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Rebecca also nodded. They are all people who have taken the Fountain of Youth. They have a long life, so they weren't in a hurry to hold their grandchildren this early!

"Also, you should pay attention. You may not know but Myers has reported to me many times that you are too noisy every night, affecting her sleep… Little Ya, you are still young…"

Rebecca advised.

Xiaya understood. It turns out that everything is because of Myers. Damn girl, she was clearly taking revenge! After going back, see how I sort her out! Xiaya's eyes leisurely drifted towards Myers, inwardly feeling annoyed.

It may be that she felt Xiaya looking towards her, but Myers didn't understand the reason why, so she only responded with a big smile.

However, regarding Xiling, Xiaya turned back to Rebecca and gave her a wry smile. After getting the taste of the forbidden fruit for the first time, Xiaya had long become obsessed with this kind of thing. If it wasn't for the Fountain of Youth causing her periods to be delayed, then perhaps she would have gotten pregnant long ago.

Since Aunt Rebecca mentioned it, they should indeed take note of this kind of thing. If she wants to blame, she should go and blame Myers. It is that girl who destroyed her happy se*ual life.

In the next few days, Xiaya stayed on Planet Hongshan and did simple training. After listening to Rebecca's suggestion, Xiaya purposely reduced his nightly interactions with Xiling to once a week. In the extra time, he let her conserve strength and recover her body.

However, this change caused Xiling to filled with hidden bitterness; Myers' following days were hard.

Whenever Xiling was in bad mood, she would look for Myers to vent her anger on. It was then that Myers experienced what was called 'abyss of suffering'.

Several more days passed. As Myers had Xiaya as the training partner, her strength was slowly rising.

It was not until two months later that Adri, Brook, and the others came back after they finished training in the universe. This time, after they went out for training, they had broken through some of their bottlenecks, and their strength had greatly improved.

Xiaya noticed that Adri's Battle Power has reached 170,000, and the others had reached 160,000 Battle Power. Although their progress was not especially obvious, compared with their previous stagnation, the progress they had made was the result of the great effort they had put in.

When Adri and the others returned, they were very happy. Upon looking at their faces brimming with smiles, it was obvious that they were very satisfied with the achievement they had gained from their training. From the spaceship's landing site up till they got home, they were talking and laughing.

"Hey, do you feel that the strength of the people around us seems to have improved by a lot?" Adri looked at the Saiyan passer-by and felt that something was different.

"It's true, they weren't so strong before."

As they got closer and closer to the villas, they discovered that the people there were a lot stronger, like the several members of the Guardian Corps living nearby. They only had around 20,000 Battle Power a few months ago, but now it was almost 30,000.

Back home, before Adri and others could flaunt about their progress, they were astonished to receive Tree of Might's fruits from a Super Warrior who had been assigned by Xiaya to be in charge of distributing the fruits.

"What is this?" Adri frowned while looking at the slightly ugly fruit in his hand.

"This is a fruit from the Tree of Might; it can stimulate the vitality of cells…" Rebecca smiled and informed Adri about what happened recently.

"What? I actually missed such a wonderful affair. Moreover, Little Ya has already succeeded in transforming into a Super Saiyan!" After he finished listening to the whole story, Adri couldn't help but sigh because he had missed out on a lot of wonderful things.

Only after the explanation did he really understand. This explains why when he had met several familiar friends earlier, he could feel that their auras had changed a lot. Especially, several Saiyans who had reached a bottleneck before he departed. After he returned from his training, he was surprised to discover that they had also broken through. After that discovery, he began to wonder how they managed to grow so powerful. So, it was thanks to the fruits from the Tree of Might!

Wait, there is also Super Saiyan. This was a form that they had never seen before!

Adri's eyes suddenly lit up, and he hollered at Xiaya to transform into a Super Saiyan for them to have a look. Xiaya naturally couldn't refuse their request.

Furthermore, Xiling and Myers never seemed to get tired of looking at the Super Saiyan form. On the side, they were being noisy, so Xiaya nodded and took them to a planet far away from Planet Hongshan and showed them his Super Saiyan form.

"Ah, it really is Super Saiyan. This overwhelming aura is really fascinating," Adri looked at Xiaya's Super Saiyan form and said in excitement.

A Super Saiyan's powerful soul-trembling aura not only didn't cause him to feel afraid, but it made his body grow hot as if he was getting drunk.

"Even Cooler was easily killed by someone. The waters in the universe are really deep!" Brook exclaimed in admiration and suddenly felt that his strength was somewhat insignificant.

"Right, Xiaya, you said that you are going to Planet Metamor. I'm afraid that you will have to push it off till later!" Adri's dark face revealed a smile.

"Why?" Xiaya asked.

"Hahaha, this is because your Uncle Brook and Aunt Lise, and also Palladi and Alice, are getting married!" Adri laughed out loudly.

Xiaya was dumbfounded for a while before he asked, "Aren't they already married?"

The several uncle and aunts had been together for a long time, so Xiaya thought they were already married.

"How can it be? They have only known how to crazily train all day long. Although they have been together for a long time, they never held a wedding. This time, we went out and made some breakthroughs. They plan to live peacefully for a while, hence the wedding."

"Congratulations!" Xiaya smiled while looking at Brook, Lise, Palladi, and Alice.

The four of them were originally members of the Adri Squad, and after getting along with each other for more than two decades, they finally coupled up.

Their wedding was scheduled to happen five days later. Because the protagonists of the wedding were Brook and others, who were Super Warriors, all the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan were immersed in merriment.

After the wedding concluded, Xiaya also made arrangements for Tree of Might's fruits. He took out a portion from the inventory as a reward for some categories: the most outstanding Saiyans in carrying out missions every year, and Saiyans whose Battle Power had reached a certain level. They all received an extra Tree of Might's fruit.

The basic rules stated that when a Saiyan entered adolescence, the Saiyan could get one fruit. Thus, there were more than 4,000 people in this category, who were currently eligible to receive one. Furthermore, when a Saiyan's Battle Power reached both 10,000 and 20,000, they could receive one for each milestone. The number of people eligible for both rewards was even less—merely several hundred!

With the support of three fruits, as long as they were not too lazy, it should not be difficult to break through to 50,000 Battle Power.

As for the higher Super Warrior level, it was up to their own efforts.

After everything had been properly arranged, Xiaya and the others set off for Planet Metamor. He hoped that the martial arts on Planet Metamor wouldn't let them down!

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