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Chapter 113: 113

The night passed and Zhuo Fan walked out of his room . He was welcomed by the warm sun, yet his eyes were cold as ever .


After a thorough analysis, he came to the decision to strike . Tonight was his best chance to steal her Bodhi Jade Sap, when Chu Qingcheng was alone .

The best case was if it all went smoothly . If not, it couldn’t be helped . He wouldn’t shirk from killing if it’d get him the medicine .


He was the Demonic Emperor and not even a woman could stand in his way .


Zhuo Fan took steps towards Chu Qingcheng’s room . From his gait, one could even see a certain growing resolve .


But the closer he got, the stranger he felt . Why were there so few people in Drifting Flowers Edifice? Not even the guests were around .


“Make way, make way!”


A rash and urgent yell came from a figure in red moving with great haste . It was none other than Xiao Dandan .


Thinking for a moment, he flashed before her .




Xiao Dandan seemed to have smacked into an iron wall and fell to the ground, bringing sharp pain to her butt and head .


“Who is so blind that dares block me…” Xiao Dandan cursed but she choked on her words when she saw Zhuo Fan .


Eying her coldly, Zhuo Fan snorted, “Did you say something about a blind man?”


Lowering her head and blushing a bit, Xiao Dandan went by him .


Zhuo Fan was even more perplexed . [She used to be so feisty? So, why did she suddenly change?] He grabbed her arm .


Xiao Dandan shuddered and her cheeks reddened evenmore .


Zhuo Fan ignored her state and said, “Where are you going? Why is Drifting Flowers Edifice so quiet? Where is everyone?”


“Uh, that’s because they went to see young master Huangpu . ”


Zhuo Fan frowned then cried, “Huangpu… a man from the Regent Estate? Why is he here so soon?”


“The one who came is Regent Estate’s second young master, Huangpu Qingyun . I heard he and Edifice Lord were childhood sweethearts . With him here, Vicious Pill King will not dare to cause trouble . ”


Zhuo Fan’s heart shook .


[Son of a bitch! I just decided to attack and here comes an expert . And did he have to be Chu Qingcheng’s childhood sweetheart too?]


[How the hell am I supposed to do anything with those two sticking like glue?]


Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth and looked on murderously, “Let’s go . I want to see the oh so great young master Huangpu . ”


“Great? How can you be so rude to Regent Estate’s young master…” Xiao Dandan was going to advise him to be restraint, but Zhuo Fan pulled her along before she could say anything .


Xiao Dandan looked at their hands but did not say a word . Though, it could be because her heart was skipping like a deer . Zhuo Fan’s unbridled and rash attitude made her heart jump for the first time for a man .


She was wishing for time to stop right now .


However, with the two’s cultivation, they soon arrived at the entrance of Drifting Flowers Edifice . They looked on towards the crowd . Zhuo Fan let go of his hand, which made the young miss feel a sense of loss .


[Blast it! This damn Regent Estate is too impressive! They are like emperors! To have the other houses welcome them like this!]


The scene shocked him .


From first to third rate clans, all kneeled at the side of the main avenue . And those of powerful clans stood around the Drifting Flowers Edifice’s entrance in welcome .


This was Drifting Flowers Edifice’s headquarters, yet the procession was even grander than the Edifice Lord’s .


Was Regent Estate so strong that it could intimidate the other six?


It had to . With how arrogant and belittling the seven houses were, they would never accept such a loss of face .


His face turned grave, Zhuo Fan’s eyes were like a hawk, watching further ahead .


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In the middle of the street, a yellow sedan chair appeared before his eyes .


This sedan chair was plain, with but four people lifting it . They were all Profound Heaven experts!


[Curses to high heaven! Profound Heaven experts?! The other six houses have them as elders and you freaking use them as porters?]


Zhuo Fan’s face twitched and his fist tightened . Though the four Profound Heaven cultivators just broke through, that was beside the point . What was important, was that Regent Estate’s power was incredible .


The rumors didn’t do them justice . They weren’t just three levels stronger!


The other six houses were swept by fear! When the sedan chair was nearby, they walked forward and bowed .


“Hhha, I am but a young and uncultured junior, how could I trouble the six houses’ elders to welcome me?”


Candid laughter came from the sedan, strong and resounding, reaching everyone’s ears . The heavy power that it contained gave the impression of a mountain pressing on their hearts, robbing one of all power to resist .


This was a true higher power, backed by soul pressure .


Under the youth’s kind words, all trembled, as they knew the words were backed by arrogance . He came out like this before the elders just to show off his power .


They had to admit, however, that no one here could match against his soul pressure . Not even the elders of the houses .


The strength of one’s soul in the Profound Heaven Stage was a sign of one’s potential and power in the Radiant Stage . No one was pleased but they had to give credit where it was due . Regent Estate would soon have another incredible expert .


His power has been promised to be no less than Jade Flute Divine Sword, Fang Qiubai in the future .


Everyone was putting on serious faces, with only Chu Qingcheng lifting her head, pleased . He was someone she invited . The stronger he was, the more intimidating he was, the more capable he was to help Drifting Flowers Edifice .


“Qingyun, we haven’t seen each other for ten years and yet you’ve become so strong . I may no longer be your match . ” Chu Qingcheng smiled .


“Hhha, Qingcheng, don’t tease me . I would never dare hurt you . ”


Laughing, the silk of the sedan chair rose and an elegant and handsome man in his twenties came out . The flicker in his eyes was far stronger than those possessed by the elders, and he also had a golden glow around him too .


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[2nd layer of Profound Heaven, a body cultivator!] Zhuo Fan squinted .


Zhuo Fan managed to kill You Guiqi so easily because that man was a mere schemer . He did not have an unyielding body to brave through any army .


However, this Profound Heaven body cultivator was a headache to deal with . And that wasn’t the least of it…


Zhuo Fan sighed and looked at Hell Valley’s 5th elder . He noticed some time ago that this elder also had a version of the Diamond Body .


Not even Zhuo Fan could handle two body cultivators .


[Things are getting complicated…] Zhuo Fan clicked his tongue .


Xiao Dandan thought he was worried about Drifting Flowers Edifice and consoled him, “I didn’t take you for such a kind man, one to worry for our sake . But don’t worry, with young master Huangpu Qingyun, the Vicious Pill King will have to obediently give up the antidote . ”


[Humph, who the hell cares about you!]


He shook his head, but his eyes flashed when he gazed at Huangpu Qingyun .


[He isn’t an easy man to deal with!]


For the first time in his life, a tremor ran through Huangpu Qingyun, and he turned his attention in Zhuo Fan’s direction .


Seeing him with Xiao Dandan, he squinted, “Qingcheng, since when does Drifting Flowers Edifice welcomes men?”


Chu Qingcheng also looked at Zhuo Fan and spoke with amusement, “He is a son-in-law of ours . Don’t you know Drifting Flowers Edifice had men marrying in?”


Raising an eyebrow, Huangpu Qingyun nodded, “To marry into the Drifting Flowers Edifice, he must be a man of greatness . I wonder when I will have that honor too . ”


Huangpu Qingyun was beaming, but Chu Qingcheng rolled her eyes, with a hint of red on her cheeks .


Huangpu Qingyun laughed harder at this, while the elders strained their expressions . [Even for a second young master of Regent Estate, he is too freakin’ arrogant . He dares give us the cold shoulder to flirt with the Edifice Lord right in front of us?]


“Humph, I would rather train right now!”


Xie Tianyang left but Jian Suifeng pulled him back . Huangpu Qingyun then smiled at him, “You must be Sword Marquise Abode’s second young master . My, my, you have such manners!”

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Xie Tianyang didn’t care and Jian Suifeng had to make amends, “Forgive him . The second young master, Tianyang, is but a haughty child that I have failed to educate . Please overlook this . ”


“It’s alright . Young master Xie must be an impulsive man . I would like to befriend many such people!”


Huangpu Qingyun walked to Xie Tianyang and rested his hand on his shoulder .


“Second young master!” Jian Suifeng was panicking .


Huangpu Qingyun gave a reassuring glance then smiled brightly at Xie Tianyang, although his tone was frosty, “I like straightforward people like young master Xie the most . I would’ve grown tired if all I saw were fawning types, hhha…”


The moment Huangpu Qingyun’s hand touched Xie Tianyang’s shoulder, he felt an overwhelming pain spread through his body . He could not move . Only managing to gnash his teeth from pain and stand straight as an arrow . Pleased with the ‘lesson’, Huangpu Qingyun let go and laughed as he left with a group of fawners behind him .


Jian Suifeng sighed, “Tianyang, why do you act like this? I told you that Regent Estate’s men are proficient in grasping the hearts of the people . Anyone who disobeys them suffers in the end . ”


“8th elder, I now understand Ning’er’s feelings at that time . I never knew the Sword Marquise Abode would see this day!”


Sweat was dripping down Xie Tianyang’s face, “I will remember this Huangpu Qingyun . The day will come when I will pay in kind!”


Jian Suifeng shook his head .


For thousands of years, Regent Estate stood atop the seven houses . [Even if you are unwilling, all you can do is bear it . ]


While this scene played out, none of them noticed Zhuo Fan standing in a corner, watching closely . His eyes were cold and his fists were clenched .


“Song Yu, what’s wrong? Your face is scary . ” Xiao Dandan asked .


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Nothing . What will you do if your sisters are picked on?”


She watched him, amazed . Hearing a mild tone from him for the first time, “Depends on who it is . I will take some of my sisters to deal with normal people, or tell my master if it involves the seven houses . ”


“Humph, what will be the point of that?” Zhuo Fan squinted as he showed naked killing intent, “I, on the other hand, will crush anyone to dust for picking on my brother!”


His icy tone left Xiao Dandan shivering . She looked as if she didn’t recognize him…

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