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A+ A- Chapter 91

Laozi understood and decided to delay the sermon. Firstly, it was quite a considerable affair to preach The Way of Celestial Immortality. One could never be too careful in matters like that. Secondly, he needed time to sort out his enlightenments and would not preach to the Human Tribe until they were qualified.

As soon as Laozi arrived at the human territory, Minghe told Musen. However, he didn't want to intervene on Musen's plan. Minghe's transmutation of Primordial Mazinger to Rakshasa was only a matter of time. Once he was involved, he would only care about his own interests.

Musen was different. He was the Selfcentric Separation of Minghe. But he had a more independent personality compared with the Good Separation and Evil Separation. One more thing that should be noticed is that Musen was the separation of Minghe's past life. In a word, Minghe believed that the Human Tribe should be ruled by humans. He chose to observe from the sidelines.

Musen received the news and sighed slightly, he couldn't help worrying about the future, though he had already envisaged the possibility of Laozi's decision. Martial Arts would instantly suffer great shock from The Way of Celestial Immortality when Laozi preached to the Human Tribe. Contrary to Martial Arts' setbacks, The Way of Celestial Immortality was going much more smoothly in the early stage of practice.

Different from all the other races, Human Tribe had quite a short life expectancy. An ordinary person who was in good physical condition could live for no more than one hundred years. Martial Arts Practices or Immortal Cultivation helped lengthen the lifespan, however, with the proliferation of humans, they became weaker and mediocre. It was difficult for them to master Martial Arts or The Way of Celestial Immortality. If things went on like this, the majority of human beings would become ordinary people.

Musen was certainly aware of this. Judging from the Holy Land Contest which was held every

10 years, he realized that elites became fewer and fewer, not to mention geniuses. Musen could do nothing about it but cultivate the Human Tribe in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance and try his best to help them become stronger.

Although there were numberless humans outside, only ten million humans lived in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. What was more, the number would not increase in the future. Nevertheless, humans in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance were much more powerful than that outside. As long as the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance existed, the humans would survive. It was with the Human Tribe as with the leaves on the tree: once the spring came, they would flourish again.

Wherever it was, Martial Arts was more prosperous than the Way of Celestial Immortality. After all, Musen himself was the founder of Martial Arts and was proficient in it. However, the Way of Celestial Immortality had only an Enlightenment Tablet which was engraved with many transforming exercises. There were no masters in the Human Tribe at all. Musen also didn't quite understand it.

Nowadays, with Laozi in the human territory, no doubt he would preach the Way of Celestial Immortality to humans. Soon the Way of Celestial Immortality in the Human Tribe would rise abruptly and completely suppress the Martial Arts. In fact, it helped to develop the power of humans. Musen would certainly not disturb it. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't.

Although Musen was Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, he couldn't stop humans from pursuing the Way of Celestial Immortality. Compared with Immortal Cultivation, the early stage of Martial Arts was very slow. A profound Foundation was necessary for Martial Arts. Otherwise, it would easily affect future practice.

Since Laozi had come to the Human Tribe, Musen could do nothing but face it. He decided to consult with Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi. He was not a dictator, and others had the right to know the affairs.

The three

three made it right away after receiving Musen's letter. Obsessed with the Martial Arts practice, they desired a significant Breakthrough of Fate Reading Level and seldom had time to take part in the management of Human Tribe. It was the same with Musen. Though it was hard to properly manage the Human Tribe affairs, other tribesmen, instead of themselves, were able to manage it well. In the final analysis, the Human Tribe was well developed nowadays and there was nothing to worry about at all.

Suiren-Shi came in and asked, "Mu, why do you call us together today? Is there a new comprehension of Martial Arts? Would you like to share with us?" The Way of Martial Arts he cultivated was achieved by the Enlightenment of his Merit Spiritual Treasure, and the Divine Law he had enlightened was the Law of Fire, which was quite suitable for him.

Musen shook his head and replied, "I'm sorry to disappoint you but someone has come into our territory, that's why I came and found you." Though Musen was the fourth ancestor of the Human Tribe, he had gotten on well with the others all along. He was both their dear friend and a profitable conductor. And he explained Martial Arts to them now and then.

Youchao-Shi asked, "Mu, what are you so nervous about? Will he threaten the development of the Human Tribe?" Youchao-Shi was a prudent fellow. He had followed Musen's useful advice and enlightened the Way of Martial Arts using his Merit Spiritual Treasure.

Suiren-Shi had sent fire to the Human Tribe, Youchao-Shi had built houses and Ziyi-Shi had made clothes for them. They were born to hold the responsibility for the Way of Heaven. With missions fulfilled, each of them obtained a Merit Spiritual Treasure. The Merit Spiritual Treasure was attached to some Human Tribe Luck, thus they yielded twice the results with half the efforts.

The Divine Law which Youchao-Shi had enlightened was the Law of Earth, it could be both defensive and offensive, and it could even use the power of the earth to suppress enemies. Ziyi-Shi had only gotten a defensive law but had more power than that of Youchao-Shi. The three owned laws corresponding to their Merit Spiritual Treasures, which was all very good.

Musen was aware of their concerns and explained, "He is not a threat to the Human Tribe at all. On the contrary, he will be a great assistant to our tribe. The Martial Arts of the Human Tribe has been well developed, but the Way of Celestial Immortality is not strong enough, and this person is able to cover the shortage."

Ziyi-Shi asked, "Mu, who is this person on earth? He can solve the problems of the Way of Celestial Immortality and attract your attention successfully. Must he be a real master in the Untainted Land." Musen was the ace of Fate Reading Level which equaled Sage-to-be in the Untainted Land. Since he paid special attention to the person, there must be something extraordinary about it.

Musen nodded and said, "He is truly overwhelmingly outstanding. He was the chief disciple of Ancestor Hongjun, also the leader of the Three Pure Ones, Laozi, the Grand Pure One. He killed the Good Separation and Evil Separation and ranks at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be. What's more, he holds the Primordial Supreme Treasure, Map of Taichi. Aside from a Sage, few people can compete with him in Untainted Land."

Suiren-Shi and the others were totally taken by surprise. They had heard of the Three Pure Ones before. They were disciples of Ancestor Hongjun, also the Real Entity of Pangu. They were even the senior fellows of the the Holy Mother of Human Tribe, Goddess Nvywa. They were the chosen ones, Sages of the Heavenly Way. And now, their chief, Laozi, had arrived in human territory. They could not help but be amazed.

It would be a good thing if Laozi came and preached the Way of Celestial Immortality. However, Musen seemed a little worried. Suiren-Shi asked, "Mu, what are you worried about? Once the Way of Celestial Immortality is completed, the Human Tribe will be further developed. You're afraid that Martial Arts would be shaken by then, aren't you?" Suiren-Shi seemed to be a little annoyed.

Musen absolutely understood, but he didn't but he didn't care. "Of course not," he said. "I knew things would happen like this since the day I created Martial Arts. The majority of the elites have been under my command since the very beginning. I sincerely expected them to receive my Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. And the Spiritual Inheritance will never be influenced by the fading of Martial Arts outside."

Suiren-Shi was slightly embarrassed, but he noticed that Musen had not been offended by it, so he kept silent. Youchao-Shi asked, "The thriving of the Way of Celestial Immortality of the Human Tribe is quite a good thing. What are you worried about then?"

Musen sighed, "The thriving of The Way of Celestial Immortality of the Human Tribe is a good thing, but everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It certainly helps develop the Human Tribe, but also causes harmful dependence. After Laozi becomes a sage, he could instantly meddle in the affairs of the Human Tribe. Did we originally intend to establish a Human Tribe like this?"

Suiren-Shi and the others fell into sorrow after hearing Musen's words. They had put painstaking efforts into the development of the Human Tribe and desired to become powerful and be able to compete with the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. By that time, even sages couldn't interfere them. If the news brought by Musen was true, they would be doomed to failure.

Ziyi-Shi asked anxiously, "What can we do to cope with it, Mu?" Although the three had made tremendous contributions to the development of the tribe, the tribal affairs had generally been decided by Musen ever since. They admired his foresight and sagacity. They would give suggestions only when needed.

Musen shook his head and said, "One day The Way of Celestial Immortality will finally thrive in the Human Tribe, and we can do nothing to stop it. I intend to send out all the immortal cultivators in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance when Laozi is teaching to the Human Tribe, thus The Way of Celestial Immortality will thoroughly thrive with the help of Laozi."

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