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In order to better concentrate on the Enlightenment of the Way of Nirvana, Dipamkara had made the choice to give up Tao Methods of Jade Pure, despite the fact that his power would be weakened for a period of time. In this way, he would finally acquire a more powerful Tao Method than the Jade Pure one. That virtue of decisiveness was much appreciated by Minghe, as indecision and hesitation would definitely invite trouble.

Looking at Dipamkara whose vital force was now in disorder, Minghe waved his hand, appeased him, and said, "Dipamkara, at first Zhunti invited you to join Buddhism and positioned you as Buddhas of the past. It's all because your Enlightenment on the Way of Nirvana is much valued as it well matches the teachings of Buddhism and Buddhas of the past. Now, I have a better job for you."

Hearing that, Dipamkara's eyes gleamed with hope. Minghe said straightforwardly, "Apart from Blood Sea and Ashura tribe, the Nether World is all I have that carries the vein of Blood Sea. Though as the Great Deity of Feng Capital, my Good Separation can't stay any longer in the Untainted Land. So now I assign you to the task of charging the Nether World. Viewing the death and birth of worldly lives will help you achieve the enlightenment on the Way of Nirvana."

Dipamkara rejoiced at such words. He never thought he would be assigned to such a crucial task so soon after formally acknowledging Minghe as his master. The moment when Minghe stopped talking, Dipamkara could feel the Luck of the Nether World running through him. He could tell that it was far more powerful than the luck he had gotten when he was still a Deputy Sect Leader of the Clan of Enlightenment.

With a wave of his hand, Minghe took out two treasures of the Nether World: the Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen. "These two treasures are both supreme in the Nether World. From now on, they will belong to you, and assist you in managing this place and impermanence of life and death. I hope you can achieve the Way of Origin on yourself one day," Minghe said, handing them to Dipamkara.

Looking at those two treasures floating right before him, Dipamkara's eyes were filled with surprise. These were both Primordial Spiritual Treasures with a power rarely matched in the Untainted World. Even all Sages would long for them. Yet, now Minghe simply gave them to his disciple without a second thought. No wonder why Dipamkara was so surprised.

Dipamkara took a deep breath and his mixed feelings of happiness and surprise soon gave way to calmness. For all those years' cultivation, he still could not hold back his feelings in such a circumstance. It was partly because he was not yet a full-fledged master in cultivation, and partly because he owned so few Magic Weapons. Such powerful and rare treasures would naturally stir up his emotions. The fact that he could calm down almost so promptly was already a feat.

Dipamkara accepted these treasures. He bowed and said,"I'm deeply indebted to you, Master. I will never let you down." Minghe not only gave him those two treasures but also showed him a way to actualize the Way of Tao. Now, Dipamkara could make use of the Luck of the Nether Land to view the birth and death of worldly lives. Once he achieved the supreme enlightenment on the Way of Nirvana, he would not be far from the Origin.

Minghe waved his hand and said,"You can take your leave now." The four of them bowed to him and then left together. Looking at their retreating figures, Minghe wore a smile that is rarely seen. He had done his best for his disciples, and now they must rely on themselves for the rest of the journey. Minghe expected to see them all return with surprising achievements.

With all had settled down, Minghe now had nothing to worry about. Before he accepted Dipamkara as his disciple, the Nether World was still a burden for him. Liu Er was the Rakshasa now and would very likely remain in the Chaos for cultivation, and Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise each adopted their own distinctive ways of actualizing the Way of Tao and were not suitable for the Nether World. Therefore, Minghe picked Dipamkara for the position.

Minghe never doubted Dipamkara's loyalty. Even if Dipamkara wanted to rebel, he would definitely fail. Minghe could take back those two treasures whenever he felt a need to. Even if Minge did not do it personally, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise alone could stop him without even the help of Lu Er. Dipamkara was therefore far from able to make a stir.

However, that was just an assumption of the worst. Minghe had trust in Dipamkara. He believed that with four of them working together, the Blood Sea would strive and prosper. It would be even more spectacular when his disciples succeeded in actualizing the Way of Tao. Right now, Minghe had something more urgent to do. Looking towards somewhere outside the Blood Sea, Minghe smiled and thought, "it's time to deal with you now."

Outside the Blood Sea lay a huge island. It was the place where Minghe used to keep his Ominous Beasts aimed for training with his disciples and those in the Ashura tribe. However, Untainted Land had once broken and then rebuilt by the Way of Heaven. This place, therefore, was turned into a huge island, near Blood Sea. Apart from numerous Omnious Beasts on the island, there was also a very special creature living here.

In the lap of an upland lied the massive body of an Omnious Beast. A giant black mosquito was devouring its flesh and sucking its blood frantically. Within a short time, the giant dead body was reduced to a pile of skeletons and hides, a horrible scene to look at.

The black mosquito, however, turned into a Grey-robed Taoist soon after it gulped down the last mouthful. He emerged as a kind of Ultimate Demon with Evil Blood Aura wrapping him up. He could be called as an Ultimate Demon indeed. Since he withdrawed from worldly affairs, he had been devouring Omnious Beasts. Till now, he had taken down at least one million of them, or else his cultivation would not reach the Peak Level of Sage-to-be.

Looking at the debris, Mosquito Taoist furrowed and sighed. "The Ominous Beasts at the stage of Sage-to-be are doing less help to my cultivation process. With this speed, how can I actualize the Realm of Origin? Only by swallowing one of those Sages or experts of Origin, can I achieve the Great Way of swallowing, and then actualize the Realm of Origin."

Mosquito Taoist was bold enough to think about swallowing a Sage or an expert of Origin. It was difficult for someone who had actualized the Realm of Origin to swallow them, let alone that he was just at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Though he was at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be , he was still badly short-sighted.

Mosquito Taoist was in meditation on his future when a man suddenly appeared right before him in silence. He was deeply surprised, especially after he made out who the man was. This unexpected visitor looked like the Clone of Blood God that he had swallowed before he left the Blood Sea. Mosquito Taoist could figure out that this man right before him was no other but the Ancestor Minghe.

Mosquito Taoist looked at Minghe and said in fear, "You...You are the Ancestor Minghe?How do you know I'm here?" Meanwhile, Mosquito Taoist was trying to find a way to escape. He knew too well that Minghe was untouchably powerful. Though he did want to swallow a Sage or an expert of Origin, he never wanted a head-on fight with one.

Minghe said lightly, "You ate my Clones of Blood God and now you ask how I found you? My Spiritual Thoughts have been with you since my Clone of Blood God died, so I can come to you whenever I want." With Minghe's words, he now fully understood the whole matter.

Minghe continued, "You've already reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, but yet you never wanted to leave this place. Don't you ever have any doubts about that? Why are there so many Omnious Beasts, which are more and more powerful, for you to swallow, but your cultivation has not improved?"

Hearing that, Mosquito Taoist grew angry and said, "It's you! You kept all these Omnious Beasts. Your Spiritual Thoughts disrupted my mind and forced me to stay here. What are you up to by doing all these? Just to kill me? Why bother so much to kill me, someone who is only at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be?"

Minghe chuckled, "You are not a fool, but you are unlucky. You worth nothing to me. But I want the Origin of the Bloody-Winged Black Mosquito you have devoured. Though it was incomplete, it carries the Origin of Chaos. Having enlightened the Law of Devouring, with your traits of the Origin of Chaos, the swallowing of the Origin will keep strengthening with your cultivation. Now it's time to reap what I have sowed long before."

Hearing that, Mosquito Taoist was overwhelmed by worry and fear. "You tried so hard merely for the Origin of Devouring. This is all you want to get. Yet, for all efforts you have made, trust me, you will never get it. I'll destroy all indiscriminately ."

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