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Minghe took a deep breath. Finally, The Origin was accomplished. He knew the first time he'd come to the Untainted Land, it was a place to be dominated by a Sage, so he'd never slacked off in cultivation. Now he had become a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin, he was not a Sage yet, but he had entered onto equal footing with them.

However, the price of achieving The Origin was not cheap. He had sacrificed one third of the source of the Blood Sea to the Magical Tao Mirror for the progress of the Law of Blood. His Enlightenment was even better than the Law of Killing of the Red Lotus Taoist.

Nevertheless, no pains no gains. Although the source of the Blood Sea suffered heavy damage and ran off a lot of Luck, the Rectification of The Origin was his biggest gain. The source of the Blood Sea could be slowly restored during the war between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe. So could the loss of Luck. At that time, there would be ample blood providing the opportunity to make up the damage of the Blood Sea.

As for the Luck, there was no shortage for Minghe since the Ashura Tribe and the Human Tribe were constantly growing. Besides that, the Ashura Tribe would dominate one of the six realms of existence when the reincarnation appeared. When that happened, the Luck would absolutely burst. As for the Human Tribe, they would become the masters of heaven and earth after the Cultivation Tribulation between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe. Another burst of luck was certain to come. Relying on the Luck of two tribes, Luck would not be a problem for Minghe anymore.

After the achievement of The Origin, the first thing Minghe had done was to disguise his subtle link with Musen using the Law of Spiritual Beings. Although he'd only mastered sixty percent of the Law of Spiritual Beings, it had a totally different effect between a Sage-to-be and a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin. At present, no one could see the relation between Minghe and Musen, even a Sage.

However, in order to be cautious, Minghe still needed to upgrade his cultivation of the Law of Spiritual Beings to seventy percent. It was always wise to play safe. The exposure of their relation would do no harm to Musen's plan for the Human Tribe though. Unfortunately, other Sages wouldn't let this go and watch Minghe occupy such a large amount of Luck from the Human Tribe.

Minghe hadn't worried about it in the past because Goddess Nvywa paid no attention to the Human Tribe. Even if she figured out his plan, she would do nothing. But things were different now. Laozi had left Mount Kunlun for the Untainted Land, he wouldn't have left unless he'd gotten some Fated Chance to sanctification. Now he was in the Human Tribe territory and it wouldn't take long before his sanctification.

Once Laozi became a Sage, Honoured Lord of the Origin, Tongtian, Jieyin, and Zhunti would follow, just like a chain reaction. In the Untainted Land, there would then be six Sages and one Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin, including Minghe. A brand-new era would begin henceforth.

In a small tribe of the Human Tribe, an old man who was holding a cane looked at the tribe, he seemed to fall into meditation. It was quite strange that two entirely different methods of cultivation coexisted in such a normal tribe with only a few hundred people living in it.

Naturally, the old man was the chief of Three Pure Ones, Laozi. He had obtained Hong Meng Immortal Qi in Mount Kunlun hundreds of years ago and had looked forward to becoming a Sage as soon as possible, but he had gained nothing. Until one day, he'd suddenly remembered what Hongjun had said when he distributed treasures: Use Spiritual Treasure to compose sects. Had Hongjun been suggesting he create a religious sect?

Thinking about it, he'd felt his Hong Meng Immortal Qi unexpectedly throb a little. Was it a sign? But then Laozi frowned, if the creation of a religious sect could be the gateway to the realm of Sage, there must be something extraordinary for the chosen tribe. However, the Hundred Tribes of the Untainted Land had gradually merged, and now the Demon Tribe had a Sage, Goddess Nvywa, and a Demon Emperor, Emperor Jun. It was almost impossible for him to preach his word of religion in the Demon Tribe.

Only the Wu Tribe could be matched with the Demon Tribe. Speaking of origin, Three Pure Ones and the Wu Tribe had been inherited from Pangu, so they all were more or less kin to Pangu. In the Wu Tribe, they only worshipped Pangu, the Father God. So, they wouldn't accept his preaching. Plus they had no Purusa, therefore, it would be a mission impossible.

Eliminating those two tribes, where could he go and preach? Should he go and find the waned Three Clans of Tribes, Phoenix and Kylin? They had all been powerful tribes in the past, but now faded gradually. Only the Dragon Tribe was still active in the Four Seas. The Phoenix Tribe and the Kylin Tribe were nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, they were the survivors from the last Cultivation Tribulation, so they were carrying the Karma of it. He would have been involved in that Karma if he had preached to them. The Karma was hard to pay back, so he had to give it up.

Under such circumstances, which tribe could he create a religious sect in? Laozi was anxious about that. There were many tribes in the Untainted Land, but which one was suitable for his preaching? After a long time of consideration, he still got no answer, therefore, he decided to travel around and find a suitable tribe to preach his word of religion.

He bade farewell to Honoured Lord of the

of the Origin and Tongtian. Laozi traveled alone. They didn't worry about his safety because Laozi had reached the Late Stage of Sage-to-be and managed to kill the Good Separation and Evil Separation. He was also equipped with a Primordial Supreme Treasure, the Map of Taichi. There were only a few people who could rival him in the Untainted Land other than Sages. But everyone should remember that Laozi was the chief disciple of Ancestor Hongjun, therefore, even Goddess Nvywa and Minghe could not attack him.

There were massacres and conflicts everywhere except Mount Kunlun. Laozi had a mild and kind personality and certainly disliked what he had seen. Tribes flooded with blood were not worthwhile listening to his words of Dao.

After hundreds of years of traveling, there was no change at all. Tribes were flooded with massacres and conflicts, never mind the situation between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe. Notwithstanding they were ordered by Ancestor Hongjun to stop fighting within ten thousand years, but it was effective only in Heavenly Court, tribes in the Untainted Land continued to fight.

It had been thousands of years since the burst of Cultivation Tribulation. The Evil Spirit between heaven and earth was getting thicker and thicker with no signs of decline. If the situation kept going, the Evil Spirit would explode at once after ten thousand years. The final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe would be so brutal and crucial that it would affect the preaching of Dao in the future.

Was there any tribe who actually loved peace? Spontaneously, Laozi came to the territory of the Human Tribe. Compared with other parts of the Untainted Land, this place was more quiet and peaceful. There was none of the massacre or conflict which often happened in other tribes. Laozi was surprised.

The Human Tribe had been created by Goddess Nvywa, but no one took them seriously. Even Goddess Nvywa herself paid no attention to humans, let alone others. Now they kept thriving under the leadership of the Four Ancestors of Humanity, Laozi had once marveled at the wonders they'd made when he came back from sermons preached in Goddess Nvywa's World.

Laozi never paid attention to the Human Tribe after that, but this time when he came here, he was extremely stunned by the progress they had made in such a short time. They had expanded their territory and promoted their power. Even the Demon Tribe in the Untainted Land was not comparable to them. Had they actually come into being just a few thousand years ago?

Recalling that Goddess Nvywa had become a sage by creating humans, Laozi perceived something. Were there some secrets in the Human Tribe? Therefore, he began his journey in the Human Tribe. Even though they had conflicts with the Demon Tribe, there remained peace inside, at least, there was no fighting among their tribes, which comforted his mind.

Laozi found out there were two different methods of cultivation in the Human Tribe, one was The Way of Celestial Immortality, the other was Martial Arts. Obviously, the Martial Arts suppressed The Way of Celestial Immortality. Laozi himself was an immortal cultivator and now he witnessed The Way of Celestial Immortality being suppressed by another method of cultivation. He could not help but be shocked.

However, he discovered that this was not the case. In fact, the Martial Arts didn't suppress The Way of Celestial Immortality, it was caused by the shortage of intact transforming exercises of The Way of Celestial Immortality. Contrary to The Way of Celestial Immortality, the Martial Arts had been built by Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, which had intact Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts, so they preferred to practice Martial Arts.

Laozi also found out that although the Spiritual Inheritance of the Martial Arts was complete, it required extraordinary willpower. That was the reason why the Martial Arts barely suppressed The Way of Celestial Immortality, instead of fully replaced it. More people in the Human Tribe chose to practice Martial Arts though. There might be an overwhelming impact on the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe once an intact set of The Way of Celestial Immortality was brought to them.

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