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After comforting Xiling and Myers for a short while, Xiaya casually briefed everyone on what happened on Planet Bahert after they left. Upon listening to him that Xiaya transformed into Super Saiyan and fought with Cooler, although they had already found out about it, they still felt as if they were present at the scene themselves. Their blood was seething with excitement, wishing that they could have personally watched the fight.

But, as they heard that an orange-haired girl had appeared afterward, and trampled Cooler to death, everyone simultaneously turned silent and sighed with astonishment.

The world was really scary; even an expert like Cooler died so easily—and so cruelly.

If Cooler had died at the hands of a Super Saiyan, they could still accept it, and they would have felt honored, but instead, Cooler was trampled to death by a mysterious woman who had appeared out of the blue. They found this hard to accept.

"Was the woman who appeared afterward really that powerful?" Xiling looked at Xiaya with wide eyes and asked in disbelief.

Xiaya nodded his head with seriousness and spoke, "That orange-haired girl's strength is definitely above Super Saiyan. She is a very formidable expert. I guess that in order to reach her level of Battle Power, I would probably have to train diligently for several years!"

Currently, he had 380 million Battle Power in Super Saiyan state. This was the improvement he had made after fighting with Slug and Cooler, and he could also completely control this power!

Zangya's Battle Power was 2.5 billion, and her strength far exceeded Android 18's, and Xiaya estimates that it is about the same level as Cell after he swallowed Android 17 in the Cell Saga. A Super Saiyan could not upgrade to that level in two years time; they would need more effort and more time!

After Xiling finished listening, she bit her tongue and nodded. "I didn't expect that there would be such a strong existence in the universe. Even Super Saiyans are not her opponent. It seems that I have to work hard from now on. Well, I must first become a Super Saiyan!" Xiling raised her fists to cheer herself up.

She used to be complacent about her strength before, but compared to the woman who appeared on Planet Bahert, she was still lacking a lot. Now that Xiaya was already a Super Saiyan, as someone who is determined to always be by his side, she couldn't be too weak.

Xiling's bright eyes slowly gazed at Xiaya as plans took root in her heart.

Right from childhood, Xiling had fully inherited Saiyan's nature of not admitting defeat. When she was young, she was able to easily keep up with Xiaya's footsteps, but as she grew up, she watched that the disparity between her and Xiaya grow bigger and bigger.

Although her relationship with Xiaya had now become different such that she should be able to lie in Xiaya's arms to enjoy a peaceful life, a Saiyan's nature of being independent drove her to strive not to lag behind too much, let alone hide under Xiaya's protection.

Xiling's determination was something Xiaya certainly understood very well. He was pleased, and at the same time, he was wondering how he should help her. After all, the relationship between the two of them had broken through the barrier between men and women. Except for the fact that they had not had a ceremony yet, there was already no difference between them and a normal married couple.

Anyway, Saiyans wouldn't care about a ceremony at all because many Saiyans, both male and female, who carried out mission together directly became married couples in the battlefield.

"We will talk about the rest after returning to Planet Hongshan. This time, we had a rich harvest, and from now, Saiyans will usher in a huge growth!"

Having said that, Xiaya couldn't help but smile happily. Not only did this trip to Planet Bahert allow his strength to break through the limit of Saiyans and he successfully transform into a Super Saiyan, but he also got a lot of fruits from the Tree of Might. As for the specific number of fruits, he had not carefully checked yet, but the number was definitely astonishing.

These were all major resources for Saiyan's future development.

Regarding the distribution of Tree of Might's fruits, it still had to be carefully considered.

However, Xiaya knew that for a long period of time in future, Planet Hongshan's Saiyans would no longer have to worry about the problem of bottlenecks, because Tree of Might fruits could improve the vitality of a Saiyan's cells, triggering a huge leap in the life level.

"Yes, yes, let's first go back to Planet Hongshan; everything else can be discussed later after we get back!"

Rebecca and the other Saiyans laughed. Then, Xiaya launched Instant Transmission, and soon afterward, everyone was back on Planet Hongshan. Walking into Saiyan's city, and feeling the familiar smell in the air, everyone felt relieved.

The number of fruits that they gained from the Tree of Might was extremely large. Xiaya first took out around 10,000 Tree of Might fruits and distributed them to members of the Guardian Corp. Each of the Guardian Corp members got ten, which was this time's reward for them. How they chose to use it was left to them.

However, Xiaya explained the effects of fruits to them. Increasing Battle Power was only a secondary function of these fruits. Its primary and much bigger effect is to enhance the activity of the cells, providing power to break through bottlenecks.

The members of the Guardian Corp were the best among the Saiyans, and they understood how precious the fruits were. So, after getting the fruits, everyone acted as though they had received precious treasure and carefully put the fruits away so that they can be used, if needed, in the future.

At this time, the guardian of Planet Bakuf, Raiga, bade farewell to Xiaya. After destroying the Tree of Might with his own hands, the lingering, long-cherished desire deep in his heart was fulfilled. After getting Raiga's guarantee that he wouldn't leak the information that Saiyans had obtained fruits from the Tree of Might, Xiaya warmly sent off Raiga.

In fact, even if Xiaya did not make this request, after knowing the strength of Planet Hongshan's Saiyans, Raiga only desired to maintain a good relationship with Planet Hongshan, so he absolutely wouldn't bring any trouble to Planet Hongshan.

After Raiga left, Xiaya, Xiling, and others arrived at Adri's home.

"Actually, when I was just coming back, I found an interesting planet…" Xiaya spoke about the Planet Metamor that he had found.

"The martial arts on Planet Metamor are not the slightest bit inferior to Earth's, and some martial arts are even more unfathomable. It is important for us to go there and learn them!"

The martial arts techniques that Metamorans invented were said to be unique. Like the Fusion Technique—although its time limit is only short, about half an hour, its effect, however, is unimaginable. In the original work, Son Goku learned this technique in the Underworld, and it played a great role in later dealing with Majin Buu.

What Xiaya cared about was that, in addition to the Fusion Technique, Metamorans should have other practical techniques. If they could learn them, it may become easier to use than Son Goku's Kaio-Ken and Spirit Bomb.

After listening to him, Xiling and Myers's eyes immediately lit up.

Right now, their thirst for strength was very strong. Last time, they experienced benefits on Planet Yardrat, and now, upon hearing about this magical Planet Metamor, they clamored to go immediately.

"You two—I'm afraid that you can't go for a while!" At this time, Rebecca suddenly doused their spirits and said with a smile, "This time we have harvested quite a lot of fruits from the Tree of Might, so we must first count them."

For the sake of maintaining secrecy, counting the fruits was a task that could only be given to the high-level Saiyan personnel. This was also the consensus reached by the members of the Guardian Corps who went to Planet Bahert. Therefore, Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers, everyone absolutely had to participate in "counting the spoils of war."

This kind of thing—if they are placed in other civilizations,  they would be extremely susceptible and may stir up trouble because of its lack of transparency. But, on the Saiyan's side, strength was focused on more, so the strong senior experts are fair. If everyone thought so, then there would be no mishap!

In other words, the final decision regarding the distribution of the fruits was determined by the leader!

That's right—this method of distribution was simple and rough—such an under-the-table manipulation! However, Xiaya, who is the leader, was very satisfied with this!


Xiling and Myers glanced at each other and heaved a long sigh. Then, they counted the fruits which were piled up as high as a mountain and put them into the Hoi-Poi Capsule, one by one. Receive and store—but who knew how many they were "stealing" in the process of counting.

"Little Ya, come with me!" Rebecca said to Xiaya.

After he heard her, Xiaya followed Rebecca to the side.

"Aunt Rebecca, what's the matter?" asked Xiaya.

Rebecca looked at Xiling, who was not far away and said with a smile, "Hehe, Aunt knows that you have already had that kind of relationship with Xiling. You are both adults. This kind of thing is inevitable, but young people still have to be moderate…"

"Uhh… huh."

Rebecca spoke so bluntly that Xiaya couldn't help but feel somewhat embarrassed. There was no such thing as a free lunch! Who told him to eat other people's daughters without getting their approval!

However, from the day Rebecca agreed to have Xiaya and Xiling move out to live by themselves, Rebecca had expected such a thing to happen one day. Both children had lived together from an early age and had long been on intimate terms. It was only a matter of time for such a thing to happen.

Moreover, their daughter being with Xiaya was something both Rebecca and Adri were very much in favor of. They were at ease as they had always treated Xiaya as their son and had handed their daughter over to him.

Besides, on the entire Planet Hongshan, who else could be worthy of her daughter except for Xiaya! Even if there was, Xiling herself wouldn't agree!

"But Little Ya, when are you planning to marry Xiling?" Rebecca looked at Xiaya with shining eyes.

Xiaya looked at Xiling, who was secretly "stealing" fruits with Myers, and his heart felt warm as he said with a smile, "Let's leave the matter of marriage for another time. I don't think Xiling is ready yet!"

Promoting from "younger sister" to "wife", Xiaya don't know if Xiling was ready for such a change, so he wants to give her some time to adapt.

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