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Mosquito Taoist could hardly speak as if someone was strangling him. Shortly later, all his supernatural power was shackled. His Original Spirit and even his eyeballs were unable to make even a slightest move. His eyes shined with fear and regrets as there was no more chances for him.

Minghe shook his head. "Save your remaining strength. Since the day you devoured my Clone of Blood God, you have been doomed to death." With a wave of his hand, Minghe turned Mosquito Taoist into a wrap of blood fog, from which emerged a black Origin. It was exactly the Origin of Devouring, what Minghe had been longing for.

The Origin of Devouring then gulped down the bloody frog turned by Mosquito Taoist, which was all witnessed by Minghe. "It really has an overbearing character, but this is what I need," Minghe mumbled to himself. The Origin of Devouring containing the Power of Divine Law was now too strong to be ignored. It's definitely worth all the efforts Minghe made.

When Mosquito Taoist ran away from Blood Sea, Minghe had already sensed that there was a seed of Law of Devouring in his body. That should be a Heaven Endowed Magic Skill of Mosquito Taoist. Therefore, Minghe intentionally kept these Omnious Beasts for the seed to consume and grow for the sake of Origin of the Devouring to become stronger.

Looking at the Origin of Devouring in his hand, Minghe was satisfied that all his efforts were paid off. Meanwhile, he reached out the free hand and grasped a tiny blob of the Origin of chaos, which was all in Minghe's possession now. Once the Origin of chaos appeared, an overwhelming sense of restlessness began to take control of the Origin of Devouring.

That is an instinct of the Origin of Devouring. It even consumed Mosquito Taoist, and such powerful origin as that of the Chaos would undoubtedly lure it over. And such responsefrom Origin of Devouring was exactly what Minghe had expected. He saw it devoured all that was left of the Origin of Chaos without interfering in or stopping it. He hoped to see a stronger and much more powerful Origin of Devouring after that.

Two treasures appeared at a wave of his hand. They were Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and God-killing Spear. Minghe was going to reforge this God-killing Spear, despite it being a top -grade primordial supreme treasure with power equal to a highest-grade primordial supreme treasure. It could attack the opponent's spirit and even devour the Power of Spirit from the Origin of Devouring and turn it into nutrition.

However, Minghe still deemed it imperfect as it could not devour any creatures of flesh and blood. However, that was exactly what the Origin of Devouring could fix. Minghe planned to integrate it with God-killing Spear and use the Original Stone of Chaos to evolve the God-killing Spear.

With all materials ready, it was time to start the plan. With Minghe's supernatural power, Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was enlarged into a huge cauldron. Another wave of his hand and all three treasures flew into it. In the wild flames, God-killing Spear began to absorb the liquid turned from Original Stone of Chaos and the Origin of Devouring.

Unable to resist, the origin of Devouring fear the God-killing Spear and was sucked into it in blink of an eye. Right at that moment, an endless flow of primordial Treasures Aura was released from the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and was soon integrated into God-killing Spear. Minghe took the chance to cast spells of Law of Killing on God-killing Spear.

Months later, an upsurging evil spirit wreathed in a malevolent aura burst out of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Even the Ominous Beasts on the island were wrapped in fear, proving the power of God-killing Spear.

Minghe placed the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth aside and held God-killing Spear in hand. It felt far different even though it looked the same as a normal long spear, holding back all its murderous intent and overwhelming power that it used to carry with. This was how the Great Way was achieved, through a path of simpleness and a closeness to the natural state.

Looking at the God-killing Spear in hand, Minghe burst out laughing. This Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure had been levelled up. On top of that, it now owned an amazing power of self-upgrading after sucking in the Origin of Devouring. It was not an ordinary treasure any more, but one with an ever-growing power.

As a growth-type primordial supreme treasure, God-killing Spear could upgrade and evolve at any time when it had devour enough. Becoming a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos or a supreme treasure of the Chaos was just a matter of time. Though Minghe had found a way to forge primordial supreme treasures, he had no idea how to forge a magic weapon of chaos so far. However, if God-killing Spear, by self-evolving, could reach a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, that would direct him to the right direction of Great Way. Then, refining Spiritual Treasure of Chaos will not be impossible.

Minghe returned back to Blood Sea soon after he finished forging God-killing Spear. Now, all things had been settled down or left to Liu Er. Minghe would not remain in Untainted Land any longer since he was now most interested in the world of chaos. The trip to the Chaos was inevitable as there are possiblities of Fated Chance existing.

Minghe had been thinking what happened to the three thousand guests gathering at the Palace of Heaven when Hongjun was crowned as a sage. He had killed about ten Sages-to-be on the spot, yet there must be far more sages-to-be than that time. Even Dipamkara, who ranked the lowest among them, had become a Sage-to-be, so Minghe believed that all of them must have already become Sages-to-be.

All of them had been quiet ever since the great fight for Hong Meng Immortal Qi. No one had ever met them in Untainted World since then. Among them, many were reincarnated from souls of Rakshasa like Hongjun. Though they were not that powerful as Hongjun or Luohou, it was by no means easy to kill any one of them.

Since none of them showed up in Untainted Land, it was only probable for Minghe to think that they had all gone to the Chaos. They would most likely to die when crossing the border, considering their cultivation. Yet, there was no other choice for them since staying in Untainted Land meant death.

Hongjun started the fight for Hong Meng Immortal Qi in Untainted Land in order to decrease the population. However, nobody had ever expected the appearance of Minghe, overpowering masters of highest cultivation. They were crystal clear that Hongjun would not give up due to a failure. He would definitely start another fight at any time. Instead of waiting hopelessly in Untainted Land, they chose to leave.

Minghe understood why Hongjun wanted to get rid of them in Untainted Land. Since they were either Primordial Mazingers or reincarnations of Rakshasa. If not entirely destroyed, they might become Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin like Minghe. By then, the luck of the Untainted Land would grow beyond his control, and it would be impossible for him to swallow the Way of Heaven.

However, Minghe had totally crushed his plan. Except for the few who were killed, most of them escaped to the Chaos, with a narrow possibility to survive. Minghe's appearance, however, had ruined the plan even before it was started.

Minghe had nothing to worry any more since Hongjun had steered away from the Way of Heaven. With the Way of Heaven and sages in Untainted Land, with his powers, Hongjun would not be able to make a stir, unless he was foolhardy enough to fight the Way of Heaven. Minghe, therefore, could leave for the Chaos rest assured.

Soon after returning to Blood Sea, Minghe gathered Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise and Dipamkara together and preached the Way of Origin. Before Minghe head to the Chaos, he wanted to impart some knowledge about Way of Origin to his disciples in case they would need it in the future. They might not understand it right now, but Minghe believed that it would guide their way in the future.

Minghe also taught them the Way of Refining Weapons that he created. They all had received treasures from Minghe, but these treasures did not match well with them. Only after they had acquired the Way to refine weapons could they have a weapon that suited them best. Besides, with the improvement of their cultivation, their weapons could also grow in power.

A hundred years later, Minghe looked up at the sky with a strong sense of determination. Behind him were Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise, Dipamkara, Yaoji, Yang Chan, Nezha and several others. They all came to bid farewell to Minghe. Throwing a glance at the crowd, Minghe then turned around and strode forward. In the blink of an eye, he faded into seas of clouds. It was time he left and said goodbye to Untainted Land.

This time, Minghe had nothing to hide. He had Liu Er take charge of things in Untainted Land, and Blood Sea was also already taken care of. Yet, this time, Minghe may not come back in several thousand years. He might stay there for over ten thousand or even a million years. During this period of time, others may find something off about it.

In Mount Yujing, Hongjun was now watching Minghe heading for the Chaos. Minghe had been to the Chaos before and had come back much more powerful, so Hongjun knew that there must be something secretive in that world that was still beyond his knowledge. Now that Minghe was headed there again, Hongjun wondered what was his intention this time.

In Jadeite Palace, the Sect Leader, Tongtian was also looking at the retreating figure of Minghe. He mumbled to himself, resolutely, "My Fellow Taoist, I will join you later. Hopefully the secrets in the Chaos won't be disappointing." Having just steered away from the Way of Heaven, though with the help of the Origin of chaos, it would still take time for Minghe to fully recover. Therefore, he could not have leave the Untainted Land right now.

All beings of Untainted Land, even the sages were shocked when Minghe left for the Chaos. Meanwhile, Minghe's leave intensified their curiosity about the secrets in the Chaos. They were no longer shorted-sighted to aim for just a Holy Seat but only to become ambitious again.

"Leaving now?"


"Will you come back?"


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