneaded Myers' head lightly.

This kid wasn't able to do anything right. Didn't she promise to be good, not speak out of turn, and not be bossy before? Xiaya hadn't expected her to break her promise after meeting someone, they hadn't even exchanged a few words!

Looking at the disciple for a short while, Xiaya didn't say much. He directly turned into a beam of light and disappeared. Upon seeing this, Xiling and Myers smiled at the disciple, and they also disappeared instantly.

The disciple was shocked. Were those three people extraordinary experts? The disciple tensed up and quickly ran into the martial arts hall to recount this to his fellow apprentices inside.

Upon entering the martial arts hall and passing through several training areas, Xiaya came to the inner area of the martial arts hall; this was where Rade lived. In the distance, Xiaya saw a middle-aged man in white training clothes sitting on a wooden floor; his eyes were closed, and he seemed to be pondering about something.

With his aura, Xiaya sensed that Rade's Battle Power has reached 6210; he is an exceptional master of martial arts.

"Hello, Mr. Rade!"

Xiaya stepped forward and said with a calm expression, "I am Xiaya — a martial artist from Planet Hongshan. I have heard the distinguished name of Planet Metamor. I specially came here to visit Mr. Rade and ask you for pointers."

Mr. Rade opened his eyes and gazed sharply at Xiaya as if he wanted to see through him. His eyes followed the movements of the three peoples, and he was slightly surprised; he was not able to see the real strength of these people.

"Hey, your understanding of martial arts should be no less than me. I can faintly feel that your steps are quite natural. It really is a different kind of martial art." Mr. Rade laughed.

He felt the depth of Earth's martial arts for the first time. It seemed to be a different kind of wide-ranging and profound martial arts, and this was a huge temptation for him who is obsessed with researching martial arts.

Xiaya laughed humbly and did not deny it.

"Planet Hongshan, is that the trading planet that recently sprung up in the East Area? It's quite unexpected that it has such magical martial arts," Mr. Rade muttered to himself for a moment. "If you don't dislike it, then please swap pointers with me. It's good that I can swap pointers with a real martial artist."

Xiaya nodded. He understood that for Raid to want to swap pointers with him, it indicated that Raid thought highly of his martial arts, so Xiaya did not refuse. He followed Mr. Rade to the martial arts platform close by.

Instead of letting Xiling or Myers fight, he personally chose to go up on the platform. First, he had to personally experience the mysteriousness of Metamoran's martial arts and discern whether it is worth for him to learn or not. Second, he was itching to fight because he wanted to exercise his limbs.

On the martial arts platform, Xiaya adjusted the aura on his body, restraining the inner breath, and suppressed his Battle Power to the same level as Mr. Rade. Then, he adopted a fighting posture.

Because it was a fight solely for exchanging pointers, Xiaya was not in a hurry to take the initiative in launching an attack, and instead, he quietly observed.

Mr. Rade looked at the young man in front of him with a grave expression because a strong pressure surged out from the young man and suddenly assaulted him. Expert! Mr. Rade's eyes brightened. It was hard to imagine that this young person in front of him had a strength not inferior to his own.

"I'll begin!" Mr. Rade said, and his figure disappeared before Xiaya's eyes.

Xiaya's face was calm, and his eyes continued to look around in all directions, following Mr. Rade's figure. "Whoosh!" A fleeting figure suddenly appeared near Xiaya's waist. Xiaya turned his body sideways, avoiding the attack at his waist, he then turned and punched at his opponent.

Afterimage! Xiaya muttered in his heart, clearly disappointed with Mr. Rade's move. He thought that Mr. Rade had some wonderful attack, but he didn't expect it to only be an afterimage!

This was a crappy move that was also used on earth!

However, just then, something unexpected happened. The afterimage that his fist had clearly passed through, unexpectedly attacked Xiaya, bringing with it a strong wind.

"This afterimage is real?"

Xiaya was shocked. He swayed his body and waved his hand to counterattack; his hands and legs successively attacking. It was clearly an illusory afterimage, but when it struck the ground, it was able to produce sound.

Xiaya's body flashed and avoided the ensuing attacks from Mr. Rade. The attacks kept coming in waves, roaring like ferocious wolves and tigers.

With several flashes, Xiaya retreated by several meters. Then, he swayed to the side and shouted loudly. His entire body got shrouded by a layer of extremely thin Ki blades, and he swooped down toward Mr. Rade…

Outside of martial arts hall, Xiling frowned and watched the fight on the platform.

This Metamoran's attacking method is really strange. It was clearly an illusory shadow, but it had a substance-like, powerful might. Such a martial art had the qualities of both offense and defense.

"Maybe we really can learn a lot here!" Xiling put away the little bit of contempt in her heart. This skill alone of changing what is real and what is false had opened her eyes.

"Hey, if we can learn it, we definitely won't be at a disadvantage when fighting an enemy in the future!" Myers eyes shone.

Xiling laughed and said, "Maybe, but I think that this skill capable of changing what is real and what is false may be ineffective if we encounter a large energy attack!"

The so-called heavy sword has no edge, and it doesn't work*. No matter how strange one's skill was, I will break it with strength and directly destroy everything into pieces. So, when it comes to a high-strength battle, Mr. Rade's skill may not be effective.

[TL: It means a real sword skill does not rely on the sword's edge; instead, it relies on an individual's training.]

Myers pursed her lips and looked back at the platform with great interest.

Above the martial arts platform, Xiaya and Mr. Rade were evenly matched because Xiaya suppressed his strength to the same level as his opponent. Although his eyes were still sharp, the movement of his limbs was limited, so for a while, he wasn't Mr. Rade's opponent.

This was the first confrontation between Earth's and Planet Metamor's martial arts. This swapping of pointers was a rare treat for both Xiaya and Mr. Rade.

"Good, good!"

Mr. Rade shouted loudly. The magical and wide-ranging martial arts of Earth has opened his eyes. Who would have thought there were martial arts like these in the world. These martial arts had origin opposite to that of Planet Metamor's, and that was a huge temptation for someone like him who was addicted to researching martial arts.

"Mr. Rade, I hope to exchange martial arts with you," Xiaya voiced his idea, with a slight smile on his face.

Mr. Rade's eyes gleamed, and he nodded repeatedly. "Very well, there are several empty rooms in the martial arts hall. I request you three to stay here. We can have a good exchange."

"But in a few days, there is a public lesson in the martial arts hall. I ask you three to wait a few more days!" said Mr. Rade.

"Of course!" Xiaya laughed.

At that moment, the disciple who had been guarding the gate and several of his fellow apprentices ran over: "Teacher, a few unfamiliar experts appeared just now. Maybe they came to attack the hall… Ah, you are here!" The gate-guarding disciple exclaimed as soon as he saw Xiaya and the girls.

"Quiet, these are teacher's friends. Go and arrange rooms. They will live in the martial arts hall for a while," Mr. Rade chided.

"Yes, teacher!"

The group of disciples looked at each other and swiftly nodded in acknowledgment. Their gazes now held respect for Xiaya and the girls. Being able to become friends of the Master Martial Immortal means they must be famous martial arts masters. These people look so young, but they had already reached such a level.

"It's no wonder that I didn't even know how these people disappeared; it turns out that they were great experts!" The gate-guarding disciple thought quietly.

For the next few days, Xiaya and Xiling lived in Mr. Rade's martial arts hall. Every day, they had discussion with Mr. Rade regarding the profundity of martial arts. The meeting of different martial arts systems benefited both parties.

If the attack power exerted during a fight primarily originates from strength, then the profundity of the martial arts is the key that prompts the user on how to use that strength.

It was like painting a picture. When it comes to painting techniques, there are some people who favor thick scribbles, while some others prefer to draw lines. These two had some differences in the process of creation, but finally, they could both paint their desired work.

The same was true for Earth's martial arts and Planet Metamor's martial arts. The spirit of operating both martial arts varied, but in the end, both returned to the same line. How to fight? They both would reach the same goal via different routes.

Soon, the day of the martial arts hall's public lesson arrived. On that day, many aliens and Metamorans gathered in the martial arts hall. They had been attracted over by its reputation. At that time, Xiaya realized how famous the Nine Martial Immortal's name was.

In order to get pointers from Mr. Rade, many people stood in a long queue outside the hall. The line had begun to form a few days before.

Naturally, due to a large number of people, the pointers from Martial Immortal could not be very detailed, but Mr. Rade's casual pointers benefited everyone who arrived, and they all left perfectly satisfied.

Sometimes, martial arts are just like this. If one's eyes were obscured by a single, thin leaf, and afterward, the leaf is pierced through — the scenery he would see would be completely different from the scenery that he would see if the leaf was removed completely. Mr. Rade clarified everyone's doubts with his excellent accomplishment in martial arts. Wasn't this solidifying martial arts!

"Xiaya, do we really have to learn such ugly actions?" Myers looked at the training method described in the picture book unhappily.

It was the day after the public lesson. Xiaya used the essence of Earth's martial arts as an exchange for a few of Metamoran's profound unique skills. Currently, Xiling and Myers were practicing the Metamoran's most famous "Fusion Technique".

Planet Metamor's martial arts were very close to magic, and this was a skill developed from Metamoran's unique training system.

"Fusion Technique", such a formidable secret skill was considered the best among many secret skills. It could greatly enhance a fighter's Battle Power.

In the original work, Goten and Trunks of Super Saiyan 1 level fused together and reached the level of Super Saiyan 3. Their strength had wholly improved by 8 times on the basis of Super Saiyan 1!

However, as a secret skill, the training requirements for the Fusion Technique were very harsh; not only were the two people training in this required to have a similar aura, but the set of weird actions required for Fusion Dance would also cause rejection between them.

Myers was struggling with the dance pose and wasn't willing to learn Fusion Technique.

"Just think about it — once you succeed in Fusion, your Battle Power will skyrocket by several times. When that happens, don't you think it would become easier to understand the secret of Super Saiyan?" Xiaya cooked up a random excuse.

However, this was not without a basis. The current Battle Power of both Xiling and Myers is 780,000 and 550,000 respectively. If Xiling lowered her energy, keeping it similar to Myers, and used Fusion Technique to fuse, their combined Battle Power may suddenly increase to about 4.5 million. When that happens, the distance to transforming into Super Saiyan would go one step further.

Myers' expression was still somewhat twisted, but Xiling's was completely carefree: "Anyway, later, I don't want to be seen by anyone when transforming. "

After thinking about it, Myers believed that what he said had some truth to it; thus, she decided to steel her heart and work hard when practicing Fusion Technique with Xiling. However, if they sought to adjust their auras until it was the same, it would not be done in a short while.

Watching the women's lousy dance steps, Xiaya wanted to laugh very much, but in order not to hurt their self-confidence, he walked out of the room and examined another secret skill in his hand.

This was another important secret skill that he had gotten from Mr. Rade via exchange. Compared to Fusion Technique, Xiaya considered it much more important.

Its name was "Vacuum Technique"!

As the name implied it was a secret skill that allowed people to survive in space. This was of great significance to Saiyans who could not survive in space.

After the Vacuum Technique was used, as long as energy in the body was not exhausted, the user could stay in outer space for a long time. Instead of air, energy was used to fill cells. An experiment was carried out on an ordinary Saiyan's physique, and the Saiyan was able to stay in the space for maximum seven days.

Although it was impossible to stay for a long time, this was already very valuable for Saiyans.

"If the Vacuum Technique gets widely spread on Planet Hongshan, at least, there would be no need to worry about the problem of fighting in space." Thinking of this, Xiaya's eyes sparkled.

A Saiyan, who had a certain degree of strength, could rely on the energy within their body to envelope themselves so that they could stay in space for a short time; however, this would greatly affect their fighting effectiveness. With this Vacuum Technique, this problem is solved.

And even in the event of an enemy destroying the planet, as long they survived in the vacuum environment, Saiyans could take out a spaceship from the Hoi-Poi Capsule and withdraw.

"It seems that when the Vacuum Technique has been widely spread, I will have to hurry the people of Feidaya to provide every Saiyan with a small spacecraft," Xiaya quietly thought. He could feel that in future Saiyans would no longer be limited to fighting on planets.

A few days later, the mountains far away from habitation had their tops covered with white snow, and the north wind whistled, bringing icy water vapor along with it.

On an open ground, a big girl and a small girl danced with comical steps. Two fingers touched each other, and a brilliant light flashed. Soon, the thick smoke dispersed, and a tall girl was left in the place that both girls had been.

After several failures, they had finally succeeded in training the Fusion Technique.

The tall girl's face was beautiful and charming, and her long hair fluttered in the breeze. She wore a small Metamoran's lined jacket, and there was a red ribbon on her white trousers. She looked like a 20-year-old that had the charms of both Xiling and Myers.

Their jacket was different from Gotenks' lined jacket, perhaps because they were girls. After fusing, Xiling and Myers weren't bare-chested; there was a blue cloth wrapped around her chest. The black lined jacket was small in size, exposing a large bare area of the white underbelly.

The fused girl is called "Meiling"!

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