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Chapter 94: 94

[How could this be?]


Xiao Dandan watched the drifting cloth in shock .


How could she not know her future husband’s strongest point? Merry Woods was known as the wind house, known for having the fastest speed in the empire .


Not to mention, Lin Tianyu chose to abandon power for even more speed . He reached such a mastery that even a peak Bone Tempering expert would be left in the dust .


However, a low-level Bone Tempering brat did the unthinkable and managed to surpass him .


Not only was Xiao Dandan incredulous, but so was Lin Tianyu . His face was frozen in shock as no words could leave his mouth .


As for Dong Tianba’s group, they were slackjawed . Particularly young master Dong, who knew Song Yu for ages . Never once had he displayed such outstanding features . Yet, here he was, a third-rate clan’s member winning against a seven houses’ disciple .


Everyone became silent, with all eyes focused on the proud Zhuo Fan, their words stuck in their throat .


Grinning evilly, Zhuo Fan sniffed and said with satisfaction oozing from his voice, “Miss Dandan, you truly are an amazing beauty, evident from this fragrance . I will never forget this soothing smell for as long as I live . ”


Xiao Dandan stared at him with a red face . Lin Tianyu was turning green, his heart bleeding from hatred .


[Bastard! You dare harass my wife in my presence? Do you take Merry Woods for nothing?]


Taking a side glance at Lin Tianyu, Zhuo Fan grinned inside and flashed before Xiao Dandan . She then cried in panic when Zhuo Fan hugged her .


She tried to resist but was a moot effort against Zhuo Fan’s cultivation .


“Damn brat, what do you think you’re doing?” Lin Tianyu roared .


Zhuo Fan watched the red-faced Xiao Dandan and raised an eyebrow in challenge, “Miss Dandan, I’m not as flimsy as that weak lord . I’ve always learned to take the initiative with a woman . My actions were a bit rude to you, miss . So, you can hit me or curse me, but I’ll still do the same . ”


Xiao Dandan was glaring at him, yet her heart stirred . Zhuo Fan’s pushy attitude was worlds apart from Lin Tianyu’s flattery .


This feeling was so new to her that she didn’t know where to place it .


“Rotten brat, let go or you’ll be sorry!”


Zhuo Fan was courting his woman before his eyes and even before the public . Something that Lin Tianyu could not bear any longer .


But Zhuo Fan was far from done . He pulled her closer instead, eliciting a charming cry from Xiao Dandan .


It made any male on the scene feel their pulse quickened, swallowing dryly, and sporting wide and nasty grins . Meanwhile, the women around blushed .


Lin Tianyu’s face was ashen, wishing to tear Zhuo Fan limb by limb .


Snorting, Zhuo Fan raised a taunting eyebrow, “Brother Lin, isn’t this a game of your own accords? Since time immemorial, the winner receives everything while the loser ends up with nothing . If brother Lin wins, you’ll have two women . If not, well…”


Zhuo Fan patronized, then turned to blow his hot breath in Xiao Dandan’s ear, “Miss Dandan, if I win, please be so kind as to kick this man out and make me your guest . ”


His tone was soft, yet his words traveled far, particularly stabbing into Lin Tianyu’s ears .


However, this wasn’t what struck his core, it was Xiao Dandan’s blushing and faint nod .


Zhuo Fan had given another wave of shock to the crowd and many were now eyeing him with envy .


[Damn rotten bastard! He snatched a Drifting Flowers Edifice’s girl right out of that flimsy Merry Woods’ disciple in minutes! His skill is worthy of being a pioneer in the sacred art of chasing skirts . If I had such skill, I would also take a Drifting Flowers Edifice girl for myself!]


Lin Tianyu trembled, his lips leaked a trail of blood .


“Bastard, you’ve taken this too far!”


“Hhha, what of it? What goes around comes around . Next time, if you’re lucky enough to win, then speak . ” Zhuo Fan’s wicked grin wasn’t in the least bit heroic or worthy of his conquest, but it made everyone’s heart shiver . While the women were swooning .


Lin Tianyu had a belly full of hatred . Zhuo Fan’s incessant mockery was trumped by stealing his woman . This exceeded his bottom line long ago, “Son of a bitch! Once I peel your girl’s clothes, I’ll finish you off . ”

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Lin Tianyu appeared before Dong Xiaowan .


She cried in fear but Lin Tianyu’s evil clutches didn’t arrive . A slap cuffed him over the ear into the ground . When he looked up, Zhuo Fan was back next to Xiao Dandan, continuing to mock, “Miss Dandan, that limp noodle lost again, I’m afraid I will have to relieve you of another article . ”


A rip was heard and an article left Xiao Dandan’s body more exposed .


Zhuo Fan lifted her chin, “Miss Dandan, please, don’t blame my uncouth act . ”


Her charming eyes rolled and her face turned rosy, playing coy, “Can’t you be more gentle?”


“Hhha, I am uncouth and unmannered, this is something that won’t change for as long as I live . ” Zhuo Fan shook his head . Lin Tianyu’s eyes were bloodshot and looked as though we was about to spit fire, “Rotted bastards, both of you!”


Lin Tianyu went for Dong Xiaowan again with the same result . Zhuo Fan made sure to even slap him five times for good measure .


And it resulted in Xiao Dandan’s turn to loosen her clothing . Yet the lady hardly cared, making Lin Tianyu’s coals of anger burn hotter .


With but one flimsy and thin piece left on miss Xiao Dandan, Zhuo Fan’s grin turned maniacal, “Brother Lin, final chance! If you fail now, miss Dandan is mine . ”


“Wretched filth, you dare mock the seven houses?” Lin Tianyu spat, the ire in his heart having grown out of his control . Yet oddly enough, he was clear headed enough to understand Zhuo Fan’s speed overwhelmed him, so he chose another angle, using Merry Woods’ name .


But why would Zhuo Fan care when he even had the nerve to kill Hell Valley’s elders?


As a result, Lin Tianyu words only worked to goad Zhuo Fan further, who, under Lin Tianyu’s rage-filled eyes, landed a kiss on Xiao Dandan’s check, “Hhha, I’m about to be Drifting Flowers Edifice’s son-in-law, why the hell would I be afraid of your goddamned Merry Woods? Isn’t that right, my lady?”


Xiao Dandan was so far gone, accepting anything he was throwing at her, that she nodded without remorse .




It would seem Lin Tianyu had had enough and charged at the couple . He even went as far as cursing at his revered Xiao Dandan, “Bitch, you are both a bunch of dogs . I will send you both to hell!”


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He made a hand sign and a green gale gathered around his legs . The sharp whistling spoke of its deadly power as he kicked at them .


He had forgone using his prized speed in favor of stealing victory by force .


“Mid spirit ranked martial art, Razor Kick!”


Xiao Dandan cried in shock, “Lin Tianyu, the gall of you, to try to kill me right in Drifting Flowers Edifice’s city!”


“Humph, for a skank like you, I will do the world a favor by killing you both!”


Xiao Dandan was now afraid after noticing the killing intent in his eyes . She was only in Qi Condensation Stage, while Zhuo Fan was in his 1st layer of Bone Tempering Stage . It was not possible for him to take on such an attack .


However, Zhuo Fan just mocked, “Brother Lin, is this your final struggle? Oh, how pathetic!”


Zhuo Fan’s arm snaked around Xiao Dandan’s waist while his other acted as a shield .




The green gale lashed at Zhuo Fan’s arm, but the sounds coming out of it was that of screeching metal .


The kick didn’t even scratch his arm, though his sleeve did turn to shreds, revealing an all glorious and perfectly chiseled arm .


“This can’t be!”


Lin Tianyu seemingly crazy as he muttered, “You’re a body cultivator? How can you be so fast?”


With a mocking smile, Zhuo Fan simply replied, “Who told you that we can’t also train in speed? Trading off power for such measly speed will only be done by a dumbass like you . ”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes evoked killing intent that turned Lin Tianyu into a shivering mess .


He didn’t get to react as Zhuo Fan kicked him on the head .


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Blood spurted and Lin Tianyu felt a sharp pain digging its way into him . He let out one final wail before his eyes lost their light and slumped on the ground .


None of the people could believe their eyes . A simple kick finished a Seven Noble Houses’ disciple, who had a 6 layer advantage over his opponent .


The fight ended not in praise of power or speed but rather mockery towards Merry Woods .


“Miss Dandan, did you see that? I don’t discriminate, I am as uncouth and rude to men as well . If your fiancée lives, he still won’t see reason . I hope you do not blame me for this . ”


Zhuo Fan acted like his crime never happened and resumed flirting with the lady .


Xiao Dandan watched him enamored and blinked in joy, “You’ve done perfectly! With you around, why would I need that trash for? Don’t you worry, you’ll soon join Drifting Flowers Edifice and Merry Woods won’t be able to lay a finger on you . ”


“Hhha, thank you miss Dandan for your care, just that…” Zhuo Fan eyed Xiao Dandan’s last vestige of dignity, “According to the rules, for your fiancée to lose, I’d have to pry out the last article!”


With a coy and blushing face, Xiao Dandan wrapped her soft lily-white hands around his neck, “Brother, I am soon to be yours . If you want my body, you’ll have to wait till tonight . Or do you want the people to see everything?”




Zhuo Fan scratched his nose after looking at her delectable body . Then, Zhuo Fan’s eyes turned sharp and startled the flirting woman .


“Humph, weren’t you listening? What goes around comes around . This goes for you too . ”


Zhuo Fan reached for her last piece and Xiao Dandan was filled with fear .


Would she have any face left to walk into Drifting Flowers Edifice if she went naked in the middle of the city?


Suddenly, a loud shout came, “Stop!”


And two blue silk ribbons drifted over .


Zhuo Fan’s hand froze in shock, “a Profound Heaven expert!”

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