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Chapter 134: 134
[Damn it! I’m the one who usually playing with others! Now, I am on the receiving end?!]

Squinting, Zhuo Fan controlled the firestorm in his hand while the other clenched and shivered . It was poised to strike at any minute .

The glorious Demonic Emperor had always been a close follower of being ‘the first and the last to strike’ . Yet here he was, playing fair, while the others took advantage of him . He just couldn’t take it lying down .

Only the head of the accuser could now salvage the Demonic Emperor’s dignity .

His killing intent was hidden behind a pair of eyes . Hidden so well in fact, the Vicious Pill King, who was the closest to him, was not even able to sense it .

Only those on the terrace noticed since they were always focused on him . But because of this, Drifting Flowers Edifice’s people finally realized how scary Zhuo Fan was .

They always took Zhuo Fan for a pig-headed and arrogant kid who knew nothing of the world, and was close to losing his life on numerous occasions . If not for these women’s timely intervention, he’d be long dead .

But now, they understood he was not so simple .

First was the fact of concealing all his killing intent in his eyes wasn’t something anyone could do, not even them .

A killer had killing intent, and the more he killed, the more he had . It was great for scare tactics but useless in subtle matters .

So every assassin learned to hide their killing intent . But hiding it from the Vicious Pill King and the surrounding experts normally would not work at all .

Zhuo Fan’s was different though . As long as you didn’t look in his eyes, you wouldn’t know the depth of his killing intent . His technique was the best for assassinations .

It was clear Zhuo Fan was an expert at killing others from obscurity .

Secondly, Zhuo Fan’s killing intent was so thick it took shape, scarring even them, Profound Heaven experts .

Just how many did one have to kill to reach this state?

Peony Overseer finally understood what Dong Tianba’s meant . He was not Song Yu . Since when did a third rate clan young master have such strong killing intent?

“Just who is he? Why is he acting as Song Yu then appearing in our Drifting Flowers Edifice?” Iris Overseer’s heart shivered .

Chu Qingcheng and Peony Overseer frowned, while Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Sword Marquise Abode’s people long knew the truth and were calm .

Smiling at Chu Qingcheng, Long Jiu said, “Worry not, Chuchu . This brat’s presence is Drifting Flowers Edifice’s fortune!”

“Yeah, sister Chuchu . This brat, although deceitful, can save Drifting Flowers Edifice . The only one perhaps . ” For the first time, Long Kui was actually speaking in Zhuo Fan’s favor .

Everyone looked at her suspiciously . Long Kui blushed, “What are you looking at? I’m telling you the truth!”

Long Jiu shook his head .

A strange power revolved around Zhuo Fan that could even make those who hated him, admire him .

The way they talked in riddles, left the three women confused . But despite the threat he posed, he wasn’t against Drifting Flowers Edifice, so they all relaxed .

“He-he-he, the brat had enough, he can’t take it . He’ll act soon . ” Xie Tianyang’s snicker made them look at the arena .

Sure enough, Zhuo Fan could no longer dispel the killing intent in his eyes, the point where he was about to make a move .

Then, his boundless killing intent just vanished . Xie Tianyang was startled, “What’s going on? Why is he holding it in? This isn’t how he normally does things!”

He knew Zhuo Fan well, the brat would never relent until the one who shamed him was in pieces .

It was also the best moment, so why stop?

It was the same for the rest . They knew how determined Zhuo Fan was and would never miss a golden opportunity for a sneak attack . Killing and slinking back in obscurity had always been his plan . Why the sudden change?

Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan calmed his heart . Looking at the cloak on his back, he once again had a sneer on his face .

His aim today wasn’t only to block Regent Estate’s conquest and buy time for the Luo clan to rise, but also to return the favor to Chu Qingcheng for the sap .

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By saving the Drifting Flowers Edifice, he would be having her owe him a favor . But, it was still along the lines of his main objects . Therefore, in his heart, he could not really consider that as a favor she owed to him .

So he also acted as Chu Qingtian, rising to be the best alchemist in the empire .

Heaven-toppling Pill was Chu Qingcheng’s final wish, and aspiration!

A demonic cultivator was free and unrestrained . He must never owe anyone, anything!

Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed and flicked his hand . The lid on the cauldron was lifted and another flick sent the firestorm inside .

Grandmaster Song was using the cauldron to refine!

Everyone watching him was startled .

A grandmaster’s control over ingredients was high, only using the cauldron when refining high-grade pills for assistance . Since it was just a mere 3rd-grade pill, none of the first 20 used one .

Yet, Zhuo Fan was the first to act, and in a splendid fashion too, clearly displaying his perfect control . So using the cauldron at this point was all to mask his actions .

All eyes were now on him .

Snickering, Vicious Pill King saw the burning concoction going inside the cauldron, which had already fused and mocked, “Your pill is ruined . Using a cauldron at this point won’t make a difference . Admit your loss . ”

“My skill is not something boors like you can understand . ”

Raising an eyebrow, Zhuo Fan pointed at his cloak before yelling, “Look closely . You are Vicious Pill King, and yours truly is the Heaven-toppling Pill . Our levels are as different as heaven and earth . ”

Under the eyes of everyone, Zhuo Fan jumped on the cauldron and removed his belt…


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Cries of women rose as they all blushed and hid their faces . Xiao Ya squinted as she yelled, “G-grandmaster Song, what are you doing?”

“What do you think? Refining, of course!”

Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes and under the eyes of everyone, he let go! A stream of clear liquid smoothly entered the raging inferno inside the cauldron .

[I knew it! Grandmaster Song… is taking a piss inside the cauldron!]

The audience was speechless . [Is this goddamned alchemy? Or is he just throwing a tantrum ’cause he lost?]

Vicious Pill King and the alchemists were dumbfounded . Even if refining failed and he had to present his head, he ought to at least keep his dignity, his ethic!

[The hell is he doing?] Was he venting on the pill, or an outcry to them? What was happening was too insane for them to comprehend

“Uh, this is… what is he doing?”

Xie Tianyang was dumbfounded watching Zhuo Fan pissing into the cauldron . Along with the flowing and smooth stream, the raging fire dampened .

Looking at the concoction inside, there was no doubt that it was ruined, “He plans to lose the competition without any dignity? Why would he do such an obscene act in front of a crowd? Is he…”

Xie Tianyang thought of something and then cried, “No one look! Especially the overseers…”

[Who wants to anyway?]

Chu Qingcheng’s group had long since covered their eyes and turned around with flushed faces . Xiao Dandan was the same, for a time, but Peony Overseer forced her to turn around and stare long and hard .

Xiao Dandan didn’t blame her though . He was her husband in the end, if she didn’t look, who would?

“Damn, the brat went mad . ”

Seeing them turned around, Xie Tianyang did the same and cursed, “I know what he wants to do! With his stinking temper, he plans on using this humiliation of seeing him pee as an excuse to kill them all . ”


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Peony Overseer was panicking, “Impossible! Won’t that make him a demon in this world? Did the world have someone like him?”

“Humph, he has been a freak from the start, one that enjoys killing . He is a demon through and through . ” Xie Tianyang was certain of it, “So don’t look at him below his waist or he’ll use it as an excuse to kill us . ”

Long Jiu stroked his beard . It was a far fetched possibility, but Zhuo Fan was very much capable of doing it, especially when mad .

So he pulled Long Jie and Long Kui and turned them around .

Seeing even Long Jiu doing it, Chu Qingcheng and the overseers believed him capable of it with a nervous heart .

They knew not who Zhuo Fan was in reality, but the way these people behaved, was as if they were afraid of him .

If Zhuo Fan ever found out, he’d give Xie Tianyang a thrashing he wouldn’t ever forget . And scold something along the lines of: ‘Since when have I become a murderous demon?’

‘Well yes, people have called me a freak, but that’s about my strength . I also killed, true, but only my enemies . I am also a demon, true, but that’s because I’m the proud Demonic Emperor!’

‘Are you looking to ruin my name by spreading these falsehoods?’

Luckily, Zhuo Fan didn’t know or he’d go on a killing spree .

With his job done, he jumped off the cauldron . Under the astonished eyes of the crowd, he saw that Vicious Pill King was close to finishing his pill . He turned to his own cauldron and nodded at the strange colored paste .

[Good, there’s still time!]

Perking his mouth into a smile, Zhuo Fan turned to the dumbfounded Vicious Pill King, “Old fart, yours truly will let you see what is a true refining skill . ”

Zhuo Fan formed a gesture and pointed at the cauldron, “A man of true skill will persevere and push through to rise like a dragon . Sacred Dragon Call! “


In a blink, the almost extinguished fire in the cauldron flashed with a golden splendor . A sky trembling dragon roar battered the ears of the people, that forced even the women shying away to look…

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