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It was just too sudden, the fight's situation had reversed so quickly that all the spectators sunk into an inconceivable and frightening silence!

"How… how is this possible, how can father lose to a human!" Boku couldn't believe it and roared out, his eyes listless.

He was stunned by the abrupt unexpected change. Bofei clearly had the upper hand, yet how was he instantly swallowed up by that energy. The rapid changes on the battlefield was too much for his mind to process.

Bolton was also standing dazedly, his throat wriggling as he tried to swallow a mouthful of saliva, but he discovered that his throat was dry. He spoke in an unusually hoarse voice. "It can't be, how could father possibly be defeated?"

Yet that fifty kilometer of desolate land was a clear sign that the fight was over. The invincible father in their hearts had already been defeated in the hands of an unknown human.

Their countenance turned ugly. What were they going to do after losing their father's protection! There is no need to even talk about keeping the Bofei Trading Center as even leaving from here alive was uncertain.

The powerful human that even their father could not defeat would likely not let them off!

Coming to this conclusion, both brothers involuntarily took a few steps back feeling pressured in their hearts, preparing to escape at any moment.

Kai's Planet.

The green-skinned King Kai was gazing at the Bofei Trading Center with a solemn look on his face. He had no trace of joy on his face after Bofei perished.

"That Bofei should have died under the energy bombardment, but why do I still have this ominous feeling?" The antennas on his head flickered with electricity, as he observed with an intense gaze.

Logically, Bofei could't have survived under such highly concentrated energy bombardment. But why was he still feeling uneasy? King Kai was puzzled. It felt like he was overlooking something.

All of a sudden, he sensed an icy Ki amidst the diverse and chaotic auras in the Bofei Trading Center.

"Wait, its Bofei's Ki! He is still alive!

King Kai shouted aloud. Bofei's Ki had still not disappeared!

"Huh?" As he waited for the remnant energy in the air to disperse, Xiaya's scarred body was gasping for breath. Suddenly, he exclaimed in surprise, seemingly having discovered something.

Unexpectedly, this Bofei turned out to be so tenacious. He was still alive even after getting bombarded by an attack of that level.

As soon as this though flashed through his mind, the ground violently trembled and a dark red silhouette drilled out of the ground like an arrow.


Bofei roared with fury, his eyes bulging.

Right now, his appearance was incredibly miserable. The dark-red scales on his body were no longer shiny and beautiful. Two of the brown horns on his head had been snapped off leaving only one behind, and both his arms had ripped skin and blood oozing out while some places had already turned scorched black.

“Damn it, I want to chop your body into pieces and use your blood to wash this humiliation.”

Bofei almost tore his lungs out as he crazily roared. At the moment when he was drowned by Xiaya’s shock wave, he the grand master of the Bofei Trading Center felt the sense of death and an emotion called fear flashed through his mind.

At that moment he, Bofei, was afraid. Thinking of this, his face turned hot.

This was a humiliation, and it must be washed clean with blood.

And the human who did this must pay with his life.

This absolutely cannot be forgiven!

Bofei roared and his aura began to surge like mad. Now that it had come to this, he could only use his final trick. Ordinarily, he would never dare to use this trick because the price was too big, but the current him was already close to being crazy, so he paid it no heed.

As long as he could kill this human, he was willing to pay any price.

"Human… I underestimated you before. Who could have thought that among the weak humans there would actually be an expert like you. But now, you will not be getting another chance." Bofei's gloomy voice was filled with resentment.

"I would rather not to use this ability, because it would greatly shorten my lifespan. But to kill you, I would gladly do it!" Bofei had turned crazy.

"Hahaha, so father is just fine. Now, that human is bound to suffer."

Seeing that their father was not dead, both brothers who were watching the fight from the distance felt reassured. The restlessness in their hearts suddenly settled down and they energetically waved around their clenched fists.

"That's right, father wouldn't lose!" Bolten bit his teeth. He was surprised to discover he had never been be as relieved as he was now.

"This guy is really not easy to kill, what sort of trick are you going to again show now?"

Xiaya's eyes slightly revolved around. Whether or not Bofei was bluffing, he stepped forward and turned into a beam of light which immediately arrived in front of Bofei before launching a fierce attack.

Although he didn't know what Bofei was going to do next, he knew that he could not allow him to gain the initiative.


A large amount of light rays fell from the sky and numerous disorderly energy waves began to surge on the battlefield. A berserk energy swept across the ground, again digging long three feet deep trenches into the dirt below.

Huala! Bofei swung his arms and a large ball of scarlet energy flew out like a blooming flower, tender and beautiful. But after a short period of time, it blossomed into a vicious flower of death.

"Hahaha, human! Today, I will let you experience Sir Bofei's body transformation ability!" Bofei howled, the surging energy firmly wrapping around him before it unexpectedly turned into an energy cocoon.

"Body transformation!?"

Xiaya was shocked. Could it be that Bofei could still increase his battle power like Frieza?

If this was true, it would be better for him to just give up on the Super Dragon Ball and escape!

There are many races in the universe who could transform in order to increase their battle power. This was a good or bad method in which the life forms in the universe had undergone evolution. Just like that Zarbon he had fought before, he could significantly increase his battle power after body transformation.

There was also the Saiyan's Great Ape body transformation. Although it has a large number of limitations, and easily causes people to lose their rationality. It was indeed a good method to increase battle power.

However, the Great Ape body transformation was only suitable for low-level Saiyans. After achieving over 100,000 battle power, the increase in strength after transforming into the Great Ape was negligible.

In short, the aliens who have body transformation ability were extremely troublesome once they transforms.

I absolutely cannot let him transform!

Immediately making his decision, Xiaya wildly launched even more attacks toward the energy cocoon.

A huge mighty wave of energy traversed across the sky. Immediately, it seems to have tore through the restrictions of space and time. The berserk energy made the heavens and earth constantly change colors.

Fierce winds whistled and lightning traveled back and forth within the dark clouds.

It was as if an entire bottle of ink was poured in the huge whirlwind in the dark and gloomy sky.  It would fall apart and collapse at any moment. The pressure began to drop and coupled with the harsh weather, made the battlefield look even more bleak as if an apocalypse was coming.


A cold and dark aura suddenly rose from the cocoon. It was a frightening energy that makes one's soul tremble. For a while, the whole planet began to shake even more violently.

Chapter 150 Body Transformation?

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