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Chapter 139

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“Heavens, what’s going on? Grandmaster Song who brought a failed batch of refining last time has lost for the first time in three rounds . Is Elder Yan’s deduction correct? Can Grandmaster Song really not make a 5th-grade pill?”


Zhuo Fan opened his fist and showed the black ash . Xiao Ya even cried . She couldn’t get to speak as a sharp glare landed on her .


Shivering, Xiao Ya watched Zhuo’s eyes in fear and closed her mouth . But her cry was already loud enough and everyone heard it .


People started to feel uneasy and watched Zhuo Fan with worry .


Those high on the terrace were even more nervous . Since the start of the Hundred Pill Meeting, Vicious Pill King had been stifled . Especially the arrogant air that surrounds him . This is all because of Zhuo Fan .


If Zhuo Fan lost, then who would be Vicious Pill King’s match?


Tao Danniang? Hha, she was quite a renowned 6th grade alchemist, but Vicious Pill King never took her seriously .


Everyone knew Zhuo Fan’s secret ancient skill and his talent had placed the Vicious Pill King on the second spot . If Zhuo Fan was gone, he would once again be the best in the empire!


The people now looked on at Zhuo Fan with hope . Even those who came only to bring some good alchemists back to their clans couldn’t keep calm and looked towards Zhuo Fan .


It was a disastrous loss for a young genius alchemist to lose the competition, lose his life all because of his low cultivation!


But this was the reality . After his first failure, Zhuo Fan froze ashen on the spot . It felt like an unimaginable blow and sank into despair .


[Ah, what a pitiful child!]


Many women started shedding tears . Vicious Pill King was snorting, no longer paying this despairing loser any more of his time, focusing on his own pill .


The Yuan Qi flame in his hand burned hotter and the concoction was slowly taking the form of a pill . It wouldn’t be long before Vicious Pill King finished . Meanwhile, Tao Danniang was getting nervous, trying to rush things .


But her ingredients had only just finished being refined and didn’t have enough time to catch up to Vicious Pill King, who was close to finishing .


This was a time of crisis . Chu Qingcheng’s group was also nervous, shifting their gazes from the depressed Zhuo Fan, to Tao Danniang and Vicious Pill King . Watching them with clenched fists and sweating in anxiety .


“Hhha, I win . The third round’s first place is mine and so is the punk’s head . ” Just as Tao Danniang’s pill took a tentative form, Vicious Pill King laughed .


Among the flames in Vicious Pill King’s hand, a lustrous pill appeared . The completion was now imminent . No one could stop him from being the next Pill King .


“Humph, you’re hundreds of years too early if you think you can best me!” Vicious Pill King roared in glee .


[It wasn’t easy . That punk had pushed me back the last two rounds but now, I can show off my skill . ]


The closer the pill was to finishing, the more outrageous Vicious Pill King’s smile became . He was more glad now than when he made his first 7th-grade pill .


Huangpu Qingyun was also nodding in satisfaction .


Tao Danniang clenched her teeth in regret and Chu Qingcheng’s group was filled with hatred .


Everything had turned to dust and impossible to come back from . Vicious Pill King would become the winner of the third round and was one step closer to earning Drifting Flowers Edifice’s Bodhi Root .


No one could stop him now!


Drifting Flowers Edifice would fall at this moment…




A sudden and violent sneeze echoed around and the fire in Vicious Pill King’s hand exploded .

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Vicious Pill King lost focus for a moment and his beard and eyebrows burned alongside the pill to ashes!




This shocked the crowd silly, looking at each other in a daze . Why did it blow up all of a sudden?


The best alchemist in the empire wouldn’t make such a mistake .


Trembling, Vicious Pill King’s body froze . He turned his head, with a face so livid, an explosion was about to occur .


And where was he looking at? It was nowhere else but at Zhuo Fan .


The others also looked to find in shock that the depressed Zhuo Fan was no more, back to his usual self and sporting an extra sly grin . Below his nose there were two trails of green snot dangling .




He sniffed the green snot back in and Zhuo Fan smiled as he rubbed his nose in apology, “Hhha, do forgive me, Elder Yan . I must’ve caught a cold!”


Everyone’s eyes bugged out . Their faces twitched and couldn’t figure out if they should cry or laugh .


[Grandmaster Song, your excuse is beyond lame! Even worse than Vicious Pill King’s! Since when do cultivators catch colds?]


[After Qi Condensation Stage no minor disease works alright? Plus, you’re in the Bone Tempering Stage for crying out loud!]


[If you wanted payback then do it, no one’s stopping you . But do everyone a favor and pick a better excuse next time! Do you think we’re 3-year olds?]


Everyone could see it . Not to mention, Zhuo Fan particularly targeted Vicious Pill King to become the victim of the explosion .


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Vicious Pill King was so angry he was about to lose his mind .


He was only a blink away from finishing his 5th-grade pill and winning . But at this critical juncture, Zhuo Fan played a trick on him and made all his effort go out in smoke .


It was the same as looking five decades for the treasure of his dreams and just when he reached for it, someone pounded it with a hammer .


Such pain was enough to make even his heart cry!


“P-Punk! I will kill you!”


Vicious Pill King’s shaking was obvious to anyone with eyes . He was pushing the anger back . Though he didn’t manage to hold everything in as his shout released his mighty power, causing the flames of other alchemists to sway .


Backed by incredible pressure, Vicious Pill King struck a palm towards Zhuo Fan . Yet Zhuo Fan stood there smiling like everything was normal in the world .




A silk ribbon flew that locked Vicious Pill King’s palm in place . Chu Qingcheng’s figure stood next to Zhuo Fan and pulled on the ribbon to divert Vicious Pill King’s attack .


“Elder Yan, this is the Hundred Pill Meeting of Drifting Flowers Edifice . If you want to cause trouble, please leave!” Chu Qingcheng glared .


Gnashing his teeth, Vicious Pill King stared at Zhuo behind Chu Qingcheng and knew it wouldn’t be easy to attack now . He pointed at Zhuo Fan and rebuked, “Edifice Lord Chu, it’s not me who started it! This punk broke the rules and disturbed my refining first . ”


“When did I disturb you?” Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, not backing an inch .


Snorting, Vicious Pill King pointed at the crowd, “Everyone saw you . My pill was almost finished and your sneeze ruined everything . ”


“Uh… mishap!” Zhuo Fan smiled, “Didn’t I say already? I caught a cold…”


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“Cut the crap! Can a Bone Tempering cultivator even catch a cold?”


“You cut it! A 7th-grade alchemist can splash his mixture but yours truly can’t catch a cold?” Zhuo Fan bit back at every turn .


Vicious Pill King stammered for a while, tongue-tied .


[He was waiting for this!] In any case, there was no way a Bone Tempering cultivator could catch a cold nor a 7th-grade alchemist could splash his concoction .


Since he used such an excuse before, then this brat could use it too .


Vicious Pill King hated himself from being such a blabbermouth . He only had to use that old brain of his more and think of a better excuse and get the upper hand . However, now, this punk had ruined everything with but a sneeze . Worse, there was no way to refute it .


Taking deep breaths, Vicious Pill King calmed down with much difficulty . His green eyes flashed with hatred at Zhuo Fan, “You sure have gal, punk . Your snot was too damn precise . It chose the perfect timing to land on my pill and ruin it at the last moment . If the fire was still at the strongest, then your snot would’ve been burnt instead of landing in the crack of the pill and making it explode .


“Hhha, what a genius . You are so precise in his sneezing that I have to admire you…” Vicious Pill King’s killing intent grew as sarcasm dripped from his tone .


But Zhuo Fan took it in stride, “You’re far too kind . It’s because we are the very best . Great minds think alike, you know . Just look . You are Vicious Pill King and I am Heaven Toppling Pill . You splashed some of your concoction, and I caught…”


“Don’t you goddamn dare say you caught a cold!” Vicious Pill King cut him off in anger, “I don’t wanna hear it!”


So he turned around, going back to his spot to begin a new refinement .


Zhuo Fan shrugged .


Chu Qingcheng saw Vicious Pill King go and sighed, knowing that trouble had been averted . With most of their power in this old coot’s hands, and in Regent Estate’s favor, falling out now would mean their loss .


Thankfully, he still cared about his face and didn’t want the world to know how despicable the Pill King Hall was . Quickly defusing this situation before matters blew out of proportions . Otherwise…


Chu Qingcheng turned Zhuo Fan and spoke so only the two of them heard, “Dear, can you tell me who you are?”

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