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Chapter 138

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The mysterious azure flame was what Zhuo Fan had got from the expert in Allbeast Mountain Range . His low cultivation didn’t allow control over even a thousandth of its power .


But one thing was certain . This azure flame was a legendary flame even in the Sacred Domain . So a thousandth was enough to refine a high-grade pill .




Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan watched the top ten alchemists hard at work . Vicious Pill King, his disciple, and Tao Danniang were the only ones relaxed .


They had to have a card up their sleeve to use at the right moment in the finals .


Meanwhile, the azure flame was Zhuo Fan’s hidden trump card . Taking it out so soon would get Vicious Pill King to target him . [Best leave it for last . ]


That left him with only one choice, though somewhat volatile .


Zhuo Fan sighed and made his move under the riveted eyes of the audience .


They wanted to see what shocking achievement this amazing genius with a secret refining skill would give them next .


Yet Zhuo Fan simply ignited a red Yuan Qi flame in his palm and threw 5th grade ingredients in using hand signs .


Without the godly secret refining skill, and without using the same refining ability he started with in the second round, the ingredients’ refinement seemed to go nowhere fast .


Zhuo Fan’s display was so plain because the flame he was using was even weaker than all other alchemists .


Those 5th grade ingredients in that weak flame got refined at a snail’s pace . Needing a long time for even a drop to be extracted .


Compared to earlier show of force, Zhuo Fan’s refining time was not only average, but even lackluster! As if all other alchemists’ refining ability here looked far better than his .


Such disparity disappointed everyone . They saw the greatest talent in alchemy climb to the top only to fall back into the mud .


The top ten alchemists watched on with regret and helplessness, but mostly with content .


[This punk’s weakness is finally revealed in the third round . ]


Among the snickers, Zhuo Fan’s figure standing in the first spot looked quite bleak .


As if to correlate his inability this round, his smugness was nowhere to be seen .


Xiao Ya was a bit curious, speaking somewhat without meaning to, “What is wrong with Grandmaster Song in this round? He isn’t himself anymore . ”


“He-he-he, that’s normal!”


Vicious Pill King took pleasure at his plight, “His refining ability had reached his peak and can go no further . ”


Xiaoya asked skeptically, “Elder Yan, what do you mean?”


The other alchemists started letting out a carefree laughter .


“What I mean is that he can only refine low-grade pills . ”


Still not understanding, Vicious Pill King was quite patient and enjoyed explaining this to her, “In alchemy, flames are divided into gentle and fierce flames . Common ingredients for low-grade pills use the gentle flame, otherwise the fierce flame will burn them . And when refining high-grade ingredients, the gentle flame falls short .


“But this punk’s cultivation is too low to control the fierce flame . He has no way to refine 5th-grade ingredients . ” Vicious Pill King snickered then mocked Zhuo Fan, “This is your weakness . Am I right, brat?”


Ignoring him, Zhuo Fan was still as patient as he was calm, focused on his refining .


“But how did Grandmaster Song refine the 5th-grade Yang Dragon Pill?”


Shaking his head, Vicious Pill King derided, “It was made with 2nd-grade ingredients, forcefully refined then turned into a 5th-grade pill . It is not a true 5th-grade pill . But even I must admit, that refining skill is indeed legendary . If he were to refine 5th-grade ingredients, he could make a 7th-grade pill . What a shame, he-he-he…”


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The people looked on with lament at his words .


Their hearts were filled with the odd sense of grief when they gazed upon the lonely yet persevering figure .


No one knew when, but for the thousands of alchemists around watching, Zhuo Fan caught all their attention . The shock Zhuo Fan’s secret refining skill instilled was far too great .


With how lonely he looked now, he made others feel sad .


Vicious Pill King, however, couldn’t be more chipper, casting stones at the helpless, kicking him when he was down . This earned the public’s distaste .


“Grandmaster Song, you can do it! We’re cheering for you!”


At some point, someone cried out in encouragement . After one, many soon followed, and cheers broke out everywhere .


“Grandmaster Song, you’re the greatest!”


“Grandmaster Song, we love you!”


“Grandmaster Song, I-I want your babies…”



The entire Drifting Flowers Arena was aboil . Xie Tianyang and his group were dumbstruck by the waves after waves of cheering .


[This punk made one pill and now has everyone’s siding with him? There was even one saying she wants his babies . What does he have that I, the grand Sword Marquise Abode’s young master, don’t?]


Turning around, Zhuo Fan gave a small wave and the crowd settled . Not even seven houses’ elders had such a sway over the masses .


“Thank you all for your support . ”


Zhuo Fan’s face was solemn, his words sincere, “I hail from a third rate clan and have already shown everything that I’ve learned so that I may die without regrets . On the path of alchemy, what we refine is our hearts . And my heart wants, is to be the best . I only ask that you watch my final refining and honor my parting!”

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With his final word, Zhuo Fan returned to work hard on his refining, the difficult 5th-grade ingredients . But the Heaven-toppling Pill written on his cloak had everyone in tears .


He was no mere genius of alchemy, but a man who pledged himself to alchemy . A hero with a noble pursuit .


He was not like Vicious Pill King and the others, making use of vile acts while refining . No, his heart was being refined to be the best in the world . It was a pure and grand heart of gold .


“You are so modest, Grandmaster Song . Please receive this salute from us!”


The eliminated alchemists watched the persevering Zhuo Fan despite knowing he’d fail . Their heart was filled with admiration, especially those who forfeited .


On the eastern stand, Huangpu Qingyun laughed, unrestrained . No matter how much sympathy he’d garner, his life was through, as far as the seven houses were concerned .


Would these third rate clans dare rebel against Regent Estate, the strongest of the seven houses?


On the terrace, Chu Qingcheng and the overseers knew he was a fake, but their eyes reddened still . Zhuo Fan’s grieved figure, like a tragic hero, touched a soft spot in their womanly hearts .


Xiao Dandan was bawling her lungs out, taking Zhuo Fan’s words as a eulogy to himself .


Xie Tianyang curled his lip in helplessness, “He’s good, faking again . However, he should avoid faking it like before, allowing someone else to trip him up while he does it . ”


“He-he-he, this brat is shrewd . How can he fall for the same trick twice?” Long Jiu shook his head, “The way I see it, he has something big planned . If not, he would not change tunes so quickly . ”


“What plan?”


Rubbing her red eyes, Long Kui sniffed, “This brat is so evil . If he’s not making people angry he’s making them cry . ”


Long Jiu was out of sorts, “Little Kui, don’t you also understand that he is acting? Why are you also crying?”


Long Kui complained, “I was too engrossed!”


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Staggering Long Jiu and Xie Tianyang laughed bitterly and wiped the cold sweat off their brows .




In the arena, Vicious Pill King had finished refining the ingredients and was beginning to combine them . The other alchemists were also halfway done with refining .


But Zhuo Fan’s refining hadn’t even passed 20% .


Vicious Pill King saw it and mocked, “Punk, it’s pointless to grasp the heart of the public . Even if you stir those trash into saving you, they have no power . Just wait patiently for me to climb onto the first spot and take your head . ”


“Eh? I wouldn’t speak so soon if I were you!”


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow then gestured at the slowly refined ingredients, “Universe Palm!”


With a muffled sound, light smoke started drifting from his hand .


Vicious Pill King laughed, “Hhha, killing the fire before the ingredients finished refining will destroy them! You should work hard even if you lose . Or is this your last act before dying?”


Zhuo Fan ignored his yapping . He was nervous inside, his attention riveted to his slowly opening fist .


A pity that what greeted him was ashes and not a complete pill!




Zhuo Fan’s heart sank and looked at Vicious Pill King .


His concoction has melded, the only thing that is left is to shape it into a pill . If this went on, the third round’s first place would be his .


Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed coldly and his mouth perked into an evil grin .


[Old fart, you dared play tricks on yours truly before . This time I will return it tenfold…]

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