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Chapter 133: 133



Huangpu Qingyun pounded the stone table, which was as strong as a 1st-grade spiritual weapon . Cracks like spiderweb spread through the entire table .

Watching Zhuo Fan with his hawk eyes, Huangpu Qingyun spat in anger, “Is there anyone who can tell me where this guy came from? Why is it that he can surpass even Elder Yan in alchemy?”


Shuddering, the people around looked at each other, but none wanted to earn his ire .


However, Hell Valley’s 5th elder, rolled his eyes as he laughed, “Second young master, relax . Elder Yan is more than capable to deal with that obnoxious brat . He must’ve already thought of a way . Once he wins this round, he will not hesitate to get rid of that pest gnawing at his heart . He must be itching to finish him off . Hhha…”


Huangpu Qingyun took a deep breath as he watched Yan Song .


Sure enough, the shock faded from Yan Song’s face and was now replaced with deep-seated killing intent . This somewhat eased the second young master’s anger .


Lin Zitian watched 5th elder askance as he wiped the cold sweat off his brow, crying inside .


[Curses! No one here is good!] 5th elder looked as if he was appeasing Huangpu Qingyun when in fact, he was placing the responsibility of dealing with Zhuo Fan solely on the Vicious Pill King .


If the Vicious Pill King killed the kid, he’d be settling a grudge and Huangpu Qingyun would reward him . If not, then the second young master would pour all his rage on Vicious Pill King .


And by the look of things, Yan Song had no idea this was happening .


Such scheming was vicious . [I’ll have to tread carefully around these people . Or I won’t even know how I got betrayed . ]


Sighing, Lin Zitian shook his head as he watched Huangpu Qingyun .


In the arena, Zhuo Fan had to praise Vicious Pill King for managing to get his anger under control; though, inside . He was the best alchemist in the empire after all, and didn’t get distracted so easily .


Yet he did not relent with his mockery, “You’re so slow in refining the ingredients . What do you say I wait for you? How about three breaths to catch up?”


To a normal man, three breaths passed in a blink, but to alchemists, this period could mean the difference between victory or defeat .


In these crucial moments, Zhuo Fan was laid back in his battle against the Vicious Pill King . It was naked humiliation .


He would’ve been mocked if he spoke of this before the round, but now, no one could do so after his display of skill .


Slowly, Zhuo Fan’s arrogance was taken as something normal . [Well, he is a grandmaster afterall… If you got the skill then you can be as cocky as you want! Right?]


The Vicious Pill King had eyes only for his own pill, although his speed has lowered . Tao Danniang was a bit nervous as she urged Zhuo Fan, “Child, you’re still in the lead so hurry and finish . Don’t drag it out any more than necessary . ”


“Yeah, young master Song, uh, Grandmaster Song!”


After Zhuo Fan revealed his skills, Xiao Ya felt she needed to change how she addressed him, “Anything can happen at any moment in a competition . Use this chance to your advantage . ”


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow and snickered, “Judge, do you know what this pill of mine is called?”


“Is grandmaster testing me?” Xiaoya let out a sweet smile, “Grandmaster chose mostly yang ingredients . And according to the formula, it should be the Yang Pill . Its main use is to dispel the negative energy in one’s body . It is gentle on the meridians and can increase a Qi Condensation cultivator’s cultivation by one layer . ”


“Hhha, miss is truly knowledgeable . However, do you know who I’m giving it to?”


Xiaoya shook her head . [What does it have to do with me?]


“You!” Zhuo Fan smiled .


Blushing, Xiao Ya averted her eyes from him, and muttered, “I am but a normal disciple of Drifting Flowers Edifice . I’ve long surpassed the Qi Condensation Stage . Why is Grandmaster giving it to me?”


His smile growing colder, Zhuo Fan mocked, “Because you have a vile mouth so your body must be filled with negative energy . I am doing this for your own good . ”


Xiao Ya was shocked speechless as everyone burst out laughing .


They all knew Xiao Ya mocked Zhuo Fan and now he was only returning the favor .


Xiao Ya felt slandered and her eyes glistened with tears . She gave a hateful glare to Zhuo Fan out of spite .


Zhuo Fan however still sported that insidious grin .


“This brat is so petty . He even shamed a young lady!” Chu Qingcheng couldn’t help but grumble seeing a fellow sister of her Drifting Flowers Edifice being mocked .

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Xie Tianyang nodded after a pause, “Edifice Lord Chu is right . This brat’s eyes are so narrow that it’s best we don’t mess with him . His revenge is never welcomed . ”


Xiao Dandan felt it on her own skin and nodded with force . Although she wasn’t the least bit vexed over what she went through . Instead, she was prideful .


“He dares?” Chu Qingcheng raised her head up high, it was the image of a wife who got her husband on a leash . But noticing their looks, her cheeks blushed and she lowered her head back down .


As if they rehearsed it, they all looked at each other and laughed . Only Chu Qingcheng’s blush grew a shade deeper .




Suddenly, as everyone was paying attention to Zhuo Fan, who got a bit carried away in his teasing of Xiao Ya . A green liquid shot into the firestorm in his hand and melded into his concoction .


Zhuo Fan’s heart was in a panic . He noticed that the direction it came from was Yan Song . It was unknown when, but the ingredients in his hand had already finished refining .


He slowed down on purpose to get Zhuo Fan to drop his guard .


Vicious Pill King let out a vile snicker, “Grandmaster Song, I already finished refining my concoction, so I will be going ahead and form the pill . You don’t need to spare me three breaths, rather you should stick to your own matters . Hhha…”


His eyelid twitching, Zhuo Fan’s face grew colder, “What did you throw in my concoction?”


“Throw?” Vicious Pill King denied it completely, “I would never do such an immoral act as ruining other’s refining . Just that I was a bit sloppy and a few drops spilled from my concoction . It just so happened to fall into yours . This was all just a big mishap . I’m sure Grandmaster Song won’t mind at all . ”




When an alchemist slacked in concentration, the Yuan Qi flame faltered and the concoction did spill . But that only happens to beginners . It wouldn’t happen to even a 1st-grade alchemist .


Yet, it happened to the best alchemist in the empire, the Vicious Pill King, a grand 7th-grade alchemist?


It couldn’t get more deliberate than this .


Everyone knew it and so did he . But there was no way to contest it . He said he was careless and no one could prove otherwise .


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Gnashing his teeth, Zhuo Fan ignored him and returned his focus on the changes in his concoction . He cried out in shock from what he saw .


“Green python scale concoction?” Zhuo Fan cried .


This shocked everyone .


They knew Zhuo Fan was refining a Yang Pill . All of his ingredients were of yang property . But the green python scale concoction was made with a base from a 2nd level spiritual beast, Green Sky Python’s scale .


The snake had yin properties and was also cruel, making this ingredient the worst addition to Zhuo Fan’s .


This poison was now attacking the Yang Pill’s ingredients . Once used, it would reduce the yang of the pill a great degree .


He would be hard-pressed to make a 2nd-grade, let alone a 3rd grade pill . It was most likely going to end up as a common 1st grade pill


Everyone shook their heads .


Zhuo Fan’s refining skill was a rare one that gave incredible speed . A pity, his ingredients were now wasted . If he started from scratch, he would never catch up to the Vicious Pill King .


The easy win had now turned to failure all because of Zhuo Fan’s ego .


Vicious Pill King laughed coldly, “Punk, you remember your promise? If you fall from your spot, your head will be mine . I’ll be right here waiting for you to bring it to me, hhha… . ”


Vicious Pill King’s laughter reverberated across Drifting Flowers Hall .


The people sighed . This outstanding genius was now going to present his head to Vicious Pill King because the latter pulled a dirty trick .


Tao Danniang sighed, disappointed, and resumed her focus on her pill .


[The child is amazing, but his mind is unstable…]


Liu Yizhen watched Zhuo Fan in a daze, only to shake his head in the end .


In the eastern stand, Huangpu Qingyun was laughing his heart out, “Elder Yan did have a way!” The rest around him nodded .

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In the host terrace, three people stomped in anger .


“This brat is insufferable! He brags about saving Drifting Flowers Edifice and now he falls to Yan Song’s ploy?” Peony Overseer flared, “In your arrogance, you threw away the prestige we worked so hard to get back!”


“Indeed, this brat’s manner is causing everyone headaches . ” Iris Overseer sighed, “Forget about saving Drifting Flowers Edifice, when we can’t even save him . ”


Only Chu Qingcheng watched Zhuo Fan without complaining, “He is in Qingtian’s stead . Even if he is a little arrogant, does that mean he is in the wrong? Qingtian would’ve done the same as him . ”


“Master, save Darling!” Xiao Dandan pleaded .


Peony Overseer was powerless and turned to Long Jiu, “Everyone, seeing how familiar you are with Song Yu, what do you think of this?”


Her anger flared, but her heart was clear . She knew saving Zhuo Fan with only Drifting Flowers Edifice’ power was impossible . They had to ally with Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Sword Marquise Abode .


Though they didn’t even react to her words, calm as ever .


“Save? Who? That brat needs our saving?” Xie Tianyang said, “I reckon he must be so pissed he’s about to pop a vein . A shrewd man like him was being played by another . It’d be odd if he could hold it in . ”


Peony Overseer didn’t understand .


Suddenly, Dong Tianba staggered and fell with a terrified face .


Dong Tianba cried out before they could ask, “H-he’s not brother Song Yu . J-just who is he?”


None understood what he meant and looked at the stage . One look was enough to scare the life out of them .


Because Zhuo Fan’s eyes had so much killing intent, it actually took form . It was as if an Asura from the Underworld stepped into the world . Those eyes made everyone feel a razor blade bearing on their necks .


As if any moment their lives could be reaped!


Zhuo Fan was royally pissed…


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