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"Not good!"

Upon seeing this, Xiaya inwardly shouted and quickly retreated backwards whilst gazing at the massive dark red energy cocoon.

The energy cocoon appeared to be giving birth to one of the most marvellous change in nature.

A caterpillar transforming into a butterfly?

Kacha, a sharp and clear sounded.

Suddenly, the cocoon quivered before it fiercely burst open, and a pink figure suddenly appeared amidst the chaotic energy.

It was a robust figure that was only two meters tall. Although still tall and sturdy, it appeared much more "frail" than Bofei's original five meter tall figure. However, all of its essence had been concentrated and from its body, Xiaya felt enormous pressure.

Bofei's bright red skin had turned into a pinkish color. The tiny scales all over his whole body were arranged in a delicate manner. His extremely thin scales were tightly close together forming a natural sense of beauty.

Compared with the dramatic shrinking of his body, Bofei's head has changed even more greatly.

The three brown horns had disappeared, leaving only two long 1 inch black bumps above the top of his ear flap. The two blue and two red eyes have also changed. Both bright red agate eyes have merged into one which was inlaid between the eyebrows, like a beautiful pink crystal.

In particular, what Xiaya took notice of was the energy fluctuations on Bofei's body. The earth-shattering, frightening imposing aura was giving him chills.

"His height has shrunk so much. His strength wouldn't have doubled like Frieza's, right?" Xiaya was a little uneasy as cold sweat dripped down his back.

In the Dragon Ball world, whether it was Frieza or Majin Buu, their final form always seems to get smaller with each transformation. Yet they grew more powerful with each transformation.

Hurriedly using the Spirit Eye to observe, a rosy light appeared in Xiaya's eyes. Fortunately, Bofei's battle power had only reached 1.12 million! It did not change so dramatically as much as he had expected it to.

"Fortunately, it's not as as exaggerated as Frieza's transformation!" Xiaya patted his chest, heaving a sigh.

If Bofei's battle power after body transformation had multiplied by several times like Frieza's had, then even if he used his space-time ability he wouldn't be able to fight back and could only look for an opportunity to leave.

Fortunately for him, Bofei's strength after body transformation was not as exaggerated as he had imagined.

1.12 million battle power, only increasing by 180,000!

The extent of his transformation was about the same as Zarbon.

If it was at this level, Xiaya could still fight.

Originally, Xiaya's battle power was only over 700,000s, close to 800,000. After igniting his Ki, he could fight on equal terms with Bofei who hadn't body transformed. His aggregate attack power was around 900,000! However, as he had gotten injured several times in the fight, and coupled with the magical healing effects of Senzu Beans, his strength has been growing.

Now, his real strength was almost 900,000! After he ignites his Ki, he can just fight with someone having little more than one million battle power. If his space-time abilities were factored in, he can barely fight Bofei.

At this moment, Xiaya had actually forgotten that traits of Bofei's body transformation were different from Frieza's body transformation.

In fact, Frieza's body transformation was essentially just a process of releasing energy and releasing only a little bit of original strength is not considered as a body transformation. As for Bofei or Zarbon, whose body transformation allows them to exceed their normal capabilities is the true body transformation, but the price they have to pay for such a transformation is quite huge.

"Good, good, good! Let me see how much you have gotten stronger!" Xiaya grinned, his blood beginning to race.

Shua! Xiaya adopted an attacking stance and immediately swooped down, turning into a beam of light. His whole body was golden and sparkling as it pounced towards Bofei.

"Hahaha, you are so eager to court death. Then allow me to send you on your way!" Enjoy the feeling of his whole body brimming with power, Bofei laughed cruelly.

This body transformation ability was extremely taxing on physical strength and lifespan. Essentially, it was excessively overdrafting his life force, and if it was not a matter of life or death, Bofei would never use it.

Xiu! A beam of light suddenly appeared in the sky.

Bang! With a fierce collision, Bofei adjusted his posture and responded in kind. However the moment they were about to collide, Xiaya's body abruptly tensed, and quickly dodged.

Hualala, a powerful scarlet energy wave quickly shot out from behind his back.

Xiaya waved his arm in the form of a hand blade. His palm blade flickered with an icy cold light.

Crack, the hand blade clashed with the scarlet energy wave causing it to bent by ninety degress. His arm shook, and a tingling sensation spread along the palm of his hand.

At this time, Bofei's figure had already appeared beside him, and pressed close to his body.

"Bang!" In an instant, Xiaya and Bofei fought with ferocity as fierce winds which contained astonishing amount of energy wantonly crisscrossed. However, Bofei's strength after body transformation was far above Xiaya's. Soon, Xiaya's body was riddled with wounds.

"Sir Bofei and the human's strength has once again improved!" The distant crowd retreated backwards in a flurry.

"Quick, take me out of here… I want to leave the Bofei Trading Center immediately!" After several heart pounding abrupt changes, some merchants realized that the situation was spinning out of control, and quickly yelled at their hired bodyguards to escort them out of here, not wanting to stay here any longer.

"Let's leave, we can't stay here any longer." Once again, a handful of people ran away.

In the dim battlefield, two clusters of energy, one gold and one pink, clashed against one another over and over again.

Rumble! The land trembled, and few invisible beams of light flashed as ravines of more than 100m wide and unknown depth split open on the surface of the ground, allowing burning hot magma to spew out…..

Hu, Xiaya stretched out his leg and kicked towards Bofei. Bang, Bofei merely put his arm across his chest and blocked the brutal power.

Not good! Upon seeing this, Xiaya quickly retreated backwards.

Seeing the quickly retreating figure, how could Bofei be willing to let him go! He furiously whistled upwards, his body rapidly flickering like a bolt of lightning streaking across the dark sky. He lifted his leg, clenched his fists, and successively launched attacks without stopping.

"Thump!" There was a loud muffled sound, and Xiaya let out a loud scream from pain. His shoulder suffered a heavy blow and his body shot out like an artillery shell, drawing a deep ravine across the ground.

When the dust cleared, his body could be seen buried deeply in the ground.


The next moment, Bofei again jumped up, clenched his fists and furiously hammered them down on Xiaya's head.

If this attack lands, it is sufficient to immediately kill!

With a loud rumble, the land cracked open and Xiaya's figure suddenly disappeared from the underground. Upon seeing this, Bofei was shocked, Just as he lost focus for a moment, a rapidly-moving figure instantly arrived before him who attacked towards him with an energy wave. Sudddenly, an earth-shattering pressure bore down on him like Mount Tai pressing down.

On the ground, Bofei stabilized himself and hurriedly responded with an attack, the enormous recoil causing the entire rock strata beneath his feet to bounce up.

Not only had he missed a good opportunity, but he also allowed his opponent to fight back. Bofei's muscles twitched, his face becoming blue and white.

"You damn bastard!" Bofei viciously cursed. He had never met such a powerful opponent.

He had to deal with him as soon as possible. A cold light flashed through the crystal pink eye on Bofei's forehead. His body transformation ability has a time limit, and the burden it placed on his body was especially huge. Every minute, and every second means overdrafting more and more of his lifeforce.

If he did not finish the human off as soon as possible, he would likely be dragged to death while still alive.

"Die! Netherworld Shock Wave!

A blood red shock wave shot out like a cold beam of light having captivating dazzling colors. Halfway, it divided into two beams of light which separately rushed towards Xiaya, one after another.

This Netherworld Shock Wave was even fiercer than the previous one. Even after its might was divided into two, there was not a slightest sign of it weakening. Moreover when it neared Xiaya, the two shock waves divided once more and became six surrounding on all sides, cutting off Xiaya's all paths of retreat.

The friction between the air and the powerful energy produced loud "Zi zi zi sounds, stirring air to form a fierce whirlwind.The whirlwind was like a violent and furious flood dragon which roared continuously. It brushed across the surface of the ground and instantly split open a frightening crack.

The heaven destroying and earth shattering force shot out in all directions.

At this moment, even the heavens and earth have lost their colors, and the hazy gray dust instantly dispersed.


On the plain, there was a fierce explosion high in the sky. Part of the force passed downwards through the rock stratum, seemingly wanting to completely penetrate through the earth's crust. The entire continent shook violently. Even on the far-away opposite side of the planet, the apocalyptic shaking could be felt.

Smoke dispersed and the yellow sand filled the sky. A light breeze blew by producing light buzzing sounds.

"Cough, cough, barely blocked it!" With blood spilling from his mouth, Xiaya placed his arms in front of his forehead as he felt his internal organs beginning to break down.

As he slowly moved, the cracks all over his body were stricken with a tearing pain. Xiaya hurriedly swallowed another senzu bean.

Senzu Bean was indeed worthy to be called a healing panacea. In the blink of an eye, the injuries on Xiaya's body disappeared once more. Seeing that the human before him once more became vigorous and lively, Bofei's expression turned livid and the fury in his heart reached the max.

"Bastard!" Bofei could only helplessly curse in rage.

Fighting this sort of enemy who could fully recover almost immediately, and who gets stronger the more they fight really causes his scalp to feel numb. He didn't know what to do.

Bofei's battle power after his transformation was actually far above Xiaya. Even after exhausting all his cards, Xiaya's combat power had been worse than Bofei's. However as time passes, the side effects of his body transformation will gradually began to appear.

His physical strength, speed, and energy were all gradually weakening, while Xiaya remained in his peak state all along with the help of senzu beans and even his battle power was steadily increasing. It was as if he was treating Bofei as a sharpening stone for honing his skills.

If this continued, Bofei might not be defeated, but would get forcibly dragged down by Xiaya.

"What a shameless and despicable human!"

Clenching his hands, Bofei's eyes were cruel like a ferocious beast. The eye on his forehead glimmered with a cold light as he fixedly stared at Xiaya.

Sensing Bofei's anger, Xiaya smirked and voluntarily retreated backwards, thousands of meters away from Bofei. This small amount of distance for them who can cross hundreds of thousands of meters in a second was not much, and could be crossed in a flash.

A breeze brushed past the land, raising a curtain of dust.

"You damn brat, you ca be cocky for now, but I will soon make it so that you wished that you were dead!" Bofei's eyes were malevolent like a ravenous wolf. His icy and bloody eyes were without any emotion. Like a beast staring at his prey, he closely watched Xiaya.

"Ha!" Bofei suddenly let out a loud shout before his body vanished. His silhouette could not be found anywhere on land or in the sky.

His guard up, Xiaya's eyes kept following Bofei's movements. Suddenly, a bright light flashed through his eyes as he raised his arms and punched in a certain direction.


Punches which were filled with violence created an whirlwind which astonishingly erupted out into invisible Ki ripples.

Seeing that his strategy did not yield any result, Bofei whizzed towards the sky immediately turning into a sharp ray of light, and quickly got out of counterattacking Xiaya's range. He then began to launch attacks at a more tricky angle.

This time was Bofei was truly furious. Like an arrow, he rapidly shuttled back and forth. Each of his attacks contained exhilarating and suffocating power.

Because he knew that the longer this dragged on, the more unfavorable it would be for him!

"Go to hell! Dragon Roar!"

A dazzling bright red energy beam shot out of Bofei's mouth. Like a fierce demon crawling out from the depths of the abyss, it headed towards Xiaya. Xiaya's expression was stern as a maniacal look flashed in his eyes, he also used energy wave to attack.

"Energy Shock Wave!"


Momentum of the roar which was surging forward was extremely powerful.

A huge mushroom cloud immediately rose thousands of meters high into the sky. The thick and turbid energy immediately penetrated the atmosphere, sending large amounts of energy into the depths of the universe's starry sky. Within the atmosphere, debris filled the sky, and the blast whirled around gravels, sending them out in all directions.

"Ahhh!" A wave of energy swept over Boku and the others head, scaring them to hurriedly lie on ground to dodge it.

"This is too dangerous. Their fight is getting increasingly out of control. I can't stay here for another second."

"Quickly, lets leave. This planet is no longer safe, we have to leave as soon as possible!"

Several daring aliens that had stayed to watch the battle were blown far away. They wiped the sweat from their foreheads, and hurriedly called out to leave, no longer caring about the supposed awe-inspiring fight.

At this point, both Bofei and Xiaya paid no heed to anything, and were hell bent on killing one another. Big and fierce moves were sent out repeatedly, with no concern for the life and death of the people on the planet.

Soon all the spectators had left, and besides the two fighting on the battlefield, only the anxious Boku and Bolton were still left.

On the other side of the planet, the main venue, the huge colosseum, and even the entire capital city was in utter chaos. Everyone was frightened out of their minds by the far-away fighting auras. Every few seconds, the land would fiercely tremble as if the planet was going to shatter at any moment.

"Quick, prepare the spaceship. I must leave this planet immediately!"

"What is going on? Is it the end of the world?" Some ignorant universe merchants who were frightened out of their wits, grabbed some aliens along the way and asked. But at this time everyone didn't even have enought time to escape, so how could they still have the time to care about anyone else?

Some aliens or lone travelers who were near spaceships immediately jumped in and escaped as fast as they could. No one knew how long the planet could last for.

"Hey hey, that's my spaceship, you can't leave…" At this time, all sorts of bad things were being performed. Bofei Trading Center was a place that shelters evil people and allows vile practices. So when their own life and safety is involved, every alien showed their worst side.

The action of robbing spaceships, creating uproar to fighting as well as fight between factions can be seen everywhere. Soon, the auction venue was completely destroyed. Some aliens whose strength was not bad also took action to gain an opportunity to flee for their lives…..

"Alas, so much chaos. Bofei Trading Center is doomed this time."

On his planet, the emaciated King Kai had both his hands behind his back as he shook his head and sighed. The vast majority of the aliens in the Bofei Trading Center were incredibly evil. So, he naturally wasn't feeling regretful about their deaths, but he pitied the slaves who were captured.

"But who is that human? So many years have passed but I have yet to see such a powerful human. Looking at how the more he fights, the stronger he gets. Could he be a Saiyan instead?" King Kai began to speculate Xiaya's identity but then immediately shook his head. Saiyan's may be strong but no so outrageously.

How could Saiyans have battle power over one million? But with too little information, he could not guess Xiaya's identity.

"This Bofei's strength has begun to deteriorate? His attacking power is getter weaker and weaker!" Xiaya coughed out a mouthful of blood, dragging his scarred body as he gasped for air while his eyes were filled with exhaustion. The battle armor on his body had long since been torn apart.

He could tell that Bofei's body could no longer bear the heavy burden. Both his strength and speed were rapidly declining. If the fight continues, then it would certainly end in his victory. He broke away, stopping the fight.

When Xiaya's voice transmitted to his ears, Bofei's body shook and his eyes widened. He saw the human floating in front of him shook his head at him, his expression was as if victory was already within his grasp.

Bofei knew his weakness, so his countenance turned malevolent as he clenched his teeth and roared like a wild animal.

"What does a human like you understand? I, Bofei, have been in charge of the Trading Center for hundreds of years, and has never lost!"

He roared angrily, the veins on his head squirming. He sent a ferocious glare at Xiaya as he wildly attacked in all directions as if he had lost his rationality. Rumbling explosions continued to resound, and the land violently shook up and down. The ensuing storm rolled up dust and sand before prevading them in all directions.

The sky and earth was blurry. The scene of sky shaking and earth moving was enormous as if it was the end of the world.


Bofei went completely ballistic. Like a trapped beast that knew it is going to die, he launched attack after attack towards his surroundings.

Huge amounts of energy waves passed through the sand and the dust in the air. In the midst of the huge storm, huge craters appeared on the ground due to explosions.

"He's lost his rationality, so the rest of this fight should be easy!" Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Xiaya's eyes shone like a torch. He deeply exhaled a mouthful of turbid Ki, then his figure nimbly flashed across the sky, avoiding all the attacks.

His body swooshes and suddenly arrived before Bofei. Right now, Bofei's eyes were bloodshot, his entire being had sunk into a half-insane state.

Xiaya directed his palm toward Bofei which shone with a dull blue light rays. A calm yet powerful surging energy suddenly formed.

"Not good!"

Bofei's heart shook, he sobered up and hurriedly dodged. But it was too late.

Bang! A huge mushroom cloud rose up high into the sky, the pale blue light illuminating the horizon. The powerful energy continued to spread out in all directions with a world-shaking boom. The clouds in the sky instantly vaporized, disappearing.

If someone was the in outer space, they could clearly see a huge flare rising on the planet.


Boku and Bolton turned pale with fright, as they raised their arms and took half a step forward to resist the devastating storm. When the energy wave weakened to a level where they could withstand it, they both flew to the center of the explosion, trembling in fear.

There, they saw a huge crater of about several hundred kilometers in diameter and of unknown bottomless depth. As if a meteor had struck, the rocks all around had been melted by the powerful energy into molten lava which keeps flowing out. Black smoke and the smell of sulphur and iron assaulted their nostrils.

With eyes wide open in fear, the brothers stared at the frighteningly huge and deep crater which was like a deep chasm. Fear flashed through their eyes, and they felt especially uneasy in their trembling heart. They want to avenge their father, but as they looked at Xiaya in distance who was deeply gasping for breath, they didn't dare budge.

Xiaya's strength has completely frightened them.

"Father… could it be that father has already…?" Boku's lips trembled in disbelief as he spoke. That immense heaven destroying and earth exterminating energy from just now had him realize the fact that even someone strong like their father absolutely wouldn't be able to survive that explosion.

"Finally killed him. That Bofei was indeed really formidable." Xiaya deeply gasped for breath. The attack just now had depleted pretty much all of his energy. Even moving now was a struggle. "First I need to use a senzu bean to restore my physical strength!"

Saying this, he took out a senzu bean from his dimensional space and was preparing to eat it. This would be the third time he is going to eat a senzu bean.

He ate two during the fight, and now a third after the fight.

To eat three senzu beans in one battle, only Xiaya who have plenty of senzu beans dare to do it. In the original work, which Dragon Ball Fighter didn't regarded senzu beans as treasure? They had even wanted to break it into two for eating. If they knew that Xiaya was squandering senzu beans by treating them like fried beans, they would probably wish to strangle him to death.

But at this time, something unexpected happened——

A beautiful poppy-like beam of light abruptly shot out like lightning and before Xiaya had time to react, the dark-red and beautiful yet extremely cold-blooded energy beam entered in from his chest and came out from behind.

"Ahhh!" Xiaya gave a heart-rending cry of pain, and immediately fell to the ground, the senzu bean dropping out of his hand.

Surprisingly, a battered and bloodied figure unsteadily floated up from the bottomless crater, and collapsed on the ground, gasping heavily for breath.



Boku and Bolton shouted out in surprise.

Their voices were filled with surprise and disbelief. They were like people who had been drifting out at sea for countless days, starving and soon to die, but they saw a land in the last moments of their life. The suddenly appearing feeling of surprise almost caused them to faint.

But, Bofei cut a sorry figure at this time. His scales were in disorder, horrible wounds were across his entire body, and the agate eyes on his head were dim and discolored. It was hard to find any sort of intact skin on his body.

Even Bofei himself did not believe that he could survive just before he was attacked by Xiaya's energy wave, but it turned out that his life was quite tenacious.

"Jiejie, human, you didn't think I would survive, did you?" With support from Boku and Bolton, Bofei staggered towards Xiaya as a dark red mist squirmed around his body, releasing an extremely heavy sinister aura.

Huuu! Another beam of light flashed.

He extended his fingers out and a sharp laser-like electric ray shot out, hitting the soil around Xiaya, and immediately drilling a dark and bottomless small hole.

"Tell me, how should I torture you!" Bofei said as if success was already within his grasp. Although he sounded exhausted, he still stood tenaciously. He would personally take his time and torture the human who caused him to lose face.

"Father, let me do it. I will surely make it so that he would wish to die." Boku said hatefully.

"Right, torment him well. Letting him die quickly would be letting him off too lightly!" Bolton clenched his hands and said with an ominous glint.

On the distant Kai's Planet, King Kai anxiously paced around like an ant on a hot pan.

"Oh no, oh no! I didn't expect Bofei to have actually survived such a powerful attack. It's over now!" Missing this golden opportunity, it would be very difficult to wish to have Bofei killed. Bofei's strength after his body transformation after all was one the best in the starfields under King Kai's administration.

"Don't be in a hurry, I want to kill this human personally." Bofei's voice was icy and cold, exuding intense hatred.

"Yes, yes, father you do it."


The brothers nodded and relented the right to kill the human to their father.

"I really messed up this time. I didn't expect that Bofei could still survive under such an attack!" Xiaya's eyes were half-closed in exhaustion, as the soul-penetrating pain and blood loss caused him to feel unusually tired, making it difficult for him to focus.

This time, he had really underestimated the enemy. He thought it was enough to kill Bofei, but in the end, he was counter attacked by Bofei. If the enemy's death is not confirmed, one must not lower their guard. This incident had given him a profound lesson.

"However, do they really think they can kill me just like this?" Xiaya gasped as his dark eyes stared at Bofei and his two sons. He suddenly revealed a sneer and loudly shouted, "Instant Transmission!"

Before the trio's surprised and doubtful eyes, he suddenly turned into a beam of light and vanished from their sight.'

"What happened? How did he disappeared!?"

When he saw the prey which was already in his grasp had suddenly vanished, Bofei roared angrily. But this only served to affect his wounds, causing him to bare his teeth and burst into a fit of violent coughing.

Hundreds of kilometers away, Xiaya's figure suddenly appeared on a mountain top. After landing, he immediately took out a Senzu bean with difficulty and ate it. Kacha, the senzu bean broke apart and a rich vitality spread in his mouth and all his injuries were quickly repaired.

The horrifying hole in his chest disappeared and was replaced by a new, white and tender skin.

"One only learns from one's mistake. But it was really too dangerous this time." Xiaya stood up and sighed with a grave and stern countenance. He sneered and spoke, "It's your bad luck that you weren't able to kill me the first time!"

Then, he once again returned to where Bofei and his sons were.

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