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On the other side, Xiaya and Bofei's fight was still going on and was reaching its climax.

"Xi xi xi…" Both golden and red beautiful auras flashed around in the sky.

In almost an instant, Xiaya and Bofei had already clashed several times. A berserk aura swept out in all directions, gradually spreading out.

One moment, the silhouette of two figures fighting would appear tens of thousands of meters in the sky, and another moment they would appear above the surging surface of a lake, yet only to find them suddenly dive down underground with a rumbling and deafening explosion. Such formidable power which could distort light and terrorize every living being was etched in the onlookers minds, and would not disperse for a long period of time.

In actuality, Bofei's battle power was much higher than Xiaya's. But because Xiaya had a much more refined mastery of Ki Ignition and had the senzu beans as support which could restore his physical strength at critical times.

At this moment, Xiaya was relying on a war of attrition to hold the upper hand.

The fight had been going on for a while when suddenly Bofei beat his chest and stamped his foot and angrily roared. The large amount surging airflows around Bofei turned turbulent. The might pressing down around him suddenly increased and a frightening imposing aura swept out. The wide expanse of dust looked as if a desert storm had appeared, sweeping outwards in all directions.

As Bofei kept releasing energy, tiny rocks and gravel under the highly concentrated energy separated from the planet's gravity, slowly floating up.

"Netherworld Shock Wave!"

Suddenly, solemn yet magnificent bright red energy rippled outward, and a crushing pressure appeared like tigers roaring and apes howling. The energy density was on an entirely different level from before, much more solid and concentrated.

The one to bear the brunt of such an attack… was Xiaya.

Facing such a powerful enormous shock wave, Xiaya revealed a shocked expression. Immediately, he took a step forward and throw out his arms to resist the incoming shock wave with all his might.

"Super Energy Ball!"

Spreading his fingers and bringing his hands forward, a light blue energy beam formed in his hand, and then he rose from the ground and shot it towards Bofei's powerful energy wave.

Rumble, rumble!

The bright white rays of light intersected and became increasingly brighter and larger. The two energies intertwined, causing the long and narrow area to begin to emit a translucent luster. The ground collapsed, and the soil underneath their feet was blown away.

"Pfff!" Spitting out a mouthful of blood, the immense might caused Xiaya to take a few steps backwards, his consciousness sluggish. He gasped for breath, and his complexion became deathly pale.

The energy wave in his hand weakened, and in an instant the situation was reversed and he was in a disadvantageous position.


The bright red energy in Bofei's hand gained the upper hand, and as it grew increasingly stronger, like a primeval ferocious beast it directly pierced through with an irresistible force.

The immense frightening force stirred up the air and a churning explosion as far as the eye could see appeared on the surface of the main star. It appeared as if it had collided with a huge planet coming from the depths of the Universe.

Xiaya was just like a small boat in a vast ocean, swaying under the stirring explosion's impact.

With a loud rumbling sound, the enormous explosion shook the entire planet. Suddenly, there was chaos between sky and earth. It became difficult to differentiate where the sky was, and where the earth was. In this blurry and chaotic state, numerous energies flickered, turning the whole planet upside down.

After a long period of time, the smoke gradually dispersed.

At last, the view was restored. Getting a clear view of the surging lava filled craters that dotted the battlefield, everyone was stunned and they sunk into a strange silence.

"It's finally over. Just now when the energy beams collided, I thought I was going to die!" Some aliens who were lying on the ground stood up while wiping the cold sweat from their face and said with delight.

"Yeah, it was really frightening."

"Where did that human sprung out from? He was simply too formidable!" Someone sighed with emotion and said.

"But, regardless of how powerful he was, wasn't he still finished off by Sir Bofei? He really deserved to die!"

After the fierce fight, everyone began to exclaim at how powerful Sir Bofei was and were glad that they could witness such a high level fight with their own eyes. Naturally, there were also some aliens that had a stern look on their face while they hid their petty thoughts at the bottom of their hearts.

"What a pity, the human couldn't kill Bofei…"

The brothers, Boku and Bolton, both revealed a happy expression on their face, and their hearts danced with joy. Only today, they had discovered that their father was so strong. After witnessing everything, their hearts were full of worship.

Yet they were still somewhat regretful. That human was killed in such a simple manner, he truly got off too lightly.

In their opinion, their father should have tortured the human for a while before killing him.

At the center of the energy collision, a pitch-black rock stratum as if it had suffered from a high energy particle beam bombardment appeared in its vicinity. Black pungent smoke rose. Bofei carefully observed it for a while. He was confident that under such a strong bombardment, no one could have survived.

The human should finally be dead.

The agate eyes on his forehead rolled around for a while, and just as it was about to close…

A strong sense of crisis suddenly flashed in his brain. Involuntarily, his entire body trembled and an icy bone-chilling feeling shrouded him.

"Not good!"

Bofei let out a loud shout, and his deep blue pupils contracted while the scales all over his body became erect.

Raising his head, he saw a tiny black shadow slowly descending from high in the sky. It was precisely this person who was giving him that sense of impending crisis. Unexpectedly, the human still hasn't died!

Appearing high in the sky, the injury riddled Xiaya had finished gathering his Ki. At this time, his pitch black eyes were filled with cold killing intent. He overlapped his thumb to thumb, and forefinger to forefinger, before extending both his injury-riddled arms to the front.

"Super Tri-Beam!"

Following his shout, a dark-red energy beam shot down from the sky, directly aimed at Bofei. Beep blue electric arcs twined around the beam of energy beam like an angry blue lightning dragon. With a loud roar comparable to dragons and tigers, a frightening imposing aura that contained a formidable, peerless, heaven destroying and earth shattering energy indomitably swooped down towards Bofei.

The world-shaking aura caused light to distort.

"Not good!"

Bofei frantically let out a loud roar. He wanted to flee but the powerful Tri-Beam had already firmly locked onto him. His body was unable to move even an inch.

"Energy Shock Wave!"

At this point, he could only choose to resolutely withstand it. Within an instant, he mobilized all the energy within his body in preparation for attacking. Similar to Xiaya, he also produced a crimson energy beam and shot it out from his palm.


The two clusters of energy collided with a loud bang, and immediately exploded, producing dazzling beams of intense light. The loud booming sound formed visible shockwaves which radiated outwards while the violent collision produced a mighty and violent storm. In an instant, another layer of soil on the land was flattened.

The dark red and crimson energies mixed and devoured one another, producing scorching temperature.

The energy produced at this moment was just like a bright glow that was produced when a planet was destroyed. No, it should be even more breathtaking in comparison!

In the end, Xiaya's Super Tri-Beam after he had ignited his Ki was slightly stronger. It gradually began to take the upper hand and quickly devoured Bofei's hastily shot out energy wave after which it rushed towards Bofei.

Indeed, what goes around comes around!


Amidst his intense and unwilling cry, Bofei was swallowed by the dense energy wave.

On the horizon, a second sun suddenly rose and contended for brightness with the original blazing sun in the sky, stinging everyone's eyes.

The trembling gradually subsided. Everyone opened their eyes and seeing the scene in front of them couldn't help but cause them to turn sluggish.

Within a fifty kilometer radius, everything had been changed beyond recognition. All the mountains protruding out on the field had completely disappeared, transforming into a clearly visible yellow flat land as scorching heat emitted out of the surface of the ground.

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