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Chapter 112: 112

“Don’t tell me…”


Peony Overseer suddenly cried, “You fancy him?!”

This got all of them jumping, with even Zhuo Fan’s eyelid twitching as he said in haste, “Hey, think what you like but be careful of what you spout! You’re Peony Overseer for crying out loud, you can’t just go around spreading rumors and damaging my name…”


“Do you even have a reputation? Why do you sound like you’re the one losing out if my disciple likes you?”


Peony Overseer was furious . How could Xiao Dandan like a reckless and impudent brat like him? But now his words set her temper off .


[What’s wrong about my disciple that you find unacceptable to you?]


In a fit of anger, Peony Overseer’s rage shifted from her blind disciple, to enforcing marriage on Zhuo Fan . By the looks of it, it may even come to fighting if Zhuo Fan kept refusing .


Xiao Dandan was red as a tomato, but was also let down by Zhuo Fan’s reaction . She cried, “Master, that’s not what I mean . Stop rambling!”


“Then what do you mean?” Peony Overseer looked with askance at her and resentful of her attitude .


Looking up at Zhuo Fan, Xiao Dandan muttered, “I only thought he is a rarity in this world, sticking out for that lady and standing against Drifting Flowers Edifice . The world actually has another man willing to sacrifice himself for a woman . ”


“Him? A good man?” Peony Overseer mocked, “It is fine to be hot-blooded and reckless if he had Zhuo Fan’s strength, but he is weak and still has the nerve to offend the seven houses . He is just suicidal!”


“If he had offended any other house besides Drifting Flowers Edifice, he’d be lying cold on the ground by now . He was fortunate to meet Edifice Lord who saved him, or Yan Fu would’ve killed him!”


“Yes, last time it was Qingcheng who saved young master Song!” Iris Overseer raised an eyebrow .


Chu Qingcheng nodded, “That was pure coincidence . Once I got back, I would mention it to Peony Overseer and to reign in her disciple, not to stir up trouble . Drifting Flowers City is the only place where women have the last say in things . I don’t want for women to fight against each other here . ”


“Yes, I will be sure to reign her in!” Peony Overseer rushed to make a bow to Chu Qingcheng and pulled Xiao Dandan to do the same .


Chu Qingcheng dismissed it, “It’s all in the past . We have gathered here tonight for one purpose, the theft of the Treasure Pavilion . ”


Chu Qingcheng turned to Iris Overseer and Zhuo Fan, “You two, explain what happened . ”


Zhuo Fan was indifferent in his retelling, yet he didn’t miss a detail, [I am the victim here . Go punish her!]


Peony Overseer and Xiao Dandan cried in shock . Who’d have conceived it possible Iris Overseer was a traitor?


Chu Qingcheng saw anger in their eyes and urged, “Don’t be anxious, Iris Overseer hasn’t truly defected from Drifting Flowers Edifice . She knew I carried the Bodhi Root with me at all times yet still sent Song Yu to steal it . ”


The two calmed down somewhat, but Peony Overseer still said, “Senior sister, why have you been saying silent? I’m dying to know your side of the story!”


Rolling her eyes, Iris Overseer sighed, “To be honest, Yan Song struck me with the Rainbow Cloud Palm when I was returning to Drifting Flowers City three months back . ”


“What, you’re also poisoned?” Peony Overseer was worried, “That means close to half of our overseers are poisoned . ”


“Humph, half?”


Shaking her head, Iris Overseer had a hardened expression, “Of the 15 overseers, that old dog got to 14, forcing them to obey his orders . The only one safe is you, Peony Overseer . ”




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The shock was understandable . It wasn’t long before Vicious Pill King got his hands on the entire Drifting Flowers Edifice!


“So that’s why Yan Fu kept saying Drifting Flowers Edifice is his…” Xiao Dandan recoiled two steps and Peony Overseer found it hard to even swallow, her despair was obvious .


Iris Overseer also sighed out of frustration, “He told me of this secret only to have better control over me . I decided then that I’d rather have him killed than seizing Drifting Flowers Edifice . That is why I have been hiding my intention so I can strike him when he told me to steal the Bodhi Root . ”


“You didn’t make me steal a fake to fool him, but to shift his anger on me and attack him from behind when his guard was down? Iris Overseer, what a great plan . ” Zhuo Fan analyzed .


Iris Overseer looked at him in shock, “Young master Song, I never knew you were so smart! Not at all like the stubborn oaf you appear to be!”


“Uh, just a wild guess, ha, ha, ha…” Zhuo Fan scratched his head and faked clueless once again . [What a blunder!]


The Song Yu he played was an impulsive and reckless man, not one capable of deep though . Putting together a sly mind and a strong body what would you get? Zhuo Fan!


Luck was with him this time, as they thought it was odd . However, they were not suspicious of his identity . An oaf of a brat who hit the nail on the head sometimes .


“Senior sister, sorry for being hard on you . ” Peony Overseer took Iris Overseer’s hand as tears welled in her eyes .


Qin Caiqing patted her hand and chuckled . These two women had sacrificed much for Drifting Flowers Edifice and took all the responsibility on their shoulders .


“Senior aunt, did you succeed in your attack on that old dog?” Xiao Dandan asked .


Zhuo Fan sneered at this, “Oh please, and here I thought I was one who disliked using his brains, but in fact, yours seems nonexistent . If she succeeded, you’d be toasting right now . Why would you all be wailing and sobbing here at this point?”


Xiao Dandan blushed and glared at him .

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Zhuo Fan’s callous words broke the sisterly mood between Peony Overseer and Iris Overseer . Their tears just went and disappeared .


“Rotten punk, can’t you read the mood? I should’ve known better than to expect delicacy from you . ” Peony Overseer flared again as she ranted .


The others broke in a small smile while Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes .


“Peony Overseer, don’t mind him . Song Yu speaks before he thinks!” Chu Qingcheng glared at him then acted like a big sister, trying to make amends for her little brother .


Peony Overseer noticed this subtle difference quickly . With Edifice Lord protecting him, she no longer pursued it, and her face changed into worry, “Edifice Lord, with how can senior sister put it, Drifting Flowers Edifice is in imminent danger . What do we do now?”


Chu Qingcheng took a deep breath, her eyes flickering, “We aren’t nearly enough to deal with Pill King Hall . We need to find outside help!”


“From the other houses?” Iris Overseer shook her head, “From the start, the seven houses only cared about themselves . Even Uncle Jiu, who is closest to us, was fearful of Vicious Pill King . Who would stick their necks out for us?”


“Yes, no man can be trusted!” Peony Overseer had only hatred from being abandoned in her chambers .


Her eyes flickering with wisdom, Chu Qingcheng showed a smile, “Others may not be trustworthy, but he will surely help us!”


“Who?” Was the unanimous question .


Chu Qingcheng grinned, “The strongest house!”


Their eyes shined as hope was rekindled . Though Zhuo Fan frowned and muttered, “The Regent Estate!”


Among the Seven Noble Houses, everyone was arrogant, everyone thought highly of themselves . But there was one house that was recognized as the strongest, the one who stood above them for the past thousand years, the Regent Estate .

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The Regent Estate’s power was three levels higher than any house among them .


No house alone could defeat it .


Who’d have thought that the Regent Estate’s men were also joining in the Hundred Pill Meeting? Though their numbers and strength were unknown . If the rumors were true about its power, he’d had better tread lightly .


With such a strong crowd in Drifting Flowers City, one wrong move would spell damnation .


Sighing, Zhuo Fan clenched his fists . He needed to get the Bodhi Jade Sap fast and leave even faster . From here on out, it was only going to get worse .


Zhuo Fan’s eyes drifted to Chu Qingcheng’s storage ring .


She also noticed Zhuo Fan was worried and smiled, “Song Yu, stay in Drifting Flowers Edifice . ”


“What?!” Zhuo Fan jerked, though his heart was leaping in joy . This would make it more convenient for him .


Chu Qingcheng walked before him and patted his shoulder with tender feelings, “No need to worry, I know you fear Vicious Pill King’s revenge . But he won’t dare kill anyone in Drifting Flowers Edifice . ”


She then left with the overseers after telling Xiao Dandan to prepare him a room .


Zhuo Fan stood stunned, feeling somewhat warm and fuzzy inside . He had always been cooking up schemes on how to get that Bodhi Jade Sap, maybe even killing someone if he had to .


But Chu Qingcheng’s constant care for him left him hesitant . [Should I steal the Bodhi Jade Sap…]


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