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Upon seeing the situation, the three Suiren Clan members deepened their beliefs that martial arts could truly strengthen the Human Clan. Martial arts prodigies were appearing everywhere as every human began to practice martial arts. The three of them were pleased to see such a vibrant and flourishing scene.

With just a few hundred years, Mu Sen's cultivation managed to reach the Heaven Clashing peak level. He managed to reach the highest level among his peers. Even against an early stage Sage-to-be, he might win.

Upon entering the Heaven Clashing Level, Mu Sen began to try comprehending the Law of Martial Arts. His way of martial arts was through enlightening the Human Clan's Jin Long Luck. He could lend it to the Human Clan in times of emergency, however, it could be quite dangerous if he did so. Once someone knew his way of martial arts, the Human Clan's luck would suffer. Even Mu Sen would not have the ability to deal with it. It could only be used as a desperate measure for desperate times.

Mu Sen spent hundreds of years enlightening on the Wu character, realizing how mysterious it was. Relying on it, Mu Sen managed to have a hegemonic martial arts body. It was the strongest body of Martial Arts training, with potential power even stronger than the Ancestor of Sorcery.

However, his newly formed martial arts body was unstable. Mu Sen trained his body consistently by following the law of martial arts and the character Wu, resulting in the continuous gain of strength. In no time, Mu Sen's body would surpass that of the Ancestor of Sorcery.

As the Human Clan gradually developed, Mu Sen started to think about moving them to another land, which was an important thing. Mu Sen needed to discuss it with the three ancestors of the Human Clan: the Suiren Clan, the Youchao Clan and the Ziyi Clan. He sent a message to gather them together for discussion.

When the three ancestors had gathered, Suiren-Shi spoke. "Fourth brother, today, you sent for us, is it due to gaining a new enlightenment about the body of martial arts? Your martial arts creation was really impressive. Though I'm only at the early stage of Heaven Clashing Level, it is as good as being at the Da Luo Golden Immortality peak level. Since the Human Clan began martial arts cultivation, our power has steadily increased. This is all thanks to you, Fourth Brother."

Listening to Suiren-Shi, Mu Sen understood. Although the three clans had merits because of the Human Clan, they only gained half of the luck of Human Clan. But Mu Sen was different. Passing on the martial arts on to the Human Clan could spread for generations to come. As for the Luck of the Human Clan, Mu Sen held triple what the three added together had, the same as the Human Clan's Sacred Lady, Nv Wa. It could be said that Mu Sen was the Ancestor of Wu and was almost on par with Goddess Nv Wa.

Indeed, Goddess Nv Wa left the Human Clan to fend for themselves after creating them. Only the first humans remembered her. Those who were created thereafter had never met her, and when the Human Clan was facing difficulties, she never fulfilled any of their prayers. All the problems were solved by the four Ancestors of the Human Clan. As time went by, her name and fame didn't hold as much importance in the minds of the entire clan.

Mu Sen received triple the luck from the Human Clan and his martial arts cultivation improved immensely. No wonder the past Three Clans of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin, the current Wu and Demon clan and the Sages of the future desired luck so much. With luck, the way of cultivation was much smoother, especially when one reached the origin realm. Without luck, the way of cultivation would only be arduous.

Mu Sen looked at their elated expressions, yet he worried and said, "Older brother, second brother and third sister. I'm afraid you are happy too soon. You have only seen the improvements of the people. Haven't you seen the dangers hidden around the clan?"

The three of them were stunned. Youchao-Shi questioned, "Fourth brother, why do you say this? The clan is now improving steadily. With our power growing day by day and the four of us guarding the clan, plus with your cultivation level, even a Da Luo Golden Immortal would have difficulty attacking us. Now that there are few Sages-to-be in the Untainted Land, why would our clan be in danger?"

Mu Sen sighed deeply and continued, "You guys know one part but not the other. Do you know why the Wu clan and the Demon clan became nemeses?" They shook their heads, though they had heard about the war between the two clans, the reason remained unknown.

"It was because of luck. The Wu and Demon clan, when one side lost, then naturally the other side would become the master of heaven and earth, and their clan's luck would be heavily boosted. When that time came, even the Sages would have trouble facing them," Mu Sen explained.

Ziyi-Shi asked Mu Sen, "What do their fights have to do with our clan? Though the Human Clan was created by Goddess Nv Wa, we have nothing to do with the Demon Clan. Instead, we are always fighting with the Demon Clan and our relationship with the Wu Clan can be considered alright. I don't think their fights will affect us."

Mu Sen continued, "Have you ever considered that once the Human Clan grows particularly strong, it might threaten the Wu and Demon clan. Will they still be as they are now? When the Human Clan was newly created, the luck was weak, but in just a few hundred years, the Human Clan has become so strong and our luck is still growing stronger. I'm sure you have felt it during your cultivation."

As Mu Sen preached about luck, the facial expressions of the three ancestors of the Human Clan changed immediately, as they had definitely felt it. Compared to when the clan was newly created, its luck had improved and increased tremendously. They had enjoyed the fact that the luck of the human clan became stronger, yet they had failed to think of the horrible consequences it would bring. If what Mu Sen said was true, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Suiren-shi hurriedly asked Mu Sen, "Then do you, Fourth Brother, have any ideas to solve this problem?" Since Mu Sen had called them together, it meant he had come up with a plan. Even though the three of them had become the ancestors of the Human Clan earlier than Mu Sen, it seemed that among the four of them, Mu Sen had slowly and surely become their leader. The Untainted Land was a world where people had prowess and ability and so did the Human Clan.

Mu Sen added, "You guys don't have to be so worried. It has not reached that stage yet, but it is true that we can no longer stay here. For now, it would be best for us to move somewhere else. Although this current land is good, it's too easy to get involved in the war of the Wu and Demon Clan. Only when we've reached the far grounds of the Untainted Lands will our clan be able to grow steadily and gain strength."

Youchao-Shi asked Mu Sen, "Then based on what you've pointed out, where should our clans move to?" The Untainted Land may be a huge place, but most of the land was already occupied by the Wu and Demon Clan. It wouldn't be easy to find a place that could hold such huge population.

"At the shore of the East Sea. The land is vast and both the Wu and Demon clans are weak there. It is the perfect place to relocate our clansmen. After we've moved there, I intend to build a sacred place of spiritual inheritance for the Human Clan," Mu Sen continued.

Ziyi-Shi asked Mu Sen doubtfully, "A sacred place of spiritual inheritance? Why?" Although what Mu Sen had said was rather literal, she did not understand why Mu Sen wanted to build a sacred place of spiritual inheritance. The spiritual inheritance of the clan was martial arts. And since every clansman was already practicing martial arts, there was no purpose in building a place simply for spiritual inheritance.

Mu Sen questioned her back. "Third Sister, when you cultivated martial arts, did you realize a flaw in martial arts?" Ziyi-Shi frowned. "Flaw? There was no flaw. To practice martial arts, you need a strong foundation. Only then will you be stronger. What flaw could there be?"

Mu Sen said, "Indeed. It is as you have said. But you have forgotten that you, older brother and second brother have the luck of the Human Clan, and with merit from the Way of Heaven, there is not much impeding your cultivation. However, what about the normal people in the Human Clan? Their speed of martial arts cultivation cannot be compared to us.

"Martial arts cultivation is a continuous thing. You cannot stop or take a break halfway. When normal humans practice martial arts cultivation, it will cost them a lot of time. If one day, a Sage starts to do a sermon in the clan, the martial arts spiritual inheritance of the human clan will face destruction. Compared to martial arts, the Way of Celestial Immortality would seem much easier."

With a few words, Mu Sen clarified the weakness of martial arts and the expressions on the faces of the three ancestors changed once again. If what Mu Sen said was true, then one day, a Sage would come for a sermon here. Countless humans would abandon martial arts for the Way of Celestial Immortality, thus the spiritual inheritance of martial arts of the human race would be weakened and the Human Clan would fall right into the hands of the Sage.

Compared to the other clans in the Untainted Land the Human Clan was too weak to go through the Way of Celestial Immortality. Once the Way of Celestial Immortality became highly sought after in the Human Clan, it could temporarily increase the strength of the Human Clan. In reality, the possibility of any skilled cultivators in the Human Clan cultivating the Way of Celestial Immortality would be very minimal. And even if there were skilled cultivators, they couldn't be compared to the ones that had cultivated for thousands of years.

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