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Since it was concerning the Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi asked, "You mentioned the establishment of the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. Was it meant to tackle the hidden threat? " Though he was an Ancestor of the Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi was not keen to power and influence, but was concerned about the Spiritual Inheritance of his Human Tribe. The Human Tribe would not be a Tribe as strong as the Sorcerer and Demon tribes if The Way of Celestial Immortality was prevalent in this tribe.

Musen nodded and said, "Sure, ever since the Origin of the Human Tribe several hundreds of years ago, we have not engaged in any wars. Hence, our migration will not be troubled by the Wu Tribe. The Demon Tribe, however, will inevitably get in our way, which also serves as an opportunity to steel ourselves and show our strength.

"After arriving at the Coast of the East Sea, we will commence on building our own Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance exclusive for the cultivation of Martial Arts. And The Way of Celestial Immortality could be cultivated outside the Holly Land. Tens of millions of humans are now living in the tribe. After arriving there, we will select high-level aptitude tribesmen from each tribe and teach them Martial Arts by ourselves."

Suiren-Shi and the other two were satisfied with this advice. Considering that elites of Martial Arts in the Human Tribe could be gathered in the Holly Land of Human Tribe, the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts could remain strong even if The Way of Celestial Immortality was prevailing in the tribe. Martial Arts could be strengthened inside the Holly Land, while the combination of The Way of Celestial Immortality and Martial Arts would further promote the strength of the Human Tribe outside.

Seeing this, Musen continued, "I will arrange a mind-cultivation Formation of Martial Arts inside the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance so as to select candidates. Once they enter the Holly Land successfully, they will be qualified to learn my Taoist characters: "Wu."(the Chinese character for Martial Arts)

The three guys became even more pleasantly surprised hearing the Taoist characters "Wu". Without the help of this Taoist characters, they would not be able to achieve the Heaven Clashing Level in such a short period. When all Martial Arts cultivators in the tribe had the chance to learn this Taoist characters, the process of Martial Arts Cultivation would certainly be accelerated.

Musen continued, "After the establishment of the Holy Land, I will spend a year in demonstrating my 'Wu' to all Martial Arts cultivators every 100 years. Besides, the Holly Land of Human Tribe will be open to the outside world every 10 years for the selection of kids with aptitudes in Martial Arts from diverse tribes. In this way, Martial Arts in our Human Tribe will flourish."

Suiren-Shi and the others highly praised that advice. According to Musen's methods, nearly all people with aptitudes in Martial Arts among the Human Tribe would be taken to the Holy Land. Those remaining, ungifted in Martial Arts, could possibly gain some achievements in The Way of Celestial Immortality.

Although Musen was the ancestor of martial arts, he would not despise The Way of Celestial Immortality. Ignoring the importance of The Way of Celestial Immortality would lead to a terrible situation: some gifted people in the Way of Celestial Immortality would go for The Sage. More and more people would run away from the Human Tribe and no doubt it would bring riots and lead to separation.

Musen added, "Of course, our Human Tribe will not abandon The Way of Celestial Immortality. Martial Arts and The Way of Celestial Immortality will coexist in the Holy Land. And Human Tribe gifted in The Way of Celestial Immortality will be admitted into the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance every 10 years and receive special cultivation. By doing this, both Martial Arts and The Way of Celestial Immortality will keep thriving."

Suiren-Shi asked, "My brother, we are all Martial Arts cultivators. It far exceeds our abilities to understand The Way of Celestial Immortality. Even if we manage to select gifted tribesmen in The Way of Celestial Land, what are we supposed to teach them? " The fact was that Martial Arts were prevalent among the Human Tribe, but there were no masters in The Way of Celestial Immortality, not to mention the transforming exercises of it. What he worried about was indeed reasonable.

Musen had taken this worry into consideration before, but it was not the best time to illustrate it now. He was in need of the proper chance to show That Thing. Otherwise, it would vainly stir up suspicions. In addition, That Thing was involved with too many other things and would not be easily exhibited to others. Maybe another time would be fine.

Musen said, "I understand your worries. After the migration, I will travel around Untainted Land and visit many Individual Cultivators so as to seek some Fated Chances and transforming exercises of The Way of Celestial Immortality. I believe that our problems will be solved in this way. "

Suiren-Shi agreed and said, "Well, in that case, we should instantly order all tribesmen to prepare for the migration. The trip will be dangerous. We have to make joint efforts to secure our Human Tribe. "

Over the past years, these three guys had constantly compared notes of Martial Arts with each other. They worked together and still were beaten by Musen. Moreover, Musen did not exert all his power at all. Up to now, Musen's Martial Arts had reached the peak of the Heaven Clashing Level, and no Da Luo Golden Immortal could match his strength. Consequently, the migration of the Human Tribe would be much safer with his protection.

Upon the orders by the Four Ancestors of Humanity, the tribesmen all began to prepare. The four enjoyed high prestige in the tribe. No one dared to object to them. Now that the Four Ancestors of Humanity had reached an agreement over the migration, it would not be easily changed.

The Sorcerer and Demon tribes in Untainted Land naturally noticed their action. But the Wu Tribe took it easy. They thought that migration of a small tribe could not violate their interests. Instead, they gave a hand to them at times.

The Demon Tribe, however, acted differently. The Human Tribe would pass their territory. To give way or not to give way was questioned. If they did, others would scorn them for fearing the Human Tribe; if not, a war would be inevitable. They had heard about the Four Ancestors of Humanity, who all achieved the cultivation of Da Luo Golden Immortals. Normal tribes of the Demon Tribe were totally uncompetitive compared to them.

One more thing to consider was the Goddess Nvywa, who was both the creator of the Human Tribe and The Sage of the Demon Tribe. Once they waged a war against the Human Tribe, they would defame Goddess Nvywa's reputation. Besides, they would not know how to explain to Goddess Nvywa if the Human Tribe suffered losses.

Others, conversely, believed that the Human Tribe was nothing but a created tool for Goddess Nvywa to reach The Sage. Moreover, Goddess Nvywa had not cared about them since their Origin, which proved that they had little value. So, Goddess Nvywa would not blame them for damaging the Human Tribe.

Therefore, the Human Tribe struggled all the way, fighting against the Demon Tribe constantly. The strong ones in the Human Tribe were not stronger than Black Immortals. So, Musen, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi only took care of Demon Tribes stronger than the Black Immortal level and the rest were battled by tribesmen themselves. Without being baptized by hardships, the Human Tribe could only be flowers in the greenhouse, far away from the master of the Heaven and Earth.

It took the Human Tribe nearly 100 years to reach the Coast of the East Sea through bloody fights. As a result, the number of the Human Tribe did not increase, but their overall strength was lifted to a higher realm. The Human Tribe were mature now like soaring eyas. Untainted Land was their real arena.

After arriving, the Human Tribe began to expel the Demon Tribe nearby and settled on the Coast of the East Sea as its Stronghold. Musen and others commenced on building the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, which would be done as soon as possible. They would not feel relieved before the completion of the Holy Land.

The establishment of the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was big news in the Human Tribe. Numerous Martial Arts cultivators signed up in hope of becoming members of the Holy Land. Meanwhile, The Way of Celestial Immortality was abandoned temporally due to the lack of transforming exercises. Martial Arts became the dominant cultivation method among the Human Tribe.

Nevertheless, the mind-cultivation Formation arranged by Musen was not easy to break. Tens of millions of people came for tests and no more than 200,000 people passed the trial cultivation after several rounds of selections. The people remaining had to return to their tribe in disappointment.

Luckily, the Holly Land of Human Tribe was open to the outside world every 10 years, so the Human Tribe that failed this time still had another chance. They would work harder on the cultivation of Martial Arts so as to enter the Holy Land and receive instruction from the ancestor of martial arts in person.

Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi were all delighted to see this flourishing scene. If things continued this way, the strength of the Human Tribe would develop at an extremely high rate. Musen, however, knew that this was impossible because Goddess Nvywa had been teaching for 1000 years and now it was over.

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