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Compared with Universe 7, Universe 6's earth overall strength was undoubtedly more powerful, but it seems that because of internal schools differences, earth's martial arts groups were not at all harmonious. They were divided into several opposing forces, endlessly fighting each other.

But these have nothing to do with Xiaya. He just intends to stay here temporarily, and consolidate his strength.

Before when fighting with Bofei, Xiaya was injured very severely. So, after he recovered his injuries with Senzu Beans, his Battle Power had obviously improved. Now he reckons that it has exceeded 1 million points. These sudden increase in his strength requires him to spend some time to master it and stabilize it.

Keeping his eyes away, he passed the clothes to Lafuli and other girls. Soon, the rustling sounds of changing clothes could be heard. Embarrassed, Xiaya walked far away.

"Sir Xiaya, we are done changing." Speaking in a soft and crisp voice, Lafuli walked over, dressed in the brand new clothes.

The sight of hundreds of gorgeously dressed girls standing together in front of him, especially when these girls were graceful elves, was like hundreds of flowers blooming in spring. Simply fascinating!

Xiaya looked at them and nodded, saying: "Earth's environment is pretty good. All of you should first settle down here."

"Yes, Sir Xiaya." Lafuli nodded.

Seeing princess Lafuli nod, the girls followed her lead and also one by one agreed.

These girls seem to love forests, and Xiaya also felt that it was really not safe to bring the girls to the city. So, he took them to find the nearby forest that was far away from the bustling civilization, intending to settle them down.

Arriving at an open ground, Xiaya took out a small box of Hoi-Poi Capsules from the dimensional space before taking out one of them and threw it out after switching it ON. With a puff of smoke, numerous luxurious villas suddenly appeared above the clear open ground.

Those numerous villas were all three-story buildings. It wouldn't be a problem for so many buildings to accommodate few hundred people.

"You live here first, as for other things we can talk later," Xiaya said while pointing to those numerous villas before walking towards his own room under the astonished eyes of Lafuli and others.

"Princess Lafuli, is this magic? How did so many houses appear in an instant?" After Xiaya had walked away, several girls looked around everywhere, feeling it a novelty as they chattered.

"Maybe it's some kind of technology?"

Lafuli stared blankly for a while before she took a deep breath, saying: "It doesn't matter. Since, Sir Xiaya had arranged for us to live here, we should comply with his wish."

"Yes, Princess."

The girls nodded. Regarding Xiaya, the hero who rescued them from the wolves den, they were full of gratitude from the bottom of their hearts. Therefore, they all settled down under Lafuli's command.

On the other side, after Xiaya entered his room, he first turned on the hot water and took a comfortable bath in the bathroom. The warm and cool appropriate temperature of the water immediately dispelled his body's fatigue. Although physical exhaustion after the fight has already been dispelled by Senzu Beans, mental fatigue has still accumulated.

In the bathtub, Xiaya clenched his fist and felt the immense surging strength flowing within his body. A bright gleam flashed in his shining eyes. Fighting with Bofei has caused his Battle Power to upgrade to 1.04 million, the extent of the increase cannot be regarded as small.

Immediately he loosened his fist and inwardly thought, "This time, my fight with Bofei was really dangerous. If it weren't for me launching Instant Transmission at the end to dodge, it is really difficult to predict whether I would have lived or died. However, I really made a mistake this time, letting Bofei plot against me."

Making mistakes during fights is often fatal, especially in an important battle. The danger this time has rung an alarm bell for Xiaya. You can't lower your guard at any time during the fight! This is a lesson he had learned from the mistake.

"I altogether took three Senzu Beans during the fight, but only the first senzu bean made my Battle Power increase by leaps and bounds while the latter two times seemed to have only restored my physical strength and energy without increasing my strength." Xiaya carefully summarized.

Saiyan's constitution is such that their strength can advance by leaps and bounds after getting near-death severe injuries. However, this obviously requires previous accumulation. Effects from near-death injuries were more like opening and closing a switch that stimulates all the potential accumulated before, rather than endlessly breaking through.

There are few examples in the original work where Son Goku and Vegeta had used Senzu Beans to break through. Whether it is Planet Namek Saga, Androids Saga or later Majin Buu Saga, Senzu Beans were only used to recover physical strength and didn't brought about breakthroughs in training.

But, near-death breakthroughs are also extremely dangerous situations. One can accidentally die. So it is best to just honestly train.

With that in mind, Xiaya also thought of his space-time ability. In the fight, he had basically hasn't used any of his abilities. It was not that he hadn't wanted to use them, but the few trivial abilities he has had already lost their function in the high-intensity fight. Because of that, it slowly helped him in making some improvements to his defense and speed.

The current situation of his space-time ability power was very awkward. Not useful in high-level fights but has no need to be used in low-level fights.

When Instant Transmission encounters a strong expert like Bofei, the success rate is difficult to ensure due to enemy's aura interfering with space. Space-time ability's power as a big move, though huge, is also very energy-consuming, and cannot be used lightly. And this point seemingly cannot be solved by using Senzu Beans.

Once moves such as Space Shackles and Spacetime Freeze are used, experts like Bofei can naturally be easily dealt with. However, as energy consumption is too big for such moves, it somehow wasn't worth to use it when dealing with Bofei. Moreover, if by any chance, a situation appears where the enemy was able to break free of space-time ability like last time it had happened during his fight with Cooler, the injuries from the backlash would be too great.

"It seems that one can only rely on one's own hard power when fighting and abilities are merely used as support. Only like this can one grow steadily." Xiaya couldn't help but sigh.

For the rest of the days, Xiaya trained while staying in this mountainous area which was far away from the human habitation. Four months quickly passed away.

During this four-month period, Xiaya meditated every day and gradually merged and mastered the increased power within his body. One million battle power, it can neither be said to be too much nor too little. It would take a while and patience to really master it, and Xiaya is a person who must achieve perfection and is very serious about training.

In his spare time, he calmly focused on researching the use of every technique, such as Energy Wave. How to exert the greatest might? How to use it to produce the least self-consumption? These are some things that need to be pondered over and over. Just like when ancients created gunpowder! From the rough ratios at the beginning to the ratios of black gunpowder later on and then again the ratios for high-intensity explosives, which one was not carefully researched?

Naturally, he who has permanent possessions has perseverance. Only after he has a solid foundation, he will be able to patiently research. But he would need profound knowledge to fully make use of that foundation.

To say it in a small manner, it is skill while saying it in a big manner, it is martial arts!

Similarly, after these several months passed, Lafyi and other girls of Divine Tree Star also finally walked out of the shadow in their hearts. Their life on earth gradually became cheerful, and slowly the smiles on their faces increased.

One day, Lafuli took a dry and small senzu bean from Xiaya and examined it. She placed it beside her lips, her pearly white teeth lightly biting it, and abundant natural vitality spread inside her mouth.

"What do you think? Did you learn something?" Xiaya walked over and seeing Lafuli lost in thought with a senzu bean in her mouth, asked.

"Sir Xiaya!" Lafuli hurriedly stood up.

"Tell me what do you think."

Xiaya waved his hand at her. He was also curious whether this natural elf girl had learned something.

A beautiful blush appeared on Lafuli's face as she spoke: "This Senzu Bean seems to have been ripened by special methods. It does not grow naturally, and it seems to contain a strange substance, so it has magical effects of healing and removing pain."

"It's just that these effects come with a price," Lafuli said with certainty.

Xiaya nodded his head. Nothing can be obtained without a price. Senzu Beans are grown using Ultra Divine Water, and Ultra Divine Water was a highly toxic medicinal water which was exceedingly dangerous besides developing potential.

"Go on…" Indicating for Lafuli to continue speaking, Xiaya slightly nodded towards her.

"When senzu bean is healing injuries, it is actually consuming a part of body's potential which is transformed into a natural force for healing. This will inevitably cause the increase in strength to slow down for a period of time after the senzu bean is used…" Lafuli said with certainty. As natural elves were born from the fruit of the Divine Tree, she was particularly sensitive to the effects of the senzu beans.

"And since Saiyans like Sir Xiaya have inherently great potential, even though consuming senzu bean after serious injuries will consume a part of their potential, it can still greatly increase their strength, but then they will require a long time to accumulate."

Senzu Beans certainly cannot make Saiyans endlessly increase their strength. Depleting potential in exchange for quick recovery near death! This was similar to what Xiaya had guessed.

Its just that eating too many senzu beans will make the future training difficult. Just like initially when a severe injury may require six months to recover. However, Senzu Beans can allow you to recover in an instant, but the price is the slow growth for the latter half or even one year of training time. Whether a gain or loss is a gain or loss will vary from person to person.

For those who are seriously injured and near death, it would naturally be a gain, but for those who only have to use little physical strength and rest for a while to recover, it is undoubtedly a huge loss.

It seems that in future, if not seriously injured and near death, he must not eat too many senzu beans!

Xiaya eyebrows were furrowed as he suddenly a trace of enlightenment.

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