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Similarly also paying attention to Xiaya was Milky Way Galaxy's, King Kai. Only when he saw Xiaya moving the 6-star dragon ball, he knew that there was such a mysterious crystal planet in the world.

"So the human's objective is that mysterious dark orange planet. If I can find a similar planet, perhaps I can ask that human to lend me a hand. Wait…." Green-skinned King Kai's words abruptly stopped, then he searched around in his territory.

He seems to have seen a similar planet.

After searching for a while, he stopped on a different lawn as the antennas on his head suddenly trembled.

"Oh, found it. This is similar to the crystal planet which had suddenly appeared two months ago in the Bofei Trading Center. But….it seems that it would be difficult to get it!"

King Kai stared at the lawn before him. His mind projected to a certain starfield within his jurisdiction.

That starfield was somewhat unique, and an ordinary person wouldn't have the ability to enter it, "Forget it, forget it, perhaps using this information to make a deal with that human wouldn't be bad."

On a small planet extremely far away from Bofei Trading Planet, resources here were scarce, and it was only suitable for people to live for a short duration.

In the whistling cold winds, hundreds of sparsely clothed female slaves trembled and huddled together to get warmth.

After going through a series of terrible things such as getting captured, robbed, sold, auctioned and so on, even if they have already been rescued by Xiaya, their state of mind was still in panic and fear.

"Princess Lafuli, Its co… cold!" Some frail girls couldn't stand the severe cold, their voice somewhat trembling.

"Preserve with it for a while, that brave man who saved us will soon be back." That princess called Lafuli opened her mouth and made everyone huddle together to warm up. She hadn't realized that her own body was trembling.

The small planet was barren, and even wood for lighting fire could not be found.

"Princess, our homeworld has already been captured by the enemy, and every one of our people who has not been killed was turned into slaves. What should we do in future?" A girl with a fiery figure was shedding tears as she asked the girl to her side.

Lafuli was startled for a moment before she clenched the girl's little hand and said, "Don't worry, Xi'er. That brave man who saved us will surely not abandon us."

Saying that she thought of her people who were still suffering, and mist began to rise in her beautiful eyes slowly. But, soon Princess Lafuli again steeled herself and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes to cheer everyone up.

These female slaves have come from a beautiful planet called Divine Tree Star and are all born from the Mother Goddess Divine Tree. These girls' ears were pointed like elves. Because the girls in the race all have a hot and attractive figure, after their homeworld was seized, they were captured and sold as merchandise.

Among them, Lafuli and other girls in the group were brought to the Bofei Trading Center for auctioning.

Fortunately, Xiaya rescued them at the time of planet destruction.

"Princess, who was that brave man, he didn't even use spacecraft to take us out of Planet Bofei?" After the girls had slightly calmed down, they began to discuss.

"It must be the mother goddess who sent him to save us."

"That brave man is a human, but he looks just like us…" Some girls let go of their mood as they continuously chattered.

"All right everyone, be quiet. It's freezing here. Your body wouldn't be able to withstand such exertion." Seeing that everyone was getting more and more hyper, the more they talked. Lafuli couldn't help but say something.

Lafuli has the highest status among the people present on the scene as she was born from the fruit of the highest place on the Mother Goddess. As soon as she opened her mouth, all the girls became quiet. They all huddled together and eagerly waited for Xiaya to appear.

After a long time, a bright beam of light flickered out from nowhere, and Xiaya's figure appeared in front of these girls.

"Brave Sir!"

"Sir, you are finally back."

Crisp and pleasing voices sounded. Because he has translation device to translate, Xiaya understood the language of these girls and immediately nodded towards them.

At this time he saw the thin clothes on the girl's bodies as well as the slight trembling of their bodies. Xiaya patted his head, knowing his mistake. The cold environment here may not count as anything for a Saiyan, but it was somewhat brutal for these soft and weak bodied girls.

"Aiya… these girls are skinny!"

He sighed. Anyway, he could not find the whereabouts of the last super dragon ball for a while. So, he intends to be a good person till the end. Before finding a place to settle down and consolidate his strength, he has to also find a place for these girls to stay.

However, Xiaya doesn't know about too many places in the Universe 6 except for a few planets. So, he had a frown on his face for a while as he stood there.

"Si…. Sir…" Princess Lafuli spoke in a low voice.

Seeing Xiaya frown, Lafuli and other girls immediately became nervous, thinking that their behavior had made Xiaya unhappy.

Noting Lafuli and others acting like a startled bird, Xiaya was dumbfounded for a second before he laughed: "Don't be afraid. I'm not dissatisfied with you. I'm just thinking about which planet to go to."

After listening to Xiaya's words, Lafuli and others breathed a sigh of relief as if they had laid down a huge stone. After going through all kinds of sufferings, their nerves became particularly delicate and were easily affected by even the rustling of leaves in the outside world.

"Right, Universe 6 should also have earth, how about I first stay there for a while?" A light flashed within his mind, and Xiaya remembered that Universe 6 also have earth. But, he doesn't know if it has been destroyed or not.

How about I go there first to take a look?

"Come, everybody hold your hands, I will take you out of here to a place called Earth!" Xiaya spoke as gently as possible.

Listening to this, a bright smile immediately appeared on Lafuli and others beautiful faces. Like blooming flowers in the spring, very delicate and charming. Seeing that Xiaya froze, and hurriedly turned around his face. Aiya, these sparsely clothed delicate and attractive girls are too tempting.

Familiarly holding their hands, the hundreds of girls quickly gathered into a circle. Xiaya nodded and immediately launched Instant Transmission, turning it into a beam of light, traversing a long distance.

The small icy planet suddenly became silent.

North Area, Earth.

Universe 6's earth was also located in the southern part of the North Area. But, because the universe was not same, the exact location wasn't the same with certain deviation.

On a sky blue life planet, in a luxuriant and lush forest, one-day suddenly hundreds of visitors arrived from outer space.

When they appeared, they could smell the refreshing fragrance pervading the nature, and a refreshing feeling sprung up in their hearts. Perhaps it had just lightly rained, few drops of rainwater were still on the leaves. A wind blew, and the rainwater dripped down the leaves onto the ground which under the sunshine's illumination, emitted bright and beautiful colors.

The sun had just passed through the treetops, and a thin layer of mist rose between the lofty mountain range.

"Sir Xiaya, is this Earth? It's so beautiful!" Laughing voice of girls could be heard, their words containing delight. This feeling of being wrapped in nature made Lafuli and others extremely delighted.

"Yes, this should be earth." Xiaya was surrounded by a lot of things. The environment here was precisely the same as that of Universe 7's earth. So, it must be earth.

"You all first wait here. I'll go and get some clothes for you."

Xiaya looked at them and said. These girls were all sparsely clothed. Its harmful to public morals ah! I should first bring them some clothes.

"We are troubling you, Sir Xiaya……" Lafuli's voice was full of gratitude.

Xiaya took a glimpse at them and then instantly disappeared in front of their eyes. Before long, Xiaya returned with a Hoi-Poi Capsule filled with women's clothes. While he went out, he had also conveniently checked out the situation of this earth.

On the whole, there is not much difference between Universe 6's earth and Universe 7's earth. Both are low-level planets and mainly occupied by humans. However, on Universe 6's earth, the general atmosphere of training in martial arts seems to be a little more intense, and martial art's level is also higher by a little bit.

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