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Chapter 93: 93
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“Damn punk, what a load of gall you have! Once I’m through with her, I’ll deal with you . ”


Lin Tianyu stared down Zhuo Fan with killing intent . As a man from the Seven Noble Houses, everywhere he went all he saw was respect and envy .

So a person like Zhuo Fan, who had only contempt, had to be put down . This was an unwritten law of the Tianyu Empire .


Dong Tianba sensed his killing intent and sighed at Zhuo Fan’s fate .


“Hhha, bro Dong shouldn’t waste time with a clown . ” Aware of the change in the atmosphere, Zhuo Fan still sported a casual smile .


It was spoken low enough to seem nonchalant, but loud enough to let everyone in on his words .


Everyone knew who he was hinting at, but none saw it coming from a 1st layer of Bone Tempering cultivator .


[Only a fool would mock the Seven Noble Houses . ]


The people started to pity Zhuo Fan’s imminent and gruesome death .


“Hhha, brother Tianyu, a fool just ridiculed you . ” Xiao Dandan felt the atmosphere was lacking so she added oil to the fire .


Lin Tianyu was now filled with hatred for Zhuo Fan, “Humph, a retard’s words won’t affect me . I’ll just swipe him away once I’m done with the girl . ”


He then stepped forward .


A fierce wind blew and vanished, but his laughter never stopped banging on the others’ ears, “Hhha, only the last article remains and then I will get to truly appreciate this lady . ”


Dong Xiaowan was curled up in fear, her hands tightened on her last shred of dignity .


Dong Tianba and the four elders made a tight circle around her . However, Zhuo Fan stood there impassive, as if it had nothing to do with him .


Suddenly, Lin Tianyu appeared before Dong Xiaowan and reached for her last article with a grin .


“He-he-he, I won!”


“Think again!”


A snort reached his ears .


He didn’t even get the chance to react when a fist smashed into his pretty face .


He went tumbling through the air and smacked the pavement before he could get his bearing . When he got up from the ground his cheek was already swollen .


“What just happened?”


The two were so fast that the onlookers didn’t see a shadow . They only heard two loud sounds and then came Lin Tianyu kissing the ground . Zhuo Fan also appeared, his hand outstretched above Dong Xiaowan .


“You… got him?” Dong Tianba was stunned . When not even himself and his four elders could save his sister, this kid managed to save the day?


Putting aside the fact that his 1st layer Bone Tempering cultivation held more power than a 7th layer, his speed alone was inconceivable .


In a casual manner, Zhuo Fan rubbed his presumably sore fist, “Something just came towards my fist . Owie, it stings . ”


His words startled everyone, and Dong Tianba even began to laugh, “Hhha, great! Bro, how did you do it? I couldn’t even see him!”


“Do you even need to see?” Zhuo Fan rose an eyebrow and sported a vague smile, “Isn’t his target obvious? If you build a wall next to her, he’s bound to bump into it . ”


It was so obvious now that everyone could think of it .


They were so focused on Lin Tianyu’s speed mastery that they were led by the nose . But even with his impressive speed, his target was Dong Xiaowan . All they had to do was keep their eyes on her .


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This simple reasoning almost made them tear up .


“Amazing!” An elder praised Zhuo Fan, “Young master Song is really a genius worthy of our young master’s admiration . ”


“Hhha, see little sister? Don’t I always say bro Song is a man of ethics and talent? If it wasn’t for him, you’d never have escaped this predicament . ” Dong Tianba laughed as he lifted the weight off his heart .


Dong Xiaowan blushed as she conveyed her thanks and appreciation to Zhuo Fan through her eyes .


Waving it off, Zhuo Fan made eye contact with Dong Tianba, “Bro Dong, can you stop, it’s not up to you how it ends . ”


Picking up on his gesture, Dong Tianba walked before Xiao Dandan with a smile, “Miss, we were lucky to have stopped this youth . I’m sure a disciple from Drifting Flowers Edifice wouldn’t cross her word, so let us end it here . I will be taking my sister now . ”


With a deep bow, Dong Tianba was about to leave .




Xiao Dandan eyed the crowd and gave a lopsided grin, “I will forgo this matter, of course, but too bad brother Tianyu isn’t too fond of that idea . ”


“Humph, in all my life, I’ve never been punched so hard . ” Lin Tianyu stared with killing intent, “I am not one to pick on people but this game has yet to entertain me enough . I would have to ask you all to keep me company throughout the end . ”




While the others were lamenting inside, Dong Tianba shouted in anger, “And when will the game conclude?”


“It’ll be over when I say so . ” Lin Tianyu sneered .


This came as a terrible shock to the Dong clan . Wasn’t it the same as saying it wouldn’t end until they’d have no dignity left?


[You’re too freaking petty to even take a loss!]


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Zhuo Fan scratched his nose and tightened his fist, [Seems I can return this with courtesy . ]


He didn’t want to blow this matter out of proportions any further, but this rotten couple didn’t know when to stop!


“Hhha, this barbaric game is fun! Let me join too!” Zhuo Fan laughed .


He attracted the eyes of everyone, and also Dong Tianba’s confused look .


Zhuo Fan, however, didn’t care about them, “I used to play such a game with bro Dong not too long ago . I ripped his woman’s clothes while he ripped my woman’s . The first to finish got the woman . ”


“Right, bro Dong?” Zhuo Fan hinted . Dong Tianba quickly woke out of his stupor and nodded .


“But it seems this game isn’t completely fair . You get to tear my woman’s clothes, while I have no target . ”


Lin Tianyu mocked, “You think you are all-powerful just because you landed a lucky punch? Hhha, wishful thinking!”


Zhuo Fan spoke flatly, “Young master Lin, are you scared, or perhaps whipped?”


Chuckles resounded all around, Xiao Dandan’s included . Despite being fearful of the seven houses, everyone cursed them behind their backs .


Lin Tianyu was livid but still deferred to Xiao Dandan by looking her way .


Frowning, Xiao Dandan spoke plainly to Zhuo Fan, “It seems besides Zhuo Fan, there are more and more people cropping up who slight the seven houses . But, do you have what it takes? If you can take even one article of clothing from me, I will kick brother Tianyu out and marry you instead!”


Xiao Dandan’s challenge first came as a shock, then forced laughter spread as everyone came to realize the gap between the two . The seven houses reviled those beneath them . How could they even entertain the thought of accepting a nobody into their house, as a groom no less?


With an evil smile, Zhuo Fan blinked, “Miss Dandan, be careful of what you say, lest you’d end up crying . ”


“You’re the one who’s going to wail!” Xiao Dandan stuck out her chin .


“Alright, enough talk . Get ready, I am about to start!” Lin Tianyu roared over their conversation .

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Dong Tianba was getting into position but Zhuo Fan waved him off, “Hhha, since I talked about fairness, only I will be defending Dong Xiaowan, lest he’d use it as an excuse to be even more shameless . ”


“Bro!” Dong Tianba cried, but nodded in the end, “I’ll leave my sister in your care . ”


He then took his elders to the side .


“Miss Dong, do you trust me?” Zhuo Fan stared at Dong Xiaowan .


She jumped, but nodded in the end, realizing the repulsive lecher from before was replaced by a reliable young man .


Zhuo Fan grinned, “Great, enjoy the show!”


But just then, a cackle came into their ears, “Hhha, the last article is mine!”


Dong Xiaowan curled up in fear, but Zhuo Fan was as calm as ever . He even had a mocking smile on his face .




A crack resounded and Lin Tianyu didn’t even get to touch Dong Xiaowan as he was sent tumbling in the air before hitting the pavement again . He was filled with shock, “You could see me?”


As he turned around, Zhuo Fan’s eyes were cold .




With a crack of thunder, Zhuo Fan appeared behind Xiao Dandan . His hand flashed and her dress was torn apart!


“You call that speed?”


Zhuo Fan’s mockery shocked the crowd .


[This kid is an expert!]

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